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noun [C/U] /ˈkɒntekst/
  1. 1
    the general situation in which something happens, which helps to explain it 情境;背景;周围情况

    These events are meaningless outside their historical context. 这些事件脱离了历史背景就显得毫无意义。

    in context :

    The decline in the stock market, though dramatic, has to be seen in context. 股市下跌的幅度尽管很大,但必须从背景方面来看待。

    in the context of something :

    In the context of Russian history, recent events are not so surprising. 从俄罗斯历史的背景来看,近期发生的事件就不那么令人惊讶了。

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  2. 2
    the words surrounding a particular word that help to give it its meaning 上下文;语境

    In this context, ‘development' means economic growth. 在这一上下文中,development的意思是经济增长。

     Synonyms and related words
    Types of word or phrase: acrostic, adjacency pair, Americanism...


ADJECTIVE | VERB + CONTEXT | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEbroad, full, general, larger, overall, wider廣闊的背景;全局;更廣闊的背景You have to see the problem in a wider context.你必須從更廣闊的背景來看這個問題。narrow狹義的背景immediate直接背景a work which transcends its immediate historical context and speaks to later generations一部超越當時歷史背景、與後代對話的作品correct, natural, proper, real, right正確的/自然的/合適的/真實的/正確的語境appropriate, realistic, relevant恰當的/現實的/相關的語境to present examples of language in use in an appropriate context舉出在恰當語境中語言運用的例子certain, given, particular, specific特定的環境;具體的背景These actions only have meaning within certain specific contexts.這些行為只有在特定情形下才有意義。original最初的語境changed, changing, different, new, novel改變了的環境;改變中的環境;不同的環境;新的環境;新奇的環境meaningful淺顯易懂的背景Children need meaningful contexts for their work in science.兒童學習科學需要淺顯易懂的背景。neutral中性的環境contemporary, modern當代的/現代的背景current, present當前的/現時的背景everyday, normal日常的/正常的環境domestic, global, international, local, national, regional國內/全球/國際/地方/全國/地區環境urban城市背景human人的環境It is natural to find conflict in the work environment, in the family, or any other human context.在工作場合、家庭內部,或其他任何與人有關的環境下出現衝突是很正常的。conversational談話背景experimental, practical, theoretical實驗/實際/理論背景classroom, educational, school教室環境;教育背景;學校環境clinical臨牀環境business, commercial, economic, work業務/商業/經濟/工作環境cultural, environmental, family, institutional, social文化/環境/家庭/機構/社會背景geographical, historical, legal, literary, political, religious地理/歷史/法律/文學/政治/宗教背景fictional虛構的背景Christian, Islamic, etc.基督教、伊斯蘭教等背景African, Asian, etc.非洲、亞洲等背景VERB + CONTEXTgive (sb), offer (sb), provide (sb with)(給某人)提供環境Institutions provide a context in which individuals can take on different roles.機構為個體提供能夠發揮不同作用的環境。place sth in, put sth into, set sth in把⋯置於背景中This speech needs to be set in the context of Britain in the 1960s.這一講話需要置於 20 世紀 60 年代英國的背景下來看。create, establish創造/建立環境How can teachers create the right context for kids?教師如何才能給孩子們創造適當的環境?quote sth out of, take sth out of將⋯斷章取義Her reply was quoted out of context and seemed to mean something quite different from what she had intended.她的回答遭到斷章取義的引用,看上去與她的本義大不相同。PREPOSITIONin (a/the) context在⋯環境中Similar problems have arisen in other contexts.在其他情況下也出現過類似的問題。His decision can only be understood in context.他的決定只有在相關背景下才能被理解。within a/the context在⋯背景下You have to look at these remarks within the context of the recent scandals.你得把這些話放在最近的醜聞背景下加以考慮。context for⋯的環境a neutral context for sharing and debating ideas交流思想和進行辯論的中立環境PHRASESa range of contexts, a variety of contexts各種背景


context ♦︎ background ♦︎ backdrop ♦︎ setting ♦︎ milieuThese are all words for the situation in which sth exists or happens. 这些词均表示事物存在或发生的背景。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配in (a) context / a setting / a milieuagainst a background / backdropcultural / historical / economic / political context / background / setting / milieuto provide (sb with) a context / background / backdrop / settingto describe the context / background / setting context [countable, uncountable] the situation in which sth exists, happens or is placed, especially when it helps you to understand it (事情存在、发生或所处的)背景,环境,来龙去脉This speech needs to be set in the context of Britain in the 1960s.这篇演说需要放到20世纪60年代的英国这一背景下看待。His decision can only be understood in context.只有了解来龙去脉才能明白他的决定。Such databases are being used in a wide range of contexts.这类数据库广泛应用于各种场合。 contextualize (BrE also contextualise) kənˈtekstʃuəlaɪz


[transitive] (formal) As important as the photograph is a caption to contextualize the image.和图片同样重要的是解释图片背景的文字。
background [countable, usually singular, uncountable] the situation that existed before a particular event happened, which helps to explain why it happened; information about this situation (事态发展的)背景;背景信息The book explains the complex historical background to the war.这本书解释了这场战争复杂的历史背景。The elections are taking place against a background of violence.选举在发生暴力冲突的情况下进行。Encyclopedias are a good source of background information.百科全书是查找背景信息很好的渠道。Can you give me more background on the company's financial position?你能多提供一些这家公司财务状况的背景资料吗? see also background background backdrop [countable] (written) the general situation in which a particular event happens, which sometimes helps to explain this event (事件或活动的)背景It was against this backdrop of racial tension that the civil war began.这场内战的肇端是种族之间的紧张状态。NOTE 辨析 Background or backdrop? Background has a much wider range than backdrop, which is used especially in more literary texts and in the phrase against a backdrop of sth. * background的使用范围比backdrop广得多。backdrop尤用于文学文本和短语against a backdrop of sth中backdrop information Can you give me more backdrop? setting [countable] the place and time at which the action of sth such as a play, novel or film happens; the situation in which sth exists or happens (戏剧、小说或电影等的)情节背景;(事件的)背景It is the first story she has written with a contemporary setting.这是她写的第一部以当代生活为背景的小说。The writer fails to place the events in their wider political setting.作者没能将事件置于更广阔的政治背景中。 set


[transitive, usually passive] The movie is set in Los Angeles in the year 2019.这部电影以2019年的洛杉矶为背景。
milieu miːˈljɜː (plural milieux or milieus miˈljɜːz ) [countable, usually singular] (from French, formal) the social environment that you live or work in 社会环境;社会背景The findings of the report refer to a particular social and cultural milieu.那份报告的调查结果涉及特定的社会和文化背景。 See also the entry for environment 另见environment条

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