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adjective /slaɪt/
Related words
  1. 1
    [usually before noun] small in size, amount, or degree 微小的;少量的;轻微的

    a slight increase in temperature 温度的略微上升

    Jill gave a slight smile. 吉尔微笑了一下。

    I haven't given the slightest thought to my holiday plans. 我还完全没有考虑我的假期计划。

     Synonyms and related words
    Small in size: small, little, tiny...
     Synonyms and related words
  2. 2
    thin, not very tall, and not looking very strong 纤细的;瘦小的

    a slight young woman 纤弱的年轻女子

     Synonyms and related words
    Thin in an unattractive or unhealthy way: thin, skinny, underweight...
     Synonyms and related words
verb [T] /slaɪt/
present tense
present participleslighting
past tenseslighted
past participleslighted
  1. to be rude to someone by ignoring them or by not showing them respect 忽视;怠慢;冷落
     Synonyms and related words
    To insult or offend someone: insult, offend, wound...
     Synonyms and related words
noun [C] /slaɪt/
  1. a remark or action that offends someone 冒犯;冷落;怠慢
     Synonyms and related words
     Synonyms and related words
    Comments and remarks: acknowledgment, afterthought, allusion...


1very small in degree微小VERBS | ADVERB | PHRASES VERBSappear, be, seem顯得微小;微小;似乎微不足道ADVERBextremely, fairly, very, etc.極其/相當/非常微小comparatively, relatively比較/相對微小PHRASESthe slightest of...一點點⋯She gave the slightest of smiles.她微微笑了一下。


2thin and delicate瘦小;纖細VERBS | ADVERB VERBSbe, look瘦小;看起來纖弱She looked very slight, almost fragile.她看起來非常瘦小,甚至可以說是弱不禁風。ADVERBvery非常瘦小physically身材纖細
slight adj.
slight (The damage was slight.) thin (her slight figure)


 See also the entry for minor 另见minor条slight ♦︎ small ♦︎ modest ♦︎ little ♦︎ marginal ♦︎ minimal ♦︎ negligibleThese words all describe things that are not very important or serious in degree. 这些词均表示不太重要的、不严重的、轻微的。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a slight / small / modest / little / marginal / minimal change / difference / improvementa small / modest / minimal / negligible amounta slight / small / little error / mistake / defect / accident / problema slight / small / minimal chancea modest / marginal / minimal / negligible effect / impacta small / modest / minimal investment / outlay / sum / charge slight not very important or serious; small in degree 不太重要的;轻微的;略微的I woke up with a slight headache.我醒来时有点头痛。The picture was at a slight angle.这幅画稍微有点歪。A slight breeze was blowing.微风习习。The damage was slight.损坏很轻微。She takes offence at the slightest thing (= is very easily offended).她动辄生气。There was not the slightest hint of trouble.当时丝毫没有出乱子的迹象。 slightly


to a small degree; not very or not very much 略微;稍微This author takes a slightly different approach.这位作者采用了一种稍微不同的方法。It will make the cost slightly higher.这将会使成本略微上升。The door was slightly ajar.门打开了一点点。
small [usually before noun] not very important, serious or difficult 不太重要的;不严重的;不困难的I made only a few small changes to the report.我对报告只做了几处小改动。Can I ask you a small favour?你能帮我个小忙吗?Everything had been planned down to the smallest detail.一切都已做了细致入微的安排。It was no small achievement getting her to agree to the deal.能让她同意那笔交易可是个不小的成就。NOTE 辨析 Slight or small?You can use either word to talk about changes or problems. 这两个词都可指变化不大或问题不严重a slight / small adjustment / alteration / amendment / change / improvement / reduction / rise / variation略微的调整/改动/修改/变化/改进/降低/上升/变更a slight / small mistake / error / defect / flaw / blemish / discrepancy / problem / snag / accident小错误;小差错;小缺点;小瑕疵;小斑点;小差异;小问题;小麻烦;小事故Use slight but not small to talk about medical problems, feelings or things that affect the senses. 谈论疾病、感觉或影响感官的事情时要用slight而不用smalla slight cold / headache / movement / noise / touch轻微的感冒/头痛/活动/噪音/触摸slight discomfort / embarrassment轻微的不安/尴尬Use small but not slight to talk about amounts or numbers. 谈论数量或数目时要用small而不用slighta small amount / number / quantity / degree / proportion / minority少量;少数;小量;轻度;小部分;极少数Both words are often used in the superlative, but especially slightest, often in negative sentences. 二者都常用于最高级,特别是slightest,常用在否定句中He is, without the slightest doubt, the greatest living novelist.毫无疑问,他是当世最伟大的小说家。I did not feel the slightest inclination to hurry.我一点也不着急。 modest ˈmɒdɪst; NAmE ˈmɑːdɪstnot very large, expensive or grand 不太大的;不太贵的;不太显著的There has been a modest improvement in the situation.形势有了些许的改善。He charged a relatively modest fee.相对来说他的收费不算高。She grew up in a modest little house in the suburbs.她是在郊区一所简朴的小房子里长大的。The research was carried out on a modest scale.这项研究开展的规模不算太大。 Modest is used especially to talk about aims and achievements * modest尤用于修饰目标和成就a modest aim / achievement / ambition / goal / success不太高的目标;不显著的成就;不太大的抱负;不太高的目标;一般的成功amounts of money that people spend or earn 或修饰花费或赚的钱a modest contribution / expenditure / fee / gain / investment / outlay / profit / sum不多的捐款/开支/收费/回报/投资/费用/利润/一笔钱buildings that are not very expensive or grand 或指房子不太贵或不太富丽堂皇a modest house / flat / villa简朴的房子/公寓/别墅modest premises规模不大的营业场所and the size of sth. 或修饰某物的大小、尺寸a modest size / amount / quantity / scale / share / proportion不大的尺码/数额/数量/规模/一份/份额 modestly


modestly priced goods定价不算贵的商品
little [usually before noun] (rather informal, especially spoken) not very important; not serious 微不足道的;不严重的I can't remember every little detail.我不可能记得住每一个微小的细节。You'll soon get used to these little difficulties.你很快就会习惯这些小小的不便。We had a little adventure yesterday.昨天我们经历了一次小小的冒险。 Little is often used to talk about problems, events or mysteries that are not very serious or important. * little常指问题、事件或谜团不太严重或不太重要a little error / mistake / defect / problem / argument / accident / incident / adventure / mystery / quirk / secret小差错;小错误;小瑕疵;小问题;小争执;小事故;小事件;小冒险;小谜团;小怪癖;小秘密 marginal ˈmɑːdʒɪnl; NAmE ˈmɑːrdʒɪnl (rather formal) only slight 小的;微不足道的;不重要的The story will only be of marginal interest to our readers.我们的读者对这则故事不会很感兴趣。The difference between the two estimates is marginal.这两种估计差别很小。 marginally


He's in a new job but he's only marginally better off.他换了新工作,但也多挣不了多少钱。
minimal ˈmɪnɪməl very small in size or amount; as small as possible 极小的;极少的;最小的The work was carried out at minimal cost.这项工作是以极少的开销完成的。The damage to the car was minimal.汽车受到的损坏很小。 negligible ˈneglɪdʒəbl (especially written) so small or unimportant that it is not worth considering 微不足道的;不值一提的The cost was negligible.费用不多,无关紧要。Tests found only a negligible amount of the chemical in the product.测试发现该产品中这种化学物质的含量很低,不碍事。When you use negligible, you mean that an amount of the thing described exists or is present, but that there is not enough of it to have an effect. * negligible表示所描述的事物存在一定的数量,但不足以产生影响。

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