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BNC: 2118 COCA: 1501
verb /taɪ/
present tense
present participletying
past tensetied
past participletied
  1. 1
    [T] to make a knot with two ends of a piece of string, rope etc 扎上;系上

    Sally bent down to tie her shoelaces. 萨莉弯下腰来系鞋带。

    We're teaching him how to tie a tie. 我们在教他怎么打领带。

     Synonyms and related words
    1. a.
      [T] to fasten something in a particular place using something such as rope (用绳子等)系,拴,扎,绑

      Jan tied his bike onto the back of the car. 简把自行车绑在汽车后面。

      Her hands were tied behind her back. 她两手被绑在背后。

      I always tie my hair back when I'm cooking. 我做饭时总是把头发扎在后面。

       Synonyms and related words
    2. b.
      [T] to use something such as string to fasten several things together (用细绳等)把…捆在一起,把…绑在一起,把…扎在一起

      She handed them two parcels tied with string. 她把两件用绳子捆在一起的包裹递给了他们。

      Tie the flowers into small bunches. 把花扎成一小束一小束的。

       Synonyms and related words
    3. c.
      [I] to be fastened using something such as string 被(细绳等)系住;被绑住

      This skirt ties at the front. 这件短裙是在前面用带子系住的。

       Synonyms and related words
  2. 2
    [T] to combine things, or to form a connection between them 连接;联合;使…有关联

    This series ties together events from the past and present. 这个系列节目把过去和现在的事件联系在一起。

    closely tied :

    Portugal's economy is closely tied to Spain's. 葡萄牙经济和西班牙经济紧密相关。

     Synonyms and related words
  3. 3
    [T] [usually passive] if something ties you to a particular place or situation, you cannot leave it 束缚;约束;使…无法离开

    Many young mothers feel tied to the home and children. 许多年轻母亲觉得受到家庭和孩子的束缚。

    An open ticket means you are not tied to returning on a particular day. 未注明往返日期的机票意味着你不一定非得某一天回来。

     Synonyms and related words
  4. 4
    [I/T] if two players or teams in a game tie, they both have the same number of points (比赛)打成平局,得分相同

    The game was tied 1–1 after extra time. 加时赛后,比赛打成1比1平。

    tie for first/second etc place :

    They tied for first place, with a time of 25.64 seconds. 他们并列第1,成绩为25.64秒。

     Synonyms and related words
  5. From our crowdsourced Open Dictionary
    tie something to something to say that something causes something else

    The opposition will tie the loss of jobs and family wealth to the president's ineffective policies.

    Submitted by Boris Marchenko from Russian Federation on 24/05/2016
noun [C] /taɪ/
  1. 1
    a long narrow piece of cloth that a man wears around his neck under the collar of a shirt. It is tied with a knot. You use expressions such as collar and tie or jacket and tie to refer to formal clothes for men 领带

    a silk tie 真丝领带

    For work, you should wear a collar and tie (=a shirt with a collar and a tie). 上班要穿正式服装。

     Synonyms and related words
  2. 2
    a relationship or connection between people or things 关系;纽带;联系

    The treaty should strengthen ties between the two countries. 该条约应该会加强两国之间的联系。

    family ties :

    Family ties have become weakened. 家族关系弱化了。

    ties of blood/marriage/friendship :

    the ties of marriage that united the kings 使诸王联系在一起的姻亲关系

     Synonyms and related words
    Relationships and membership of social groups: relationship, connection, association...
  3. 3
    a short piece of string or wire used for fastening something 绳;带;线
     Synonyms and related words
    Things used for tying and fastening: rope, chain, string...
  4. 4
    a result of a game or competition in which each person or team has the same number of points, votes etc 平局;平分;相同的票数
    finish/end/result in a tie :

    The game finished in a tie. 比赛以平局结束。

    tie for :

    There was a tie for fourth place. 有并列第4名的。

     Synonyms and related words
  5. 5
    British one game that is part of a competition (比赛的)一轮比赛

    a second-round tie 第二轮比赛

     Synonyms and related words
  6. 6
    something that limits your freedom 限制;束缚;牵累

    With the animals needing regular attention, running a farm can be a tie. 由于动物一直需要照顾,经营农场会是一种牵累。

     Synonyms and related words
    Limits, controls and ranges: red line, limit, constraint...
BNC: 2118 COCA: 1501


1worn around the neck with a shirt領帶ADJECTIVE | VERB + TIE | TIE + NOUN | PHRASES ADJECTIVEundone解開的領帶His tie was undone.他的領帶開了。loose鬆的領帶askew歪斜的領帶His tie was askew and his hair uncombed.他的領帶歪着,頭髮蓬亂。loud俗豔的領帶bow, kipper, neck (usually necktie) (NAmE) 蝶形領結;特闊領帶;領帶bolo, bootlace (BrE) 保羅領帶;飾扣式領帶black, white (= a black/white bow tie as part of formal dress) 黑領結;白領結a black-tie dinner要求穿黑領結小禮服的宴會silk真絲領帶club, regimental, school (all especially BrE) 俱樂部/軍團/學校領帶VERB + TIEwear打着領帶knot, tie繫領帶結;打領帶loosen鬆開領帶adjust, straighten整理/弄正領帶TIE + NOUNpin (usually tiepin) , tack (NAmE) 領帶別針/飾針
PHRASEScollar and tie, jacket and tie, shirt and tie, suit and tie襯衫領帶;西裝領帶;正裝 topic at clothes


2(usually ties) sth that connects you with sb/sth聯繫ADJECTIVE | VERB + TIE | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEclose, strong緊密的/牢固的關係loose, weak鬆散的/薄弱的關係direct, indirect直接的/間接的關係blood, family血緣/家庭關係emotional感情聯繫personal個人關係business, commercial, economic, financial業務/商業/經濟/金融關係cultural, diplomatic, historical, political, social, traditional文化/外交/歷史/政治/社會/傳統關係VERB + TIEhave有聯繫We have close economic ties with other countries in the region.我們和本地區其他國家有着緊密的經濟聯繫。develop, establish, forge發展/建立/締結關係maintain保持聯繫cement, strengthen鞏固/加強關係break, cut, sever斷絕/切斷/中斷聯繫He cut all ties with the Church.他斷絕了與教會的所有聯繫。loosen, weaken疏遠/淡化關係PREPOSITIONtie between⋯之間的關係There is a strong tie between her and her daughters.她和女兒們關係緊密。tie of⋯的關係ties of kinship親屬關係tie to, tie with與⋯的關係to establish diplomatic ties with China和中國建立外交關係


3in a game/competition比賽;競賽VERB + TIE | TIE + NOUN | PREPOSITION VERB + TIEend in, result in以平局結束;打成平局The match ended in a tie.比賽以平局收場。TIE + NOUNbreak (usually tiebreak) (BrE) , breaker (usually tiebreaker) (NAmE) 決勝局
game (NAmE) 平局PREPOSITIONtie between⋯之間的平局a tie between Egypt and France埃及和法國之間的平局tie for⋯的平局There was a tie for first place.出現了並列第一。


1attach/fasten sb/sth with string/rope用線或繩縛、拴ADVERB | PREPOSITION ADVERBfirmly, securely, tightly繫牢;繫緊Did you tie the balloons on tightly?你把氣球繫牢了嗎?loosely繫得鬆He wore plimsolls, loosely tied with bits of string.他穿着帆布鞋,鞋帶繫得很鬆。carefully仔細地繫neatly繫整齊Tie the cords neatly.把繩子繫整齊。back, on, together, up往後繫;繫上;繫在一起;捆綁PREPOSITIONaround, round (especially BrE) 繞着⋯繫He tied his bathrobe firmly around him.他把浴衣緊緊地繫在身上。in(to)繫成⋯Her hair was tied into a loose ponytail.她的頭髮紮成一個鬆散的馬尾辮。onto繫在⋯上I tied the bundle onto the end of the string.我把包裹繫在繩子的一頭。to繫在⋯上She tied the rope securely to a tree.她把繩子牢牢地繫在一棵樹上。with用⋯繫Katie tied her hair back with a ribbon.凱蒂用絲帶把頭髮紮在腦後。


2connect sb/sth with sb/sth else關聯ADVERB | PREPOSITION ADVERBclosely, intimately密切聯繫;緊密相關Their company's future is closely tied to our own.他們公司的前途跟我們的息息相關。directly直接相關firmly穩固地聯繫inextricably密不可分地聯繫in, together, up使⋯相聯繫;把⋯聯繫起來;聯合Production and consumption are inextricably tied together.生產和消費密不可分。PREPOSITIONto使受⋯約束You can't stay tied to her forever.你不能永遠受她束縛。
BNC: 2118 COCA: 1501
tie noun
draw (a tie for first place) game1 (a cup tie) relationship1 (family ties)
tie verb
tie (tie a knot) attach (tie sth in a bundle)


tie ♦︎ button ♦︎ zip ♦︎ fasten ♦︎ do (sth) upThese words all mean to join two parts of sth so that it is closed. 这些词均表示系上、绑紧、扣上纽扣、拉上拉链等。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配sth buttons / zips / fastens / does upto tie / button / zip / fasten / do sth upto tie / button / fasten / do up at the neck, waist, etc.to tie / do up your laces / shoelacesto button / fasten / do up your coatto fasten / do up buttonsto tie / fasten sth tight / firmly tie [transitive, intransitive] to make a knot in a piece of string, rope, etc.; to be closed or fastened with a knot, etc. (在线、绳上)打结,系扣;打结系牢;系上She tied the ribbon in a bow.她把丝带打成蝴蝶结。I tied a knot in the rope.我在绳子上打了个结。Can you tie a bow tie?你会打蝶形领结吗?The robe ties at the waist.袍子在腰部束紧。OPP untie undo button [transitive, intransitive] to close or join the two parts of sth with buttons; to be closed or joined in this way 扣⋯的纽扣;扣纽扣He buttoned up his shirt.他扣好了衬衫。The dress buttons at the back.这件连衣裙是在后背系扣的。OPP unbutton undo see also button button noun 2 zip (-pp-) [transitive, intransitive] to close a bag or piece of clothing with a zip; (of a bag or piece of clothing) to be closed with a zip 拉上(包或衣服的)拉链;(包或衣服)用拉链开合A zip (BrE) or zipper (NAmE) is a type of fastener that consists of two rows of metal or plastic teeth that you can pull together to close sth or pull apart to open it. * zip(英式英语)或zipper(美式英语)指拉链、拉锁She zipped the case shut.她拉上了箱子的拉锁。The children were safely zipped into their sleeping bags.孩子们都躺在睡袋里,睡袋拉链也拉好了。The sleeping bags can zip together.这些睡袋可用拉链连起来。OPP unzip undo see also zip , zipper button noun 2 fasten [transitive, intransitive] to close or join together the two parts of sth; to become closed or joined together (使两部分)系牢,扎牢,扣紧Fasten your seat belts please!请系好安全带!The dress fastens at the back.这件连衣裙是在后背系扣的。OPP unfasten undo see also fastener button noun 2 ˌdo sth ˈup ˌdo ˈup

phrasal verb

(does, did, done) (especially spoken) to fasten a piece of clothing; (of a piece of clothing) to be fastened 系好,扣好(衣服);(衣服)系好,扣上I can't do up this zip.这个拉锁我拉不上。The skirt does up at the back.这条裙子是在后背系扣的。Do up your coat-it's cold.把你的上衣扣上-天凉了。 OPP undo undo

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