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BNC: 518 COCA: 480
verb /ɪkˈspleɪn/
present tense
present participleexplaining
past tenseexplained
past participleexplained
  1. 1
    [T] to tell someone something in a way that helps them understand it better 解释;说明

    ‘My full name is Juliet Avery,' Juliet explained patiently. ‘我的全名是朱丽叶·埃弗里,’朱丽叶耐心地解释道。

    explain something to someone :

    The doctor explained the risks to me before the operation. 手术前医生向我说明了手术的风险。

    explain how/when/what etc :

    I will try to explain how a car engine works. 我会试着解释一下汽车引擎的工作原理。

    explain (that) :

    He explained that he would be moving to another city. 他解释说他将移居另外一座城市。

     Synonyms and related words
    1. a.
      used about a book or picture (用于图书或图片)介绍,说明

      This manual explains how to use your computer. 这本手册介绍了电脑的使用方法。

      a leaflet that explains who can claim benefit 写明什么人可以领取救济金的传单

       Synonyms and related words
  2. 2
    [T] to give a reason for something that happens, especially when this is not easy to understand 说明…的原因;解释

    Science cannot explain everything. 科学无法解释一切。

    It's difficult to explain the popularity of this new toy. 很难解释为什么这种新玩具这么受欢迎。

    The phenomenon can be explained in various ways. 这个现象可从多方面解释。

     Synonyms and related words
    1. a.
      [T] to be the reason for something 是…的原因
      explain why/what etc :

      ‘Tom is in hospital.' ‘That explains why he wasn't in school today.' “汤姆住院了。”“那就是了,这就解释了为什么他今天没有来上学。”

       Synonyms and related words
      To be connected with or related to something: link, surround, correspond...
    2. b.
      [I/T] used when you want someone to understand and forgive you (用于希望得到理解和原谅时)解释

      I can explain everything. 我可以解释一切。

      Wait! Let me explain! 等等!听我解释!

       Synonyms and related words

phrasal verbs

BNC: 518 COCA: 480


ADVERB | VERB + EXPLAIN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADVERBin detail詳細解釋I explained the issues in great detail.我詳細解釋了這些問題。fully充分解釋The reasons for the accident have not been fully explained.事故的原因還未得到充分解釋。adequately, properly, really, satisfactorily, well充分地/恰當地/真實地/令人滿意地/很好地解釋partially, partly部份解釋This partly explains why he was so late.這部份解釋了他為什麼會這麼晚。exactly準確地解釋briefly簡單地解釋quickly迅速地解釋easily, readily, simply容易/輕鬆/簡單解釋This phenomenon can be easily explained.這種現象很容易解釋。clearly清楚地解釋carefully仔細地解釋calmly冷靜地解釋helpfully, patiently有幫助地/耐心地解釋The doctor explained patiently what the treatment would be.醫生耐心地解釋了將如何治療。concisely, succinctly簡潔地/簡明地解釋The general principles behind the method used are explained clearly and concisely.使用的方法所依據的一般原則得到了簡單明瞭的解釋。excitedly興奮地解釋VERB + EXPLAINbe able to, be unable to, can能解釋;不能解釋;可以解釋I know I'm late, but I can explain why.我知道遲到了,但我可以解釋原因。attempt to, seek to, try to試圖解釋;想要解釋It is a book which seeks to explain the birth of Greek tragedy.這是一本試圖解釋希臘悲劇起源的書。help (to)有助於解釋purport to意在解釋Many theories purport to explain growth in terms of a single cause.許多理論都意在以單一原因解釋生長。be difficult to, be hard to很難解釋It's difficult to explain exactly how the system works.很難確切地解釋這個系統是如何工作的。hasten to連忙解釋She saw his quick frown and hastened to explain.她看到他立即皺起眉頭,就連忙解釋起來。let sb讓某人解釋Let me explain what I mean.讓我解釋一下我的意思。PREPOSITIONabout就⋯解釋She tried to explain about her fears and anxieties.她試圖解釋她的擔心和焦慮。to向⋯解釋She explained the plan to me very carefully.她向我仔細解釋了這個計劃。PHRASESexplain everything解釋一切I have a letter here which explains everything.我這裏有一封信可以解釋一切。go a long way, some way, etc. towards/toward explaining sth花大量的、一定的等功夫解釋⋯This goes some way towards / toward explaining the hostility between the two groups.這在一定程度上解釋了兩個團體間的對立。
BNC: 518 COCA: 480
explain verb
explain1 (explain how sth works) explain2 (explain your behaviour)


explain how sth works 解释⋯的工作原理explain your behaviour 说明你这样做的原因explain ♦︎ illustrate ♦︎ define ♦︎ clarify ♦︎ shed/cast/throw light on sth ♦︎ spell sth out ♦︎ interpret ♦︎ expoundThese words all mean to tell sb about sth in a way that makes them able to understand it. 这些词均表示解释、说明。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to explain / clarify / spell sth out / expound sth to sbto explain / spell out that...to explain / illustrate / clarify / shed light on / spell out how / what... / why...to explain / clarify / shed light on a / an situation / issueto explain / illustrate / clarify / expound an ideato explain / illustrate / clarify a pointto explain / illustrate / define / clarify the position / role / nature / meaning of sthto explain / illustrate / expound a theoryto clearly explain / illustrate / define / spell out / expound sth explain [transitive, intransitive] to tell sb about sth in a way that makes it easy or easier for them to understand 解释;说明;阐明First, let me explain the rules of the game.首先,我来说明一下游戏的规则。I tried to explain the problem to the technician.我试图向那个技术员解释这个问题。She explained to them what to do in the event of an emergency.她向他们说明了紧急情况下要怎么做。'It was like this,' she explained.“事情就是这样了。”她解释道。There's no need to explain. We understand.没有必要解释,我们明白。You cannot say 'explain me/him/her, etc.'. * explain后不能直接跟人称代词,要用explain sth to sbCan you explain the situation to me?能给我说明一下情况吗?Can you explain me the situation? see also explanatory descriptive explanation [countable] For a full explanation of how the machine works, turn to page 5.关于机器工作原理的详细说明,请见第5页。 illustrate [transitive] to make the meaning of sth clearer by using examples, pictures, diagrams, etc. (用事例、图片、图表等)说明,解释To illustrate my point, let me tell you a little story.为了说明我的观点,我来给你们讲个小故事。Last year's sales figures are illustrated in Figure 2.图2显示了去年的销售数字。 see also illustrate show 1 , illustration diagram , illustration example 1 , illustrative descriptive define [transitive] to say or explain what the meaning of a word or phrase is 解释(词语)含义;给(词语)下定义The term 'mental illness' is difficult to define.“精神病”这个词很难下定义。Life imprisonment is defined as 60 years under state law.按照州法律终身监禁定义为60年。 see also definition definition clarify ˈklærəfaɪ [transitive] (rather formal) to make sth clearer or easier for sb to understand 使更清晰易懂;阐明;澄清Let me clarify my position on this matter.我来澄清一下我在这件事情上的立场。There are one or two issues that need to be clarified.有一两个问题需要再说明一下。I hope I managed to clarify things a little.希望我已经把事情解释得清楚些了。 clarification


[uncountable, countable] I am seeking clarification of the regulations.我正努力弄清这些规则。
shed ˈlight on sth throw ˈlight on sth cast ˈlight on sth


(shedding, shed, shed; cast, cast; threw, thrown)to make sth easier to understand by explaining parts of it (部分地)解释清楚,阐明Recent research has thrown some new light on the causes of the disease.最新的研究进一步解释了这种病的病因。The report casts no light on (= does not explain) why some children are still failing to achieve at school.这个报告没有解释为什么一些儿童仍然不能在学业上取得进步。A person, sth they say or write, or a new discovery can shed/cast/throw light on sth. * shed/cast/throw light on sth的主语可以是人、言论或文章,或是新的研究发现。
ˌspell sth ˈout

phrasal verb

to explain sth in a very clear, simple way (用浅显的方式)解释明白,讲清楚You know what I mean- I'm sure I don't need to spell it out.你明白我的意思-肯定不需要解释了。
interpret [transitive] to explain the meaning of sth such as a text or work of art, especially when it is possible to understand or explain it in several different ways 诠释,解读(文本、艺术品等,尤指诠释方式不只一种)The students were asked to interpret the poem.学生被要求诠释那首诗。 see also interpretation definition , interpretative descriptive expound [transitive, intransitive] (formal) to explain sth by talking about it in detail 详解;详述;阐述She expounded her theory further in the course of her talk.她在发言中进一步详述了她的理论。He was there to expound on the government's latest policy initiative.他去那儿的目的是阐述政府政策的最新方案。


explain how sth works 解释⋯的工作原理explain your behaviour 说明你这样做的原因explain ♦︎ justify ♦︎ account for sth ♦︎ defend ♦︎ stand up for sb/sth ♦︎ stick up for sb/sthThese words all mean to support sb/sth that is being criticized or attacked or to give an explanation for sth. 这些词均表示辩解、解释。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to explain / justify / account for / defend sth to sbto explain / justify / account for what / why / how...to explain / justify / defend / stand up for / stick up for yourselfto explain / justify / account for / defend a decisionto explain / justify / account for / defend your / sb's behaviourto defend / stand up for / stick up for sb's rights explain [intransitive, transitive] to give a reason for sth; to be a reason for sth 说明原因;解释⋯的理由She tried to explain but he wouldn't listen.她试图说明原因,可他根本不听。Ed explained that his car had broken down.埃德解释说他的车抛锚了。The government now has to explain its decision to the public.政府现在必须向公众解释为什么决定这样做。Well, that doesn't explain why you didn't call me.嗳,那可不是你不给我打电话的理由。 (spoken) Oh well then, that explains it (= I understand now why sth happened).噢,原来这么回事。 see also explanation reason justify [transitive] to show that sb/sth is right or reasonable; to give an explanation or excuse for sth or for doing sth, especially sth that other people think is wrong or unreasonable 证明⋯正确(或正当、有理);对⋯作出解释;为⋯辩解How can they justify paying such huge salaries?他们怎么证明支付如此高昂的薪金是正当的呢?Her success had justified the faith her teachers had put in her.她的成功证明了老师对她的期许是正确的。You don't need to justify yourself to me.你不必向我解释你的理由。 see also justification reason , unjustified unjustified acˈcount for sth

phrasal verb

(rather formal) to be the explanation or cause of sth; to give an explanation of sth 是⋯的说明(或原因);解释;说明The poor weather may have accounted for the small crowd.天气不好可能是人少的原因。How do you account for the show's success?你认为这次演出为何成功?
defend [transitive] to say or write sth in support of sb/sth that has been criticized, or to give an explanation for sth 辩解;辩白;解释Politicians are skilled at defending themselves against their critics.从政者都善于为自己辩解,反驳别人的批评。How can you defend such behaviour?你怎么为这种行为辩解呢? see also defence security ˌstand ˈup for sb/sth

phrasal verb

(stood, stood) [no passive] to strongly support or defend sb/sth that has been criticized 支持;维护;捍卫Always stand up for your friends.任何时候都要支持自己的朋友。You must stand up for your rights.你必须维护自己的权利。She had learnt to stand up for herself.她学会了自我保护。
ˌstick ˈup for sb/sth

phrasal verb

[no passive] (rather informal) to support or defend sb/sth that has been criticized 支持;维护;捍卫Stick up for what you believe.要捍卫自己的信念。She taught her children to stick up for themselves at school.她教育子女在学校要勇于自卫。Stick up for sb/sth is used especially to talk about sb defending another person or themselves when no one else will. * stick up for sb/sth尤指在没有外援的情况下保护自己或他人。

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