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TOEFL BNC: 979 COCA: 891
noun /ˈmem(ə)ri/
  1. 1
    [C] something that you remember 记住的事情;记忆

    The memory of that night is still clear in his mind. 那天晚上的记忆在他的脑海中仍然非常清晰。

    memory of :

    I don't have very fond memories of my school days. 学生时代没有给我留下非常美好的回忆。

    a vivid memory (=a very clear memory) 清晰的记忆 :

    What are your most vivid memories of that period? 你那个时期最清晰的记忆是什么?

     Synonyms and related words
    Memory and memories: memory, recall, recollection...
    1. a.
      [singular] the fact that people remember a particular person or event 回忆

      Her memory will live on for ever (=people will always remember her). 人们将永远记住她。

      A small monument was erected to the memory of those who died. 竖起了一座小纪念碑悼念那些死者。

       Synonyms and related words
      Memory and memories: memory, recall, recollection...
  2. 2
    [singular] the ability to remember things 记忆力

    a memory test 记忆力测试

    He searched his memory but couldn't recall where he'd seen her before. 他尽量回忆,但记不起以前在哪里见过她。

    Your memory tends to get worse as you get older. 随着年龄增大,你的记忆力会逐渐衰退。

    My memory was playing tricks on me (=I was not remembering things correctly). 我的记忆力开始不济了。

    have a good/bad memory for something (=usually be able or not be able to remember something) 通常能记住/通常记不住 :

    I've never had a very good memory for names. 我从来都记不住名字。

     Synonyms and related words
    Memory and memories: memory, recall, recollection...
  3. 3
    [C] computing the part of a computer in which information, instructions, and programs are stored (计算机的)存储器
     Synonyms and related words
    1. a.
      [C/U] the size of this part of a computer 存储量

      This particular model has 256 megabytes of memory. 这种型号有256兆字节的存储量。

       Synonyms and related words
TOEFL BNC: 979 COCA: 891


1ability to remember記憶力ADJECTIVE | VERB + MEMORY | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEexcellent, good, long, prodigious, retentive極好的記憶力;持久的記憶力;驚人的記憶力awful, bad, faulty, poor, short, terrible壞記性;差記性;健忘long-term, short-term長時記憶;短時記憶His short-term memory was damaged in the accident.他的短時記憶在事故中受損。working工作記憶the limitations of working memory工作記憶的局限collective集體記憶the nation's collective memory民族的集體記憶public公眾記憶The incident faded from public memory.這一事件淡出了公眾的記憶。cultural, historical, institutional (especially NAmE) 文化/歷史/制度記憶How short our cultural memory has become.我們的文化記憶已經變得如此短暫了。the historical memory of a culture一種文化的歷史記憶the Army's institutional memory軍隊的制度記憶visual視覺記憶Bad spellers have a weak visual memory.拼寫常出錯的人視覺記憶能力差。photographic照相機般精確的記憶human人類的記憶力VERB + MEMORYjog, refresh喚起記憶Seeing your name in the paper jogged my memory.在報紙上看到你的名字喚起了我的記憶。lose喪失記憶力Most people start to lose their memory as they get older.多數人隨着年齡的增長記憶力開始衰退。recover, regain恢復記憶力haunt縈繞在記憶中one of those films that haunts the memory long after it has been watched那些看過許久以後仍無法忘記的電影中的一部commit sth to把⋯記住I committed the number to memory and threw the letter away.我記住那個號碼,然後把信扔掉了。search努力回憶She searched her memory for their names.她努力回想他們的名字。PREPOSITIONfrom memory憑記憶He recited the whole poem from memory.他憑記憶把整首詩背了出來。memory for對⋯的記憶力I have a good memory for faces.我很善於記人的長相。PHRASESin living memory, in recent memory在生者的記憶中;在最近幾年的記憶中the coldest winter in living memory記憶中最冷的一個冬天if memory serves, if memory serves me, if memory serves me correctly, if memory serves me right如果(我)沒記錯的話If memory served her, his name was Stan.如果她沒記錯的話,他的名字是斯坦。


2thought of the past回憶ADJECTIVE | VERB + MEMORY | MEMORY + VERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEchildhood, early童年的/早年的回憶My earliest childhood memory is of falling in a lake.我最早的童年記憶是掉進湖裏。dim, distant, faded, fading, faint, fuzzy, hazy, vague模糊的回憶;遙遠的回憶;已淡忘的記憶;漸漸淡忘的回憶clear, vivid清晰的/生動的回憶affectionate, cherished, fond, good, great, happy, lovely, nostalgic, pleasant, positive, precious, special, sweet, treasured, warm, wonderful溫情的回憶;珍視的回憶;喜愛的回憶;美好的回憶;幸福的回憶;懷舊的回憶;愉快的回憶;珍貴的回憶;特殊的回憶;甜蜜的回憶;溫暖的回憶;美妙的回憶favourite/favorite最喜愛的回憶bitter-sweet有苦有樂的回憶haunting縈繞於心的回憶the haunting memories of lost love對失去的愛情難以忘懷的記憶awful, bad, bitter, disturbing, embarrassing, horrible, horrific, painful, sad, terrible, traumatic, unhappy, unpleasant, unwanted令人不快的回憶;苦澀的回憶;令人不安的回憶;令人尷尬的回憶;可怕的回憶;痛苦的回憶;傷心的記憶;造成精神創傷的回憶;不愉快的記憶powerful, strong強烈的回憶abiding, enduring, lasting, lingering持久的回憶;永恆的回憶;揮之不去的記憶My abiding memory of our first meeting is of a girl too shy to talk.我永遠記得我們初次見面時她是一個腼腆得連話都不敢說的女孩。fleeting飛逝的記憶forgotten, lost已經忘卻的/失去的記憶all the forgotten memories from when he was younger所有被遺忘的他年輕時候的記憶old舊時的記憶the pain of old memories舊時記憶的痛苦fresh, recent鮮活的/新近的記憶the fresh memory of my momentous news this morning對於今天上午和我有關的重大消息的清晰記憶first最早的記憶one of my first memories我最早的記憶之一shared共同的記憶They exchanged grins at the shared memory.他們因共同的記憶相視而笑。repressed, suppressed被壓抑的記憶a repressed memory of trauma對於創傷的被壓抑的記憶false虛妄的記憶false memories of abuse虛妄的受虐記憶false memory syndrome虛妄記憶綜合症selective選擇性記憶recovered恢復的記憶recovered memories of abusive and violent incidents對發生的虐待和暴力恢復了的記憶associative聯想記憶VERB + MEMORYhave記得I have memories of sitting on the back of the school bus.我記得當年坐在校車後面。bring back, evoke, recall, rekindle, revive, spark, stir, stir up, trigger使回憶起;重新喚起回憶;勾起記憶conjure, conjure up, retrieve想起;追憶Most young adults can retrieve memories of very early events.多數年輕的成年人能想起很久以前的事情。relive重溫記憶forced to relive painful memories被迫重拾痛苦的記憶remember記起I began to remember happy memories from my childhood.我開始想起童年的幸福時光。retain保留記憶invoke喚起記憶cherish, treasure珍藏記憶I will always treasure these memories.我會永遠珍藏這些記憶。keep alive, preserve保存記憶share有同樣的記憶The actors share fond memories of what Gene meant to them.這些演員都深情懷念吉恩對他們的重要意義。block, block out, blot out, bury, erase, push aside, push away, repress, suppress抹去回憶;盡量不去想He tried to blot out his memories of the ordeal.他試圖抹掉那次痛苦經歷的回憶。record記錄回憶Keeping a journal is a great way to record your memories.記日記是記錄回憶的好方法。hold保留記憶a place that holds so many memories of Ellen一個保留了埃倫許多記憶的地方be haunted by被記憶糾纏still haunted by memories of his father's death對父親的去世仍然無法釋懷MEMORY + VERBcome flooding back, flood back, flood sb's mind, rush back to sb記憶如洪水般湧上(某人)心頭When we visited my old family home, memories came flooding back.我們探訪我家老屋時,回憶如潮水般湧上心頭。stir記憶湧動Memories stirred in Josie's mind.回憶在喬西的腦海中湧動。fade記憶逐漸變得模糊PREPOSITIONat the memory因為記憶Her eyes gleamed at the memory.一想起此事,她的眼睛就很有神采。\in memory of紀念⋯He planted some apple trees in memory of his wife.他種了些蘋果樹紀念他的妻子。memory from來自⋯的回憶Smells and tastes often evoke memories from the past.氣味和味道經常能喚起對往事的回憶。memory of⋯的回憶fond memories of her childhood對她童年的深情回憶PHRASESin loving memory深切懷念in loving memory of our beloved father深切懷念我們親愛的父親


3of a computer計算機ADJECTIVE | VERB + MEMORY | MEMORY + NOUN ADJECTIVEcomputer, system計算機/系統內存cache, working高速緩衝/工作存貯器flash閃速存貯器VERB + MEMORYexpand擴大內存take up佔用內存Photographs take up a lot of memory.照片佔用大量存貯空間。MEMORY + NOUNstick內存條drive存貯器驅動器slot內存插槽
TOEFL BNC: 979 COCA: 891


memory ♦︎ mind ♦︎ recollection ♦︎ recall ♦︎ reminiscence ♦︎ remembranceThese are all words for the ability to remember things, the act of remembering or things that you remember. 这些词均表示记忆力、回忆、往事。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a memory / recollection / reminiscence of sb / sthin memory / remembrance of sb / stha vague / vivid / clear memory / recollectionto have a ... memory / recollection / recallto have no memory / recollection of sb / sth memory [countable, uncountable] your ability to remember things; the period of time that sb is able to remember events; a thought of sth that you remember from the past 记忆力;记性;记忆所及的范围;回忆;记忆I have a bad memory for names.我不善于记名字。People have short memories (= they soon forget).人是健忘的。He had a long memory for people who had disappointed him.谁扫了他的兴,他总会记恨在心。She can recite the whole poem from memory.她能背诵全诗。There hasn't been peace in the country in / within my memory.在我的记忆里,这个国家从没太平过。This hasn't happened in living memory (= nobody alive now can remember it happening).在世的人都不记得发生过这样的事。childhood memories童年记忆I have vivid memories of my grandparents.我依然清楚地记得我的祖父母。The photos bring back lots of good memories.这些照片唤起了许多美好的回忆。He founded the charity in memory of his late wife.他创办了这一慈善机构以纪念亡妻。 see also memorize learn mind [countable, usually singular] your ability to remember things 记忆力When I saw the exam questions my mind just went blank (= I couldn't remember anything).我看到考题时,脑子里一下子变得一片空白。Sorry-your name has gone right out of my mind.对不起,我完全想不起你的名字了。 see also bear sb/sth in mind remember recollection ˌrekəˈlekʃn [uncountable, countable] (formal) the act of remembering an event from the past; a memory from the past 回忆;记忆;回忆的事;往事I have no recollection of meeting her before.我不记得以前见过她。My recollection of events differs from his.我回忆的情况和他不一样。To the best of my recollection (= if I remember correctly) I was not present at that meeting.如果我没记错的话,我没有出席那次会议。his early recollections of his father他对父亲的早期记忆 see also recollect remember recall [uncountable] the ability to remember facts or events 记忆力;记性She has amazing powers of recall.她有惊人的记忆力。to have instant recall (= to be able to remember sth immediately) 有快速记忆的能力to have total recall (= to be able to remember all the details of sth) 记得所有细节 see also recall remember verb reminiscence ˌremɪˈnɪsns [countable, usually plural, uncountable] a spoken or written description of sth that sb remembers about their past life; the act of remembering events from the past 回忆的谈话;回忆录;回忆;追忆The book is a collection of his reminiscences about the actress.这本书辑录了他对那位女演员的回忆。The role of reminiscence in family history research should never be underestimated.回忆录在家族史研究中所起的作用绝不应被低估。 see also reminisce remember remembrance [uncountable] (rather formal) the act or process of remembering an event in the past or a person who is dead 纪念;记忆;回忆A service was held in remembrance of local soldiers killed in the war.为纪念阵亡的当地战士举行了宗教纪念仪式。a remembrance service宗教纪念仪式a chapel / garden of remembrance (= in memory of people who have died) 纪念死者的教堂/庭园In formal language a remembrance [countable] is an object that causes you to remember sb/sth. 在正式用语中,remembrance可作可数名词,指纪念品、纪念物The cenotaph stands as a remembrance of those killed in the war.高高矗立的纪念碑是对战争中死难者的缅怀。 see also remember remember

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