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BNC: 246 COCA: 292
verb [T] /ɪnˈkluːd/
present tense
present participleincluding
past tenseincluded
past participleincluded
  1. 1
    [never progressive] to contain someone or something as a part 包括;包含

    The price includes dinner, bed, and breakfast. 这个价格包括晚餐、床位和早餐。

    Durable goods include such items as cars, computers, and electrical appliances. 耐用品包括像汽车、计算机和电器那样的物品。

    The proposals include increasing the tax on petrol. 提议包括提高汽油税。

     Synonyms and related words
    To contain something: include, contents, contain...
  2. 2
    to make someone or something part of a group, set, or collection of things 把…列为一部分;把…算入

    Please include a photograph of yourself with your application. 请在你的申请表中附上个人照片。

    include something in/on something :

    His work was recently included in an exhibition of young painters. 他的作品最近被收进青年画家作品展中。

    Only 20 per cent of British restaurants include British wine on their wine lists. 只有20%的英国餐厅把英国酒列在他们的酒单上。

     Synonyms and related words
BNC: 246 COCA: 292
BNC: 246 COCA: 292
include verb
include1 (The price includes tax.) include2 (Some people, and I include myself…)


Does the price include tax? 这个价钱是否包括税款?Some people, and I include myself... 有些人,我也算一个⋯include ♦︎ contain ♦︎ cover ♦︎ incorporate ♦︎ encompass ♦︎ involve ♦︎ build sth in(to sth) ♦︎ embrace ♦︎ take sth inThese words all mean to have sb/sth as a part of sth or make sb/sth a part of sth. 这些词均表示包括、包含或纳入、并入。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to include / contain / incorporate / involve sth in sthto incorporate / build sth into sthto be included / covered / incorporated / encompassed as sthto contain / cover / incorporate / encompass / involve / embrace particular aspects of sthto include / contain / cover / incorporate / encompass particular materialto include / contain / incorporate particular featuresto cover / encompass / embrace particular subjects / issuesto contain / cover / incorporate / encompass / involve / embrace a (wide) range of thingsto include / contain / cover / incorporate / encompass / involve / embrace the whole of sthto directly cover / encompass / involve sthto cover / incorporate / encompass / involve sb / sth fully include [transitive] (not usually used in the progressive tenses 通常不用于进行时) to have sb/sth as a part of sth; to make sb/sth part of sth 包括;包含;使成为⋯的一部分The tour included a visit to the Science Museum.这次游览的行程之一是参观科学博物馆。Does the price include tax?这个价钱是否包括税款?Your duties will include typing letters and answering the phone.你的职责包括打信件和接电话。You should include some examples in your essay.你应该在文章里举一些例子。We all went, me included.我们都去了,连我在内。Representatives from the country were included as observers at the conference.这个国家的代表被列为会议的观察员。When include means 'to have sb/sth as a part of sth', it is not used in the progressive tenses. * include表示“包括、包含”时不用于进行时Is the price including tax? OPP exclude exclude 1 see also inclusive overall including


(abbreviation incl.) It's £7.50, including tax.共计7.50英镑,含税。 OPP excluding exclude verb 1
inclusion ɪnˈkluːʒn


[uncountable, countable] His inclusion in the team is in doubt.他能否入选该队还未定案。There were some surprising inclusions in the list.名单中包括一些意想不到的人。 OPP exclusion exclude verb 1
contain [transitive] (not used in the progressive tenses 不用于进行时) to have sth inside or as part of sth 包含;含有;容纳This drink doesn't contain any alcohol.这种饮料不含任何酒精。The bottle contains (= can hold) two litres.此瓶容量为两升。He handed over a brown envelope containing a hundred dollar bills.他交出了一个装有一百元钞票的棕色信封。Her statement contained one or two inaccuracies.她的陈述有一两处不准确。 cover [transitive] to include sth; to deal with sth 包括;包含;涉及;处理The survey covers all aspects of the business.调查涉及这家企业的各个方面。The lectures covered a lot of ground (= a lot of material or subjects).这些讲座涉及的内容极为丰富。He manages the sales team covering the northern part of the country (= selling to people in that area).他负责管理该国北部地区的销售团队。Do the rules cover (= do they apply to) a case like this?这些规则适用于这种情况吗?When cover means 'to include sth' it is not used in the progressive tenses. * cover表示“包括、包含”时不用于进行时The survey is covering all aspects of the business. see also be about sth apply 2 coverage ˈkʌvərɪdʒ


[uncountable] magazines with extensive coverage of diet and health topics包含大量饮食与健康主题的杂志
incorporate ɪnˈkɔːpəreɪt; NAmE ɪnˈkɔːrpəreɪt [transitive] (rather formal) to include sth so that it forms a part of sth 将⋯包括在内;吸收;使并入Many of your suggestions have been incorporated into the plan.你的很多建议已纳入计划中。The new car design incorporates all the latest safety features.新的汽车设计包括了所有最新的安全配备。 encompass ɪnˈkʌmpəs [transitive] (not used in the progressive tenses 不用于进行时) (formal) to include a large number or range of things 包含,包括,涉及(大量事物)The job encompasses a wide range of responsibilities.这项工作涉及的职责范围很广。The group encompasses all ages.这个小组各种年龄的人都有。 involve [transitive] (not used in the progressive tenses 不用于进行时) to make sb take part in sth 使参加;使加入We want to involve as many people as possible in the celebrations.我们希望参加庆典的人越多越好。Parents should involve themselves in their children's education.父母应当参与孩子的教育。 OPP exclude exclude 2 see also involvement involvement ˌbuild sth ˈin ˌbuild sth ˈinto sth

phrasal verb

(built, built) [often passive] to make sth a permanent part of a structure, plan or system 使⋯成为(结构、计划或体系的)组成部分We're having new closets built in.我们的新壁橱是嵌入式的。The pipes were built into the concrete.管子固定在混凝土里。A certain amount of flexibility needs to be built into the system.该系统需要加入一定的灵活性。 ˌbuilt-ˈin


[only before noun] built-in wardrobes / closets / cupboards / units嵌入式衣橱/壁橱/橱柜/整体厨房
embrace ɪmˈbreɪs [transitive, no passive] (not used in the progressive tenses 不用于进行时) (formal) to cover or include sth; to unite different things 包括;包含;涵盖The talks embraced a wide range of issues.这些谈话涉及的问题非常广泛。The word 'mankind' embraces men, women and children.“人类”一词包括男人、女人和孩子。 ˌtake sth ˈin

phrasal verb

(took, taken) [no passive] (not used in the progressive tenses 不用于进行时) to include sth, especially a place on a trip 包括,包含(尤指旅行所到之地)The tour takes in six European capitals.这次旅游涵盖六个欧洲国家的首都。


Does the price include tax? 这个价钱是否包括税款?Some people, and I include myself... 有些人,我也算一个⋯include ♦︎ count ♦︎ numberThese words all mean to consider sb/sth as part of a larger group. 这些词均表示列入、计算在内。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to include sb / count (sb) / number (sb) as / among sb / sthto include / count / number yourself as / among sb / sth include [transitive] to consider sb/sth to be part of a larger group 列入;把⋯计算在内Quite a few members are worried and I include myself among them.相当多的成员感到担心,包括我自己在内。Helpers at the event included students from a local school, as well as their parents.在这次活动中帮忙的人包括当地一所学校的学生和他们的父母。 including


(abbreviation incl.) Six people were killed in the riot, including a policeman.六人在暴乱中丧生,包括一名警察。OPP excluding
count [transitive] to include sb/sth when you calculate a total; to include sb/sth in a particular group 把⋯算入;包括;列入We have invited 50 people, not counting the children.不算小孩,我们已邀请了50人。I count him among my closest friends.我把他看作我最亲密的朋友之一。 number [transitive, intransitive] (formal) to include sb/sth in a particular group; to be included in a particular group 把⋯算作;(被)归入I number her among my closest friends.我把她视为我最亲密的朋友之一。He numbers among the best classical actors in Britain.他是英国最好的古典剧目演员之一。

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