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IELTS BNC: 593 COCA: 2976
noun [C] /ˈtʃæptə(r)/
  1. 1
    one of the sections into which a book is divided. A chapter usually has a number or a title (书的)章,回,篇

    See Chapter Three for more details. 详细内容请参见第3章。

    A number of other theories will be discussed in the following chapters. 接下来的章节将阐述其他一些理论。

     Synonyms and related words
    Parts of books: acknowledgments, addendum, afterword...
  2. 2
    mainly literary a section of someone's life, or a period in history (人生、历史的)一个阶段

    The war was now entering its final chapter. 战争现已进入最后阶段。

    chapter of :

    It seemed that a chapter of my life was closing. 好像我人生中的一个时期就要结束了。

     Synonyms and related words
  3. 3
    all the priests who belong to a cathedral 大教堂的全体教士

    the Dean and Chapter of St Paul's Cathedral 圣保罗大教堂的主教和全体教士

     Synonyms and related words
    People in authority in the Christian church: abbess, abbot, archbishop...
  4. 4
    mainly American a local club or organization that is part of a much larger club or organization (俱乐部、组织的)地方分会,支部

    She's the president of the Iowa chapter of the Professional Insurance Agents' Association. 她是职业保险经纪人协会艾奥瓦州分会的主席。

     Synonyms and related words
    Groups of people with shared interests or aims: association, commission, organization...
IELTS BNC: 593 COCA: 2976


1part of a bookADJECTIVE | CHAPTER + VERB | VERB + CHAPTER | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEfirst, introductory, opening第一章;引言章;開篇concluding, final, last結語章;最後一章CHAPTER + VERBbe entitled sth, be titled sth某章標題為⋯address sth, contain sth, cover sth, deal with sth, describe sth, discuss sth, examine sth, explore, present sth, provide sth某章講述/包含/涉及/論述/描述/討論/研究/探究/介紹/提供⋯This chapter covers money and banking.本章涉及貨幣與銀行業務內容。detail sth, focus on sth某章詳述/着重於⋯VERB + CHAPTERread閱讀(書中)某章I read the first few chapters and then got bored.我讀了開頭幾章就厭煩了。write寫某章dedicate, devote專門用某章介紹⋯The author devotes two chapters to language acquisition.作者用兩章的篇幅專門論述語言習得。PREPOSITIONin a/the chapter在某章中His influence on other writers will be discussed in the next chapter.他對其他作家的影響將在下一章論述。chapter about, chapter on關於⋯的章節a chapter on the city's architecture關於這座城市的建築的章節


2particular period某段時間ADJECTIVEdifficult, sad, unhappy困難時期;悲傷的一段時間;不快樂的一段日子Her return to Kansas ended a particularly unhappy chapter in her life.她返回堪薩斯,結束了生命中特別不如意的一段時期。
IELTS BNC: 593 COCA: 2976


chapter ♦︎ issue ♦︎ part ♦︎ episode ♦︎ unit ♦︎ edition ♦︎ volume ♦︎ contents ♦︎ instalmentThese are all words for part of a book or story, or one of a number of books, newspapers, magazines, stories, or TV or radio programmes that are published or broadcast. 这些词均表示书或故事的章节、报刊的一期、电视或广播节目的一集等。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a / the first / second / next chapter / issue / part / episode / unit / edition / volume / instalmentthe final / last chapter / part / episode / unit / volume / instalmentthe January / February / March, etc. issue / edition of sthMonday's / Tuesday's / Wednesday's, etc. issue / edition / episode / instalment of sthto produce an issue / a part / an edition / an episode / a volume / an instalmentto publish an issue / a part / an edition / a volume / an instalmentto bring out an issue / an edition / a volumeto show / broadcast / see / watch / miss a part / an episode / an edition / an instalment of sthto read a chapter / an issue / a part / a unit / an edition / a volume / an instalmentan issue / a part / an edition appears / is out / comes out chapter [countable] a separate section of a book, usually with a number or title (书的)章,篇,回I've just finished Chapter 3.我刚完成第3章。Have you read the chapter on the legal system?你读过论述法律制度的那一章吗? issue [countable] one of a regular series of magazines or newspapers (报刊的)一期,期号I'm after the July issue of 'What Car?'.我在找《汽车指南》的7月号。 part [countable] a section of a book, television series, etc., especially one that is published or broadcast separately (书、电视系列片等,尤指单独发行或播出的)部,集,篇an encyclopedia published in 25 weekly parts每周出版一部,共25部的百科全书Henry IV, Part II《亨利四世》第二篇The final part will be shown next Sunday evening.最后一集将在下周日晚上播出。 episode ˈepɪsəʊd; NAmE ˈepɪsoʊd [countable] one part of a story that is broadcast on television or radio in several parts (电视连续剧或广播剧的)一集The soap opera is ending after 175 episodes.那出肥皂剧在播放175集后完结。 unit [countable] one of the parts into which a textbook or series of lessons is divided (教材或系列课程的)单元The present perfect is covered in Unit 8.现在完成时在第8单元讲述。 edition ɪˈdɪʃn [countable] a particular newspaper or magazine, or radio or television programme, especially one in a regular series (报刊或广播、电视节目的)一期,一辑Tonight's edition of 'Panorama' looks at unemployment.今晚这一辑《全景》探讨的是失业问题。The story was in Tuesday's edition of 'The New York Times'.这篇报道刊登在星期二那期的《纽约时报》上。 volume [countable] a book, especially one that is part of a series of books (尤指成套书籍的)一卷,一册The encyclopedia is a huge work, running to 20 volumes.这套百科全书是大部头,共有20卷。NOTE 辨析 Issue, edition or volume? Issue is usually used to talk about magazines and journals; edition is usually used to talk about newspapers. Academic journals usually publish several issues each year; all the issues for one year are considered to belong to one volume of the journal. * issue通常指杂志期刊,edition通常指报纸。issue可指学术期刊的每一期,volume指全年各期的合订本。 see also volume book contents [plural] the different sections that are contained in a book (书的)目录,目次a table of contents (= the list at the front of the book) 目录a contents page目录页 instalment (especially BrE) (NAmE usually installment) ɪnˈstɔːlmənt [countable] one of the parts of a story that appears regularly over a period of time in a newspaper, on television, etc. (报章连载小说的)一节;(电视连续剧的)一集Dickens completed the last instalment of Martin Chuzzlewit in June of that year.(Dickens originally wrote his stories in instalments for newspapers.) 那年6月,狄更斯完成了《马丁•瞿述伟》的最后一节。NOTE 辨析 Episode or instalment?An episode is a programme that forms part of a series on TV or radio; an instalment is used more often to talk about the parts of a story that appear in a magazine. When instalment is used to talk about TV or radio programmes, it often refers to one part of a very short series. * episode指电视或广播连续剧的一集,instalment更多指杂志连载故事的一节。谈及电视或广播节目时如用instalment,则常指短剧的一集Now for the second instalment of our exclusive three-part series.现在是我们独家播放的三集电视剧的第二集。

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