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IELTS BNC: 986 COCA: 2026
adjective /ˈjuːsf(ə)l/
  1. 1
    helpful for doing or achieving something 有帮助的;有用的;有益的

    Here's some useful information about travel in Canada. 这是一些关于在加拿大旅行的有用信息。

    a useful tool/technique/gadget 有用的工具/技术/小机械

    Her book is a useful contribution to our understanding of how Mozart worked. 她的书对于我们了解莫扎特是如何工作的大有帮助。

    useful to :

    I was useful to them because I could speak French. 由于我会说法语,所以对他们有帮助。

    useful for :

    That basket would be useful for picnics. 那个篮子会对野炊很有用。

    useful for doing something :

    Old pictures are useful for seeing how people used to dress. 老照片对了解人们过去的穿着很有帮助。

    useful (for someone) to do something :

    Thanks. It's useful to know that. 谢谢,知道那件事很有帮助。

    Would it be useful for you to ask us some questions? 你问我们一些问题会有帮助吗?

    prove useful :

    Keep a record of everything that might prove useful. 把任何可能证明有用的东西都记录下来。

     Synonyms and related words
    Useful and effective and working correctly: useful, efficient, effective...
  2. 2
    British informal good, or skilful 好的;熟练的

    a useful player 出色的运动员

     Synonyms and related words
    Skilful and able: able, capable, professional...
  3. From our crowdsourced Open Dictionary
    as useful as ... used for saying that something is completely useless

    He's about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

    All this packaging is about as useful as a screen door in a submarine.

    Submitted from United Kingdom on 22/03/2018
IELTS BNC: 986 COCA: 2026


VERBS | ADVERB | PREPOSITION VERBSbe, look, prove, seem有用;看起來可用;證明有用;好像有效become變得有用make yourself做有用的人She told Fred to make himself useful.她告訴弗雷德做些有價值的事。consider sth, find sth認為/覺得⋯有用some leaflets which you might find useful一些你可能覺得有用的傳單ADVERBextremely, fairly, very, etc.極其/相當/非常有用enormously, especially, exceptionally, highly, immensely, incredibly, more than (informal) , particularly, terribly, tremendously非常有益;特別有用;格外有幫助;極其有用
She has made an exceptionally useful contribution to the debate.她為辯論作出了極大貢獻。genuinely, truly的確有幫助It needs to give more information to be truly useful.要想真的派上用場,還需要提供更多信息。increasingly越來越有用equally同樣有用The same information is equally useful when negotiating.這條信息在談判中也同樣有用。generally, universally普遍有用This method has proved the most generally useful.結果證明這種方法應用範圍最廣。potentially可能有用practically實用The subject is practically useful and will stand you in good stead when looking for a job.這個學科很實用,對你日後找工作有利。certainly, undoubtedly毫無疑問是有用的an undoubtedly useful skill肯定有用的技術economically, politically, socially對經濟/對政治/對社會有用to provide rewarding and socially useful employment提供有價值及對社會有用的工作PREPOSITIONas作為⋯有用It was useful as a short-term measure.作為短期措施它是有用的。for對⋯有用This tool is useful for a variety of purposes.這個工具是多用途的。Internet booking is useful for people who want a short break.網上預訂對需要短期度假的人有用。in在⋯方面擅長She was very useful in dealing with foreign visitors.她很善於同外國訪客打交道。to對⋯有幫助information which will be useful to new mothers會對新手媽媽有幫助的信息
IELTS BNC: 986 COCA: 2026


useful ♦︎ convenient ♦︎ handy ♦︎ practical ♦︎ usable ♦︎ great for sth ♦︎ of use ♦︎ functionalThese words all describe sth which helps you do sth or is suitable for a particular purpose. 这些词均表示有用的、有帮助的、适用的。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to be useful / of use to sbto be useful / convenient / handy / great for doing sthuseful / handy / practical tips / hintsto come in useful / handyvery / quite useful / convenient / handy / practical / usable / functionalhighly useful / convenient / practical / functionalextremely useful / convenient / practical useful that can help you to do or achieve what you want 有用的;有益的;有帮助的a useful book / gadget有用的书/小器具It can be useful to write a short summary of your argument first.先把你的论点简要地总结一下写下来,可能会有帮助。He might be useful to us.我们也许用得上他。Don't just sit watching TV-make yourself useful!别光坐着看电视,帮一下忙吧!Some products can be recycled at the end of their useful life.有些产品过了有效使用期限后是可以回收再利用的。OPP useless useless usefully


The money could be more usefully spent on new equipment.这笔钱用在新设备上可能更有价值。
convenient useful, easy or quick to use or do 实用的;便利的;省事的A bicycle is often more convenient than a car in towns.在城镇骑自行车往往比开车更方便。It is very convenient to pay by credit card.用信用卡付账非常方便。Fruit is a convenient source of vitamins and energy.水果是维生素和能量的便利来源。 (disapproving) He used his wife's birthday as a convenient excuse for not going to the meeting.他说要给妻子过生日,利用这个凑巧的借口就不去参加会议了。 conveniently


The report can be conveniently divided into three main sections.这份报告可以很方便地划分为三个主要部分。
handy (informal) convenient to use 易使用的;便利的The introductory booklet contains some handy tips for getting started.这本入门小册子里有一些如何上手的小窍门儿。Take your penknife-you never know when it might come in handy (= be handy).带上你的小折刀,说不定什么时候会用得到。 practical (of things) useful or suitable for a particular situation (东西)有用的,适用的It's a practical little car-ideal for the city.那是很实用的小车,非常适合在城市里开。Travel by boat was often faster and more practical than travel along the primitive roads.乘船旅行往往比沿着简陋的公路旅行更快捷、更实际。 usable that can be used; in good enough condition to be used 能用的;可用的;适用的How can we display this data in a usable form?我们如何把这些数据以实用形式展示出来呢?Take my bike-it's rusty, but it's perfectly usable.用我的自行车吧,虽然生锈了,但骑起来完全没问题。 OPP unusable useless great for sth


(informal, especially spoken) very suitable or useful for sth 很适合的;(对⋯)很有用的This gadget's great for opening jars.这小玩意儿开广口瓶好使得很。Try this cream-it's great for spots.试试这种乳霜吧,对消除皮肤斑点挺有效的。
of use


(formal) useful 有用;有帮助Can I be of any use (= can I help)?有什么要我帮忙的吗?Your suggestion will be kept on file and may be of use should circumstances change.你的建议将存档,若情况有变,也许会有帮助。
functional practical and useful; with little or no decoration 实用的;重功能轻装饰的Bathrooms don't have to be purely functional.浴室不必只讲求实用。The office is a functional working area, designed with efficiency in mind.这个办公室是个实用的工作场所,设计时考虑的是效能。

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