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(Mr. Ng 不推薦使用 Google 翻譯!)
BNC: 2403 COCA: 1815
verb /kɪk/
present tense
present participlekicking
past tensekicked
past participlekicked
  1. 1
    [I/T] to hit someone or something with your foot

    Mum! Jimmy kicked me! 妈妈,吉米踢我!

    Some children will bite and kick when they get angry. 有些孩子生气时会又咬又踢。

    kick something to/towards/away from someone/something :

    He kicked the bottle towards the bin and missed. 他把瓶子踢向垃圾箱,但是没踢进。

    kick something open/closed/shut :

    Southgate kicked the door open. 索思盖特踢开了门。

    kick someone in the stomach/face/head etc :

    She felt as if she had been kicked in the stomach. 她觉得自己好像被踢中了腹部。

     Synonyms and related words
    1. a.
      to hit a ball with your foot in a game such as football 踢(球)

      the pleasure of kicking a ball across a stretch of grass 将球踢过草地的乐趣

       Synonyms and related words
  2. 2
    [I/T] to move your legs as if you were kicking something 踢(腿)

    Take your baby's nappy off and let her kick a bit. 取掉你宝宝的尿布,让她踢踢腿。

     Synonyms and related words
  3. 3
    [T] informal to stop doing something that is bad for you 戒除(恶习)

    Amanda has finally managed to kick smoking. 阿曼达最后总算戒了烟。

    kick the habit :

    Do you smoke and want to kick the habit? 你是不是吸烟而又想戒掉呢?

     Synonyms and related words
  4. 4
    [T] to hit a horse's sides with your heels in order to make it move forward (用脚后跟)蹬(马使其前进)

    Flora kicked her horse into a canter. 弗洛拉蹬了蹬马,让它慢跑起来。

     Synonyms and related words
See also
noun /kɪk/
  1. 1
    [C] a hit with your foot

    Lifting her foot, she aimed a kick at George. 她抬起脚,摆出要踢乔治的姿势。

    give someone/something a kick :

    Bobby gave the door a good kick. 博比狠狠地踹了门一脚。

    take a kick at someone :

    One man took a flying kick at a police officer. 一个男子飞腿朝一位警官踢去。

    a kick in the face/jaw/teeth etc :

    Fowler received a kick in the face that broke his jaw. 福勒的脸部被踢了一脚,连下巴都被踢破了。

     Synonyms and related words
    Actions in playing games or sports: backhand, backhander, ball...
    1. a.
      an act of kicking a ball in a game 踢球

      Barnes had missed three easy kicks at goal. 巴恩斯错过了3次轻松射门的机会。

       Synonyms and related words
      Actions in playing games or sports: backhand, backhander, ball...
    2. b.
      a sudden movement of your leg forward and upwards, especially in a dance (尤指舞蹈中的)踢腿,举腿

      the high kicks of the cancan 康康舞的高踢腿动作

       Synonyms and related words
      Dance movements and choreography: call, choreograph, choreographer...
  2. 2
    [singular] informal a feeling of excitement or pleasure 快感;乐趣

    To become involved with professional football is a real kick for me. 对于我来说,参加职业足球比赛真是刺激。

    get a kick out of/from something :

    I get a real kick out of seeing my children do well in school. 看到孩子们在学校表现良好,我真的很高兴。

    do something for kicks :

    I just play the banjo for kicks – I'm not very good at it. 我弹班卓琴只是为了好玩,并不是特别擅长。

     Synonyms and related words
    Feelings of pleasure and excitement: pleasure, excitement, enthusiasm...
BNC: 2403 COCA: 1815


1act of kickingADJECTIVE | VERB + KICK | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEgood, hard, hefty, powerful, sharp, swift, vicious狠狠的/使勁的/用力的/強有力的/突然的/迅速的/兇猛的一踢She gave him a hard kick to the stomach.她使勁踢了他腹部一腳。This city could use a good kick in the pants. (NAmE, figurative) 這個城市需要好好鞭策一下。karate, roundhouse, scissor空手道腳法;迴旋踢;剪式打腿Olivia leapt forward with a high karate kick.奧利維婭向前一跳,來了一記空手道高位踢腿。high, leg高踢腿;踢腿an energetic performer using dance routines and high kicks用常規舞蹈動作和高踢腿表演的充滿活力的表演者corner, free, goal, overhead, penalty, spot (all in football/soccer皆用於足球) 角球;任意球;球門球;倒鈎球;罰點球drop (in rugby and American football橄欖球) 落踢onside (in American football美式橄欖球) 短踢VERB + KICKgive sb/sth踢⋯一腳Give the door a good kick if it won't open.門打不開就使勁踹一下。aim踢向deliver, land, plant踢出一腳;踢中一腳;狠踢一腳Roy landed a kick to the man's head.羅伊一腳踢中了那個男人的頭。get, receive被踢;挨一腳He had received a painful kick on the knee.他的膝蓋挨了一腳,很痛。PREPOSITIONkick at向⋯的一踢a kick at goal射門kick by, kick from由⋯踢出的一腳;從⋯踢出的一腳a kick from Maynard in the last minute of the game比賽最後一分鐘由梅納德踢出的球kick in踢在⋯上a kick in the stomach踢中腹部的一腳kick on踢在⋯上a kick on the ankle踢在腳踝上的一腳kick to對⋯的一腳a kick to the ribs對着肋骨踢出的一腳


2feeling of great pleasure/excitement極大的樂趣;極度的刺激ADJECTIVE | VERB + KICK | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEbig, great, huge, real極大的樂趣;巨大的刺激;欣喜VERB + KICKget獲得極大的樂趣He gets a real kick out of fixing something so that it can be used again.把東西修好再用能讓他獲得真正的快樂。give sb給某人極大樂趣It gave the youngsters a kick to see their own play on television.在電視上看到他們自己的演出使這些年輕人非常激動。PREPOSITIONfor kicks為了快感They don't really want the things they steal. They just do it for kicks.他們並不是真的需要偷來的東西,偷竊只是追求刺激。


1hit sb/sth with your footADVERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADVERBhard, savagely, viciously, violently狠踢;猛踢Don't kick the ball too hard.不要太用力地踢球。gently輕輕地踢Marcia gently kicked the horse again to make it trot.馬西婭又輕輕踢了一下,讓馬小跑起來。accidentally, deliberately (especially BrE) 無意中踢;故意踢He was sent off for deliberately kicking an Italian player.他因為故意踢一名意大利球員而被罰下了場。repeatedly反複踢Foster admitted punching and kicking the man repeatedly.福斯特承認對那個人曾連續地拳打腳踢。around, over到處踢;踢翻The boys were kicking a ball around in the yard.男孩子們正在院子裏踢球。Abe roared and kicked over a table.阿貝吼叫起來,踢翻了一張桌子。PREPOSITIONagainst對⋯踢;違抗⋯She could feel the baby kicking against her stomach wall.她能感覺到寶寶在踢她的腹壁。Young people often kick against convention. (figurative) 青年人常常打破常規。at向⋯踢She kicked at the loose pebbles by the roadside.她向散佈路邊的石子踢去。in踢在⋯上They threw him to the ground and kicked him hard in the stomach.他們把他推倒,使勁踢他的肚子。on踢在⋯上She kicked me on the knee.她踢了我的膝蓋。PHRASESkick a door down把門踢倒kick a door open, kick a door shut把門踢開;把門踢關上Suddenly the far door was kicked open.遠處的門突然被踢開了。kick sb to death把某人踹死


2move your feet in the air蹬腿ADVERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADVERBfrantically, furiously, wildly狂暴地/狂怒地/狂亂地蹬腿He rolled over in the sand, kicking wildly.他在沙子裏滾來滾去,狂亂地蹬着腿。off蹬掉They dropped their bags in the front hall and kicked off their shoes.他們把袋子撂在前廳,踢掉了鞋子。PREPOSITIONout at用腳踢⋯The horse kicked out at the dog.那匹馬揚起蹄子踢踹那條狗。with用⋯蹬I tried to dive back under, kicking with my legs.我使勁蹬腿,努力想潛回水下。PHRASESdrag sb kicking and screaming拖着又蹬腿又叫喊的某人The police had to drag her kicking and screaming out of the house.警察不得不把又踢又叫的她拖出房子。kick your legs, your legs kick蹬腿The little boy was now lying on his back kicking his legs in the air.小男孩當時正躺在那兒,小腿兒亂蹬。I was carried upstairs, arms waving and legs kicking.我就這樣又是揮手又是踢腿地被帶上了樓。
BNC: 2403 COCA: 1815
kick noun

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