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noun /əˈbɪləti/
  1. 1
    [U] the fact of being able to do something 能力
    ability to do something :

    Tiredness can seriously impair your ability to drive. 疲劳会大大影响你的驾驶能力。

     Synonyms and related words
    Skill, talent and ability: experience, ability, skill...
  2. 2
    [C/U] the level of skill that someone has in a particular job or activity 专门技能

    Our courses cater for different levels of ability. 我们的课程可以满足不同能力水平的需要。

    The work will vary according to your abilities.

     Synonyms and related words
    Skill, talent and ability: experience, ability, skill...
    See also mixed ability
  3. 3
    [U] the quality of being skilful or naturally good at something 本领;能耐

    Gladstone was a politician of great ability. 格拉德斯通是位极具才干的政治家。

     Synonyms and related words
    Skill, talent and ability: experience, ability, skill...


1skill/power to do sth處事技巧;辦事能力ADJECTIVE | ... OF ABILITY | VERB + ABILITY | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEexceptional, extraordinary, great, outstanding, remarkable, uncanny非凡的才幹;卓越的才能;雄才;傑出的才能inherent, innate, natural固有的能力;天賦的才幹;天生的能力It's important to discover the natural abilities of each child.發現每個孩子的天賦才能很重要。proven已證實的才能academic, acting, artistic, athletic, creative, intellectual, linguistic, mathematical, musical, psychic, reading, technical學術能力;表演才能;藝術才能;運動能力;創造力;智力;語言能力;數學才能;音樂才能;超自然能力;閱讀能力;技術能力mental, physical智力;體能... OF ABILITYlevel能力水平She showed a high level of ability as a runner.她表現出了作為賽跑選手的很高的奔跑能力。VERB + ABILITYhave, possess具有/擁有能力retain保持能力demonstrate, show顯露/顯現才能Both players demonstrated their ability to hit the ball hard.兩名球員都展示出大力擊球的能力。acquire, develop, enhance, improve習得/培養/增強/提高能力lack缺乏能力lose失去能力I seem to have lost my ability to attract clients.我好像失去了招徠顧客的能力。affect, hamper, hinder, impair, impede, limit, undermine影響/束縛/阻礙/削弱/妨礙/限制/損害能力appreciate, recognize賞識才幹;認可才能Fox's abilities were soon recognized.不久,福克斯的才能得到了認可。doubt, question懷疑/質疑能力overestimate, underestimate高估/低估能力PREPOSITIONability in⋯的才能She showed great ability in mathematics.她顯現出非凡的數學才能。PHRASESto the best of your ability盡全力We will keep you informed to the best of our ability.我們將竭盡全力為您提供最新信息。


2speed with which sb learns學習效率ADJECTIVE | VERB + ABILITY | ABILITY + NOUN | PHRASES ADJECTIVEhigh學習能力高The school does nothing for children of high ability.這所學校對學習能力強的孩子沒有做什麼。limited, low學習能力有限;學習能力低average, mixed中等的/各不相同的學習能力It is much more difficult to teach a mixed-ability class.教一個學生能力各不相同的班要難得多。VERB + ABILITYassess, measure, test評估/衡量/測試學習能力ABILITY + NOUNlevel能力水平range學習能力的高低範圍PHRASESa range of ability, a range of abilities學習能力的高低範圍I taught a wide range of abilities.各種不同學習能力的人我都教過。
ability noun
ability (have the ability to do sth) skill1 (a child's natural abilities)


ability ♦︎ capability ♦︎ capacity ♦︎ powerThese are all words for the fact that sb is able to do sth, or the qualities necessary to do sth. 这些词均表示能力、才能。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a capability / capacity for sththe ability / capability / capacity / power to do sthbeyond / within your ability / capability / capacity / power(a / an) great / remarkable / extraordinary / amazing ability / capacity / powersnatural / physical / intellectual / mental / limited ability / capability / capacity / powersto have / develop / acquire / lack / lose the ability / capability / capacity / powerto demonstrate / show your ability / capability / capacity / powerto restrict sb's ability / capability / capacity / power ability [singular, uncountable] the fact that sb/sth is able to do sth 能力The system has the ability to run more than one program at the same time.这个系统能同时运行两个或两个以上程序。Everyone has the right to good medical care regardless of their ability to pay.无论支付能力如何,人人都有权得到良好的医疗保健服务。I try to do the job to the best of my ability (= as well as I can).我尽全力做好这份工作。OPP inability Inability [singular, uncountable] is the fact of not being able to do sth. * inability表示无能或无力the government's inability to provide basic services政府在提供基本服务方面的无能Some families go without medical treatment because of their inability to pay.有些家庭无力支付医疗费用,生了病也得不到医治。 able


You must be able to speak French for this job.干这份工作你得会说法语。A viral illness left her barely able to walk.一场病毒引起的疾病使她几乎不能走路。OPP unable to do sth not able is also used. 也用not ableHe lay there, unable to move.他躺在那儿,动弹不得。Unfortunately they weren't able to come.可惜的是,他们来不了。
capability ˌkeɪpəˈbɪləti [uncountable, countable] (rather formal) the ability or qualities necessary to do sth 能力;才能Animals in the zoo have lost the capability of catching food for themselves.动物园的动物已经丧失自己捕食的能力。Age affects the range of a person's capabilities.年龄影响一个人能力的大小。 Capability is often used to talk about how able a company or country is to produce sth. * capability常指公司或国家的生产能力a company / country's manufacturing / production / processing / defence / weapons / nuclear capability公司或国家的制造/生产/加工能力;国家的防御/军械/核力量 capable


You are capable of better work than this.你有能力做得比这更好。I'm perfectly capable of doing it myself, thank you.谢谢,我完全有能力自己做。
capacity kəˈpæsəti [countable, usually singular] (rather formal) the ability to understand or do sth (领悟或办事)能力She has an enormous capacity for hard work.她特别能吃苦耐劳。A habit becomes an addiction when it reduces your capacity to enjoy life.习惯使人难以享受生活的乐趣时,就成了一种瘾。 Capacity is often used to talk about social, educational and work-related life skills. * capacity常指社交技巧、学习能力和工作技能a capacity for hard work / humour / enjoying life / learning languages / love / reflective thinking吃苦耐劳的能力;有幽默感;会享受生活;有语言天赋;敢爱敢恨;反思能力 power [uncountable] ( powers [plural]) a particular ability of the body or mind; all the abilities of your body or mind (身体或心智的)某种能力;(全部)体力,智力He had lost the power of speech.他丧失了言语的能力。The drug may affect your powers of concentration.这种药可能会影响你的注意力集中。At 26, he is at the height of his powers and ranked fourth in the world.26岁时,他处于巅峰状态,排名世界第四。Sb's power [uncountable] is also their ability or opportunity to do sth, used especially in the phrases (not) within sb's power, beyond sb's power and do everything within your power. * power还表示能力或机会,尤用于(not) within sb's power、beyond sb's power和do everything within your power等短语中It is not within my power (= I am unable) to help you.我是爱莫能助啊。I will do everything in my power to help you.我将尽全力帮助你。

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