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noun /tʃɔɪs/
  1. 1
    [singular/uncountable] the opportunity or right to choose between different things 选择权;挑选机会

    Our aim is to provide greater choice for consumers. 我们的目标是为消费者提供更多的选择。

    have a/the choice :

    These people have the choice of whether to buy a house or rent one. 这些人可以选择买房或租房。

    choice between :

    Students have a choice between studying French or German. 学生可以选择学法语或德语。

    exercise choice (=choose) 选择 :

    I think parents should be able to exercise some choice over what their children see on the Internet. 我认为父母应当能对孩子们在因特网上浏览的内容进行一些选择。

    give someone the choice :

    If you were given the choice, would you prefer a cat or a dog? 如果让你来挑,你喜欢猫还是狗?

    freedom of choice :

    Freedom of choice is very important for many people. 选择的自由对许多人而言是很重要的。

    personal/parental/consumer choice :

    The policy will limit parental choice rather than increase it. 该政策将限制而不是增加父母的选择。

     Synonyms and related words
    Opportunities: opportunity, chance, choice...
  2. 2
    [C] a decision to choose someone or something 选择;挑选
    choice between :

    He was facing a difficult choice between staying with his family or working abroad. 他正面临着是和家人呆在一起还是到国外工作的艰难抉择。

    choice of :

    Our childhood experiences can influence our choice of career. 童年时代的经历可能会影响我们的择业。

    make a choice :

    He wants people to make their own choices. 他希望人们作出自己的选择。

    an informed choice (=a decision based on good information) 合理的选择 :

    The leaflet will enable you to make an informed choice about whether to go ahead with surgery. 这份宣传页能帮你就是否要动手术作出合理的选择。

    a stark choice (=an unpleasant choice that you cannot avoid) 严峻的选择 :

    Many poorer people are facing a stark choice between buying food or heating their homes. 许多较贫困的人都面临着是买食物还是为居室供暖这样严峻的选择。

     Synonyms and related words
    Choices and the process of choosing: choice, decision, selection...
  3. 3
    [C] a range of things that you can choose from 供选择的范围
    choice of :

    The hotel has a well-run restaurant offering a good choice of dishes. 这家宾馆内有一家经营得很好的餐厅,提供各种各样的饭菜。

    a wide choice :

    London has a wide choice of cinemas and theatres. 伦敦有许多可供选择的电影院和剧院。

     Synonyms and related words
    Choices and the process of choosing: choice, decision, selection...
    1. a.
      one of the things you can choose from 供选择的东西

      There are three choices of dessert on the menu. 菜单上有3种甜点可供选择。

       Synonyms and related words
      Choices and the process of choosing: choice, decision, selection...
  4. 4
    [C] someone or something that you choose 被选中的人;被选中的东西
    choice of :

    The top of a mountain was an unusual choice of venue for a wedding. 把山顶作为举行婚礼的场所是一种很不寻常的选择。

    a good/popular/excellent choice :

    Greece is a popular choice for a family holiday. 希腊是家庭度假经常选择的地方。

    someone's first/second/number one etc choice :

    I think Edinburgh University would be my first choice. 我想爱丁堡大学会是我的首选。

    the preferred choice :

    Research has shown that Owen is the preferred choice amongst middle-class voters. 调查表明,中产阶层的选民倾向于选欧文。

    an obvious/natural choice :

    Pitcher, now 56, was not an obvious choice for the job. 现已56岁的皮彻显然不是这项工作的人选。

    a career/holiday choice :

    Parents are often crucial in determining their child's career choice. 父母在决定孩子的择业方面往往很关键。

     Synonyms and related words
    Choices and the process of choosing: choice, decision, selection...
adjective /tʃɔɪs/
  1. 1
    [only before noun] formal of very high quality 上等的;优质的

    We select only the choicest ingredients. 我们只选择最优质的配料。

     Synonyms and related words
  2. 2
    choice language is very effective and often angry or rude (语言)尖刻的,刻薄的
    choice words :

    With a few choice words he had destroyed all her confidence. 他几句尖刻的话就把她所有的信心给毁了。

     Synonyms and related words
    Describing offensive language: dirty, obscene, abusive...


1act of choosing挑選ADJECTIVE | VERB + CHOICE | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEcareful, good, informed, right, wise精心的挑選;不錯的選擇;有依據的選擇;正確的選擇;明智的選擇a careful choice of words謹慎的措辭bad, wrong糟糕的/錯誤的選擇difficult, hard, stark, tough困難的/痛苦的/殘酷的/艱難的抉擇She faced the stark choice of backing the new plan or losing her job.她面臨要麼支持新計劃、要麼丟掉工作的殘酷抉擇。easy, simple輕鬆的/容易的選擇In the end, the choice was quite easy.到最後,選擇十分容易。conscious, deliberate有意識的/深思熟慮的選擇When did you make a conscious choice to become an artist?你是什麼時候有意識地選擇要成為一名藝術家的?natural自然的選擇rational理智的選擇moral道德上的抉擇Doctors have to make moral choices every day of their lives.醫生的人生中每天都要作出道德上的抉擇。personal個人的選擇These are personal choices that people must make for themselves.這些是個人的選擇,人們必須自己作決定。career, food, lifestyle職業/食物/生活方式選擇Much ill health is the result of poor diet and lifestyle choices.不健康很大程度上是因為飲食不周和生活方式選擇不當造成的。VERB + CHOICEmake作選擇be faced with, face面臨抉擇dictate, guide, influence決定/指導/影響選擇Your needs should dictate your choice.你應該根據自己的需要作出選擇。PREPOSITIONby choice, from choice, out of choice出於選擇I wouldn't have come to this bar by choice!如果可以選擇的話,我是不會到這酒吧來的!of choice (= that is/should be chosen by a particular group of people for a particular purpose) 專門挑選的;特選的It's the software of choice for business use.這是商務專用軟件。of your choice (= that you choose yourself) 自選的First prize will be a meal for two at a restaurant of your choice.一等獎是一頓雙人餐,餐館任選。choice about關於⋯的選擇to make choices about their future對他們的未來作出抉擇


2chance/ability to choose選擇的機會/能力ADJECTIVE | VERB + CHOICE | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEclear明確的選擇free自由的選擇Students have a free choice from a range of subjects.學生可在一系列科目中自由選擇。first優先選擇You can have first choice of all the rooms.所有的房間供您優先選擇。multiple有多個備選項的選擇a test with multiple choice questions有多個備選項的選擇題考試consumer, parental, public消費者的/父母的/公眾的選擇權individual, personal個體的/個人的選擇權VERB + CHOICEhave有選擇機會I now had a clear choice: either I accept their terms or I leave.我現在的選擇很明確:要麼接受他們的條件,要麼離開。exercise行使選擇權Everyone in a democracy has the right to exercise choice.在民主政體中,每個人都可行使選擇權。give sb, offer sb, present sb with給某人選擇的機會We gave her the choice, and she decided she'd like a bike for her birthday.我們讓她選擇,她決定要輛自行車作生日禮物。extend擴大選擇的範圍PREPOSITIONchoice about關於⋯的選擇He had no choice about that.關於那件事兒,他沒有選擇的餘地。choice as to針對⋯的選擇to extend parental choice as to which schools children should attend擴大父母在孩子應上哪所學校的問題上的選擇權choice between在⋯之間的選擇She has a choice between three different universities.她可以在 3 所大學之間選擇。choice of可供選擇的⋯a choice of wines可供選擇的葡萄酒PHRASESfreedom of choice選擇的自由have little choice but to do sth, have no choice but to do sth幾乎別無選擇;只能做⋯I had no choice but to cancel my trip.我別無選擇,只能取消此行。have no choice in the matter在該事上無選擇機會The way he behaved meant that we had no choice in the matter.他的行為讓我們在這個問題上沒有選擇的餘地。leave sb with little choice, leave sb with no choice幾乎/根本不給某人留選擇的餘地Your decision leaves me with no choice but to resign.你的決定讓我沒有選擇的餘地,只有辭職。


3things from which you can/must choose可供選擇或必須從中選擇的事物ADJECTIVE | VERB + CHOICE | CHOICE + VERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEgood, wide很多的/廣泛的選擇limited有限的選擇available擁有的選項a range of available choices一系列可能的選擇VERB + CHOICEhave, offer有選擇;提供選擇We offer a choice of ten different destinations.我們提供 10 個不同的目的地供選擇。limit, narrow限制/縮小選擇範圍Smoking may limit your choice of contraception.吸煙可能會限制你避孕方式的選擇餘地。expand擴大選擇範圍CHOICE + VERBbe available (to sb), be open to sb可供(某人)選擇a limited range of choices available to buyers購買者有限的選擇範圍PREPOSITIONchoice of可供選擇的⋯The store has a very limited choice of ties.這家商店可供選擇的領帶非常有限。PHRASESbe spoilt for choice (= to have a large number of things from which to choose) (BrE) (供選擇的東西多得)挑花眼


4sb/sth that is chosen所選擇的人或事物ADJECTIVE | VERB + CHOICE | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEexcellent, good, happy, ideal, inspired, perfect, smart (especially NAmE) 極佳的/不錯的/令人高興的/理想的/憑靈感的/完美的/聰明的選擇It was a happy choice of venue.地點選得令人滿意。bad, poor, unfortunate不好的/糟糕的/不幸的選擇Baldwin was a poor choice for such a role.選擇鮑德溫擔任這一角色很失策。appropriate恰當的選擇odd奇怪的選擇logical, obvious符合邏輯的/顯而易見的選擇Bill is the obvious choice for captain of the team.比爾是隊長的不二人選。popular受歡迎的選擇first, second第一/第二選擇Our first choice for a site was already taken.我們的首選地點已被人選走了。top最佳選擇People were asked about their top choices for meeting locations.人們被問到他們會首選哪些地方作為會議地點。preferred首選The hotel is the preferred choice for business people.這家酒店是商務人士的首選。VERB + CHOICEregret後悔選擇She was starting to regret her choice.她開始後悔自己的選擇了。defend, justify為選擇辯護/正名Maria defended her choice of name for the child.瑪麗亞為自己給孩子選擇的名字辯解。question質疑選擇She questioned the choice of Murphy for this role.她對選擇墨菲擔任這一角色提出質疑。PREPOSITIONchoice as作為⋯的選擇Mary is a popular choice as chair of the committee.瑪麗是擔任委員會主席的熱門人選。choice for對⋯來說的選擇I think she's a very good choice for captain.我認為她是非常合適的隊長人選。choice of選中的⋯I don't think much of her choice of outfit.我覺得她選的服裝不怎麼樣。
choice noun
choice1 (make a choice) choice2 (the first choice) option (have no choice) range1 (not much choice) of choice favourite adj.


make a choice 作出选择the obvious/first choice 当然之选;首选choice ♦︎ selection ♦︎ nomination ♦︎ election ♦︎ pickThese are all words for the act of choosing between two or more people, things or possibilities. 这些词均表示选择、挑选的行为。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配sb's selection / nomination / election as sthsb's selection / nomination for stha / an careful / initial / final choice / selectionto make a choice / selection / nominationto have a choice / your pickto take your choice / pickto get first choice / pickto secure selection / the nomination / electionto win selection / the nomination choice [countable] an act of choosing between two or more possibilities 选择;抉择Many women are forced to make a choice between family and career.许多妇女被迫在家庭和事业之间作出取舍。We aim to help students make more informed career choices.我们努力想帮助学生作出更有依据的职业选择。We are faced with a difficult choice.我们面临困难的选择。 see also choice option selection [uncountable] (rather formal) the process of choosing sb/sth, usually according to a system, from a group of people or things (根据一套体系作出的)选择,挑选,选拔The final team selection will be made tomorrow.明天将确定队伍的最终人选。The game is based on the random selection of numbers.游戏以随机抽取号码为基础。What are their selection criteria?他们的挑选标准是什么? nomination ˌnɒmɪˈneɪʃn; NAmE ˌnɑːmɪˈneɪʃn [uncountable, countable] the act of suggesting or choosing sb as a candidate in an election, or for a job or award; the fact of being suggested for this 提名;任命;推荐Membership of the club is by nomination only.俱乐部会员资格仅可通过推荐获得。They opposed her nomination to the post of Deputy Director.他们反对任命她为副经理。How many Oscar nominations has she had in her career?她的职业生涯中得过多少次奥斯卡提名? see also nominate appoint , nominate recommend 2 election [uncountable] the fact of having been chosen in an election 当选We welcome his election as president.我们欢迎他当选总统。 see also elect appoint pick [singular] (rather informal) an act of choosing sb/sth 挑选;选择Red or green? Take your pick (= choose).红的还是绿的?自己选吧。The winner gets first pick of the prizes.获胜者可先挑奖品。She had her pick of the young single men at the party.她在聚会上对年轻的单身男人有了自己的选择。Pick is nearly always used in the phrases shown in these examples. * pick几乎总是用于上面例子所示的短语中。choice2


make a choice 作出选择the obvious/first choice 当然之选;首选choice ♦︎ favourite ♦︎ preference ♦︎ selection ♦︎ pickThese are all words for a person or thing that is chosen, or that is liked more than others. 这些词均表示被选中的或更受喜爱的人或事物。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配sb's choice / favourite / pick for sthsb's choice / selection / pick as sthan obvious choice / favourite / selectiona / an excellent / good / popular / fine choice / selection choice [countable] a person or thing that is chosen 入选者;被选中的东西She's the obvious choice for the job.她是这个职位的当然人选。This colour wasn't my first choice.这种颜色并非我的首选。I don't like his choice of friends (= the people he chooses as his friends).我不喜欢他交的朋友。 see also choice option , of choice favourite adj. favourite (BrE) (NAmE favorite) [countable] a person or thing that you like more than the others of the same type 钟爱的人(或事物)This song is a particular favourite of mine.我尤其喜欢这首歌。These cakes are great favourites with the children.孩子们特别喜欢这些蛋糕。The show has become a firm favourite with young people.这个演出已经着实赢得年轻人的喜爱。 see also favourite favourite adj. preference ˈprefrəns [countable] a thing that is liked better or best 偏爱的事物;最喜爱的东西They are undertaking a study of consumer preferences.他们正在研究消费者偏好。Tastes and preferences vary from individual to individual.人与人的口味和偏好各有不同。 see also preference taste 1 , prefer prefer , preferred favourite adj. NOTE 辨析 Favourite or preference?Your favourites are the things you like best, and that you have, do, listen to, etc. often; your preferences are the things that you would rather have or do if you can choose. * favourite指最喜欢因而常有、常做或常听等的事物,preference指在可以选择的情况下会较喜欢的事物。 selection [countable] a number of people or things that have been chosen from a larger group 被选中的人(或事物);入选者A selection of readers' comments are published below.下面选登了部分读者的评论。The orchestra played selections from Hollywood musicals.管弦乐队演奏了好莱坞音乐剧精选的曲目。 pick [singular] (especially NAmE, rather informal) a person or thing that is chosen 选中的人(或事物)She was his pick for best actress.她是他心目中的最佳女演员之选。

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