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noun /ˈriːz(ə)n/
  1. 1
    [C] a fact, situation, or intention that explains why something happened, why someone did something, or why something is true 原因;理由
    reason for :

    The police asked her the reason for her visit. 警察查问她来访的原因。

    reason for doing something :

    Could you explain your reasons for choosing this particular course? 你能解释一下选择这门课程的原因吗?

    reason why :

    The reason why so many people caught the disease is still not clear. 如此多的人患了这种病,其原因还不清楚。

    reason (that) :

    The reason these cars are so expensive is that they are largely built by hand. 这些汽车如此昂贵的原因是由于它们大部分是由手工制作的。

    for a reason :

    The woman cannot be named for legal reasons. 由于法律上的原因,不能公布这名妇女的名字。

    give a reason :

    Our application was rejected, but the council gave no reason for its decision. 我们的申请被拒绝,但委员会没有说明这样决定的理由。

    for the simple/obvious/good reason (that) :

    We can't take you all, for the simple reason that there isn't enough room in the car. 我们不能把你们全部带上,原因很简单,车内没有足够的地方。

     Synonyms and related words
    Reasons and excuses: reason, excuse, point...
  2. 2
    [U] a good or clear cause for doing something or thinking something (合理或明确的)原因,理由
    reason for :

    With plenty of orders coming in, there is reason for optimism about the company's future. 订单大量涌来,有理由对这家公司的前途充满乐观。

    reason to do something :

    Is there any reason to believe that she isn't telling the truth? 有理由相信她没有说真话吗?

    there is every reason to do something (=there are very clear reasons) 有充分的理由做某事 :

    There was every reason to expect that he would agree. 有充分的理由期望他会同意。

    with reason/not without reason :

    He has refused to pay, not without reason. 他拒绝付款并不是没有理由的。

    have no reason to do something :

    She has no reason to shout at you. 她没有理由对你大喊大叫。

    see no reason/not see any reason (=when there is no obvious reason why something should happen) 没有任何理由 :

    I can't see any reason for refusing their invitation. 我没有任何理由拒绝他们的邀请。

     Synonyms and related words
    Reasons and excuses: reason, excuse, point...
  3. 3
    [U] a way of behaving that most people accept as sensible 道理

    She had reason on her side. 她这一边是有理的。

    listen to/see reason :

    He finally saw reason and gave me the gun. 他最终明白了道理,把枪交给了我。

    reason prevails (=wins) 理智占了上风 :

    Fortunately, reason prevailed and she did not marry him. 幸运的是她的理智占了上风,没有嫁给他。

    within reason (=according to what is sensible) 合乎情理 :

    Let your children have their freedom, within reason. 让你的孩子拥有适当的自由。

     Synonyms and related words
    Sensible and reasonable: practical, sensible, rational...
  4. 4
    [U] the human ability to think in an intelligent way, make sensible decisions, and form clear arguments 理性;思考能力;判断力

    His assessment of the situation is based on sheer emotion, not reason. 他对局势的估计纯粹是基于情感,而不是基于理性。

     Synonyms and related words
    Intelligence, intuition and ability to understand: intelligence, intuition, intellect...
  5. From our crowdsourced Open Dictionary
    by reason of because of 因为

    The door is always kept locked by reason of security.

    Submitted by Emran Khoshrouye Ghiasi from Iran, Islamic Republic of on 21/02/2018
See also
verb /ˈriːz(ə)n/
present tense
present participlereasoning
past tensereasoned
past participlereasoned
  1. 1
    [T] formal to make a particular judgment after you have thought about the facts of a situation in an intelligent and sensible way 推理;推断
    reason (that) :

    We reasoned that they would not dare leave before dark. 我们推断他们不敢在天黑前离开。

     Synonyms and related words
  2. 2
    [I] to have the ability to think in an intelligent way, make sensible decisions, and form clear arguments 思考;推论
     Synonyms and related words

phrasal verbs



1cause/motive/justification; explanation of sth理由;動機;解釋ADJECTIVE | VERB + REASON | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEcogent, good, sound, strong有說服力的理由;合理的原因;強有力的動機compelling, convincing令人信服的理由plausible看似有理的解釋adequate, sufficient充足的理由bona fide, legitimate, valid真實的/合理的/正當的理由wrong不道德的原因He married her for all the wrong reasons.他出於不道德的動機娶了她。opposite相反的原因Tom's problem was that he lacked confidence; Ed failed for precisely the opposite reason.湯姆的問題是缺乏信心,而埃德的失敗恰恰是因為他太過自信。important重要的原因special特別原因big, chief, key, main, major, primary, principal主要原因;主要動機;首要原因There's one big reason why this won't work: cost.此事行不通的一個主要原因是:成本問題。only, simple, sole唯一的原因;簡單的解釋The only reason I didn't become a professional golfer was because of my family commitments.我沒有成為職業高爾夫球手的唯一原因就是我要照顧家庭。I was never good at school for the simple reason that I never studied.我學習一直不好的原因很簡單,就是我從來不學習。several, various幾個/多種原因I can think of several reasons why this might happen.我能想出幾個原因來解釋為什麼這件事可能會發生。common共同的原因Isolation and loneliness are common reasons for depression.孤獨與寂寞是抑鬱的常見原因。real, underlying真正/根本原因She did not tell him the real reason for her change of heart.她沒有告訴他她變心的真正原因。The underlying reasons for these differences will be explored in depth in the next chapter.這些差異的根本原因會在下一章節中詳述。possible可能的理由cited, ostensible, stated列舉的/表面上的/陳述清楚的理由The company's stated reason for firing him was misconduct.關於為什麼開除他,公司給出的理由是玩忽職守。exact, very就是這個原因You're asking me to help, and that's the exact reason I came.你要我幫忙,這就是我來的原因。apparent, particular明顯的原因;特定的理由He was attacked for no apparent reason.他被襲擊的原因不明。no earthly, no possible毫無緣由;沒有可能的理由Surely there is no earthly reason why you wouldn't want to come with us?你肯定沒什麼理由拒絕和我們同行吧?clear, obvious清楚的原因;明顯的動機The reasons for her decision soon became clear.她作此決定的動機很快就清楚了。unclear不清楚的理由logical, rational合乎邏輯的理由;合理的動機understandable可理解的動機justifiable正當的動機unspecified未指明的原因unconnected不相關的原因dismissal for reasons unconnected with misconduct與行為不當無關的解雇personal個人原因sentimental感情的原因selfish自私的動機professional專業的原因commercial, economic, financial, legal, political, social, technical商業/經濟/財政/法律/政治/社會/技術原因practical, pragmatic實際的理由security安全原因health健康原因altruistic, humanitarian利他主義的/人道主義的動機VERB + REASONbe aware of, see知道/明白原因He saw many reasons to be hopeful.他有諸多理由充滿希望。have有理由I don't know why he did that, but I'm sure he had his reasons.我不知道他為什麼那麼做,但我相信他一定有他的理由。I have no reason to believe that she was lying to me.我沒有理由相信她在向我撒謊。cite, give (sb/sth), outline, provide, set out, state列舉理由;給(⋯)理由;陳述理由Give me one good reason why I should help you.給我一個必須幫你的正當理由。In the letter she carefully set out her reasons for leaving.她在信中謹慎地說明了她離開的原因。list列出理由This article lists the most common reasons why people pay too much tax.這篇文章列出了人們交稅過多最常見的原因。offer, suggest給出理由;暗示原因articulate, explain講清/解釋原因cite sth as, give sth as, offer sth as把⋯當作理由discuss, explore討論/探索動機understand理解動機guess猜測原因discover, find, find out, uncover找出原因;揭示原因pinpoint明確指出原因It's difficult to pinpoint the reasons for her success.很難準確地指出她成功的原因。PREPOSITIONby reason of (formal) 由於persons in need of care by reason of (= because of) old age由於年老而需要照顧的人He was found not guilty by reason of insanity. (law法律) 他因精神失常而被判無罪。for a/the reason出於⋯原因procedures carried out for reasons of national security出於國家安全的原因而採取的步驟for reason of (formal) 因為For reasons of security, you are requested to keep your baggage with you at all times.為了安全起見,請隨身攜帶行李。with reason, without reason有理由;無理由They complained about the food, and with good reason (= rightly).他們抱怨飯食不好,也確實如此。reason against反對的理由There are obvious reasons against such a move.反對這一行動的理由顯而易見。reason behind背後的原因We are trying to uncover the reasons behind her decision.我們正試圖揭開她這個決定的背後動機。reason for造成⋯的原因They didn't give any reason for the delay.他們沒有解釋延誤的原因。PHRASESall the more reason更有理由If he's unwell, that's all the more reason to go and see him.如果他身體不好,我們就更應該去看他。all sorts of reasons各種各樣的原因People buy things for all sorts of reasons.人們購物的動機多種多樣。every reason, little reason, some reason充足的/沒什麼/某個理由I know you're angry with me, and you have every reason (= very good reasons) to be.我知道你生我的氣,這是合情合理的。You have little reason to be pleased with yourself.你沒有什麼理由自鳴得意。no reason, not any reason沒有任何理由He got angry for no reason.他平白無故地發怒。You don't have any reason to complain.你沒有任何理由抱怨。for reasons best known to yourself出於唯有自己知道的原因For reasons best known to herself she has turned down the offer.她拒絕了提議,沒有人知道原因。for some inexplicable reason, for some odd reason, for some strange reason, for some unfathomable reason由於某種無法解釋的原因;出於某種奇怪的原因;出於某種難以理解的原因For some odd reason, he found it really funny.由於某種奇怪的原因,他覺得這件事很滑稽。for unexplained reasons, for unknown reasons由於莫名其妙的/由於未知的原因For unknown reasons, the ship sank in the middle of the ocean.不知什麼原因,這艘船在海中央沉沒了。for whatever reason不管出於什麼原因people who, for whatever reason, are unable to support themselves那些由於種種原因而不能自食其力的人a number of reasons, a variety of reasons若干/各種原因rhyme or reason道理There's no rhyme or reason (= logic) to the new opening hours.新的營業時間毫無道理。not see any reason, see no reason看不出任何理由We see no reason why this band shouldn't be a huge success.我們看不出這個樂隊有任何理由不會大獲成功。I don't see any reason why you can't come with us.我看不出你有什麼理由不跟我們來。there is ample reason, there are ample reasons有充分的理由There is ample reason to be optimistic about the economy.完全有理由對經濟持樂觀的態度。


2power to think logically; what is possible/right理性;道理ADJECTIVE | VERB + REASON | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEhuman人的理智VERB + REASONlose失去理智He seems to have lost all sense and reason.他似乎完全失去了理智。be open to, listen to, see明白事理;接受勸告I tried to persuade her, but she just wouldn't listen to reason.我試圖說服她,但她就是聽不進去。defy違背理智Sometimes he does things that defy reason.他有時會做些不理智的事。PREPOSITIONbeyond reason全然無理He was beyond all reason.他毫不講理。within reason合情合理I'll lend you the money you need-within reason, of course!你需要的錢我會借給你 - 當然,數額得合理!PHRASESan appeal to reason訴諸理智The residents hope that an appeal to reason (= asking the rioters to be reasonable) will end the rioting.居民們希望可以說服鬧事者恢復理智,結束騷亂。faculty of reason, sense of reason推理能力;理性We possess the human faculty of reason.我們具有作為人類的推理能力。it stands to reason合情理It stands to reason (= it is logical) that she wouldn't want them to find out about her personal problems.她不想讓他們知道她的個人問題,這是自然的。the voice of reason理智的聲音She was always the voice of reason, persuading him not to buy things they couldn't afford.她總是非常理智,不讓他買他們買不起的東西。
reason noun
reason (the reason why…) logic (listen to/see reason)
reason verb


 See also the entry for argument 2 另见argument条第2义reason ♦︎ explanation ♦︎ grounds ♦︎ basis ♦︎ excuse ♦︎ motive ♦︎ need ♦︎ justification ♦︎ cause ♦︎ pretextThese are all words for why sth has happened or sb has done sth. 这些词均表示原因、理由、理据。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a reason / an explanation / grounds / a basis / an excuse / a motive / a need / justification / cause / a pretext for sththe reason / motive behind sthon the grounds / basis / pretext of / that...the reason / grounds / basis / excuse / justification / pretext that...(an) obvious reason / explanation / grounds / excuse / motive / need / justification / cause / pretext(a) clear / legitimate reason / grounds / excuse / motive / need / justification / cause / pretext(a) logical / personal / no apparent reason / explanation / grounds / excuse / motive / need / justification / cause(a) good / valid reason / explanation / grounds / excuse / motive / justification / cause(a) convincing reason / explanation / grounds / excuse / motive / justification / pretext(a) reasonable explanation / grounds / excuse / motive / need / justification / cause / pretextthe real reason / explanation / grounds / motive / justification / causeto have a reason / an explanation / grounds / an excuse / a motive / a justification / cause / a pretextto give / offer (sb) a reason / an explanation / an excuse / a justification / a pretextto suggest a reason / an explanation / grounds / a motive / a justificationto see / understand / explain (the / sb's) reasons / grounds / motive / justification reason [countable, uncountable] why sth has happened or sb has done sth; a fact that makes it right or fair to do sth (某事发生或做某事的)原因;正当理由;情理I'd like to know the reason why you're so late.我想知道你为什么迟到那么长时间。He said no but he didn't give a reason.他说不行,但没有说明原因。We aren't going for the simple reason that we can't afford it.我们不去,只是因为我们负担不起。For some reason (= one that I don't know or don't understand) we all have to come in early tomorrow.由于某种原因,我们大家明天都得一早就来。For reasons of security the door is always kept locked.为安全起见,门总是锁着的。They have reason to believe that he is lying.他们有理由认为他在撒谎。She complained, with reason (= rightly), that she had been underpaid.她抱怨给她的报酬太低,这是有道理的。 see also reason conclude verb , reasoned rational explanation [countable, uncountable] a statement, fact or situation that tells you why sth has happened; a reason given for sth 解释;说明;阐述The most likely explanation is that his plane was delayed.最可能的解释是他的飞机晚点了。I can't think of any possible explanation for his absence.我想不出他缺席的任何理由。The book opens with an explanation of why some drugs are banned.本书开篇阐述了禁用某些药物的原因。She left the room abruptly without explanation.她未作解释就突然离开了房间。 see also explain explain 2 grounds [plural] (rather formal) a good or true reason for saying, doing or believing sth (说话、做事或相信某事的)充分的理由,根据You have no grounds for complaint.你没有理由抱怨。He retired from the job on health grounds.他因健康原因离职。Employers cannot discriminate on grounds of age.雇主不得有年龄歧视。 basis [singular] (rather formal) the reason why people take a particular action 原因;缘由She was chosen for the job on the basis of her qualifications and ideas.她因资质和理念适合而获选担任这一职位。On what basis will this decision be made?作出这个决定的缘由会是什么?Basis is usually used in the phrases on the basis of/that... or On what basis...? * basis通常用于短语on the basis of/that ...或On what basis ...?。 excuse ɪkˈskjuːs [countable] a reason, either true or invented, that you give to explain or defend your behaviour; a good reason that you give for doing sth that you want to do for other reasons 借口;(真实或编造的)原因;(正当的)理由Late again! What's your excuse this time?又迟到了!你这次有什么借口?There's no excuse for such behaviour.这种行为说不过去。You don't have to make excuses for her (= try to think of reasons for her behaviour).你不必为她开脱了。It gave me an excuse to take the car.这使我有理由开车去。 see also excuse forgive verb motive ˈməʊtɪv; NAmE ˈmoʊtɪv [countable] a reason that explains sb's behaviour 动机;(解释某人行为的)原因There seemed to be no motive for the murder.这起谋杀案看似没有动机。I'm suspicious of his motives.我怀疑他的动机。I have an ulterior motive in offering to help you.我主动提出要帮助你是有私心的。 see also motivation incentive need [singular, uncountable] (usually used in negative statements 通常用于否定陈述) a good reason to do sth 需要;必须There is no need for you to get up early tomorrow.你明天不必早起。I had no need to open the letter-I knew what it would say.我没必要拆开那封信-我知道里面会说些什么。In this meaning, need is almost always used in the phrases There is/was no need (for sb) to do sth. and have no need to do sth. 表达此义时,need几乎总是用于短语There is/was no need (for sb) to do sth和have no need to do sth。 justification ˌdʒʌstɪfɪˈkeɪʃn [uncountable, countable] (rather formal) a good reason why sth exists or is done (某事物存在或做某事的)正当理由I can see no possible justification for any further tax increases.我看不出还有何理由再加税。The government is struggling to find a justification for this war.政府在为这场战争竭力寻找理由。 see also justify explain 2 NOTE 辨析 Grounds or justification? Justification is used to talk about finding or understanding reasons for actions, or trying to explain why it is a good idea to do sth. It is often used with words like little, no, some, every, without, and not any. Grounds is used more for talking about reasons that already exist, or that have already been decided, for example by law. * justification用于表示想知道或想明白为什么会这么做,或力图说明为什么应这么做,常与little、no、some、every、without和not any等词连用。grounds多指现成的理由,或已确定的根据,如法律上的moral / economic / constitutional / environmental / ethical / medical / legal grounds道德/经济/宪法/环境/伦理/医学/法律依据 cause [uncountable] (rather formal) a reason for having particular feelings or behaving in a particular way (有某种感受或做某种行为的)理由,动机,缘故There is no cause for alarm / concern.没有理由惊慌/担忧。If your child is absent without good cause (= without a good reason), you may receive a warning from the school board.如果你的孩子无故缺席,你将收到校董事会的警告。 pretext ˈpriːtekst [countable, usually singular] (rather formal) a false reason that you give for doing sth, usually sth bad, in order to hide the real reason (为了掩盖真实原因的)借口,托词The incident was used as a pretext for intervention in the area.这次事件成了干涉该地区的借口。He left the party early on the pretext of having work to do.他借口有事要处理,早早离开了聚会。

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