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IELTS BNC: 482 COCA: 829
noun /steɪdʒ/
  1. 1
    [C] a particular point in time during a process or set of events 阶段;时期

    The negotiations had reached a delicate stage. 谈判已进入微妙的阶段。

    at this stage :

    There's no point arguing about it at this stage. 在这个时候争论没有意义。

    an early/initial stage :

    They had the ball more often in the early stages of the game. 在比赛的开始阶段他们控球的时间更多一些。

    a final/closing stage :

    The issue was only raised in the closing stage of the election campaign. 这个问题在竞选活动要结束的时候才提出来。

     Synonyms and related words
    1. a.
      a particular part of a process that has several different parts 阶段

      She likes to involve herself in every stage of the film-making process. 她喜欢参与电影制作过程的每个阶段。

      The project is still at a planning stage. 该工程还在计划阶段。

      Atkins outlined a three-stage programme for resolving the crisis. 阿特金斯概述了分3个阶段的危机解决方案。

       Synonyms and related words
    2. b.
      a part of a journey that has several different parts (旅途的)一程,站

      The last stage of the journey was the train north. 这次旅行的最后一程是乘火车北行。

       Synonyms and related words
      Parts of a journey: change, departure, the home straight...
  2. 2
    [C] theatre the part of a theatre where the actors or musicians perform 舞台
    take/leave the stage (=come onto/go off the stage) 登上/离开舞台 :

    The musicians didn't take the stage until after ten o'clock. 音乐家们直到 10 点钟后才登上舞台。

    on stage :

    They had now been on stage for over four hours. 他们现在已经在舞台上演出4个多小时了。

     Synonyms and related words
     Synonyms and related words
    1. a.
      [singular] the theatre, rather than films, books, or other forms of art 戏剧

      She's written a number of things for the stage. 她已经写了很多戏剧作品。

       Synonyms and related words
    2. b.

      the stage

      life as a performer, especially the profession of acting 演员职业
      go on the stage (=become a professional performer) 成为职业演员 :

      Do you think your children will go on the stage? 你认为你的孩子会去当演员吗?

       Synonyms and related words
  3. 3
    [singular] the place or situation in which something happens, especially in politics 舞台;(尤指政治事件)发生的场所
    the world/political/international stage :

    He is a skilled performer on the political stage. 在政治舞台上他是个老手。

    She's not yet a politician of significance on the world stage. 在世界舞台上她还算不上重要的政治家。

     Synonyms and related words
  4. 4
    [C] informal a stagecoach (旧时的)驿站马车
     Synonyms and related words
    Road vehicles pulled by horses: brougham, buggy, cab...
  5. From our crowdsourced Open Dictionary
    on the diplomatic stage involving relations with foreign countries

    Despite the rhetoric you're likely to hear on the diplomatic stage, there's a lot the U.S. and China can do together-and a lot they're already doing.

    Submitted by Boris Marchenko from Russian Federation on 31/07/2017
verb [T] /steɪdʒ/
present tense
present participlestaging
past tensestaged
past participlestaged
  1. 1
    to organize an event 组织;举办;上演

    You cannot stage a Verdi opera without a chorus. 没有合唱队你无法上演威尔第的歌剧。

    The protest was a well-planned and carefully staged affair. 这次抗议是经过精心计划、认真组织的事件。

     Synonyms and related words
    To organize an event: organize, prepare, plan...
  2. 2
    to be the place where an event happens 主办;举行

    the city that so successfully staged the 2000 Olympics 非常成功地举办了2000年奥林匹克运动会的城市

     Synonyms and related words
    To organize an event: organize, prepare, plan...
IELTS BNC: 482 COCA: 829


1period/state in progress/development時期;狀況ADJECTIVE | VERB + STAGE | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEdistinct不同的階段The process has three distinct stages.這一過程有 3 個不同階段。beginning, early, initial, opening, preliminary早期;初期;預備期advanced, closing, final, last, late, latter, terminal晚期;結束階段;最後階段;後期;末期Her husband was in the advanced stages of cancer.她丈夫處於癌症晚期。halfway, intermediate, secondary中間階段;第二階段first, second, etc.第一、第二等階段transitional過渡階段successive後繼階段critical, crucial, formative, important, key, main關鍵階段;重要階段;成型時期;主要階段a young entertainer at the formative stages of his career正處於事業成型階段的年輕藝人difficult困難時期delicate, vulnerable微妙/脆弱時期life生命期the different life stages of insects and fish昆蟲和魚類不同的生命期growth, reproductive生長期;繁殖期adult, embryonic, juvenile, larval, mature, pupal成年階段;胚胎期;青春期;幼蟲期;成熟期;蛹期experimental, exploratory, testing試驗/探索/測試階段committee, politics政治) , design, development, developmental, planning委員會(討論)階段;設計階段;發展階段;規劃階段The project is still at the planning stage.這個項目還處在規劃階段。knockout (especially BrE) 淘汰賽階段Colombia's win sent them through to the knockout stage of the tournament.哥倫比亞隊的勝利把他們送進了錦標賽的淘汰賽階段。quarter-final, semi-final, etc. (especially BrE) 四分之一決賽、半決賽等階段VERB + STAGEgo through, move through, pass through經過⋯階段The water goes through three stages of purification.這水經過 3 個步驟的淨化。enter, reach進入/到達⋯階段We've entered a crucial stage in the project.我們已經進入了該項目的關鍵階段。mark, represent標誌/代表階段This adaptation represented an important stage in human evolution.這一適應性變化代表着人類進化的重要階段。PREPOSITIONat a/the stage在⋯階段You should read this article at some stage.你應該找個時間讀一下這篇文章。by stages逐步地a process that by stages led to the Cold War逐步導致冷戰的過程during a/the stage, in a/the stage在⋯階段中in the early stages of the job在工作的早期in stages分階段We renovated the house in two stages.我們分兩個階段整修了房子。stage in在⋯中的階段an important stage in her life她生命中的一個重要階段stage of⋯的階段the latter stages of the race比賽後期PHRASESthe beginning of a stage, the end of a stage階段的開始/結束Students are tested at the end of each stage of the course.學生在課程的每個階段結束時接受測試。a stage further, one stage further更進一步take the investigation one stage further進行更進一步的調查a stage of development, a stage of life發展的/生命的一個階段


2in a theatre/theater, etc.劇院ADJECTIVE | VERB + STAGE | STAGE + NOUN | PHRASES ADJECTIVEcentre/center (often figurative) 舞台中心;注意力中心A new actress will take centre / center stage in next month's production of 'The Doll's House'.在下個月《玩偶之家》的演出中,一名新女演員將會成為人們關注的焦點。He was always unwilling to take centre / center stage.他總是不太情願成為眾人關注的焦點。main主舞台They played the main stage at Glastonbury.他們在格拉斯頓伯里音樂節的主舞台演出。empty空舞台revolving旋轉舞台makeshift臨時舞台A group of tables were converted into a makeshift stage.用幾張桌子拼成了一個臨時舞台。concert音樂會舞台David Bowie returned to the concert stage last week.上個星期戴維・鮑伊重返音樂會的舞台。political (figurative) 政治舞台Gore has stepped back onto the political stage.戈爾已重返政治舞台。global, international, national, world (all figurative) 全球/國際/全國/世界舞台China is now a major player on the world stage.現在中國已成為世界舞台上的主要參與者。VERB + STAGEgo on, hit (informal) , step on, step onto, take, take to登上舞台;開始走上舞台She was too nervous to go on stage.她太緊張了,不敢上台。I was shaking as I took the stage.我上台時在發抖。She took to the stage when she was at college.她上大學時開始走上舞台。stand on站在舞台上jump off, leave, step off跳下舞台;離開舞台;下台She left the stage to tumultuous applause.她在一片熱烈的喝彩聲中離開了舞台。jump on, jump onto跳上舞台A fan jumped up onto the stage.一個狂熱崇拜者跳到台上。return to回到舞台share同台表演He once shared the stage with Frank Sinatra.他曾與弗蘭克・西納特拉同台演出。grace為舞台增色添彩She is one of the finest actors ever to grace the stage.她是曾經登上這個舞台的最棒的演員之一。set (often figurative) 為舞台設計佈景;使成為可能The thrilling semi-finals set the stage for what should be a great game.半決賽尚且激動人心,決賽將更扣人心弦了。boo sb off發出噓聲讓某人下台She was booed off the stage.她被一陣噓聲轟下了台。STAGE + NOUNmusical, play, production, show, work舞台音樂劇;舞台劇;舞台製作;舞台演出;舞台作品Stravinsky's last stage work斯特拉溫斯基的最後一部舞台作品adaptation, version舞台劇改編本;上演本the stage version of 'The Lion King'《獅子王》的上演本appearance, performance, role舞台亮相/表演/角色presence舞台表現It was hard to forget her powerful stage presence.她動人的舞台表演令人難忘。persona舞台形象His stage persona was that of a foolish drunk.他扮演的舞台形象是一個愚笨的酒鬼。name藝名He adopted the stage name Dixon Hare when he became a full-time actor.他成為專職演員後用狄克遜・黑爾作藝名。career, debut舞台生涯;首次登台She made her stage debut at the age of four.她 4 歲時首次登台。I began my stage career at the age of ten.我 10 歲時開始了我的舞台生涯。lighting, lights舞台燈光set舞台佈景The stage set is the most expensive ever built.這個舞台佈景是有史以來耗資最巨的一個。floor舞台door(供演職員等進出的)劇場後門Fans hung around the stage door hoping to meet the band.粉絲們逗留在劇場後門希望能見樂隊一面。actor, crew, director, manager, etc.舞台演員、職員、導演、監督等management舞台監督direction(劇本中的)舞台指示As the stage directions indicate, it is early morning in Moscow.按舞台說明所示,那是莫斯科的清晨。Shakespeare's famous stage direction: 'Exit, pursued by a bear.'莎士比亞著名的舞台指示:“被熊追下場。”left, right舞台左側/右側fright怯場Even experienced actors can suffer from stage fright.即使富有經驗的演員也會怯場。whisper(舞台上的)低聲旁白;有意讓別人聽見的耳語'She's pregnant!' he said in a stage whisper.“她懷孕了!”他用有意讓別人聽到的耳語說道。PHRASESthe back of the stage, the edge of the stage, the front of the stage, the side of the stage後台;舞台邊;前台;舞台的一側


ADVERB | PHRASES ADVERBcarefully仔細籌劃The event was very carefully staged.這一活動經過了仔細籌劃。elaborately精心策劃an elaborately staged drama一台精心策劃的戲劇PHRASESwell staged精心設計的The action scenes are all well staged.所有動作場面都經過精心設計。
IELTS BNC: 482 COCA: 829
stage verb
stage noun
stage1 (the early stages) stage2 (The performers went on stage.) drama (a star of stage and screen) forum (the international stage)


the early stages of a process 进程的早期阶段The performers went on stage. 演员们登上了舞台。 See also the entry for round 另见round条stage ♦︎ phase ♦︎ step ♦︎ round ♦︎ legThese are all words for a period of development or a part of a process. 这些词均表示发展的阶段、步骤。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a stage / phase / step / round / leg of sththe first / second / third / next / final / last stage / phase / step / round / legthe initial / preliminary / opening stage / phase / step / roundthe early stages / phases / steps / roundsthe opening / current / latest stage / phase / roundsuccessive stages / phases / steps / roundsa / an important / critical / crucial / key / difficult stage / phase / stepto begin / enter / reach / finish a stage / phase / round / leg stage [countable] a state or period that sb/sth passes through while developing or making progress; a separate part that a process is divided into (发展或进程的)时期,阶段,状态,步骤The product is at the design stage.该产品处于设计阶段。The children are at different stages of development.这些孩子处于不同的成长阶段。At one stage it looked as though they would win.有一段时间他们好像有获胜的希望。The pay increase will be introduced in stages (= not all at once).工资的提高将分步进行。We can take the argument one stage further.我们可以把辩论更深入一步。 phase feɪz [countable] a period in a process of change or development (变化或发展的)阶段,时期We are now entering a critical phase of the campaign.我们现在进入了运动的关键性阶段。His anxiety about the work was just a passing phase.他对工作的担心只是暂时性的。Most teenagers go through a difficult phase.大多数青少年都会经历一个容易出问题的时期。NOTE 辨析 Stage or phase?A phase is always a period of time with a beginning and an end; you can enter, go through or finish a phase and you can talk about what happens during a phase and how long it will last. Phase is used especially to talk about planned stages of a project, or the different emotional stages of a person's life. Stage can be used in the same way, but it can also be used to talk about a particular state or moment within a longer period of time: sth can be at a particular stage, but not at a phase. * phase总是指有始有终的一段时间,可以作动词enter、go through或finish的宾语,作介词during的宾语,也可以作动词last的主语。phase尤用于表示一个项目的规划阶段或人生情感的不同阶段。stage除上述用法外还可表示一个较长时期的某个特定状态或时刻,可以用作介词at的宾语,phase则不能The product is at the design phase. At one phase it looked as though they would win. step [countable] one of a series of things that sb does or that happen, which forms part of a process 步;阶段Having completed the first stage, you can move on to step 2.第一阶段完成后,你就可以接着进行第2步了。I'd like to take this idea a step further.我想把这个想法深化一步。The promotion was a big step up (= move to a better position) in his career.这次晋升是他在事业上向前迈进的一大步。I'll explain it to you step by step.我来一步一步地给你解释。 round [countable] a set of events which form part of a longer process 阶段;轮次The party did very well in the final round of voting.该党在最后一轮投票中表现得非常出色。 leg [countable] one part of a journey 一段路程At last we were on the homeward leg of our journey.我们终于踏上了回家的旅程。stage2


the early stages of a process 进程的早期阶段The performers went on stage. 演员们登上了舞台。stage ♦︎ box ♦︎ platform ♦︎ pulpit ♦︎ podium ♦︎ dock ♦︎ daisThese are all words for a raised flat area where a public speaker or performer can stand. 这些词均表示讲台、舞台。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配on the stage / a platform / the podium / the daisin the box / pulpit / docka raised stage / platform / podium / daisto mount the stage / platform / pulpit / podium / daisto approach the stage / platform / podium / dais stage [countable] a large raised area, usually in a theatre, where actors, dancers or entertainers perform (通常指剧场中的)舞台The audience threw flowers onto the stage.观众把鲜花抛向舞台。When he was on stage he became another person.他一登台就变成了另外一个人。She came off stage to great applause.她在热烈的掌声中走下舞台。 box [countable] a small enclosed area in a theatre or court, usually with seats (剧院里的)包厢;(法庭里的)专席The painting depicts two elegantly dressed women in a box at the opera.这幅油画描绘的是两个坐在歌剧院包厢里穿着优雅的女人。the jury box陪审团席 (especially BrE) He showed no emotion as he walked into the witness box.走入证人席时他面无表情。In American English it is more usual to talk about the witness stand. The phrase take the stand is used in both British and American English. 在美式英语中更常用witness stand。短语take the stand既可用于英式英语,亦可用于美式英语He took the stand as the first witness.他第一个出庭作证。He took the box as the first witness. platform [countable] a raised area in a large room, used by public speakers or performers so that the audience can see them 讲台;舞台The concert platform was high and almost semi-circular at the front.音乐会的舞台很高,前部几乎是半圆形的。Representatives of both parties shared a platform (= they spoke at the same meeting).两党代表同台发言。 pulpit ˈpʊlpɪt [countable](in a church) a small enclosed area, usually high above the floor, where sb can stand in order to speak to the congregation (= the people attending a church) (教堂中的)小讲坛 (figurative) The policy has been widely condemned from the pulpit (= by priests and other church leaders).这项政策曾受到牧师们的广泛谴责。 podium ˈpəʊdiəm; NAmE ˈpoʊdiəm [countable] a small platform that a person stands on when giving a speech, conducting (= directing a group of musicians), or receiving a prize for a sports competition 讲台;讲坛;(乐队的)指挥台;(体育竞赛的)领奖台He dreamed of standing on the victory podium at the Brazilian Grand Prix.他梦想能站在巴西大奖赛的领奖台上。 dock [countable] the part of a court where the person who has been accused of a crime stands or sits during a trial (法庭的)被告席He's been in the dock (= on trial for a crime) several times already.他已多次出庭受审。 dais ˈdeɪɪs [countable] (rather formal, especially written) a raised area, especially at one end of a room, on which people stand or sit, especially in order to show that they are more important than the other people present (尤指房间一端的)讲台,高台He was seated atop a raised dais with a double set of stairs leading up to the throne.他在一个高台上就座,那里有两组楼梯通往他的御座。

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