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BNC: 635 COCA: 425
verb /kɪl/
present tense
present participlekilling
past tensekilled
past participlekilled
  1. 1
    [I/T] to make a person or other living thing die 杀死;弄死

    Each year thousands of people are killed and injured on the roads. 每年都有数以千计的人在交通事故中丧生或受伤。

    Many people believe that killing animals for sport is morally wrong. 许多人认为以捕杀动物为乐是不道德的。

    Speed kills. 超速驾驶会出人命。

     Synonyms and related words
    To kill a person or animal: kill, murder, strangle...
  2. 2
    [T] [always progressive] informal if part of your body is killing you, it is causing you a lot of pain 使疼痛难忍

    My feet are killing me. 我的脚疼死了。

     Synonyms and related words
    1. a.
      [T] to make you feel very tired 使筋疲力尽;使累倒

      Those stairs kill me every time! 上那些楼梯每次都累得我要命!

       Synonyms and related words
      To make someone tired: tire, exhaust, wear out...
  3. 3
    [T] to spend time doing a particular activity while you are waiting for something 消磨(时光);打发(时间)

    We killed a few hours watching videos. 我们看录像打发了几个小时的时间。

    kill time :

    Shopping can be a good way to kill time at the airport. 在机场,购物可能是消磨时间的一个好方法。

     Synonyms and related words
    To delay action, wait or hesitate: delay, wait, hesitate...
     Synonyms and related words
  4. 4
    [T] to stop something from continuing 制止;扼杀;消灭

    The group effectively killed speculation that a merger was about to take place. 该集团有效地消除了人们关于要合并的疑虑。

     Synonyms and related words
    1. a.
      to stop pain 止(痛)

      The nurse will give you something to kill the pain. 护士会给你一些止痛药。

       Synonyms and related words
      To relieve or alleviate pain: relieve, ease, deaden...
    2. b.
      informal to decide not to publish or broadcast a news story 决定不刊登,决定不播放(某新闻)
       Synonyms and related words
    3. c.
      informal to switch lights off 关(灯)

      Can you kill the lights? 你能把灯关了吗?

       Synonyms and related words

phrasal verbs

See also
noun [C] [usually singular] /kɪl/
  1. an act in which a hunted animal is killed 捕杀;猎杀

    We found a pile of feathers – somebody must have made a kill. 我们发现一堆羽毛,肯定有人捕杀了猎物。

    the excitement of the kill 捕杀猎物的快感

     Synonyms and related words
    1. a.
      an animal that has been killed, especially for food (尤指用做食物的)被杀死的动物,猎获物
       Synonyms and related words
BNC: 635 COCA: 425


ADJECTIVE | VERB + KILL | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEclean, easy, quick利落的/輕易的/迅速的獵殺fresh新鮮的獵物vultures sensing a fresh kill察覺到新鮮獵物的禿鷲fish (NAmE) 魚難the worst fish kill in recorded history有歷史記載以來最嚴重的魚難VERB + KILLmake殺死The lion made a quick kill.獅子迅速咬死了獵物。be in at (BrE) 殺戮時在場I didn't even see the fox, let alone be in at the kill.我都沒看見那隻狐狸,更不用說看見這場捕殺了。close in for, go in for, move in for逐漸靠近以伺機殺死The hunters moved in for the kill.獵手們逐漸圍上去,準備捕殺獵物。PREPOSITIONat the kill (BrE) 在殺戮現場The meat is divided up among all those present at the kill.肉在獵殺現場的人之間分配。for the kill為了捕殺The animal crouched down, getting ready for the kill.野獸蹲伏下來,準備捕殺獵物。


ADVERB | VERB + KILL | PHRASES ADVERBoutright當場殺死He has fought more than fifty bulls, killing three outright.他已鬥過五十多頭公牛,當場殺死過三頭。almost, nearly幾乎/差點兒殺死instantly立即殺死quickly迅速殺死The animals are killed quickly and humanely.那些動物被迅速人道地宰殺。slowly慢慢地殺死The poison was slowly killing her.毒藥正在慢慢地奪走她的生命。eventually, finally最後/最終殺死the camp guards who tortured and eventually killed her那些折磨並最終殺害了她的集中營衞兵accidentally, inadvertently意外/過失殺死deliberately, intentionally故意/蓄意殺死I don't believe that he intentionally killed her.我不相信他故意殺害了她。allegedly被控殺死his trial for allegedly killing his wife他因被控殺害妻子而受的審判unlawfully (BrE, law法律) 非法殺害The inquest concluded that he was unlawfully killed.調查結論是他是被非法殺害的。needlessly不必要地殺害the number of people needlessly killed by hospital infections因院內感染無謂致死的人數indiscriminately濫殺一氣The terrorists had shown their willingness to kill indiscriminately.恐怖分子已經表示他們意欲大開殺戒。systematically有計劃有步驟地殺害The militias are systematically killing and raping civilians.這些民兵正在有計劃有步驟地殺戮、姦污平民。brutally殘忍地殺害There were reports of people brutally killed.有報道說有人被殘忍地殺害了。VERB + KILLwant to想殺死be prepared to準備殺死They are quite prepared to kill to achieve their ends.為了達到目的,他們已做好殺人的準備。threaten to威脅殺死be going to, intend to, mean to, plan to打算/意圖/意在/計劃殺死He knew they meant to kill him.他知道他們意在置他於死地。What if they really do plan to kill us?如果他們真的計劃殺死我們怎麼辦?Dad's going to kill me when he finds out. (figurative) 爸爸要是發現了,輕饒不了我。plot to密謀殺死They plotted to kill the dictator.他們密謀刺殺那位獨裁者。attempt to, seek to, try to企圖/力圖/試圖殺死help (to)幫助殺死make sb使某人殺死The situation must have been really awful to make her kill herself.能導致她自殺,當時的情況肯定是糟糕透了。PHRASESadmit killing sb, admit to killing sb, deny killing sb承認殺死某人;否認殺死某人He admitted killing her but said it was unintentional.他承認殺死了她,但說不是故意的。be accused of killing sb, be charged with killing sb被指控殺死某人be killed in sth在⋯中被殺死soldiers killed in battle陣亡的士兵be tragically killed慘死Their daughter was tragically killed in a road accident.他們的女兒在一次車禍中慘死。
BNC: 635 COCA: 425


 See also the entry for shoot 另见shoot条kill ♦︎ murder ♦︎ execute ♦︎ assassinate ♦︎ slay ♦︎ bump sb off ♦︎ take sb/sth out ♦︎ eliminate ♦︎ finish sb/sth offThese words all mean to make sb/sth die. 这些词均表示杀死。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to kill / murder / assassinate sb in cold bloodto brutally kill / murder / slay sb kill [transitive, intransitive] to make sb/sth die 杀死;弄死;导致死亡Cancer kills thousands of people every year.每年都有成千上万的人死于癌症。Three people were killed in the crash.有三人在此次撞车事故中丧生。He tried to kill himself with sleeping pills.他试图服安眠药自杀。I bought a spray to kill the weeds.我买了一种喷雾剂来清除杂草。Excessive tiredness while driving can kill.过度疲劳时驾车会出人命的。 see also killing murder noun murder [transitive] to kill sb deliberately and illegally 谋杀;杀害He denies murdering his wife's lover.他否认谋杀了妻子的情夫。 see also murder murder noun , murderous violent execute ˈeksɪkjuːt [transitive, usually passive] to kill sb, especially as a legal punishment (尤指依法)处决,处死He was executed for treason.他因叛国罪被处死了。The prisoners were executed by firing squad.那些犯人被行刑队枪决了。 see also execution execution assassinate əˈsæsɪneɪt; NAmE əˈsæsəneɪt [transitive, often passive] to murder an important or famous person, especially for political reasons (尤指因政治原因)暗杀,行刺The prime minister was assassinated by extremists.首相遭极端分子暗杀。 see also assassination murder noun slay (slew, slain) [transitive] (especially NAmE, especially journalism 尤用于新闻) to murder sb 谋杀;杀害Two passengers were slain by the hijackers.两名乘客遭劫机者杀害。In old-fashioned or literary English, both British and American, slay means 'to kill sb/sth in a war or fight'. 不管是英式英语还是美式英语,在旧式英语或文学语言中,slay均表示在战争或搏斗中杀死某人或动物St George slew the dragon.圣乔治杀死了那条龙。 see also slaying murder noun ˌbump sb ˈoff

phrasal verb

(informal, humorous) to murder sb 谋杀;杀害;干掉She'd had three husbands and bumped them all off for the insurance money.她曾有过三任丈夫,都因为保险金而被她杀害了。
ˌtake sb/sth ˈout

phrasal verb

(took, taken) (informal) to kill sb or destroy sth, especially an enemy or sb/sth that causes problems for you 杀死,消灭(尤指敌人或造成麻烦者)They took out two enemy bombers.他们击毁了敌人的两架轰炸机。
eliminate ɪˈlɪmɪneɪt [transitive] (rather formal, written) to kill sb, especially an enemy or opponent 消灭,杀死(尤指敌人或对手)Most of the regime's left-wing opponents were eliminated.这个政权的左翼反对派的大部分人已被除掉。 see also eliminate remove 1 ˌfinish sb/sth ˈoff

phrasal verb

(rather informal) to kill or destroy sb/sth, especially sb/sth that is already badly injured or damaged 杀死,彻底摧毁(尤指已严重受伤的人或损坏的物)The hunter moved in to finish the animal off.猎人逼近那只动物,把它给杀死了。

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