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TOEFL BNC: 1554 COCA: 2270
noun /rɪˈdʌkʃ(ə)n/
  1. 1
    [C/U] the process or result of making something smaller or less in amount, size, importance etc 降低;减少;缩小
    reduction in :

    There has been a dramatic reduction in the birth rate. 出生率已大大降低。

    reduction of :

    The treaty committed each side to a reduction of 30 per cent in its stock of weapons. 条约承诺各方削减30%的武器储备。

     Synonyms and related words
    Rates of decrease and the process of decreasing: decrease, reduction, decline...
  2. 2
    [C] the amount by which the price of something is reduced 降价

    We are offering special price reductions on computers this month. 本月我们的计算机将有特价优惠。

    reduction for :

    £50 reduction for all guests staying 14 nights in June 为6月份中所有住满14晚的客人提供的减免50英镑的优惠

     Synonyms and related words
  3. 3
    [C] a copy of a photograph, picture etc that is smaller than the original (照片、图画等的)缩图,缩版
     Synonyms and related words
    Originals and copies of things: original, copy, transcript...
  4. 4
    [C/U] chemistry a chemical reaction that produces an increase in hydrogen or a loss of oxygen
     Synonyms and related words
    Chemical reactions and processes: action, adsorb, aerate...
TOEFL BNC: 1554 COCA: 2270


ADJECTIVE | VERB + REDUCTION | REDUCTION + VERB | REDUCTION + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEbig, considerable, great, large, major, marked, significant, substantial大量縮減;大幅減少;顯著降低The changes may result in a greater reduction in employee numbers than we had previously expected.這些變動可能導致超出我們預期的更多雇員的裁減。dramatic, drastic, huge, massive, remarkable, severe急劇下降;銳減;大量減少;明顯減少;嚴重減少a sale with massive reductions on selected items指定商品的大幅降價銷售minor, modest, slight, small小幅降低;適度減少;稍稍減少;少量縮減tenfold, fiftyfold, etc.減少為(原來的)十分之一、五十分之一等further進一步減少possible可能的減少actual, net, overall, real實際縮減;淨減少;總減少across-the-board, general全面減少;總體上縮減rapid, sharp, steep迅速減少;急劇縮減slow緩慢減少immediate, sudden立即/突然減少gradual, progressive, steady逐步減少;穩步減少initial初步減少recent近期減少long-term, permanent長期縮減proposed提議的縮減percentage百分比降幅A small percentage reduction in the cost of materials would mean a significant increase in profit.材料成本的小幅降低會帶來利潤的大幅提高。cost, debt, deficit, pay, price, tariff, tax, wage成本降低;債務減少;赤字削減;薪金削減;價格降低;關稅降低;稅額減少;工資降低emission, noise, pollution, waste排放物減少;噪音降低;污染減少;廢物減少harm, pain, risk, stress傷害減輕;疼痛減輕;風險減少;壓力減少a drug strategy which prioritizes harm reduction以減輕傷害為先的用藥方案poverty減貧The IMF claims to put poverty reduction at the heart of its policies.國際貨幣基金組織聲稱,減貧是其各項政策的核心。size, weight尺寸減少;重量下降The result is a 75 to 80% size reduction.結果是尺寸減少了 75% 至 80%。breast乳房縮小She had a breast reduction last year.去年她做了個縮胸手術。staff人員裁減arms, troop武器/軍隊裁減VERB + REDUCTIONachieve, make, secure實現縮減The government has found it difficult to make real reductions in spending.政府發現要真正縮減開支很困難。Every effort is made to secure the highest possible reduction in casualties.採取了一切措施最大限度地減少傷亡人數。cause, lead to, make, produce, result in造成降低;導致減少;引起縮減These simple changes will make a substantial reduction in the fat content of your diet.這些小小的改變會大大減少你飲食中的脂肪含量。avoid避免減少ask for, demand, seek要求降低;請求縮減I asked for a reduction as the dress was damaged.裙子有點兒毛病,因此我要求降價。require要求減少get, receive得以減少Guests staying 14 nights will receive a 10% reduction.入住 14 天的客人可享有 10% 的優惠。experience, have減少The company has had a reduction in sales.公司的銷售額減少了。suffer遭到縮減They suffered a severe reduction in income.他們的收入銳減。accept, welcome (especially BrE) 接受/歡迎縮減I welcome the reduction in road traffic fatalities.我樂於看到道路交通事故死亡人數的下降。give (sb), offer (sb)給予(某人)縮減propose建議削減She proposed a reduction in the state president's powers.她建議削減總統的權力。notice, observe, see注意到減少;看到降低Police said they had noticed a significant reduction in crime last year.警方說他們注意到去年的犯罪率大幅下降。announce宣佈削減The gas company has announced price reductions for all customers.煤氣公司已宣佈對所有顧客給以降價。mean, represent意味着/相當於減少Our average margins dropped to 35%, which represents a reduction in gross margins of £109 million.我們的平均利潤率降到了 35%,這意味着毛利減少了 1.09 億英鎊。demonstrate, show顯示下降Figures just released show a steady reduction in levels of emissions over the last four years.剛剛公佈的數字顯示,近 4 年的廢氣排放量在逐步降低。REDUCTION + VERBoccur, take place降低出現;減少發生REDUCTION + NOUNtarget減少⋯的目標the government's waste reduction targets政府減少浪費的目標PREPOSITIONthrough a/the reduction通過降低economic growth through a reduction in interest rates通過降低利率促進經濟增長reduction by⋯的降幅reduction by 30%減少 30%reduction from, reduction in從⋯的減少;在⋯方面的降低There has been a sharp reduction in the number of accidents on our roads.我們的交通事故銳減。reduction of⋯的減少a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions二氧化碳排放的減少reduction on按⋯計算的減少a 25% reduction on normal subscription rates相比正常訂閱費 25% 的降幅reduction to至⋯的減少a reduction in the speed limit from 50 to 40 miles per hour速度限制從每小時 50 英里減至每小時 40 英里PHRASESa reduction in numbers數量降低Asian elephants have experienced a 50% reduction in numbers over the last three generations.在過去的 3 代人之間,亞洲象的數量減少了一半。They are concerned about the reduction in numbers of people eligible for legal aid.有資格接受法律援助的人數減少,他們對此頗為關注。a reduction in the amount of sth, a reduction in the number of sth, a reduction in the size of sth⋯數量/數目/尺寸的減少the reduction in the number of hospital beds醫院牀位的減少
TOEFL BNC: 1554 COCA: 2270


reduction ♦︎ cut ♦︎ decline ♦︎ fall ♦︎ drop ♦︎ downturn ♦︎ decrease ♦︎ slump ♦︎ cutbackThese are all words for a situation when the amount, level, number or size of sth goes down. 这些词均表示减少、缩小、降低。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a reduction / cut / decline / fall / drop / downturn / decrease / slump / cutback in stha reduction / cut / decline / fall / drop / decrease / cutback of 20%a 20% reduction / cut / decline / fall / drop / decrease in sth(a) sharp reduction / cuts / decline / fall / drop / downturn / decrease / slump / cutbacks(a) large / significant reduction / cuts / decline / fall / drop / downturn / decrease / cutbacks(a) big / huge / massive / major reduction / cuts / decline / fall / drop / downturn / slump / cutbacks(a) dramatic reduction / cuts / decline / fall / drop / downturn / slump(a) drastic reduction / cuts / decline / fall / drop / downturn / cutbacksa sudden reduction / decline / fall / drop / downturn / decrease / slumpa slight reduction / decline / fall / drop / downturn / decreaseto lead to / result in / cause a reduction / cut / decline / fall / drop / decreaseto see a reduction / decline / fall / drop / downturn / decreaseto make reductions / cuts / cutbacks reduction [countable, uncountable] an act of making sth less or smaller; the state of being made less or smaller 减少;缩小;降低This year has seen a 33% reduction in the number of hospital beds available.今年医院可用床位数量减少了33%。The report recommends further reductions in air and noise emissions.这份报告建议进一步降低有害气体和噪音排放量。There are reductions (= in the price) for children sharing a room with two adults.孩子和两个大人合住一间房可以打折。There has been some reduction in unemployment.失业人数有所减少。OPP increase increase noun cut [countable] a reduction that is made in the amount, size or supply of sth (数量、尺寸或供应的)削减,减少,缩减They had to take a 20% cut in pay.他们不得不接受减薪20%。The company has announced a new round of job cuts.公司宣布了新一轮工作岗位的削减。The proposed tax cuts will come into effect next May.减税提议将于明年5月生效。OPP increase increase noun see also cut cut verb 1 , lay-off unemployment NOTE 辨析 Reduction or cut? Reduction can be used for things that become less or smaller by themselves, or things that are reduced deliberately by sb. A cut cannot happen by itself-it has to be made by sb. A cut is often (but not always) a negative thing. * reduction可指事物自行或被人为变少或变小。cut不指自行减少,只指人为减少。cut经常是(但并非总是)负面的job / salary / pay cuts裁员;减薪A cut cannot happen over time. A reduction can. * cut不指持续递减,而reduction可以a gradual reduction逐渐的减少a gradual cut decline [countable, usually singular, uncountable] a continuous reduction that happens in the number, value or quality of sth; the process of a place, tradition or institution gradually becoming less important or coming to an end (数量、价值或质量的)减少,下降;(地方、传统或机构的)衰落,衰退These measures have failed to reverse the country's economic decline.这些措施未能扭转该国的经济衰退。His book charts the decline and fall of a great civilization.他在书中记载了一个伟大文明的衰亡。The town fell into (a) decline (= started to be less busy, important, etc.) after the mine closed.这个镇在矿井关闭后开始萧条。Industry in Britain has been in decline since the 1970s.英国工业自20世纪70年代以来一直在走下坡路。OPP rise increase noun see also decline fall verb 1 , decline worsen verb fall [countable] (especially business 尤用于商业) a reduction that happens in the size, number, rate or level of sth (尺寸)减小;(数量)减少;(比率或水平)降低Share prices suffered a slight fall yesterday.股票价格昨日微幅下挫。This figure represents a fall of 23% on the same period last year.这一数据与去年同期相比下降了23%。OPP rise increase noun see also fall fall verb 1 drop [countable, usually singular] (especially journalism 尤用于新闻) a reduction that happens in the size, number, rate or level of sth (尺寸)减小;(数量)减少;(比率或水平)降低If you want the job, you must be prepared to take a drop in salary.如果你想干这份工作,就必须对薪水减少做好思想准备。The restaurant has suffered a 10% drop in trade.餐厅的生意下降了10%。OPP rise increase noun see also drop fall verb 1 NOTE 辨析 Decline, fall or drop?These words all describe a process that happens, rather than a deliberate action by sb. Decline tends to emphasize the process, whether this is fast or slow. 这些词均指自然发生的情况,而不是某人有意所为。decline往往强调衰落的过程,不论快慢a steady / sharp decline in profits利润稳步/急剧下降a civilization in terminal decline处于衰亡期的文明 Fall and drop tend to emphasize the result of the process. * fall和drop往往强调这一过程的结果a fall / drop of 30%30%的下降A fall, like a decline, can happen over time, but a drop cannot. * fall和decline一样可指持续递减,但drop不能a gradual decline / fall逐步下降a gradual drop downturn ˈdaʊntɜːn; NAmE ˈdaʊntɜːrn [countable, usually singular] a fall in the amount of business that is done; a time when the economy becomes weaker (生意或经济的)衰退,下降;衰退期The building industry is experiencing a severe downturn in its workload.建筑业正经历工程量的严重滑坡。OPP upturn increase noun decrease ˈdiːkriːs [countable, uncountable] a reduction that happens in the amount, level or number of sth (数量)减少;(水平)降低There has been a decrease of nearly 6% in the number of visitors to the museum.参观该博物馆的人数下降了近6%。Marriage is still on the decrease.结婚率仍在下降。OPP increase increase noun see also decrease fall verb 1 Decrease looks like the most direct opposite of increase, but it is not nearly as frequent as increase. For deliberate reductions, use reduction or cut. For reductions that happen, fall or drop are often preferred, especially in business contexts. * decrease看起来像是increase最直接的反义词,但它远不如increase常用。表示人为的降低用reduction或cut;表示自然发生的降低往往用fall或drop,特别是在商务语境中。 slump [countable] a sudden fall in sales, prices or the value of sth (销售量、价格或价值的)骤降,猛跌,锐减The recession led to a slump in consumer spending.经济衰退导致消费开支急剧下滑。The present slump has hit manufacturing hard.目前的金融危机严重打击了制造业。 see also slump recession noun , slump slump verb NOTE 辨析 Downturn or slump?Both words can be used in the context of business or the economy. 这两个词均可用于商务或经济语境a downturn / slump in demand / trade / business / profits需求/贸易额/生意/利润下滑/骤降However, a slump is a bigger and more sudden fall, usually seen from the point of view of the business that is losing money. 不过,slump是更严重、更突然的下降,一般是从亏损企业的角度看。 cutback ˈkʌtbæk [countable, usually plural] a reduction that is made in sth, especially money spent, people employed or benefits (尤指支出、雇员人数或福利的)削减,缩减,减少Many theatres are having to make major cutbacks.许多剧场不得不大幅削减开支。 see also cut sth back cut 1

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