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IELTS BNC: 763 COCA: 789
noun /dɪˈɡriː/
  1. 1
    [C] a unit for measuring temperature. Measurements are often expressed as a number followed by the symbol ° 度,度数(温度的单位,通常由数字后接符号°来表示)

    It will probably be a few degrees colder by the weekend. 周末气温可能会下降几度。

    25° Celsius 25摄氏度

  2. 2
    [C] a unit for measuring angles. Measurements are often expressed as a number followed by the symbol ° °度,度数(角度的计量单位,通常由数字后接符号°来表示)

    The two lines meet at a 90° angle. 这两条线垂直相交。

     Synonyms and related words
  3. 3
    [C/U] an amount of something such as a feeling or a quality (感情或品质的)程度

    The job requires a high degree of skill. 这项工作需要很高的技术。

    The schools have had varying degrees of success in improving their results. 这些学校已不同程度地改善了教学。

    some degree of something (=a small amount of something) 某种程度的某物 :

    The project has had some degree of success. 这个项目已经取得一定的成功。

    to a/some degree (=partly) 在某种程度上 :

    What you say is true to some degree. 你说的话在某种程度上是真实的。

    to a large degree :

    To a large degree it is parents who should take the blame. 在很大程度上应该责怪的是父母。

     Synonyms and related words
    General words for numbers, amounts and quantities: accumulation, allocation, allowance...
  4. 4
    [C] education a course of study at a university, or the qualification that you get after completing the course (大学的)课程,学位

    a biology degree 生物学课程

    degree in :

    a master's degree in English literature 英国文学硕士学位

    do/take a degree :

    She's doing a degree at Exeter University. 她正在埃克塞特大学攻读学位。

     Synonyms and related words


IELTS BNC: 763 COCA: 789


1measurement of angles角的度數VERB + DEGREE | PREPOSITION VERB + DEGREErotate, spin, turn旋轉⋯度I turned the wheel 90 degrees.我把方向盤轉了 90 度。PREPOSITIONthrough... degrees經過⋯度The camera turned through 180 degrees.相機旋轉了 180 度。The car had spun through 180 degrees on impact.這輛車由於受到衝撞轉了 180 度。


2measurement of temperature溫度VERB + DEGREE | PREPOSITION | PHRASES VERB + DEGREEreach達到⋯度Temperatures inside the burning building are estimated to have reached 600 degrees centigrade.據估計,起火大樓內的溫度達到了 600 攝氏度。PREPOSITIONat... degrees在⋯度Water boils at 100 degrees centigrade.水在 100 攝氏度時沸騰。PHRASESdegrees Celsius, degrees centigrade, degrees Fahrenheit攝氏度;華氏度degrees above zero, degrees below zero零上/零下度數minus 10, 20, etc. degrees零下 10 度、 20 度等


3amount/level數量;程度ADJECTIVE | VERB + DEGREE | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEconsiderable, good, great, high, large, substantial, the utmost相當大的程度;很大的程度;最大的程度She allowed us a considerable degree of freedom.她給了我們相當大程度的自由。exceptional, extraordinary, remarkable, surprising, unprecedented, unusual超常的/非凡的/可觀的/驚人的/空前的/少見的程度Today we rely on computer technology to an unprecedented degree.如今我們對計算機技術的依賴已經到了空前的程度。certain, fair, moderate, modest一定/相當大的/中等/適中的程度It was possible to date these remains with a fair degree of accuracy.比較準確地確定這些遺骸的年代是有可能的。low, minimal, slight, small低程度;最小程度;輕微的程度;很小的程度He would try anything to make her even the smallest degree happier.為了使她哪怕比現在高興一丁點兒,他願意做任何事情。lesser較小的程度The tax changes will especially hit those on high incomes and, to a lesser degree, small businesses.稅收政策的變動對高收入者影響尤甚,對小企業的影響相對較小。different, variable, various, varying不同程度They work hard, but with varying degrees of success.他們工作都很認真,但成就卻有大有小。same相同的程度These products don't get the same degree of testing as officially approved medications.這些產品作為官方批准藥物沒有得到同等程度的檢驗。alarming, dangerous, extreme令人憂慮的/危險的/極端的程度His arguments are simplistic to an extreme degree.他的論點簡單到了極致的程度。acceptable, adequate, meaningful, real, significant可接受的/足夠的/有意義的/真切的/意義重大的程度The book fails to answer the question with any acceptable degree of certainty.這本書對這一問題的回答不夠確切,令人難以接受。appropriate, necessary, proper, requisite, right合適的/必要的/恰當的/要求的/適當的程度unacceptable (especially BrE) 不可接受的程度VERB + DEGREEassess, determine評估/確定⋯的程度Psychologists examined her to assess the degree of her illness.心理學家通過檢查評估她的病情的嚴重程度。PREPOSITIONin... degrees以⋯程度The party leaders were all found to be corrupt in varying degrees.黨的所有領導人都被發現存在不同程度的腐敗行為。of... degree⋯的水平employees of various degrees of ability能力各不相同的雇員to a... degree到⋯程度The boss sometimes follows her instincts to an alarming degree.老闆憑她的直覺做事,有時到了令人擔憂的程度。with a...degree of伴隨⋯程度的⋯We all tried to find out about the bus service, with varying degrees of success.我們都試圖弄清公交車的運行情況,結果有不同程度的收穫。degree of⋯程度的⋯There is a degree of risk in any sport.任何體育運動都有一定程度的危險。PHRASESby degrees漸漸地By degrees, the company's turnover dwindled to nothing.公司的營業額逐漸下降至零。in equal degree同樣程度地I felt excitement and sadness in equal degree as I waved goodbye to my colleagues.我向同事們揮手告別時,心裏半是興奮,半是傷感。a greater or lesser degree或多或少地We were all disappointed to a greater or lesser degree.我們或多或少地都有些失望。to the nth degree (= to an extreme degree) 極度地The children tested her patience to the nth degree.孩子們挑戰了她的耐心極限。


4qualification資格ADJECTIVE | VERB + DEGREE | DEGREE + NOUN | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEcollege, university大學學位associate, bachelor's, first, ordinary, undergraduate準學士學位;學士學位;普通學位;大學本科學位advanced, doctoral, graduate, higher, master's, postgraduate, research (especially BrE) 高等學位;博士學位;研究生學位;碩士學位;研究型學位BA, MA, PhD, etc.文學士、文學碩士、博士等學位honours/honors (especially BrE) 榮譽學位good良好學位first-class, second-class, third-class (in the UK) 一級/二級/三級學位Candidates must have at least an upper second class honours degree.申請者必須至少擁有二級甲等榮譽學位。honorary名譽學位business, history, law, medical, philosophy, etc.商科、歷史學、法律、醫學、哲學等學位professional專業學位Candidates must hold a professional degree in architecture.申請者必須擁有建築學專業學位。joint, joint-honours (BrE) 聯合學位;聯合榮譽學位She earned a joint degree in Spanish and Psychology.她取得了西班牙語和心理學的聯合學位。four-year, two-year, etc.四年制、兩年制等學位part-time (especially BrE) 非全日制學位VERB + DEGREEhave, hold擁有學位do, pursue, take攻讀學位He took a degree in law then joined a law firm.他攻讀了法律學位,然後去了一家律師事務所。be awarded, complete, earn, finish, gain, get, obtain, receive獲授學位;完成學位;獲得學位;得到學位award (sb), confer (on sb), grant (sb)授予(某人)學位The University conferred on him the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws.大學授予他名譽法學博士學位。institutions that grant doctoral degrees授予博士學位的機構DEGREE + NOUNcourse, programme/program學位課程level學位級別people educated to degree level or beyond受過學位及以上教育的人a degree-level course (BrE) 學位課程PREPOSITIONdegree in⋯科學位a degree in economics經濟學學位
IELTS BNC: 763 COCA: 789
degree noun

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