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noun [C] /weɪ/
  1. 1
    a method for doing something 方法;方式
    way (that) :

    There are so many delicious ways you can prepare chicken. 有许多妙招可以把鸡做得很好吃。

    way of doing something :

    Is there any way of contacting you while you're in Africa? 你去非洲后有什么办法可以跟你联系吗?

    way to do something :

    The students are learning new ways to communicate in writing. 学生们正在学习书面交流的新方法。

     Synonyms and related words
    Systems and methods for doing things: modality, method, system...
    1. a.
      the manner or style in which something happens or is done 方式;样式
      way (that) :

      I love to watch the way she plays with the children. 我喜欢观察她是如何与孩子们一块玩耍的。

      no way to do something (=not the right thing to do) 做某事是不正确的 :

      That's no way to talk to your mother. 你那样与你母亲说话是不对的。

       Synonyms and related words
      Systems and methods for doing things: modality, method, system...
    2. b.
      someone's individual manner of behaving or speaking (个人表现或说话的)样子,风格
      someone's way of doing something :

      Have you noticed her irritating way of interrupting when you talk? 你注意到了她打断你说话时的那种让人生气的样子吗?

      change your ways (=behave much better) 表现好多了 :

      Greg has really changed his ways since he went to prison. 格雷格自从进监狱后真的表现好多了。

      in someone's own way (=a style of doing something that is not obvious to other people) 以某人自己的风格 :

      In his own way he really is trying to help. 他是真的想以他自己的方式来帮忙。

       Synonyms and related words
    3. c.
      what someone wants to do or how they want to behave (某人)想做的事;(某人)想要做事的方式
      get/have your (own) way (=be allowed to have or do what you want) 自主行事;想怎样就怎样 :

      The government are unlikely to get their way on this issue. 在这个问题上政府不可能想怎样就怎样。

      go your own way (=behave in an independent manner) 按自主的方式行事 :

      His parents must realize that he will soon go his own way. 他的父母必须意识到他很快就可以自立了。

       Synonyms and related words
      Purposes and intentions: purpose, role, goal...
    See also easy , hard , will
  2. 2
    a particular aspect of something, or a particular attitude towards something 方面;态度

    It's not right, whichever way you think about it. 无论你怎么想,它都不对。

    in more ways than one (=from many aspects) 从许多方面 :

    The evening was a great success, in more ways than one. 从许多方面来说,晚会都取得了很大成功。

    in a way (=from one point of view) 从某一角度;从某一点上看;在某种程度上 :

    In a way, I agree with you. 在某种程度上我同意你的观点。

    in many ways :

    In many ways it was a difficult and painful year.

     Synonyms and related words
    Features and qualities: feature, quality, factor...
    1. a.
      if you share or divide something several ways, you give parts of it to several people (分成的)部分

      Let's split the money three ways. 让我们把钱一分为三。

       Synonyms and related words
      A share of something: moiety, share, proportion...
  3. 3
    the particular road, path, or track that you use to go from one place to another 路;道路;路线

    I don't think this is the right way. 我认为这条路不对。

    way to :

    Is this the way to the Eiffel Tower? 这是通往艾菲尔铁塔的路吗?

    show/tell someone the way :

    Could you please show me the way to the temple? 你能告诉我去寺院的路吗?

    know the way :

    Does Tim know the way to your house from here? 蒂姆知道从这儿去你家的路吗?

    lose your way (=become lost while going to a place) 迷路 :

    The tourists lost their way and had to ask for directions. 游客们迷路了,只好向别人问路。

    across the way (=on the other side of the street etc) 在(街道等)对面 :

    There's a petrol station just across the way. 路对面就有一家加油站。

     Synonyms and related words
    1. a.
      the direction in which something is standing or moving (某物所处的或移动的)方向

      The bathroom is this way. 浴室在这边。

      Rachel just looked the other way. 雷切尔只是往相反的方向看。

      Look both ways before crossing the road. 过马路时要两边都看。

      The car was going the wrong way. 汽车开错了方向。

       Synonyms and related words
      Direction and ways of getting to a place: direction, detour, path...
       Synonyms and related words
    2. b.
      the journey or distance from one place to another 旅程;路程;距离

      There was still a little way to go. 还要走一段距离。

      all the/this/that way :

      You came all this way just to see me? 你一路来这儿就为了看我?

      The children were arguing all the way home. 孩子们一路争吵着回家。

       Synonyms and related words
    3. c.
      a period of time 一段时间

      A decision would still be a long way in the future. 作出决定还得等很长时间。

       Synonyms and related words
    4. d.


      used in the name of streets 街,路(用于街道的名称)

      on the corner of Garden Street and Admiral Way 在花园街和海军上将路的拐角处

       Synonyms and related words
      Streets where people live: Ave, Avenue, backstreet...
    See also lead , right of way
  4. 4
    a method of going into or out of a place 通道;出入口

    Tell them to leave by the back way. 告诉他们从后门走。

     Synonyms and related words
    Entrances, exits and gateways: access, arch, archway...
    1. a.
      a method of making progress 行进;前进
      force your way into (=use force to get into a place) 挤进 :

      The crowd forced their way into the building. 人群挤进了大楼。

      not stand/get in someone's way (=not prevent someone from doing what they want) 不妨碍/阻碍某人 :

      I won't stand in your way if you're really determined. 如果你真下了决心,我就不阻拦你。

       Synonyms and related words
      Systems and methods for doing things: modality, method, system...
  5. 5
    the area or position in which a place is (某个场所所在的)地区,位置

    They live out Cambridge way. 他们住在剑桥外。

     Synonyms and related words
    General words for location and place: place, location, setting...
    1. a.
      the space or area that a person is using at a particular time (某人某个时候正在用的)空间,地方
      be/get in the way (=be in the same place as someone, making it difficult for them to do things) 挡道;妨碍某人 :

      You'll get in the way if you stay in the kitchen. 你在厨房呆着只会碍手碍脚。

      be/get in someone's way :

      Can I move the books? They're in my way. 我能把这些书搬开吗?它们挡我的路了。

       Synonyms and related words
      Space and amounts of space: accommodation, air pocket, break...
  6. 6
    a situation or condition 情况;状态
     Synonyms and related words
adverb informal /weɪ/
  1. 1
    by a large amount or distance 远远地;大大地
    way above/over/under :

    The cost of a new car is way above my means. 一辆新轿车的费用远远超出我的支付能力。

    way ahead/beyond/behind/back/off :

    Michael was way ahead of the other runners. 迈克尔遥遥领先于其他选手。

    Dan saw a plane way off in the distance. 丹看见一架飞机飞向远方。

     Synonyms and related words
    Words used to describe large amounts and quantities: substantial, considerable, extensive...
  2. 2
    mainly American very 非常

    We were way tired after the hike. 徒步旅行后我们都很疲倦。

     Synonyms and related words
    Very and very much: very, particularly, deeply...




1method/style方法;方式ADJECTIVE | ... OF WAYS | VERB + WAY | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEconvenient, easy, effective, efficient, good, ideal, practical, quick, simple, useful便利的方式;容易的方法;有效方式;高效方式;好辦法;理想方法;實用的方法;快捷的方式;簡單的方法;有用的方法The best way to open it is with pliers.這個最好用鉗子來開。appropriate, proper, right合適的方法;妥善的方法;正確辦法wrong錯誤方法normal正常辦法traditional傳統方式obvious明顯的方式sure-fire必定成功的方法a sure-fire way to get him to do whatever I want必定讓他完全按我的意願做事的方法important重要方法The most important way to stop accidental drownings is by education.預防溺水事故的最好辦法是加強安全教育。subtle含蓄的方法There is no subtle way to tell someone that you no longer want them.沒有什麼委婉含蓄的方法可以告訴別人你不再需要他們。clever, ingenious巧妙的方法I would think of some clever way to get myself out of this situation.我會想出妙計以擺脫這種局面。possible可能的方法They've explored every possible way of dealing with the problem.他們探索過各種可能用來處理這個問題的方法。alternative, different備選的辦法;不同的方法myriad, several, various無數/幾種/各種方法Students develop those skills in myriad ways.學生們用各種方法來培養那些技能。same, similar相同的方法;類似的辦法unique獨特的方法a unique way of settling disputes解決爭端的獨特方法new新方法old舊方法old-fashioned過時的方法We did it the old-fashioned way.我們做這件事用的是老辦法。funny, mysterious, odd, strange有趣的方式;神秘方法;怪辦法;奇怪的方法God works in mysterious ways.主的行事方式神秘莫測。meaningful有意義的方式They have never contributed in any meaningful way to our civilization.他們從來沒有給我們的文明作過任何有益的貢獻。hard痛苦的方式He learned about the dangers of drugs the hard way.他吃了一番苦頭後才懂得了毒品的危險。friendly友善的方式winning (often figurative) 取勝之道The team got back to their winning ways with a 2-1 victory.球隊以 2 比 1 贏得比賽,重新踏上了勝利征程。She isn't known for her winning ways (= for being likeable).她的出名並不是因為可愛。creative, innovative創造性的/創新性的方法We are searching for innovative and creative ways to solve the many problems facing us.我們正在尋求新穎、有創意的方法來解決我們所面臨的許多問題。cost-effective有成本效益的方法a cost-effective way to boost performance提高性能的划算方法... OF WAYSnumber幾種方法There are a number of ways to overcome this problem.解決這個問題有許多途徑。VERB + WAYhave有辦法Fate has a way of changing the best of plans.命運可以改變最完美的計劃。explore, look at, seek探尋方法;尋找方法to look at ways of improving language teaching尋找改進語言教學的途徑develop, devise, discover, figure out, find, identify形成方法;設計方案;找到辦法;發現方法They believe he'll figure out a way to make it work.他們相信他會想出辦法讓它發揮作用。create, invent創造方法Artists began to invent new ways of painting.藝術家開始創造新的畫法。change, mend改變方式;糾正方法Your father is unlikely to change his ways now.你父親現在不大可能改變他的作風。choose選擇方式I chose a different way of collecting data.我選擇了一種不同的收集數據的方法。react以⋯方式作出反應We expect computers to react a certain way, in certain situations.我們預料到電腦在某些情況下會作出某種反應。be set in方法一成不變Grandma is so set in her ways.奶奶的行事方式就是這樣一成不變。PREPOSITIONin a/the way在某方面Can I help you in any way?我能幫你什麼忙嗎?PHRASESin a certain way在某種程度上In a certain way, all of that is true.那一切在某種程度上都是對的。in a big way大量地He then started spending money in a big way.他那時開始大把地花錢。in every way在各方面They're different in every way.無論從哪方面看,他們都不一樣。in more ways than one不止一個方面They're alike in more ways than one.他們在很多方面很相像。in its/your own way以⋯特有的方式He was attractive in his own way.他有他的迷人之處。in some ways在某種程度上It's more interesting, in some ways, to watch what's going on behind the scenes here.在某種程度上,在這裏看後台發生的一切更有趣。a... kind of way, a... sort of way有些⋯He was a handsome man in a sinister sort of way.他是個英俊男子,透着點兒邪氣。one way or another無論如何;不管怎樣One way or another, I'm going to make it.不管怎樣,我將會成功的。in one way or another在某方面Most people are creative in one way or another.大多數人都具有某方面的創造力。that's one way of putting it那只是一種說法'She has a slightly abrasive manner.' 'Well, that's one way of putting it!'“她的態度有點兒粗魯。”“噢,那只是你的說法!”put another way換個說法Do you remember? Or, put another way, do you know?你記得嗎?或者說,你知道嗎?the way things are, the way things are going現狀;從事態發展來看She is content with the way things are.她對現狀感到滿意。The way things are going, I think that's achievable.根據目前的情況,我覺得那個目標能夠實現。a way of life生活方式the beliefs and practices of the Hindu way of life印度教生活方式的信仰與實踐ways and means方法;手段Newspapers have ways and means of getting hold of secret information.報紙總有辦法搞到秘密消息。


2route/road路線ADJECTIVE | VERB + WAY | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEbest, quickest, right, shortest最佳途徑;最快捷的途徑;正確道路;最短路線wrong錯誤的道路own, separate (figurative) 自己的路;不同的路He's always gone his own way when it comes to design.在設計方面,他總是走他自己的路。roundabout迂迴的方式This is a roundabout way of saying that nothing has been accomplished.這是委婉之詞,事情其實一無所成。VERB + WAYgo走⋯路I'm going your way, so we can walk together.我走你那條路,這樣咱們可以一起走。When we finished school, we all went our separate ways. (figurative) 畢業之後,我們就都各奔東西。part分開We parted ways once we went off to college.上大學後我們就分開了。go out of (figurative) 特地She went out of her way to help them.她不辭勞苦地幫助他們。keep out of, stay out of (both figurative) 躲開Let's keep out of her way while she's in such a bad mood.她心情不好,我們不要打擾她。bar, block, get in, stand in擋路;堵塞道路;礙事A fallen tree blocked the way.一棵倒下的樹堵塞了道路。He wanted to go to college and would let nothing stand in his way. (figurative) 他想上大學,不會讓任何事情阻礙他的。clear, pave, prepare, smooth (all figurative) 開闢道路;鋪平道路;排除障礙The withdrawal of troops should clear the way for a peace settlement.撤軍將為和平解決爭端開闢道路。give, make (= allow sb/sth to go first or take your place) 讓路;讓位Give way to traffic already on the roundabout. (BrE) 給已經駛上環島的車輛讓路。The storm gave way to bright sunshine. (figurative) 暴風雨過後陽光燦爛。Make way for the guests!給客人讓路!Tropical forest is felled to make way for grassland.為了開闢草場,熱帶雨林給砍伐掉了。edge, feel, grope, inch, make, push, thread, weave, wend, wind, work擠身過去;摸索着前進;緩慢地移動;前進;推搡着擠開一條路;穿行;迂迴前行;蜿蜒前行;艱難地前進He edged his way along the wall.他貼着牆側身前行。The river wound its way through the valley.河水蜿蜒流過山谷。claw, cut, elbow, fight, force, hack, pick, shoulder, shove抓住東西費力前行;披荊斬棘前進;用肘推搡着前進;奮力前進;擠過去;小心翼翼地走;側身擠過去;擠出一條路She fought her way up to the top of the company. (figurative) 她一路奮鬥到了公司的最高層。We picked our way carefully over the jagged rocks.我們在犬牙交錯的岩石中小心翼翼地前行。bluff, talk, trick (figurative) 蒙混過關;憑說話擺脫困境;靠耍手腕過關She bluffed her way through the exam.她考試蒙混過關了。weasel, worm耍滑頭過關;慢慢行進He had somehow wormed his way into her affections.他還是設法慢慢地博得了她的歡心。snake蜿蜒行進The procession snaked its way through the town.遊行隊伍蜿蜒穿過小鎮。lose迷路;忘記意圖She lost her way in the fog.她在大霧中迷了路。This project seems to have lost its way. (figurative) 這個項目似乎背離了原來的意圖。find找尋出路He couldn't find a way through the bracken.他在蕨叢中找不到出路。We will eventually find a way out of the crisis. (figurative) 我們最終會找到擺脫危機的方法。manoeuvre/maneuver, navigate巧妙前行;確定行車路線He had to navigate his way through the city's one-way streets.他不得不開着車在該市的單行道上穿行。ask (sb)(向某人)問路She asked him the way to the station.她向他詢問去車站的路。tell sb給某人指路know認識路Do you know the way?你認識路嗎?come (figurative) 被⋯遇到Have any interesting articles come your way recently?你最近讀到什麼有意思的文章了嗎?PREPOSITIONalong the way沿路We saw a dreadful accident along the way.途中我們看到了一起可怕的事故。in the/your way擋路There were several rocks in the way.有幾塊岩石擋住了路。out of the/your way不擋路Could you please get those boxes out of my way?勞駕您把這些箱子搬開,不要攔住我的路好嗎?on the/your way在途中We stopped for a snack on the way here.我們來這兒的途中停下來吃了點兒東西。out of the/your way不擋路;不在⋯要走的路上The library is slightly out of my way.我去圖書館不太順路。way across穿過⋯的路The way across the fields is longer but pleasanter.穿過田間的路遠一些,但走起來更愜意。way from從⋯開始的路the quickest way from my Edinburgh to Glasgow從我所在的愛丁堡到格拉斯哥最快的路way out of離開⋯的路Can you tell me the way out of here?你能告訴我出去的路嗎?way through通過⋯的路The way through the woods is quicker.穿過樹林走更快些。way to到⋯的路the easiest way from my house to yours從我家到你家最好走的路線PHRASEStake the easy way out以最簡單的方法解決難題He took the easy way out and paid someone to write the article for him.他只求方便,乾脆雇人代筆寫文章。the way back, the way forward回去的路;向前的路On the way back, he invited me to his home for drinks.回去的路上,他邀請我去他家喝一杯。the way down, the way up下去的路;上去的路the way here, the way over, the way there來這兒的路;過去的路;到那兒的路the way home回家的路We stopped for a drink on the way home.在回家途中我們停下來喝了點兒東西。the way in, the way out進來的路;出去的路the way north, south, etc.向北、向南等的路We didn't stop on the way north.在向北走的路上我們沒有停下來。on your merry way一意孤行Then he went off on his merry way.然後他執意離開了。


3direction/position方向;位置ADJECTIVE | VERB + WAY | PHRASES ADJECTIVEboth兩個方向Look both ways before crossing the road.過馬路前要左右看看。opposite反方向I went the opposite way.我朝反方向走。right正確的方向wrong錯誤的方向They've gone the wrong way.他們走錯路了。VERB + WAYgo走⋯方向Which way did she go?她朝哪個方向走了?lead, point, show帶路;指路He showed us the way.他給我們指了路。head朝⋯走There's a huge storm heading this way.有一場強風暴正朝這邊襲來。walk走⋯方向Walk this way, please.請這邊走。look朝⋯方向看He looked my way, but didn't seem to recognize me.他朝我這邊看,但好像沒認出我來。PHRASESthe... way around, the... way round (especially BrE) 把⋯面轉過來Try it the other way around.倒過來試試。the... way up把⋯面朝上Which way up does this box go?這個箱子哪邊朝上?way to go! (used to express approval表示稱讚) (informal, especially NAmE) 做得好!Way to go! I wish I could do that!太棒了!真希望我也能做到!


4distance in space/time空間或時間的距離ADJECTIVE | VERB + WAY | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVElong遠距離little, short短距離;近距離VERB + WAYcome, go走⋯的距離;取得⋯進展We had to go a long way before we found a place to eat.我們不得不走很長一段路才找到吃飯的地方。The study of genes has come a long way in recent years. (figurative) 最近幾年的基因研究取得了很大進展。PREPOSITIONway from, way to離⋯的/到⋯的距離It's quite a way from my house to the station.從我家到車站頗有一段距離。PHRASESall the way全程This bus doesn't go all the way so you'll have to change.這趟公交車是區間車,所以你必須換乘。the whole way (NAmE) 一路上the whole way to Arizona去亞利桑那州的一路上the whole way through從頭至尾I watched the movie the whole way through.我從頭至尾看了這部電影。quite a way, some way頗有一段距離It's quite a way to walk to the station.走到車站頗有一段距離。a... way ahead, a... way away, a... way off有⋯時間Your birthday is still a long way off.距離你的生日還有很長時間。
way noun
way1 (in a friendly way) way2 (the easiest way to do it) way3 (the quickest way home) door (the way in/out) habit (change your ways) be/get in sb's/the way block3 give way collapse verb1 make your way go verb1 be/go on your way go away phrasal verb clear the way, open the way help verb2 a/the/sb's way of life life3 out of harm's way safe adj.1


in a friendly way 以友好的方式the easiest way to do it 做这事最简便的方法the quickest way home 最快的回家之路way ♦︎ approach ♦︎ style ♦︎ mannerThese are all words for the particular way in which sb does sth. 这些词均表示作风、处事方式。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a way / style / manner of (doing) sthin a (...) way / style / mannera traditional / conventional / different way / approach / style / mannera / an casual / informal / formal way / approach / style / mannerthe usual way / approach / style / mannera new way / approach / stylean effective way / approach / mannerthe right / wrong way / approach / mannerto have / adopt a way / an approach / a style / a mannerto change a way / your approach / a styleto develop a way / an approach / a styleto try a way / an approach way [countable] how sb does sth; how sth happens (做事的)作风,方式;(事情发生的)方式Try to approach this in a sensible way.尽量理性地处理这一问题。He has a way of staring at you that is very unnerving.他盯着人看的样子让人心慌。You won't impress the judges that way.那样不会给裁判留下深刻印象。I like the way (that) you did that.我喜欢你处理那件事的方式。Infectious diseases can be passed on in several different ways.传染病能以几种不同的方式传播。 approach [countable] a way of thinking about or dealing with a problem or subject (思考或处理问题的)方式,态度,方法The school has adopted a firmer approach to discipline.学校采取了较强硬的态度解决纪律问题。She favoured the direct approach.她较喜欢那直接的方法。 see also approach tackle verb style [countable] the particular way in which a person does sth or deals with other people (做事或待人接物的)方式,作风His aggressive style of play sometimes got him into trouble.他那种盛气凌人的比赛风格有时让他陷入困境。What's her teaching style like?她的教学方法如何?I like your style!我喜欢你的风格!Caution was not her style (= not the way she usually behaved).她不是那种谨小慎微的人。NOTE 辨析 Way or style? Way usually tells you how sb does sth on a particular occasion; style tells you how sb usually does sth: sb's style is part of their personality. * way通常指特定场合的处理方式。style指一贯的做事风格,是个性的一部分。 manner [singular] (formal) a particular way in which sb does sth or sth happens, especially the way that sb behaves towards people (尤指对待他人的)举止,态度,方式She answered in a business-like manner.她回答时显得公事公办的样子。The manner in which the decision was taken is extremely regrettable.作出决定的方式非常令人遗憾。way2


in a friendly way 以友好的方式the easiest way to do it 做这事最简便的方法the quickest way home 最快的回家之路way ♦︎ method ♦︎ technique ♦︎ means ♦︎ process ♦︎ mechanism ♦︎ system ♦︎ methodologyThese are all words for a particular thing that you do in order to do or achieve sth. 这些词均表示方法、手段。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a method / technique / means / process / mechanism / system / methodology for (doing) stha way / method / technique / means / system / methodology of (doing) sthan effective way / method / technique / means / mechanism / systema good / practical way / method / technique / means / systema simple way / method / technique / means / process / systema / the traditional way / method / technique / means / system / methodologya new way / method / technique / means / system / methodologyan alternative way / method / technique / means / methodologyto use a method / technique / means / process / system / methodologyto adopt a method / technique / system / methodologyto devise / develop a way / method / technique / means / process / system / methodologyto find a way / method / means / systemto change a way / method / system / methodologya method / technique / mechanism / system works way [countable] the things that you do in order to do or achieve sth 方式;方法;手段There are several possible ways of dealing with this problem.有几种方法可以处理这个问题。That's not the way to hold a pair of scissors!那样拿剪子不对!I prefer to do things the easy way.我做事力求简便。We should have done it my way!我们本应该用我的方法来做这件事!I generally get what I want one way or another.我一般总能想方设法得到我想要的东西。 method [countable] one of the ways in which sth can be done, especially a way that is made up of several stages 方法;办法;措施He's quite critical of modern teaching methods.他对现代教学法颇有微词。This is a simpler method for making bread.这是制作面包更为简便的方法。There are various methods of dealing with this problem.解决这个问题的方法很多。 technique tekˈniːk [countable] a particular way of doing sth, especially one that involves a special skill or that you need to learn and practise 技巧;技艺;工艺The artist combines different techniques in the same painting.这位艺术家在同一幅画中把不同的画法结合在一起。You will learn various techniques for dealing with difficult customers.你将学会应对难缠的顾客的不同技巧。He needs to improve his throwing technique.他需要改进掷球技巧。 means [countable] something that you use or do as a way of achieving sth 方式;方法;途径TV is a highly effective means of communication.电视是一种高效的传播手段。What means of transport did they use?他们用了哪种交通工具?We will use whatever means are necessary.我们将采用任何必要的手段。The load was lifted by means of (= using) a crane.货物是用起重机吊起来的。 process [countable] a method of doing or making sth, especially one used in industry 做事方法;工艺流程;工序They are made using the most advanced manufacturing processes.它们是用最先进的制造工艺生产出来的。 see also process treat verb 2 mechanism ˈmekənɪzəm [countable] (rather formal) a way of achieving sth 方法;机制Various mechanisms are in place for dealing with emergencies.处理紧急情况的不同机制已经建立起来。Simple repetition was regarded as an effective learning mechanism.简单的重复曾被认为是有效的学习方法。 system [countable] a particular way of doing sth, especially one that involves a planned and fixed series of actions that you follow each time 方法;系统;体制This is a highly effective system for storing data.这一系统能高效地存储数据。Once your systems are in place you can concentrate on the main focus of your business.一旦体制建立起来,你就可以把精力集中在主要业务上。 see also systematic efficient methodology ˌmeθəˈdɒlədʒi; NAmE ˌmeθəˈdɑːlədʒi [uncountable, countable] (formal) a set of methods and principles used to perform a particular activity (从事某一活动的一系列)方法,原则Please give a brief outline of your research methodology.请简要概括你的研究方法。Different people adopt different methodologies.不同的人采用不同的方法。way3


in a friendly way 以友好的方式the easiest way to do it 做这事最简便的方法the quickest way home 最快的回家之路way ♦︎ route ♦︎ direction ♦︎ line ♦︎ path ♦︎ orbit ♦︎ course ♦︎ bearingThese are all words for the road, or piece of land, water or air that you travel on, across or through in order to get somewhere. 这些词均表示道路、路线。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a way / route / path / course to stha / the way / route / line / path / course from...to...a / the way / route / line / path / course through / along / across sthon the way / route / pathin sb / sth's way / line / pathin the direction / line / path of sththe right / wrong way / route / direction / path / coursethe shortest way / route / line / path / coursethe quickest way / routea straight line / path / coursethe opposite / other way / directiona direct way / route / line / path / courseto follow a way / a route / a line / a path / an orbit / a courseto take a way / route / direction / path / courseto block the / sb / sth's way / route / line / pathto know the way / routeto change direction / course way [countable, usually singular] the route or road that you must take in order to reach a place; the route that sb/sth is moving along; the general position that sb/sth is moving towards 路线;道路;方向I stopped to ask the way.我停下来问路。They had to fight their way through the crowd.他们得奋力在人群中挤过去。Get out of my way! I'm in a hurry!让开!我有急事!She was going my way, so we talked as we walked.她和我同路,所以我们边走边聊。They bought some supplies on the way.他们在路上买了些补给品。Which way did they go?他们往哪儿边去了?He narrowly avoided a car coming the other way (= towards him).他差一点没躲过对面开来的车。 route [countable] a way that you follow to get from one place to another, especially one that you plan in advance; a fixed way along which a bus, train, etc. regularly travels or goods are regularly sent (尤指事先规划好的)路线,路途;(公共汽车、火车等的)常规路线It's the best route into the city from the south.这是从南面进城的最佳路线。Motorists are being advised to take an alternative route.建议驾驶者另选道路。We'll have to plan our route carefully.我们得仔细计划路线。We took the scenic route through the hills.我们选择了山中风景优美的那条路。Is the hotel on a bus route?那个旅馆在公交线上吗?These were the ancient trade routes between Europe and Asia.这些曾经是欧亚之间的古代贸易之路。 route


[transitive] (usually used with an adverb or preposition 通常与副词或介词连用) Satellites route data all over the globe.卫星向全球各地传递信息。
direction [countable, uncountable] the general position that sb/sth moves or points towards; the general position that sb/sth comes or develops from 方向;方位;方面He ran off in the direction of the river.他朝着河的方向跑走了。The plane was flying in a northerly direction.飞机正向北飞去。The road was blocked in both directions.这条路双向堵塞。When the police arrived, the crowd scattered in all directions.警察赶到后,人群四处散开。I had lost all sense of direction (= I did not know which way to go).我已经完全迷失了方向。Support came from an unexpected direction.没想到在那个方面获得了支持。 see also direct aim verb , direct take 2 line [countable, usually singular] the direction that sb/sth is moving or situated in; a route from one place to another, especially when it is used for a particular purpose (行进的)方向;(所处的)方位;(尤指有特定目的的)路线They followed the line of the river for three miles.他们沿着那条河走了3英里。Try to keep the boat sailing in a straight line.尽量使船保持直线航行。They were directly in the line of fire (= the direction that sb is shooting in).他们恰好就在射程之内。Their aim was to block the enemy's supply lines (= the route that supplies come along).他们的目的是要封锁敌人的供给线。 path [countable] a line along which sb/sth moves; the space in front of sb/sth as they move 路线;道路The diagram shows the path of the satellite between 10.20 and 10.34.图表显示这颗卫星在10:20和10:34之间的轨迹。The avalanche destroyed everything in its path.雪崩所到之处一切尽毁。 orbit ˈɔːbɪt; NAmE ˈɔːrbɪt [countable, uncountable] a curved path followed by a planet or object as it moves around a star or planet (天体等运行的)轨道There are slight changes in the Earth's orbit around the Sun.地球环绕太阳的轨道有微小的变化。The satellite went into orbit last month.上个月这颗卫星进入轨道。He spent eleven months in orbit (= in space).他在太空待了十一个月。 see also orbit spin verb course [uncountable, countable, usually singular] the direction or route followed by a ship or aircraft (船或飞机的)航向,航线The plane was off course (= was not following the correct route).飞机偏离了航线。The ship set a course for (= started to sail towards) the Christmas Islands.该船开始进入去圣诞岛的航线。 bearing ˈbeərɪŋ; NAmE ˈberɪŋ [countable, usually plural] (technical 术语) a direction measured from a fixed point using a compass (用罗盘确定的)方位The log records the ship's bearings, wind direction and speed.航海日志记录了该船的方位、风向和航速。You'll learn how to take your bearings with a compass.你将学会用罗盘定位。They took compass bearings on the tower.他们在高塔上用罗盘确定了方位。

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