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TOEFL BNC: 976 COCA: 758
adjective /ˈredi/
  1. 1
    [never before noun] prepared for what is going to happen 有准备的;准备好的

    We'll never be ready in time. 我们根本不能及时做好准备。

    ready for :

    She was ready for a new challenge. 她准备迎接新的挑战。

    ready to do something :

    Are you ready to go yet? 你准备好了吗?

     Synonyms and related words
    Ready or about to do something: ready, prepared, poised...
    1. a.
      in a suitable condition for use 预先备好的;可供使用的

      Is dinner ready? 饭准备好了吗?

      get something ready :

      I'd just got tea ready when they called. 他们打电话时,我刚刚把茶准备好。

      have something ready :

      We can have your order ready by 5.00. 我们能在5点前把你的定单准备好。

       Synonyms and related words
      Suitable or convenient: suitable, convenient, proper...
  2. 2
    willing to do something 乐意的
    ready to do something :

    Jack was always ready to work extra hours if necessary. 如果需要的话,杰克总是乐意加班。

    You are too ready to find fault with other people. 你太喜欢挑别人的毛病了。

    ready with :

    He was always ready with a story to cheer us up. 他总是乐意讲故事使大家高兴。

     Synonyms and related words
    Willing to do or accept something: willing, ready, interested...
  3. 3
    [only before noun] formal easily and quickly produced or available 迅速准备好的;现成的

    a ready smile 迅速露出的微笑

    This type of account gives you ready access to your money. 这种账户能使你很快取到钱。

     Synonyms and related words
noun /ˈredi/


verb [T] formal /ˈredi/
present tense
present participlereadying
past tensereadied
past participlereadied
  1. to make someone or something ready to do something 使准备好
     Synonyms and related words
    To make plans or arrangements: plan, arrange, organize...
TOEFL BNC: 976 COCA: 758


1prepared有準備VERBS | ADVERB | PREPOSITION VERBSappear, be, feel, look, seem, stand顯得有準備;有準備;感覺有準備;看上去有準備;好像有準備;已準備好The suitcases were standing ready by the front door.手提箱已經放在前門旁準備好了。remain, stay (NAmE) 隨時準備Our troops keep training all the time to remain ready.我們的部隊一直在訓練以便隨時參戰。get準備好We were getting ready to go out.我們已經準備好動身了。get sb/sth, make sth使⋯準備好I'm trying to get the children ready to leave.我正在盡力使孩子們做好出發準備。I'll get all the boxes ready.我會準備好所有的箱子。The warships were soon made ready.戰艦很快就做好了準備。have sth, hold sth, keep sth, leave sth準備好⋯Please have your tickets ready for inspection.請將票準備好備查。He held his gun ready.他舉槍做好了射擊準備。I've left everything ready in the kitchen.廚房裏的一切我都準備好了。consider sb/sth, declare sb/sth, deem sb/sth, judge sb/sth認為⋯/宣佈⋯/相信⋯/判斷⋯準備好了The plane was repaired and declared ready for service again.飛機經過維修後宣佈可以再度投入使用。She was concerned to protect the children from the truth until she judged them ready to hear it.直到斷定孩子們已有充分準備後她才會讓他們知道真相。ADVERBall, completely, totally完全準備好I was all ready to leave when the phone rang.我正準備離開的時候電話鈴響了起來。definitely, truly的確/真的準備好We're definitely ready for the show tonight.我們的確為今晚的演出做好了準備。not quite未完全準備好He didn't feel quite ready for marriage.他感到還沒做好結婚的準備。about, almost, just about, nearly, practically即將準備好;差不多準備好I think we're just about ready to start.我認為我們馬上就準備出發了。always, ever時刻準備好not yet還沒準備好at last, finally終於準備好At last, they were ready to go.他們終於準備好要走了。emotionally, mentally, physically情感上/心理上/體力上準備好Though Paul had wanted a child, he wasn't emotionally ready for it.儘管保羅想要個孩子,但在情感上還沒準備好。PREPOSITIONfor為⋯準備好I feel ready for anything!我覺得幹什麼都行!The cases are ready for delivery.這些箱子已經準備好投遞了。with樂於⋯He's always ready with a quick answer.他總能迅速作答。


2willing願意VERBS | ADVERB | PHRASES VERBSappear, be, seem顯得願意;心甘情願;好像樂意remain仍然樂意ADVERBmore than, only too, very特別樂意;極願意;非常願意Connors was more than ready to oblige.康納斯非常願意效勞。She was only too ready to believe the worst of him.她總是把他往壞處想。always, ever總是/一直樂意apparently顯得願意clearly, obviously明顯樂意PHRASESready and willing樂於always ready and willing to help總是樂於助人
TOEFL BNC: 976 COCA: 758
ready adj.
ready (Dinner's ready!) get sb/sth ready prepare verb1 get ready prepare verb2


ready ♦︎ prepared ♦︎ set ♦︎ be waitingThese words all describe sb/sth that is able and available to do, receive or be used for sth. 这些词均表示准备好、可利用。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配ready / prepared / set / be waiting for sb / sthready / prepared / set / be waiting to do sthfully ready / prepared / setperfectly ready / prepared ready [not before noun](of a person) able and available to do or receive sth; (of a thing) completed and available to be used (人)准备好;(东西)准备妥当,可利用Are you nearly ready?你快准备好了吗?I'm just getting the kids ready for school.我正把孩子们料理好,准备去上学。Right, we're ready to go.对,我们准备好了,可以走了。Come on, dinner's ready!快过来,开饭了!The new building should be ready for 2012.这栋新大楼2012年应该能完工。 prepared ready to deal with sth successfully; done or made in advance 准备好;有所准备;事先做好的I was not prepared for all the problems it caused.我对这事引起的诸多麻烦毫无准备。The police officer read out a prepared statement.那名警察宣读了一份事先写好的声明。 see also prepare prepare 1 2 set [not before noun] (always followed by for or to + infinitive 总是后接for或带to的不定式) likely to do sth; ready for sth or to do sth 有可能;做好准备The team looks set for victory.看来这个队能赢。Interest rates look set to rise again.看样子利率又要提高了。 be waiting


(of a thing) to be ready for sb to have or use (东西)准备妥,可得到,可使用There's a letter waiting for you at home.家里有你的一封信。The hotel had a taxi waiting to collect us.旅馆召了辆出租车等着接我们。

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