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IELTS BNC: 2297 COCA: 2160
adjective /ˈsaɪlənt/
  1. 1
    a silent person or group of people does not talk, laugh, or make any noise 沉默的;不作声的

    Everyone was totally silent as the president spoke. 总统讲话时,大家都鸦雀无声。

    a crowd of silent onlookers 一群默不作声的看客

     Synonyms and related words
    Silent and silence: silent, silence, quiet...
    1. a.
      used about a person who does not usually talk to other people very much 沉默寡言的;不爱讲话的

      Fathers were expected to be strong and silent. 过去人们认为父亲都应该坚强且寡言。

      a silent woman 不爱讲话的女人

       Synonyms and related words
      Using few words in speech or writing: quiet, silent, brief...
    2. b.
      refusing to provide information or to talk about something 不讲话的;不表态的;缄默的

      If you are arrested, you have the right to remain silent (=you do not have to give information to the police). 如果你被逮捕,你有权保持沉默。

      silent on :

      For the time being, I prefer to stay silent on the matter. 我暂时不想谈这件事。

      silent about :

      Everyone was asked to keep silent about the new project. 大家都被要求对这一新项目三缄其口。

       Synonyms and related words
      Silent and silence: silent, silence, quiet...
    3. c.
      a silent action or activity is done without talking or making any sounds 默默进行的

      silent reading 默读

      He said a silent prayer. 他默默地祈祷。

       Synonyms and related words
      Silent and silence: silent, silence, quiet...
  2. 2
    a silent place is very quiet 寂静的

    We hiked through a silent pine forest. 我们穿过一片寂静的松树林。

    The house was silent except for the hum of the refrigerator. 屋内很静,除了冰箱的嗡嗡声。

     Synonyms and related words
    Silent and silence: silent, silence, quiet...
  3. 3
    if something such as a disease or problem is silent, there no noticeable signs that it exists (疾病或问题等)悄然的,无症状的

    High blood pressure is a silent killer. 高血压是无形的杀手。

    a silent infection 毫无症状的感染

     Synonyms and related words
    Not clear to the senses: faint, invisible, subtle...
  4. 4
    a silent letter is a letter in a word that has no sound when you say the word but that must be used when the word is spelled or written (字母)不发音的

    The ‘h' in ‘herb' is silent in American English. 在美国英语中, herb 中的h 是不发音的。

     Synonyms and related words
    Terms in phonetics: affricate, alveolar, articulator...
IELTS BNC: 2297 COCA: 2160


VERBS | ADVERB | PREPOSITION VERBSbe, seem沉默;看似安靜become, fall, go, grow變得安靜;陷入沉默The crowd fell silent as she began to speak.她開始說話時,人群安靜了下來。The room grew silent as the men entered.這些人一進來房間裏就變得鴉雀無聲。keep, lie, remain, sit, stand, stay保持沉默;一片寂靜;靜靜地坐着;一言不發地站着I could not keep silent any longer.我再也不能保持沉默了。The street lay silent and deserted.街上空無一人,一片寂靜。She sat silent throughout the meal.吃飯時她靜靜地坐着,沒說一句話。ADVERBabsolutely, completely, dead (informal, especially NAmE) , entirely, perfectly, totally, utterly寂靜無聲;鴉雀無聲;死一樣沉寂;萬籟俱寂;很安靜
almost, nearly, virtually幾近無聲The new bus is virtually silent.新公共汽車幾乎沒有噪聲。largely, mostly大部份人都保持沉默an issue about which the researchers are largely silent研究人員大都保持沉默的話題notably, remarkably尤其/特別安靜curiously, uncharacteristically, unusually稀奇地安靜;異樣地沉默;不尋常地安靜deadly, eerily, oddly, strangely, unnaturally死一樣地沉寂;可怕地沉寂;出奇地靜;反常地安靜The street was strangely silent.這條街道異常地安靜。ominously不祥地寂靜This is a subject about which the official documents are ominously silent.這個話題官方文件避而不談,不是個祥兆。resolutely, stubbornly堅決不作聲;固執地保持沉默Len remained resolutely silent.萊恩固執地一言不發。PREPOSITIONabout就⋯保持緘默They had kept remarkably silent about their intentions.對於他們的意圖,他們一直沒有透露過一個字。on對⋯隻字不提The report was silent on that subject.報告對那個問題隻字未提。
IELTS BNC: 2297 COCA: 2160
silent adj.
silent (fall silent) quiet1 (silent streets) quiet2 (a silent prayer) quiet3 (the strong, silent type)


silent ♦︎ speechless ♦︎ dumb ♦︎ mute ♦︎ inarticulateThese words all describe a person who does not or cannot speak, or an action that is not expressed in words. 这些词均表示不说话的、说不出话的、无声的。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配speechless / dumb / inarticulate with rage / anger silent (of a person) not speaking (人)不说话的,沉默的They huddled together in silent groups.他们一群群挤在一起,默不作声。As the curtain rose, the audience fell silent.幕启时,观众安静了下来。 silently


They marched silently through the streets.他们在大街上默默地行进。
speechless unable to speak, especially because you are extremely angry or surprised (尤因非常生气或惊讶)说不出话的Laura was speechless with rage.劳拉气得说不出话来。His words left her speechless.他的话让她无言以对。 dumb dʌm not speaking 不说话的;说不出话的We were all struck dumb with amazement.我们都惊讶得说不出话来。We all sat there in dumb silence.我们都坐在那里,默不作声。 Dumb also means 'unable to speak'. * dumb也可表示“哑的、不能说话的”She was born deaf and dumb.她天生又聋又哑。However, this meaning of dumb is old-fashioned and can be offensive. 不过,dumb的这个含义已经过时,会有冒犯的意味。 dumbly


'Are you all right?' Lucy nodded dumbly.“你没事吧?”露西默默地点了点头。
mute (literary) not speaking or making a sound; not expressed in words or sounds; unable to speak 沉默的;不出声的;无声的;哑的The child sat mute in the corner of the room.那孩子坐在屋子的角落里,一声不吭。She gave him a look of mute appeal.她向他摆出一副默默请求的表情。The film concerns a mute Scottish widow and her passion for music.这部电影讲的是一个苏格兰哑巴寡妇以及她对音乐的热爱。 mutely


He nodded mutely.他默默地点了点头。
NOTE 辨析 Dumb or mute?In the meaning 'unable to speak', both dumb and mute are rather old-fashioned, and dumb can be offensive. An acceptable alternative is speech-impaired, but this is not at all frequent, and the phrase 'unable to speak' is often used instead. 表示“哑的”之义时,dumb和mute都已过时,而且dumb可能有冒犯的意味。speech-impaired(有语言障碍)是个可接受的替代词,但很少用,而经常用短语unable to speak来表达这个意思The 2nd Duke of Montrose was deaf and unable to speak.第二任蒙特罗斯公爵又聋又哑。
inarticulate ˌɪnɑːˈtɪkjələt; NAmE ˌɪnɑːrˈtɪk (rather formal) (of people) not able to express ideas or feelings clearly or easily; (of speech) not using clear words; not expressed clearly (人)不善于表达的,不善于说话的;(讲话)词不达意的,表达得不清楚的You can't expect an inarticulate young child to defend himself in court.你不能指望一个不善表达的孩子在法庭上为自己辩护。She was inarticulate with rage.她气得语无伦次。He gave a particularly inarticulate reply.他给了一个简直不知所云的答复。 OPP articulate articulate

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