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IELTS BNC: 385 COCA: 469
noun /maɪnd/
  1. 1
    [C/U] the part of you that thinks, knows, remembers, and feels things 头脑;想法

    His mind was full of the things he had seen that day. 他满脑子都是那天看到的情景。

    I need a walk to clear my mind. 我需要散散步来清醒一下头脑。

    in someone's mind :

    You never know what's going on in her mind. 你永远不知道她脑子里在想什么。

     Synonyms and related words
    Intelligence, intuition and ability to understand: intelligence, intuition, intellect...
    1. a.
      your attention or thoughts 注意力;心思

      Can you say that again? My mind was on something else. 你能再说一遍吗?我刚才在想别的事。

      keep your mind on something :

      I can't keep my mind on work when it's so sunny outside. 外面阳光如此明媚,我没法专心工作。

       Synonyms and related words
      Attentiveness and paying attention: attention, regard, focused...
    2. b.
      your usual way of thinking (通常的)思维方式

      Ellen's husband has a very suspicious mind. 埃伦的丈夫非常多疑。

       Synonyms and related words
      Ways of thinking: approach, view, mind...
  2. 2
    [singular] your intelligence and ability to understand things 智力;理解力

    a brilliant/keen mind 非凡的理解力/睿智

    Her youngest child has a very enquiring mind (=is very interested in things and always asking questions). 她最小的孩子很爱问问题。

    My grandmother's mind is failing. 我祖母的智力正在衰退。

     Synonyms and related words
    Intelligence, intuition and ability to understand: intelligence, intuition, intellect...
    1. a.
      [C] someone who is very intelligent 有才智的人

      He is one of the finest minds in physics today. 他是当今物理学方面最有才智的人之一。

verb /maɪnd/
present tense
present participleminding
past tenseminded
past participleminded
  1. 1
    [I/T] [usually in negatives or questions] to feel annoyed, upset, or unhappy about something 介意;讨厌;反对

    I don't mind the heat (=the heat is not a problem to me). 我不怕热。

    I wouldn't have minded, but she didn't even call to cancel our date. 我本来并不介意,但她竟然没打电话就取消了我们的约会。

    I wouldn't mind him staying if he helped around the house. 如果他帮忙做点家务我不介意他住下。

    mind if :

    Do you mind if we use my car tonight? 我们晚上可以用我的车吗?

     Synonyms and related words
     Synonyms and related words
  2. 2
    [T] [always in imperative] British to take care or be careful about something 当心;留心;注意

    Mind the step (=do not fall over it). 当心台阶。

    mind (that) :

    Mind you don't spill that drink. 小心不要把饮料洒出来。

     Synonyms and related words
  3. 3
    [T] British to look after someone or something for a short time (短时)照看

    Could you mind the children for me for five minutes? 你能替我照看孩子5分钟吗?

     Synonyms and related words
  4. 4
    [T] American to obey someone, especially a parent or teacher 服从;听从

    You'd better mind me, or you're going to your room! 你最好听我的话,不然你到房间去!

     Synonyms and related words
  5. From our crowdsourced Open Dictionary
    mind the shop to be in charge of something temporarily

    The CEO left for Japan leaving his deputy to mind the shop.

    Submitted by Boris Marchenko from Russian Federation on 12/07/2017
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IELTS BNC: 385 COCA: 469


ADJECTIVE | VERB + MIND | MIND + VERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEhuman人腦the complex nature of the human mind人腦的複雜特性conscious, subconscious, unconscious顯意識;潛意識;無意識Our subconscious mind tries to protect us.我們的潛意識會想要保護我們。logical, rational邏輯/理性思維best, brilliant, finest, great聰明絕頂的人;才智最出眾的人;偉人a problem that has defeated the world's finest minds一道世界上才智最出眾的人也解不開的難題agile, curious, enquiring, inquisitive, keen, lively, sharp機敏的頭腦;好奇的頭腦;愛探究的頭腦;敏銳的頭腦;活躍的頭腦;敏捷的頭腦analytical, clear善於分析的頭腦;清晰的思維I need a clear mind if I want to continue with my work.如果想要繼續我的工作,我需要頭腦清醒。thinking善於思維的頭腦creative, fertile, imaginative富有創意的頭腦;想像力豐富的頭腦enlightened開明的頭腦closed, open封閉的/開放的思維Try to keep an open mind until you've heard all the facts.在聽完所有的事實前先不要存任何看法。impressionable易受影響的頭腦impressionable young minds that are easily influenced思想很容易受到影響的年輕人dirty, one-track, perverted, sick, twisted, warped骯髒的思想;只想一件事的頭腦;變態的思想;病態心理;扭曲的想法;畸形的思想Honestly, all you ever talk about is sex-you have a one-track mind!坦率地說,你張口閉口都是性 - 你就這一個心思!feeble, little薄弱的意志;狹隘的心思tired, weary疲憊的頭腦tortured, troubled備受折磨的/飽受困擾的心靈deranged, fevered, wandering錯亂的思維;狂熱的思想;走神individual個體思維collective, public集體意識;民心a subject which was on the nation's collective mind全國人民都關心的一個話題VERB + MINDcome into, come to, cross, enter, flash across, flash into, go through, spring to進入腦海;出現在腦海;在腦海中閃過;掠過腦海;躍入腦海The thought never crossed my mind!我一點兒都沒想到過這個!I'm sure someone can help you, but no one immediately springs to mind.我相信一定有人能幫到你,但一時又想不起來有誰。fill, flood, invade充滿腦海;湧入腦海Serious doubts began to flood my mind.我開始滿腦子都是嚴重的疑慮。bear in, keep in記住Bear in mind the age of the vehicle when assessing its value.對車輛進行估價時要考慮到車齡。Here are some important points to keep in mind...這裏有幾個要點需要記住⋯escape, slip忘記I'm sorry I forgot your birthday-it completely slipped my mind.很抱歉我忘了你的生日 - 我把它給忘了個一乾二淨。be imprinted on, stick in銘刻在腦海裏;銘記在心頭terrible images that will be imprinted on our minds for ever永遠會銘刻在我們腦海裏的那些可怕的影像haunt, plague, prey on縈繞於心;使內心受折磨It's been preying on my mind ever since it happened.事情發生後我的內心就一直在受折磨。occupy使全神貫注He occupied his mind by playing cards against himself.他專心跟自己玩牌。search搜腸刮肚地想Kate desperately searched her mind for some excuse.凱特絞盡腦汁想找個藉口。concentrate, focus集中注意力He wanted us to focus our minds on unsolved problems.他要求我們把心思重點放到沒解決的問題上。train訓練頭腦You have to train your mind to think positively.你必須訓練頭腦學會正面思考。clear, empty清理/清空頭腦Try meditating to clear your mind of negative thoughts.試試用冥想把頭腦中的負面思想清理出去。free放開思緒Just free your mind and write whatever comes.你就放開思緒,想到什麼就把它寫下來。cloud, dull使思維不清楚;使頭腦遲鈍Exhaustion clouded her mind.極度的疲勞使她思路混亂。corrupt, poison, warp腐化/毒化/扭曲思想She was poisoning his mind and turning him against his family.她正在毒化他的思想,使他轉而反對自己的家人。control控制思想close, open封閉思維;敞開心扉He had closed his mind to anything new.他拒不接受任何新事物。calm, ease, quiet, refresh, relax, soothe使頭腦鎮靜;使安心;使頭腦恢復清醒;放鬆大腦;撫慰心靈His comments did nothing to ease my mind.他的話語絲毫沒能平復我的思緒。numb麻痹大腦blow, boggle使興奮不已;使難以想像a collection of photographs that will blow your mind將會衝擊你大腦的一批照片read讀懂心思Tell me what you want-I can't read your mind!告訴我你想要什麼 - 我可猜不透你的心思!probe探究思想understand理解思想She was the only person who understood his mind.她是唯一懂他心思的人。engage, stimulate吸引注意力;刺激頭腦exercise, stretch鍛煉思維;開動腦筋lose失去理智He feared he was losing his mind.他那時害怕自己會失去理智。MIND + VERBwork頭腦思考I'll never understand how his mind works.我永遠也不會明白他的腦子是怎麼想的。drift, stray, wander走神Her mind began to wander.她開始胡思亂想。buzz, race, whirl頭腦快速轉動His mind raced, trying to think of a way out of the situation.他的頭腦飛快地思索着,試圖想出一個擺脫困境的辦法。be in a turmoil, reel, spin心裏亂作一團;頭腦暈眩Her mind was still reeling from the shock.她仍未從震驚中回過神來。turn to sth思想轉向⋯My mind turned to more practical matters.我的注意力轉向了更加實際的問題。PREPOSITIONin your mind在腦海裏You've been in my mind a lot lately.最近我老是想到你。in mind在頭腦裏I'll keep what you say in mind.我會記住你說的話。on your mind壓在心頭I have a lot on my mind at the moment.眼下我有許多事要操心。PHRASESat the back of your mind, in the back of your mind在腦海深處The problem was always at the back of my mind.這個問題我一直記着。at the forefront of your mind, in the forefront of your mind首先考慮的Try to keep safety in the forefront of your mind at all times.任何時候都務必把安全放在首位。a frame of mind, a state of mind心情;心境He's in rather a negative frame of mind.他的情緒相當消極。get your mind around sth, wrap your mind around sth (NAmE) 腦子把⋯想明白I couldn't get my mind around the concept.我沒法把這個概念想明白。have sth in mind想到⋯;打算⋯What kind of party do you have in mind?你打算舉辦什麼樣的聚會?in the recesses of your mind在內心隱秘處It was something she had never imagined, not even in the deepest recesses of her mind.即便在她的內心隱秘處,她都從未想過這件事。in your right mind腦子正常Who in their right mind would want to marry a murderer?腦子正常的人誰會想要和一個殺人兇手結婚?mind and body身心refreshed in mind and body身心都得到恢復no doubt in your mind毫不懷疑There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that he was guilty.我確信他有罪。set your mind to sth決心要做⋯You can do whatever you set your mind to.無論什麼事情只要你下定決心就可以去做。uppermost in your mind最先考慮的Their own problems of course remained uppermost in their minds.當然,他們自己的問題是他們最先考慮的。


ADVERB | VERB + MIND | PREPOSITION ADVERBterribly, very much非常在意;很在乎They had thought the boys wouldn't mind sharing; as it turned out, they minded very much.他們原以為這些男孩子不會介意跟他人合用,可結果卻發現他們十分在意。Would you mind terribly if I went on my own?如果我自己去,你會很在意嗎?not a bit, not at all一點兒都不介意I don't mind at all telling people my age.我一點兒都不介意告訴別人我的年齡。not much, not really不很在乎;並不在意Nobody really minded much about what happened to them.沒人真正在意他們的遭遇。VERB + MINDnot seem to似乎不在乎His parents didn't seem to mind that he dropped out of college.他的父母似乎不在乎他從大學輟學。PREPOSITIONabout在乎⋯I didn't mind about the money.錢的事我不在乎。
IELTS BNC: 385 COCA: 469
mind verb
mind noun
mind (thoughts run through your mind) intelligence (a brilliant mind) memory (My mind went blank.) make up your mind decide verb have sb/sth in mind intend verb out of your mind mad adj. come/spring to mind, cross your mind occur to sb phrasal verb put/set your mind at rest reassure verb bear sb/sth in mind remember verb in your right mind sane adj.


mind ♦︎ brain ♦︎ head ♦︎ soul ♦︎ spirit ♦︎ ego ♦︎ the/your subconsciousThese are all words for the part of sb which cannot be seen or touched, but which allows them to think, feel and be aware of things. 这些词均表示头脑、心灵。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配the human mind / brain / soul / spirita thought enters sb's mind / headdeep in your mind / the brain / your subconscious mind [countable, uncountable] the part of a person that makes them able to be aware of things, to think and to feel 头脑;大脑There were all kinds of thoughts running through my mind.各种念头在我脑海中闪过。There was no doubt in his mind that he'd get the job.他毫不怀疑自己会得到这份工作。She was in a disturbed state of mind.她的脑子里一片慌乱。I could not have complete peace of mind before they returned.他们不回来,我心里就不踏实。 brain [countable] the organ inside the head that controls movement, thought, memory and feeling The scan apparently showed no damage to the brain.扫描检查清楚显示脑部没有受到损伤。brain cells脑细胞She died of a brain tumour.她死于脑瘤。Electrodes were used to measure brain activity during sleep.用电极来检测睡眠时脑部的活动。 head [countable] the mind 头脑;大脑I sometimes wonder what goes on in that head of yours.我有时搞不懂你脑子里都想些什么。I wish you'd use your head (= think carefully before doing or saying sth).我希望你凡事多动动脑子。I can't work it out in my head-I need a calculator.我没法心算出来,我得用计算器。I can't get that tune out of my head.那个曲调在我头脑中挥之不去。When will you get it into your head (= understand) that I don't want to discuss this any more!你何时才能明白我不想再谈论这件事了!For some reason she's got it into her head (= believes) that the others don't like her.由于某种原因,她认定别人都不喜欢她。NOTE 辨析 Mind or head? Head is slightly more informal than mind in this meaning and is used especially to talk about thoughts and ideas that get into your head or that you can't get out of your head. 表达此义时,head较mind略非正式,尤用于短语get sth into one's head和can't get sth out of one's head中。 soul [countable] the part of a person that includes their mind, feelings and character rather than their body; the spiritual part of a person, believed to exist after death; the spiritual and moral qualities of humans in general 心灵;精神;灵魂;(人类整体的)精神状况,道德品质There was a feeling of restlessness deep in her soul.她内心深处感到焦躁不安。He believed his immortal soul was in peril.他认为他不死的灵魂有堕入地狱的危险。His poetry deals with the dark side of the human soul.他的诗歌涉及人类精神世界中阴暗的一面。 spirit [countable] a soul 精神;心灵;灵魂He felt a kind of lightness in his spirit as the sun came up.太阳升起时,他内心感到一阵轻松。He is dead, but his spirit lives on.他人死了,但精神永存。You are underestimating the power of the human spirit to overcome difficulties.你低估了人类克服困难的精神力量。 see also spirit ghost NOTE 辨析 Soul or spirit? Spirit is often a more positive word than soul. People talk about lost/tormented/troubled souls and the dark side of the human soul; and about sb's indomitable spirit and the power of the human spirit. When they are used to talk about the spiritual part of a person, a spirit is often considered to be separate from a living person, especially because the person has died. A soul is often considered as the spiritual part of a person who is still alive. * spirit常较soul褒义更强,从各自的搭配中可见一斑,如lost/tormented/troubled souls(迷失的/受折磨的心灵;内心烦乱),the dark side of the human soul(人类精神世界中阴暗的一面),sb's indomitable spirit(某人不屈不挠的精神),the power of the human spirit(人类的精神力量)。指人的灵魂时,spirit常被视为脱离生者而存在,尤指死者的灵魂;soul常指活着的人的灵魂。 ego ˈiːgəʊ, ˈegəʊ; NAmE ˈiːgoʊ(plural egos) [countable] (psychology 心理) the part of the mind that is responsible for your sense of who you are 自我Freud introduced the idea that a part of the ego is unconscious.弗洛伊德创立的理论认为人的自我有一部分是处于无意识状态的。 see also self identity the subconscious your subconscious [singular] the part of your mind that contains feelings that you are not aware of 下意识;潜意识She buried the guilt deep in her subconscious.她把内疚深埋在潜意识中。Delving into the subconscious can be helpful in working through psychological problems.探究潜意识有时有助于解决心理问题。 see also subconscious unconscious adj.

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