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TOEFL BNC: 172 COCA: 262
verb /prəˈvaɪd/
present tense
present participleproviding
past tenseprovided
past participleprovided
  1. 1
    [T] to give someone something that they want or need 提供;供应;供给

    Our office can provide information on the local area. 我们的办事处能够提供当地的信息。

    A taxi service from the airport will be provided. 将提供机场出租车接送服务。

    provide someone with something :

    The lecture provided him with an opportunity to meet one of his heroes. 这个讲座能让他见到自己心目中的一位英雄。

    provide something for someone :

    The hotel provides a playroom for children. 酒店为孩子们提供了一间游戏室。

    provide something to someone :

    We provide legal advice and services to our clients. 我们向客户提供法律建议和服务。

     Synonyms and related words
    To provide something needed or missing: provide, supply, equip...
  2. 2
    [T] to cause something to exist or be available 使…产生;使…可获得

    The exercise provides an opportunity for different departments to work together. 这次演习使不同部门能有机会共同协作。

    The film provides new insights into the problems that women in the industry face. 这部电影使人们对从事这个行业的女性所面临的问题有了新的感悟。

     Synonyms and related words
  3. 3
    [I/T] legal to contain statements or plans that set conditions for dealing with a particular issue 规定;拟定
    provide for :

    The treaty provides for the immediate withdrawal of troops from the area. 这份条约规定军队应立即从该地区撤退。

    provide that :

    Their contracts provide that they will be paid on the last day of the month. 他们的合同规定在每月的最后一天支付报酬。

     Synonyms and related words
TOEFL BNC: 172 COCA: 262


ADVERB | VERB + PROVIDE | PREPOSITION ADVERBkindly善意提供a buffet dinner, kindly provided by club members由俱樂部成員特意準備的自助晚餐free, free of charge免費提供Careers advice is provided free of charge.免費提供職業咨詢。VERB + PROVIDEbe able to, can能提供aim to, seek to, try to意慾/力求/力圖提供We try to provide the best possible medical care.我們盡力提供最好的醫療服務。fail to未能提供be designed to, be intended to旨在提供The grants were intended to provide financial help to unemployed workers.這些資助款旨在向失業工人提供經濟援助。be expected to有望提供The report was not expected to provide any answers.人們不指望該報告會提供任何答案。be likely to, be unlikely to很可能/不可能提供PREPOSITIONfor為⋯提供The organization provides food and shelter for refugees.該組織為難民提供食物與棲身之處。to向⋯提供The agency provides legal services to farmers.該機構為農民提供法律服務。with提供⋯He provided us with a lot of useful information.他向我們提供了許多有用的信息。
TOEFL BNC: 172 COCA: 262


provide ♦︎ give ♦︎ supply ♦︎ yield ♦︎ issue ♦︎ lend ♦︎ put sth upThese words all mean to make sth available for sb to use. 这些词均表示提供、给予。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to provide / supply / put up sth for sbto give / supply / issue / lend sth to sbto provide / supply / issue sb with sthto provide / give / supply / issue equipment / details / informationto provide / give / supply / put up fundsto provide / give / supply / lend protectionto provide / give / supply a serviceto provide / give / supply housing / assistanceto provide / give / lend support / credibility / weight / credenceto provide / give / yield / issue a dividendto provide / give / yield a / an improvement / profit / result / return / revenueto provide / give / supply an alibi / alternative / answerto provide / give / supply / issue sth free (of charge) provide [transitive] (rather formal, especially written) to make sth available for sb to use 提供;供应;给予The hospital has a commitment to provide the best possible medical care.这家医院承诺提供最好的医疗服务。Please answer questions in the space provided.请在留出的空白处答题。The report was not expected to provide any answers.人们没指望这个报告会给出什么答案。 provision prəˈvɪʒn


[uncountable, countable, usually singular] educational / housing provision提供受教育机会;住房供应The provision of specialist teachers is being increased.专业教师的师资人数正在增加。
give (gave, given) [transitive] to provide sb with sth 提供;供给;供应They were all thirsty so I gave them a drink.他们都渴了,于是我给了他们饮料。Give me your name and address.告诉我你的姓名和地址。I was hoping you would give me a job.我还盼着你能给我一份工作呢。She wants a job that gives her more responsibility.她想得到一份职责更多的工作。He was given a new heart in a five-hour operation.经过五个小时的手术,他有了一颗新的心脏。They couldn't give me any more information.他们不能给我提供更多的信息。I'll give you (= allow you to have) ten minutes to prepare your answer.我给你十分钟的时间准备如何回答。He gives Italian lessons to his colleagues.他给同事们上意大利语课。NOTE 辨析 Provide or give? Provide is more formal than give, used especially in written English. Provide is often used when sth is being made available to people in general, or to sb who is not mentioned; give is more often used when sth is being made available to a particular person. * provide比give要正式些,尤用于书面语。provide常指为大众或未曾提到的人提供某物。give常指把东西提供给特定的人The hospital aims to provide the best possible medical care.这家医院旨在提供最好的医疗服务。We want to give you the best possible care.我们希望给你最好的照顾。 supply [transitive] (rather formal) to provide sb/sth with sth that they need or want, especially in large quantities (尤指大量)供应,供给,提供Foreign governments supplied the rebels with arms.一些外国政府向叛乱分子提供武器。Here is a list of foods supplying our daily vitamin needs.这里列出了能为我们提供日常所需维生素的食物。She was jailed for supplying drugs.她因供应毒品被监禁。This one power station keeps half the country supplied with electricity.仅这一个发电站就能供应全国一半的电力。 see also supply supply noun supply


[uncountable] the electricity supply供电The UN has agreed to allow the supply of emergency aid.联合国已同意提供紧急援助。
yield jiːld [transitive] (rather formal, especially business 尤用于商业) to produce or provide sth, for example a profit or result 产生(利润或结果等);提供Higher-rate deposit accounts yield good returns.较高息的存款账户能产生丰厚的收益。The research has yielded useful information.这项研究提供了有用的信息。 see also yield output noun issue [transitive, often passive] (rather formal) to provide sb with sth, especially officially (正式)发给,供给We can issue a passport within a day.我们能在一天之内发放护照。New members will be issued with a temporary identity card.新成员将获发临时身份证。Work permits were issued to only 5% of those who applied for them.工作许可证只发给了5%的申请人。 lend (lent, lent) [transitive] to provide help or support to a person, theory or cause 为(人、理论或事业)给予,提供(帮助或支持)I was more than happy to lend my support to such a good cause.我非常乐意为这样美好的事业出一份力。He came along to lend me moral support.他来给我精神支持。 ˌput sth ˈup

phrasal verb

(putting, put, put) (rather informal, especially business 尤用于商业) to provide or lend money 提供,借出(资金)A local businessman has put up the £500 000 needed to save the club.一名当地商人拿出了拯救该俱乐部所需的50万英镑。

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