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TOEFL BNC: 3643 COCA: 4145
verb [T] /ɪˈkwɪp/
present tense
present participleequipping
past tenseequipped
past participleequipped
  1. 1
    to provide a person, object, or place with the things that they need for a particular purpose 装备;配备

    They received a grant to build and equip a new dental clinic. 他们获得了一笔拨款,用来建造一个新的牙医诊所和为诊所购置设备。

    equip someone/something with something :

    There is not enough money to equip investigators with the latest computer systems. 没有足够的钱为调查者配备最新的电脑系统。

    well/fully equipped :

    a fully equipped gym 一座设施齐全的体育馆

    badly/poorly equipped :

    poorly equipped soldiers 装备差的士兵

     Synonyms and related words
    To provide something needed or missing: provide, supply, equip...
  2. 2
    to provide someone with the skills or personal qualities that they need in order to deal with a situation successfully 使有能力;使有资格
    equip someone to do something :

    The training had equipped her to deal with emergency situations. 该训练已经使她能够应付紧急情况。

    equip someone for something :

    We aim to equip young graduates for a competitive business environment. 我们的目标是使年轻的毕业生能够适应竞争激烈的商业环境。

    better/best/well equipped :

    Jane is better equipped than I am to handle such complex questions. 简比我更善于处理这样的复杂问题。

     Synonyms and related words
    To teach someone something: upskill, teach, train...
TOEFL BNC: 3643 COCA: 4145


ADVERB | VERB + EQUIP | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADVERBlavishly, splendidly, superbly, well耗資巨大地裝備;裝備優異;配備精良The resort is well equipped for sailing.這個度假地備有完善的航行裝備。badly, poorly裝備差;裝備不足comprehensively, fully, properly全面地/充分地/恰當地配備adequately, suitably充分地配備;恰當地裝備specially特別配備VERB + EQUIPseek to, try to試圖/盡力配備PREPOSITIONfor設有⋯The hostel is specially equipped for wheelchair access.這家旅館特別設有輪椅通道。with設有⋯The car is fully equipped with all the latest gadgets.這輛汽車裝備了所有最新的裝置。PHRASESbe equipped to deal with, be equipped to handle sth準備好處理⋯People have to be emotionally equipped to handle their success.人們務必在感情上準備好面對他們的成功。come equipped with配備有⋯Rooms vary in size and come equipped with television and telephone.房間大小各異,均配有電視和電話。
TOEFL BNC: 3643 COCA: 4145
equip verb
equip1 (equip yourself with a map) equip2 (equip students for a career in nursing)


equip yourself with a map 为自己备一张地图equip students for a career in nursing 使学生胜任护理工作equip ♦︎ arm ♦︎ stock ♦︎ outfit ♦︎ fit sb/sth out ♦︎ provision ♦︎ kit sb/sth outThese words all mean to provide sb/sth/yourself with the things that are needed for a particular purpose or activity. 这些词均表示配备、装备。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to equip sb / sth / arm sb / stock sth / fit sb / sth out / provision sth / kit sb out with sthto equip / arm yourselfto equip / outfit / fit out / provision a shipto equip / arm soldiersto equip / provision an armyto be well equipped / armed / stocked / provisionedto be fully / properly / poorly equipped / armed / stocked equip ɪˈkwɪp (-pp-) [transitive] (rather formal) to provide sb/sth/yourself with the things that are needed for a particular purpose or activity 配备;装备She got a bank loan to rent and equip a small workshop.她向银行贷款,为成立一个小工作室租地方和买设备。He equipped himself with a street plan.他随身带着一张街道平面图。We travelled in a specially equipped medical jeep.我们乘坐一部有特别配置的医疗吉普车出行。The centre is well equipped for canoeing and mountaineering.本中心备有齐全的皮划艇和登山运动设施。 arm [transitive, intransitive] to provide weapons for sb/yourself in order to fight a battle or war 武装;装备;备战The crowd armed themselves with sticks and stones.人群以棍棒和石头作为武器。The country was arming against the enemy.这个国家正在备战迎敌。 see also arms weapon stock [transitive, often passive] to fill sth with food, books, plants, fish, etc. 贮备,贮存(食物、书籍、植物、鱼等)The pond was well stocked with fish.池塘里养了好多鱼。The college has a well-stocked library.这个学校的图书馆藏书甚丰。Stocked and well stocked are typically used to describe a garden or pond, a shop or library, or a place in the home where food is kept, such as a fridge. * stocked和well stocked一般用于描述花园、池塘、商店、图书馆,或冰箱等家中贮存食物之处。 see also stock supply noun outfit ˈaʊtfɪt (-tt-) [transitive, often passive] (especially NAmE) to supply sb/sth with equipment or clothes for a special purpose 装备;(为⋯)配置设备,供给服装The ship was outfitted with a 12-bed hospital.这艘船上配置了一个有12个床位的医疗室。They had enough swords and suits of armour to outfit an army.他们有足以装备一支军队的利剑和盔甲。Outfit is often used to talk about providing equipment for a ship, or for soldiers or sportspeople. * outfit常指为船只、士兵或运动员提供装备。 ˌfit sb/sth ˈout

phrasal verb

(-tt-) [often passive] (BrE) to supply sb/sth with all the equipment they need 向⋯提供所需的装备It was their job to fit out ships before long voyages.他们的工作是给远航轮船供给必需品。The room has been fitted out with a stove and a sink.房间装有炉子和洗涤槽。People usually fit out rooms, houses and vehicles. * fit out通常后接room、house和vehicle。
provision prəˈvɪʒn [transitive, often passive] (formal) to supply sb/sth with enough of sth, especially food, to last for a particular period of time 为⋯提供充足物资(尤指食品)The main business of the port is to provision passing ocean liners.港口的主要业务是为过往海轮供应食品。Provision is usually used to talk about supplying food for ships, but it can also be used to talk about supplying food to a city, an army or some other group of people. * provision通常指为船只供应食品,但也可以指为城市、军队或其他群体供应食品。 see also provisions supplies noun ˌkit sb/sth ˈout

phrasal verb

(-tt-) [usually passive] (BrE, rather informal) to give sb/sth the correct clothes and/or equipment for a particular activity (为特定活动)使⋯装备起来They were all kitted out in brand new ski outfits.他们都一身全新的滑雪装备。The London studio is lavishly kitted out with six cameras.伦敦演播室配置豪华,共有六部摄像机。You kit sb/sth out with equipment, and you kit sb out in particular clothes. 表示“配置设备”用kit sb/sth out with,表示“提供某人服装”用kit sb out in。


equip yourself with a map 为自己备一张地图equip students for a career in nursing 使学生胜任护理工作equip ♦︎ fit ♦︎ qualifyThese words all mean to make sb/sth suitable for a particular job or role. 这些词均表示使适合、使胜任。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to equip / fit / qualify sb for sthto be equipped / fitted / qualified to do sthto be well / perfectly equipped / fitted / qualified for sthto be suitably equipped / qualified for sth equip (-pp-) [transitive] (rather formal, especially business 尤用于商业) to prepare sb for an activity or task, especially by teaching them what they need to know (教导以)使有准备,使有能力The programme is designed to equip students for a career in nursing.此课程旨在使学生能够胜任护理工作。Here he received the education that would equip him to take his place in society.他在这儿所受的教育能让他在社会中自立。Skills, professional training and education are typical things that equip people for sth or to do sth. * skills、professional training和education是常见的equip的行为主语,表示使人有能力做某事。 fit (-tt-) [transitive, often passive] (BrE) to make sb/sth suitable for a particular job, role or purpose 使适合,使胜任(某工作、角色或目标)His experience fitted him perfectly for the job.他的经验使他完全能胜任这项工作。She was well fitted to the role of tragic heroine.她非常适合演这一悲情女主角。Natural selection will see to it that animals are well fitted to survive in their environment.自然选择将确保动物适应自身的生存环境。Things which typically fit sb for a particular job are expertise, personality, background, experience, skills, life, education, manners and appearance. In the context of jobs, American English would use equip; sb might be suited to a particular role; animals might be well adapted to survive in an environment. These words can all be used in British English as well. * expertise、personality、background、experience、skills、life、education、manners和appearance是常见的fit的行为主语,表示使人适合做某工作。在工作语境中,美式英语用equip;表示某人适合某角色用be suited to;动物适应某种生存环境用be well adapted to survive。这些说法也都适用英式英语。 qualify [transitive] (rather formal) to provide sb with the skills and knowledge they need to do sth 使合格;使具有资格The training should qualify you for a better job.本培训课程应能使你胜任更好的工作。The test qualifies you to drive heavy vehicles.通过这一考试就有资格驾驶重型车辆。Are you qualified to administer drugs?你有施用药物的资格吗?Qualify is usually used to talk about the result of a particular course, programme or course of training, or a test or examination. Students usually receive a certificate to show that they are qualified to do a particular job. * qualify的主语通常是course、programme、training,或test、examination,指通过课程、培训、考试等使某人具备资格,完成或通过后通常获得资格证书以兹证明。

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