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IELTS BNC: 576 COCA: 896
verb [T] /ɪˈstæblɪʃ/
present tense
present participleestablishing
past tenseestablished
past participleestablished
  1. 1
    to make something start to exist or start to happen 建立;创立;设立

    A proper procedure for complaints should be established. 应当建立处理投诉事宜的合理程序。

    The case established an important legal principle. 该案例创立了一个重要的法律原则。

    Mandela was eager to establish good relations with the business community. 曼德拉急于与商界建立良好关系。

     Synonyms and related words
    1. a.
      to start an organization or company 使开业;成立

      The company was established in 1860. 这家公司创立于1860年。

      The government agreed to establish two committees to examine the proposals. 政府同意成立两个委员会来审议这些提议。

       Synonyms and related words
  2. 2
    to discover, prove, or decide that something is true 发现;确定;查实;证实

    The cause of death has not yet been established. 死因尚未确定。

    establish (that) :

    We have established that you were present that afternoon. 我们已经查实,你那天下午就在现场。

    establish whether/how/who etc :

    I was never able to establish whether she was telling the truth. 我从来都无法证实她所讲的到底是不是真话。

    establish a link/connection :

    Townsend's work firmly established the links between unemployment and poverty. 汤森的研究强有力地证实了失业与贫穷之间的联系。

     Synonyms and related words
     Synonyms and related words
  3. 3
    to achieve success, so that people recognize your skill, qualities, or power 使立足;使被认可;确立

    Within six months, Caesar had established his authority over Gaul. 6个月内,凯撒就在高卢确立了权威。

    establish yourself/someone (as something) :

    Reagan quickly established himself as a promising film actor. 里根很快就使自己成为一位大有前途的电影演员。

    establish a reputation :

    The Institute has established a reputation for the exploration of new art in Britain. 该学院已经确立了在探索英国新艺术方面的声誉。

     Synonyms and related words
  4. 4
    to make the characters in a story seem real 使(故事的角色)真实

    By what means does the author attempt to establish the character of the narrator? 作者是通过何种途径使叙述者这一角色显得真实的?

     Synonyms and related words
    Processes in fiction: allegory, anthropomorphic, bathos...
IELTS BNC: 576 COCA: 896


1start/create sth建立ADVERB | VERB + ESTABLISH | PHRASES ADVERBinitially, originally最初建立The Internet was originally established by scientists to share information.最初,科學家創立因特網是為了能共享信息。formally正式成立The League was formally established in 1920.該聯盟正式成立於 1920 年。VERB + ESTABLISHattempt to, seek to, try to試圖創建;試圖建立We try to establish links with schools.我們努力與各學校建立聯繫。help (to), help sb (to)有助於建立;幫助某人建立agree to同意建立The two countries agreed to establish full diplomatic relations.兩國達成建立全面外交關係的協議。be able to能夠建立be important to建立⋯很重要PHRASESan attempt to establish sth, an effort to establish sth建立⋯的嘗試/努力newly established, recently established新建立的;最近建成的He was appointed to the newly established Department for Safety.他被派到新成立的安全部工作。


2make sth known and accepted使獲認可ADVERB | VERB + ESTABLISH | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADVERBfirmly, securely牢固地確立His position in the organization is now firmly established.他在組織中的地位現已牢固確立了。fully完全確立By the 7th century Buddhism was fully established in Japan.到 7 世紀,佛教的地位已在日本得到確立。effectively有效確立clearly明顯確立We have now clearly established ourselves as the leader in the market.我們現已明顯確立了自己在市場中的領導地位。successfully成功確立We have successfully established clear rules that most students accept.我們成功制訂了為大多數學生接受的明確規定。VERB + ESTABLISHattempt to, seek to, try to試圖確立help (to), help sb (to)有助於確立;幫助某人確立The exhibition helped her establish herself as an artist.這次展覽有助於確立她作為畫家的地位。PREPOSITIONas確立為⋯He has now established his reputation as a popular musician.他現在已經成為廣受歡迎的音樂家。PHRASESbecome established, get established得到確立The festival has become established as an annual event.這個節日已經被確立為年度盛事。previously established先前確立的a previously established formula先前確立的公式


3make certain of sth證實ADVERB | VERB + ESTABLISH | PHRASES ADVERBconclusively, definitely, definitively, unequivocally最終證實;明確證實empirically, scientifically用實驗的方法/以科學的方法證實The effectiveness of the new drug has not yet been scientifically established.這種新藥的效果尚未得到科學證實。VERB + ESTABLISHattempt to, seek to, try to試圖證實Police are still trying to establish the identity of the dead man.警方仍然在盡力確認死者的身分。help (to)有助於證實be able to能夠證實be possible to有可能證實be difficult to難以證實be important to證實⋯很重要PHRASESan attempt to establish sth, an effort to establish sth證實⋯的嘗試/努力
IELTS BNC: 576 COCA: 896
establish verb
establish (establish a company) find3 (establish the facts)


 See also the entry for begin 另见begin条establish ♦︎ set sth up ♦︎ form ♦︎ foundThese words all mean to start or create an organization or system. 这些词均表示建立、创立。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to establish / set up / form / found a / an group / society / club / party / company / institute / movement / colony / republicto establish / set up / form a / an relationship / partnership / alliance / government / committee / team / network / databaseto establish / set up / found a business / firm / programmeto establish / set up a / an fund / initiative / project / scheme / procedure / monopoly / regime / monarchyto establish / found a / an dynasty / empire / church establish [transitive] (rather formal, especially written) to start or create sth, such as an organization or system, that is meant to last for a long time; to start having a relationship, especially a formal one, with another person, group or country 建立;创立;创建(尤指正式关系)The new treaty establishes a free trade zone.新条约设立了自由贸易区。Let's establish some ground rules.我们来制订一些基本原则吧。The school has established a successful relationship with the local community.这所学校和当地社区建立了良好的关系。 see also establishment introduction 1 ˌset sth ˈup

phrasal verb

(setting, set, set)to start or create sth, such as an organization or system 建立;创立;开办I'm planning to set up my own business.我正打算自己创业。A fund will be set up for the dead men's families.将为死者家属设立一项基金。The company has set up its European headquarters in the UK.这家公司已经在英国设立了欧洲总部。 Set sth up is often used in business contexts, to talk about starting a business or making financial arrangements. * set sth up常用于商务语境,指开办公司或设立财务安排to set up a business / a company / a firm / a fund / a project / a scheme / a venture / an initiative / a monopoly / a headquarters / a base创业;开公司;成立企业;设立基金;创建项目;设立计划;创办企业;创建新方案;建立垄断;设立总部;创建基地
form [transitive, intransitive] to start or create sth such as an organization or system; to come together in a group of this kind 建立;创立;成立They hope to form the new government.他们希望组建新政府。We are a newly-formed political party.我们是一个新成立的政党。The band formed in 2005.这支乐队成立于2005年。 Form is often used in political contexts. * form常用于政治语境to form a government / an administration / a cabinet / a coalition / a committee / a council / an assembly / a party / a league / an alliance / a trade union / a syndicate组建政府;成立行政机构;组阁;成立联合政府/委员会;组建市政委员会;成立议会;组建政党;组织联盟;结成同盟;建立工会/企业联合组织 Form is also the most common verb used to talk about starting a band (= a group of musicians). * form还是最常用来表示乐队成立的动词。 see also formation introduction 1 found [transitive] (especially written) to start or create sth such as an organization or institution, especially by providing money; to be the first to start building and living in a town or country (尤指出资)创建,创办;兴建(城镇或国家)He founded the company 20 years ago.他20年前创办了这家公司。Her family founded the college in 1895.她的家族于1895年创办了这所学院。The town was founded by English settlers in 1790.这座城镇是英格兰移民于1790年建起的。Collocates of found include institute, society, company, firm, town, city, church, monastery and convent. 与found搭配的词有institute、society、company、firm、town、city、church、monastery和convent。 see also foundation introduction 1

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