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BNC: 506 COCA: 458
adjective /strɒŋ/
  1. 1
    physically powerful and healthy 强壮的;健壮的;强健的

    Are you strong enough to carry that heavy box? 你搬得动那个重箱子吗?

    strong hands/arms/muscles 强有力的双手/壮实的手臂/强健的肌肉

     Synonyms and related words
     Synonyms and related words
    Physically strong: strong, powerful, athletic...
  2. 2
    produced with or using a lot of power or force 用劲的;用力的;有力的

    a singer with a strong voice 嗓音宏亮的歌手

    a strong punch/kick/blow 有力的一拳/一踢/一击

     Synonyms and related words
    Involving force and with a lot of force: strong, heavy, mightily...
  3. 3
    not easily broken, damaged, or destroyed 坚固的;牢固的;结实的

    a strong fabric/adhesive/rope 牢固的织物/黏合剂/绳子

     Synonyms and related words
    Strong and not easy to damage or break: strong, irresistible, sturdy...
  4. 4
    strong relationships are close and firmly established (关系)紧密的,牢靠的,稳固的

    a strong friendship/marriage/partnership 深厚的友谊/稳固的婚姻/牢靠的伙伴关系

  5. 5
    someone who is strong has confidence, determination, and emotional strength 坚定的;坚决的;坚毅的;坚强的

    You've got to be strong and not let their remarks bother you. 你得意志坚定,不要让他们的话干扰你。

     Synonyms and related words
    Determined and ambitious: determined, ambitious, persistent...
  6. 6
    good at doing or understanding something 优秀的;精通的;悟性高的

    She's a strong swimmer. 她是一个优秀的游泳运动员。

    be strong on something :

    They are very strong on recycling in Germany.

     Synonyms and related words
    Skilful and able: able, capable, professional...
    1. a.
      of a good standard, and likely to succeed 实力强的

      They have a very strong hockey team this year. 他们今年有一支非常强大的曲棍球队。

       Synonyms and related words
    2. b.
      used about things that you are good at 精通于(某事物)的

      What are his strong and weak points (=the things he is best and worst at)? 他的强项和弱项各是什么?

       Synonyms and related words
      Skilful and able: able, capable, professional...
  7. 7
    firmly believed, or firmly felt 深信不疑的;坚定的;(感觉)强烈的

    I have particularly strong views on that subject. 我对于那个话题有着特别坚定的看法。

    I have a strong feeling she's not coming back. 我有一种强烈的感觉,她不会回来了。

     Synonyms and related words
    General words used to describe emotions: acutely, affective, basic...
     Synonyms and related words
    Words used to describe thoughts, beliefs and ideas: abstract, central, theoretical...
  8. 8
    based on reason and supported by facts 有说服力的;强有力的;有理有据的

    The government gave a strong argument in favour of increasing tuition fees. 政府给出有力的论据支持提高学费。

     Synonyms and related words
    True, definite and based on facts: true, certain, objective...
  9. 9
    of a high degree or level 极大的;巨大的

    There's a strong possibility that they'll marry in the spring. 他们极有可能在春季结婚。

     Synonyms and related words
    Serious, severe and extreme: serious, severe, extreme...
  10. 10
    able to produce a powerful effect 强效的;强烈的;激烈的

    strong medicine 强效药

    a strong smell/taste 强烈的气味/很浓的味道

    I had to use strong language (=words that shock people), but I think it worked. 我不得不使用激烈的言辞,但我想这还是管用的。

     Synonyms and related words
    Useful and effective and working correctly: useful, efficient, effective...
  11. 11
    with a lot of power and influence 有很强的影响力的;强有力的

    a strong leader/president 强有力的领导/总统

     Synonyms and related words
    Powerful: powerful, influential, formidable...
  12. 12
    moving at a high speed 高速移动的

    a strong wind/current 强风/急流

     Synonyms and related words
  13. 13
    with good defences 防御牢固的;强大的

    a strong fortress/army 坚不可摧的堡垒/强大的军队

     Synonyms and related words
    Strong and not easy to damage or break: strong, irresistible, sturdy...
  14. 14
    strong light or strong colours are very bright (光线)强烈的;(色彩)浓重的,深的
     Synonyms and related words
    Bright and shiny: bright, shiny, brilliant...
     Synonyms and related words
    Words used to describe types of light: backlit, candlelit, direct...
  15. 15
    clear and noticeable 明显的;显著的

    He speaks French with a strong British accent. 他说的法语带有明显的英国口音。

    She has very strong features (=you are likely to notice and admire her eyes, nose, and mouth). 她有轮廓分明的动人容貌。

     Synonyms and related words
    Clear to the senses: obvious, apparent, show up...
  16. 16
    great in number 数量大的;众多的

    There was a strong police presence (=a lot of police officers) at the demonstration. 示威游行时有许多警察在场。

     Synonyms and related words
    Words used to describe large amounts and quantities: substantial, considerable, extensive...
    1. a.
      used with a number to say how many people are in a group (与数词连用表示人数)多达…的,计有…的

      The crowd was 10,000 strong. 人数多达10,000人。

       Synonyms and related words
      Words used to describe large amounts and quantities: substantial, considerable, extensive...
BNC: 506 COCA: 458


VERBS | ADVERB | PHRASES VERBSbe, feel, look強壯;感覺有力;看上去強壯become, get, grow變得強壯remain, stay依然/保持強壯prove證明是強壯的stand堅強地挺住We must stand strong in the face of adversity.在逆境面前我們必須堅強。finish以強勢結束The men's golf team finished strong on Saturday.星期六,這支男子高爾夫球隊以強勁的勢頭完成了比賽。make sb使某人強壯All that outdoor work has made him very strong.這一切戶外工作使他變得非常強壯。keep sth使⋯保持堅挺This news helped keep the dollar relatively strong today.今天美元保持了相對堅挺,與這則消息有關。smell, taste濃烈的氣味;很重的口味ADVERBextremely, fairly, very, etc.極其/相當/非常強大He exerts an extremely strong influence on his classmates.他對班裏的同學有着極大的影響。exceptionally, immensely, incredibly格外強烈;非常強大surprisingly出奇地強大Sales were surprisingly strong in the second half of the year.下半年的銷售量高得驚人。enough足夠強大Don't try to go back to work before you are physically strong enough.在身體完全恢復之前,不要急着回去工作。The party lacks a strong enough local base.該黨在當地缺乏足夠堅實的基礎。physically體格健壯PHRASESbe still going strong狀況依然良好The business is still going strong.生意依然不錯。
BNC: 506 COCA: 458
strong adj.
strong1 (strong arms) strong2 (strong cheese/coffee) strong3 (strong light) convincing (a strong case for doing sth) powerful (a strong leader) well (feeling strong again)


strong arms 强健的胳膊strong cheese/coffee 味重的奶酪;浓咖啡strong sunshine 强烈的阳光strong ♦︎ powerful ♦︎ muscularThese words all describe a person or animal that has a lot of physical power. 这些词均表示人或动物身体强壮的、健壮的。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配(a) strong / powerful / muscular build / body / arms / legsstrong / powerful muscles / jaws strong (of people or animals) having a lot of physical power so that they can lift heavy weights, do hard physical work, etc. (人或动物)强壮的,强健的He's strong enough to lift a car!他力气大得可以抬起一辆汽车!She wasn't a strong swimmer (= she could not swim well).她游泳不大行。 OPP weak weak see also strength force noun powerful (especially written, usually approving) (of a person or animal) physically strong (人或动物)健壮的,强壮的He was lithe and powerful as an athlete.他像个运动员一样柔韧强健。 see also power force noun NOTE 辨析 Strong or powerful?In this meaning, strong is the most usual, simply descriptive word; powerful is used especially in an approving way in more literary writing. 表达此义时,strong最常用,只是客观描述;powerful尤用于文学性较强的文章中的褒义描述。 muscular ˈmʌskjələ(r) having large strong muscles 强壮的;肌肉发达的He was tall, lean and muscular.他高挑瘦削,强壮有力。strong2


strong arms 强健的胳膊strong cheese/coffee 味重的奶酪;浓咖啡strong sunshine 强烈的阳光strong ♦︎ spicy ♦︎ savoury ♦︎ hotThese words all describe food or drink which has a lot of flavour. 这些词均表示味道浓烈的。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a strong / spicy / savoury / hot flavoura strong / spicy / savoury taste(a) spicy / savoury food / dish / saucestrong / hot mustarda spicy / hot curry strong (of food) having a lot of flavour; (of drink) containing a lot of a substance (食物)味重的;(饮料)浓的,酽的strong cheese味重的奶酪a cup of strong black coffee一杯不加牛奶的浓咖啡OPP mild mild , weak Cheese or spices that are not strong are mild; tea, coffee or other drinks that are not strong are weak. 奶酪或香料味道不重用mild,茶、咖啡或其他饮料不浓用weaka cup of sweet, weak tea一杯甜味淡茶 spicy ˈspaɪsi (of food) having a strong flavour because spices have been used to flavour it (食物)添加香料的,用香料调味的a plate of spicy chicken wings一盘香味鸡翅 savoury (BrE) (NAmE savory) ˈseɪvəri having a taste that is salty and not sweet 咸味的;咸口的a savoury snack咸味点心What's in the pastry? Is it sweet or savoury?酥饼里有什么?甜的还是咸的? OPP sweet Sweet foods contain or taste of sugar. * sweet修饰食品时表示加糖的或甜的I had a craving for something sweet.我非常想吃些甜食。This wine is too sweet for me.我觉得这葡萄酒太甜了。 hot containing pepper and spices and producing a burning feeling in your mouth 辣的;辛辣的You can make a curry hotter simply by adding chillies.只要加点辣椒就能增加咖喱菜的辣味。OPP mild mild strong3


strong arms 强健的胳膊strong cheese/coffee 味重的奶酪;浓咖啡strong sunshine 强烈的阳光 See also the entry for bright 另见bright条strong ♦︎ dazzling ♦︎ harsh ♦︎ glaringThese words all describe light that is so powerful that it is unpleasant or difficult to see. 这些词均表示光线强的、刺眼的。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配strong / dazzling / harsh / glaring lightstrong / dazzling / harsh coloursstrong / dazzling / glaring sunshine strong (of light or colour) bright and/or powerful (光线或颜色)明亮的,强烈的Stay indoors in the middle of the day, when the sun is strongest.中午阳光最强,就在屋里待着。 OPP weak dim 1 dazzling (of light or colour) so bright that you cannot see for a short time (光线或颜色)使人目眩的,使人眼花的The sunlight was dazzling after being in the gloom for so long.在昏暗中待得久了,觉得阳光刺眼。He arrived wearing a dazzling white suit.他到达时穿着一套耀眼眩目的白色西装。OPP soft dim 1 harsh (disapproving) (especially of light or colour) too strong and bright, in a way that is ugly or unpleasant to look at (尤指光线或颜色)强烈刺眼的She was caught in the harsh glare of the headlights.她遭到了车前灯强烈刺眼的照射。The view was spoiled by the harsh lines of concrete towers.那里的景致被一座座混凝土高楼的刺眼线条给破坏了。OPP soft dim 1 , soft pale 2 glaring ˈgleərɪŋ; NAmE ˈglerɪŋ [usually before noun] (disapproving) (of light) very bright and unpleasant (光线)刺眼的,炫目的The room was lit by the glaring white light from a naked bulb.那间屋子有一个无罩灯泡发出刺眼的白光。

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