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adjective /ˈdʒen(ə)rəl/
  1. 1
    not specific, exact, or detailed 概括的;泛泛的;大概的

    Could you just give us a general description of the work you do? 你能否大概地给我们描述一下你的工作。

    Her predictions are so general that they could apply to anybody. 她的预测过于笼统,可以适用于任何一个人。

    in general terms :

    We are prepared to discuss the deal in general terms, but the details are confidential. 我们准备大概地谈一下这个协议,但具体内容属于机密。

    general idea :

    I'm probably not making myself very clear, but you get the general idea. 我可能没有讲清楚,但你应该知道大意了。

     Synonyms and related words
     Synonyms and related words
    Inexact and inaccurate: incorrect, inexact, wrong...
  2. 2
    true for most people, things, or situations, or affecting most of them 普遍的;全面的

    There was general agreement at the meeting that the plan was too expensive. 会上大家一致认为这项计划耗资过多。

    The fighting could escalate into a more general war. 这场战斗可能会升级为规模更大的战争。

    Family planning has now become general throughout society. 计划生育现已在全社会普遍推广开来。

    It's in the general interest that we should have a well-run health service. 为了大众的利益,我们应该具备运营良好的保健体系。

    as a general rule :

    As a general rule, shorter sentences are easier to understand. 一般来讲,较短的句子更易理解。

     Synonyms and related words
    Everything and including everything: everything, whole, all...
  3. 3
    [only before noun] used for describing the whole of something, without considering the details 整体的;总体的

    I get the general impression that they aren't very happy. 我的总体感觉是,他们不是很高兴。

    He has this general attitude of superiority toward his colleagues. 他总是带着这种优越感对待他的同事。

    Your general physical condition seems remarkably good. 你的总体健康状况非常不错。

     Synonyms and related words
    Words used to describe summaries: general, potted, schematic...
  4. 4
    dealing with all areas of a subject or activity, rather than concentrating on a particular area 非专门的;一般的

    a good general introduction to linguistics 对语言学很好的一般性介绍

    the general reader/viewer (=someone who is not an expert) 普通读者/观众 :

    science programmes that are accessible to the general viewer 面向普通观众的科学节目

    general contractor/insurer/labourer (=someone who deals with all types of work) 总承包商/总承保人/包工头 :

    The building and plumbing work will be done by a general contractor. 建筑和管道工程都由一个总承包商来负责。

     Synonyms and related words
    Words used to describe summaries: general, potted, schematic...
  5. 5
    used, especially in job titles, for saying that someone is responsible for the whole of something 总,首席(用于官职前)
    general manager/secretary :

    Peter Klimt is the new European general manager. 彼得·克利姆特是新的欧洲区总经理。

     Synonyms and related words
    Words used to describe workers: acting, auxiliary, auxiliary...
noun [C] /ˈdʒen(ə)rəl/
  1. an officer of high rank in the army or air force (陆军或空军)将军
     Synonyms and related words


ADJECTIVE | GENERAL + VERB ADJECTIVEone-star, two-star, three-star, etc. (all NAmE) 一星、兩星、三星等上將GENERAL + VERBcommand sth, lead sth將軍指揮⋯/領導⋯Both generals had commanded units in that area.兩位將軍都在那一地區指揮過部隊。 note at rank
general adj.
general1 (a general problem) general2 (in general terms) usual (as a general rule) in general usually adv.


a general problem 普遍的问题in general terms 一般说来 See also the entry for wide 1 另见wide条第1义general ♦︎ common ♦︎ widespread ♦︎ universal ♦︎ prevalent ♦︎ commonplace ♦︎ ubiquitous ♦︎ rifeThese words all describe things that are often or almost always found, done, thought or felt. 这些词均表示普遍的、常见的。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配the disease is common / widespread / prevalent / rifeviolence is common / widespread / commonplace / rifein general / common / widespread / universal usethe general / common / widespread / universal / prevalent viewa general / common / widespread / universal / prevalent problema general / common / widespread / universal feelinggeneral / widespread / universal acclaim general affecting all or most people, places or things 全体的;普遍的;总的The general opinion is that a new bridge is needed.普遍认为需要建一座新桥。As a foreigner and a teacher, I was the object of general interest.作为外国人和一名教师,大家都对我感兴趣。The unions threatened a further general strike (= one that affects all workers in an industry or country).工会威胁说要举行进一步的总罢工。The bad weather has been fairly general (= has affected most areas).坏天气影响的范围相当广。 see also general usual generally


The software will be generally available from January.该软件将从1月份开始全面上市。
common happening often; existing in large numbers or in many places 常见的;通常的;普遍的Jones and Davies are common Welsh names.琼斯和戴维斯是常见的威尔士人名。The fungus is a common sight in woodlands at this time of year.这种真菌每年这个时节在林地中随处可见。It's a common enough situation, I know.我知道这是一种很常见的情况。OPP rare , uncommon rare see also commonly usually widespread ˈwaɪdspred existing or happening over a large area or among many people 分布广的;广泛的;普遍的The storm caused widespread damage.暴风雨造成大范围的破坏。The decision met with widespread approval.这个决定获得了普遍认可。The use of steroids was widespread in many sports.类固醇的使用在许多运动项目中都很普遍。 universal ˌjuːnɪˈvɜːsl; NAmE ˌjuːnɪˈvɜːrsldone by or involving all the people in the world or in a particular group 普遍的;全体的;全世界的;共同的A representative assembly is a near universal feature of modern democracies.代表大会几乎是现代民主的普遍特征。Agreement on this issue is almost universal.几乎所有人都同意这一点。The party wanted to introduce a universal health care system.该党想推行全民医疗保健制度。 universally


The document is now universally acknowledged as a forgery.现在普遍认为那份文件是伪造的。
prevalent ˈprevələnt (formal) that exists or is very common at a particular time or in a particular place 流行的;普遍存在的;盛行的Temporary working is most prevalent among people in service occupations.临时工作在服务业从业人员中最为普遍。Our diet contributes to the high levels of heart disease prevalent in this country.饮食导致心脏病在这个国家很常见。 see also prevail exist commonplace ˈkɒmənpleɪs; NAmE ˈkɑːmənpleɪsdone very often, or existing in many places, and therefore not unusual or surprising 平凡的;普通的;普遍的It is commonplace for soldiers to get very little sleep.士兵睡得很少,这很平常。Violent incidents of this kind have become commonplace.这种暴力事件已很普遍。 ubiquitous juːˈbɪkwɪtəs [usually before noun] (formal or humorous) seeming to be everywhere or in several places at the same time 处处可见的;无所不在的The ubiquitous portraits of the president usually showed him in military uniform.总统在他随处可见的画像中通常穿着军装。 rife raɪf [not before noun](of sth bad) very common in a particular place (坏事)盛行,普遍Rumours have been rife in media circles all summer.整个夏天,谣言在媒体圈里四处传播。Speculation is rife that the company is about to be sold.大家纷纷猜测那家公司要被卖掉。


a general problem 普遍的问题in general terms 一般说来 See also the entry for overall 另见overall条general ♦︎ broad ♦︎ sweepingThese words all describe sth such as an opinion, a statement or a description that is not exact or detailed. 这些词均表示概括的、笼统的、大致的。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a general / broad / sweeping assertion / conclusion / statementthe general / broad contextin general / broad termsa broad / sweeping generalization general not exact or detailed but including the most important aspects of sth; approximately, but not exactly, the direction or area mentioned 概括的;笼统的;(方向或地区)大致的I check the bookings to get a general idea of what activities to plan.我查了一下预订情况,以便对安排什么活动有个大体想法。I know how it works in general terms.我大致知道其运作原理。They fired in the general direction of the enemy.他们朝敌人所在的大致方向开了火。 see also general usual broad [only before noun] not exact or detailed but including the most important aspects of sth 概括的;大体的;笼统的Computer viruses fall into three broad categories.计算机病毒大致分为三类。She's a feminist, in the broadest sense of the word.广义而言,她算是个女权主义者。 see also broad wide 1 NOTE 辨析 General or broad?In many cases you can use either word. However, general is used slightly more when you are talking about trends. 在许多情况下这两个词可以通用。不过,general稍多用于谈论动态、趋势a general trend / tendency / direction总的趋势/倾向/方向 Broad is used slightly more when you are talking about categories, meanings and aims. * broad稍多用于谈论类别、含义和目标a broad category / area大致的类别/领域a broad definition / sense / outline广义;纲要a broad aim / objective大致的目标 sweeping ˈswiːpɪŋ [usually before noun] (disapproving) not exact or detailed and failing to think about or understand particular examples 过于笼统的;一概而论的To make such sweeping generalizations about a whole race of people is foolish.对整个民族的人做如此笼统的概括是不智的。

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