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BNC: 2867 COCA: 3487
noun /ˈwiːknəs/
  1. 1
    [U] the state or condition of being weak 弱;虚弱;薄弱;软弱

    He would not make any gesture that would show weakness. 他不会做出任何可能显示软弱的姿势。

    weakness of :

    the increasing weakness of the government 政府的日益软弱无能

    You took advantage of me at a moment of weakness. 你利用了我的一时心软。

     Synonyms and related words
    Physical weakness: weakness, frailty, debility...
  2. 2
    [C] a fault or problem that makes something or someone less effective or attractive 缺点;弱点
    weakness in :

    There are a number of weaknesses in this approach. 这种方法有很多缺点。

    weakness of :

    They listed the strengths and weaknesses of their product. 他们列出了自己产品的优缺点。

     Synonyms and related words
    Faults: fault, defect, weakness...
  3. 3
    [C] a person's love or enjoyment of something 嗜好;爱好
    weakness for :

    You know my weakness for chocolate. 你知道我爱吃巧克力。

     Synonyms and related words
     Synonyms and related words
    Feelings of liking someone or something: liking, affection, taste...
BNC: 2867 COCA: 3487


1lack of strength軟弱無力ADJECTIVE | VERB + WEAKNESS | WEAKNESS + VERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEbig, fundamental, great, major, profound, serious, significant重大缺陷;根本弱點;主要缺點;嚴重缺陷;明顯的弱點glaring非常明顯的缺陷The team doesn't have any glaring weaknesses.該隊沒有任何明顯的弱點。fatal致命的弱點a fatal weakness in his theory他理論中的致命缺陷primary主要缺陷small小缺點physical身體孱弱structural結構缺陷methodological方法論上的缺陷the primary methodological weakness of this study這項研究在方法論上的主要缺陷personal個人缺點muscle, muscular肌無力economic, political經濟/政治弱點apparent, perceived明顯的/已知的弱點The criminals exploit apparent weaknesses in the system.罪犯會利用系統的明顯缺陷。obvious顯而易見的弱點She didn't seem to have any obvious weaknesses.她好像沒有任何明顯的弱點。inherent, intrinsic固有的/內在的缺陷institutional制度缺陷underlying根本缺陷the underlying weakness of the coalition's position聯盟所持立場的根本缺陷possible, potential可能的缺陷;潛在的弱點Make companies aware of potential weaknesses so they know what steps to take.讓公司瞭解自身的潛在弱點,從而知道採取什麼措施。relative相對弱勢a position of relative weakness處於相對弱勢的位置human人性的弱點moral道德上的缺點humanity's moral weakness and capacity for evil人類在道德上的缺點及其作惡的能力VERB + WEAKNESShave, suffer from有弱點;遭受缺陷之苦cause, create導致缺陷;產生弱點exploit利用薄弱環節assess, identify評價缺點;確認薄弱之處address解決薄弱之處The management had to address specific weaknesses in training.管理層不得不解決培訓中存在的具體漏洞。demonstrate, expose, highlight, point out, point to, reveal, show顯示不足;暴露缺點;突出缺點;指出不足;揭示薄弱之處acknowledge, admit, recognize承認不足;認識到弱點business leaders who refuse to admit their weaknesses不承認自身不足的商界領袖hide掩蓋缺點know瞭解缺點They know their strengths and weaknesses.他們知道自身的優缺點。minimize, overcome把不足降至最低點;克服弱點WEAKNESS + VERBbe, lie缺點在於⋯The greatest weakness of the plan lies in its lack of government support.這個計劃最大的不足就是缺乏政府的支持。PREPOSITIONweakness in在⋯方面的不足Service conditions soon revealed the inherent weaknesses in the vehicle's design.這款車的運行狀況很快暴露出了它設計上的先天不足。PHRASESa moment of weakness一時軟弱In a moment of weakness I let him drive my car.我一時心軟,就讓他開我的車。a sign of weakness軟弱的表示He saw compromise as a sign of weakness.他認為妥協表示軟弱。strengths and weaknesses優缺點The appraisal system seeks to assess employees' strengths and weaknesses.該評價系統旨在評估雇員的優點和不足。


2liking for sth/sb喜好ADJECTIVE | VERB + WEAKNESS | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEreal極度的迷戀VERB + WEAKNESShave迷戀I have a real weakness for chocolate.我簡直無法抵抗巧克力的誘惑。develop養成嗜好overcome克服迷戀PREPOSITIONweakness for對⋯的迷戀He can't overcome his weakness for fatty foods.他無法抵擋高脂肪食物的誘惑。
BNC: 2867 COCA: 3487
weakness noun
weakness1 (the weakness in this argument/approach/proposal) weakness2 (We all have our weaknesses.) taste1 (a weakness for chocolate)


the weakness in this argument/approach/proposal 这个论点/方法/建议的不足之处We all have our weaknesses. 我们都有各自的弱点。weakness ♦︎ limitation ♦︎ shortcoming ♦︎ failingThese are all words for sth that is wrong with a system, plan or argument. 这些词均表示系统、计划或论点的不足、缺点。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a weakness / a limitation / a shortcoming / a failing in sthdespite / in spite of sth's weaknesses / limitations / shortcomings / failingsa great / serious / major weakness / limitation / shortcoming / failingto have / suffer from weaknesses / limitations / shortcomingsto expose / reveal / identify / highlight the weaknesses / limitations / shortcomings / failings of sthto overcome the weaknesses / limitations / shortcomings of sth weakness [countable] a weak point in a system, plan, argument or piece of work that makes it less successful than it could be (系统、计划、论点或作品的)弱点,缺点,不足Can you spot the weakness in that argument?你能指出那个论点的不足之处吗?Try to consider the relative strengths and weaknesses of your work.要想想你的作品的相对优点和缺点。OPP strength benefit noun 1 limitation [countable, usually plural] a limit on what sb/sth can do or how good they/it can be 局限;限度This technique is useful but it has its limitations.这一技术实用,但也有局限性。She has serious limitations as a poet.作为一位诗人,她有严重的局限性。 shortcoming ˈʃɔːtkʌmɪŋ; NAmE ˈʃɔːrtkʌmɪŋ [countable, usually plural] a fault in a system, service, plan or piece of work that makes it fail in what it is supposed to do (系统、服务、计划或作品的)缺点,短处What are the real shortcomings in the inspection procedure?该审查程序的真正不足在哪里?NOTE 辨析 Weakness or shortcoming?In many cases you can use either word. However, a weakness is usually sth that makes sth fail to be as good as it should be for its own sake. 在许多情况下这两个词可以通用。但是weakness通常指因自身缺陷而不能达到预期的良好效果We need to highlight any potential weaknesses in the proposal (= or the proposal may not be accepted).我们需要注意该建议可能存在的任何不足。A shortcoming is usually sth that makes sth fail in its duty to other people. * shortcoming通常指因缺点而未能向他人履行职责The report highlights the shortcomings of the prison service (= where it is failing prisoners / society).该报告特别强调了监狱部门的缺失。 failing [countable, usually plural] a fault in a system, often a serious one (常指系统内严重的)弱点,缺陷The enquiry noted several failings in the current system.调查指出了目前系统的几个致命缺陷。weakness2


the weakness in this argument/approach/proposal 这个论点/方法/建议的不足之处We all have our weaknesses. 我们都有各自的弱点。weakness ♦︎ fault ♦︎ inadequacy ♦︎ frailty ♦︎ vice ♦︎ failing ♦︎ flawThese are all words for sth that is wrong with a person's character. 这些词均表示性格上的弱点。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a weakness / a fault / inadequacies / a vice / a failing / a flaw in sb / sthdespite / in spite of sb's weaknesses / faults / inadequacies / failings / flawssb's own weaknesses / faults / inadequacies / frailties / vices / failingssb's only weakness / fault / vicea great weakness / fault / vice / failinga serious weakness / fault / vice / flawmoral weakness / faults / inadequacy / failingshuman weakness / faults / frailty / failingspersonal weakness / inadequacy / failingsto have weaknesses / faults / a vice / failings / a flaw weakness [countable, uncountable] a weak point in sb's character (性格上的)弱点,缺点,不足She admits that her love of luxury is one of her greatest weaknesses.她承认爱好奢华是她最大的弱点之一。You need to be aware of your own strengths and weaknesses.你要了解自己的优缺点。He regarded asking for help as a sign of weakness.他认为求助于人是软弱的表现。OPP strength strength , strength benefit noun 1 fault [countable] something that is wrong or not perfect in sb's character (性格上的)弱点,缺点,不良点We all have our faults.我们都有各自的弱点。She was prepared to overlook his faults.她已经做好准备,对他的缺点视而不见。I love her for all her faults (= despite her faults).尽管她有这么多缺点,我还是爱她。She is blind to all her son's faults.她对儿子的缺点一概视而不见。NOTE 辨析 Weakness or fault?A fault is often more serious than a weakness. A weakness is often a weak point that people see in themselves; a fault is usually sth that they see in other people. * fault常比weakness更严重。weakness常指自己的弱点,fault通常指他人的不足。 inadequacy ɪnˈædɪkwəsi [countable, usually plural, uncountable] a weakness in sb's character that means they are not as good as they should or could be (性格上的)弱点,缺陷She had to face up to her own inadequacies as a mother.她不得不正视自己作为母亲的不足。The prime minister's personal inadequacy contributed to the fall of the government.首相的个人缺陷导致了政府的垮台。 frailty ˈfreɪlti [uncountable, countable, usually plural] (formal) weakness in sb's character or morals, especially considered as a natural human characteristic (尤指人性中的)弱点,懦弱,软弱He has shown enough evidence of human frailty.他的表现足以证明人性的懦弱。We are all subject to the frailties of human nature.我们都受制于人性的种种弱点。 vice [countable] a bad or immoral quality in sb's character; sth bad or immoral that sb does 邪恶;恶行;不道德行为Of his many vices, his cruelty was the worst.他作恶多端,尤以残暴为甚。 (humorous) The occasional cigar is my only vice.我唯一的罪过是偶尔抽支烟。OPP virtue A virtue is a particular good quality or habit. * virtue指美德Patience is not one of her virtues, I'm afraid.恐怕她不具有耐心这一美德。 failing [countable, usually plural] a fault or weakness in sb's character, especially where they fail in the care or duty they owe other people (性格上的)弱点,缺点(尤指因此不能履行义务)She was well aware of her own failings.她非常了解自己的弱点。 flaw [countable] a weakness in sb's character (性格上的)弱点,缺点The hero's fatal flaw is ambition.主人公的致命弱点是野心太大。Flaw is used especially to talk about the faults of characters in books and plays. A character's fatal flaw is a weakness that causes their own failure or destruction. * flaw尤指书和戏剧中人物的缺点,fatal flaw指导致失败或毁灭的致命弱点。

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