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noun [C] /ˈbæriə(r)/
  1. 1
    a bar or gate that stops people or vehicles from entering a place 栅栏;障碍物

    Fans broke through the barriers and rushed onto the pitch. 球迷冲破护栏闯进球场。

     Synonyms and related words
    Fences and boundaries: abuttals, balustrade, barbed wire...
    1. a.
      something that separates one thing from another 屏障

      The river is the last barrier between the rebel army and the city. 这条河是阻挡叛军进入城市的最后一道屏障。

       Synonyms and related words
  2. 2
    anything that prevents progress or makes it difficult for someone to achieve something 障碍

    These regulations would place barriers in the way of genetic research. 这些规定会为遗传学的研究设置障碍。

    barrier to :

    Disability need not be a barrier to a successful career. 残疾不应该成为事业成功的障碍。

    High levels of debt are a major barrier to economic development. 高额负债是经济发展的主要障碍。

     Synonyms and related words
    Things that make things difficult: problem, obstacle, complication...
    1. a.
      something that prevents people from communicating, working together etc (阻止人们交流、合作等的)隔阂,界线

      Language differences did not appear to be a barrier. 语言差异看来不是隔阂。

      cultural barriers 文化隔阂

      break down barriers :

      We're trying to break down barriers between young people from both communities. 我们正试图消除两个不同社区的年轻人之间的隔阂。

       Synonyms and related words
      Things that make things difficult: problem, obstacle, complication...
    2. b.
      a number, limit, or level that is considered important because it is difficult to go past (数字、限度、水平等的)关口,难关
      go through/break a barrier :

      the day the stock market broke the 10,000 barrier 股市突破10,000点大关那天

      The figure for inflation could go through the 5 per cent barrier. 通货膨胀率可能会超过5%。

       Synonyms and related words
      Limits, controls and ranges: red line, limit, constraint...


1fence/gate柵欄;門ADJECTIVE | VERB + BARRIER | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEphysical有形的障礙crash, crush, flood, police, protective, safety, security, ticket (BrE) (公路)防撞護欄;防擠欄杆;防洪屏障;警察檢查線;保護隔欄;安全護欄;檢票閘concrete混凝土屏障sound (figurative) 音障the first plane to break the sound barrier首架突破音障的飛機VERB + BARRIERbuild, erect, install修建柵欄;安設柵欄jump跳過隔欄break through衝破隔欄The crowd managed to break through the barriers.人群設法衝破護欄。PREPOSITIONat a/the barrier在柵欄處Please show your ticket at the barrier. (BrE) 請在檢票口出示您的票。behind a/the barrier在隔欄後The police waited behind the barriers.警察在隔欄後等待。through a/the barrier通過護欄There was a slow trickle of people through the barriers.時而有人穿越護欄。


2thing that causes problems引起麻煩之事ADJECTIVE | VERB + BARRIER | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEeffective, formidable, major有效的/難以克服的/主要的壁壘class, colour/color, cultural, institutional, language, racial, trade階級隔閡;膚色隔閡;文化壁壘;制度造成的隔閡;語言障礙;種族隔閡;貿易壁壘invisible無形的障礙artificial人為的障礙impenetrable, insurmountable不可逾越的壁壘VERB + BARRIERbuild, create, erect, put up, set up設置障礙;形成阻力;構成障礙The old laws created barriers to free trade.舊法律成為自由貿易的障礙。break, break down, eliminate, lift, lower, reduce, remove打破壁壘;減少阻力;消除障礙identify發現障礙cross跨越障礙They believe that music can cross any barriers.他們相信音樂可以跨越任何障礙。be faced with, encounter, face遭遇障礙;面對阻力overcome, transcend克服/超越障礙PREPOSITIONbarrier against針對⋯的阻礙The country has set up barriers against imports.這個國家設立了進口壁壘。barrier between⋯之間的壁壘a class barrier between the two families兩個家庭之間的階層隔閡barrier to⋯的障礙a formidable barrier to communication嚴重的溝通障礙


3physical object that prevents sb/sth passing防止穿越的阻隔物ADJECTIVE | VERB + BARRIER | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEimpassable, impenetrable無法穿越的障礙natural自然屏障VERB + BARRIERform形成屏障PREPOSITIONbarrier between⋯之間的屏障The mountains form a natural barrier between the two countries.這條山脈是分隔兩國的天然屏障。
barrier noun
barrier (Show your ticket at the barrier.) obstacle (a psychological barrier to success)


barrier ♦︎ barricade ♦︎ obstacle ♦︎ roadblock ♦︎ obstruction ♦︎ hurdleThese are all words for an object that blocks a road, path, entrance, etc. and stops people from getting past. 这些词均表示障碍物。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配behind a barrier / barricadeover a barricade / hurdleat / through a barrier / roadblocka physical barrier / obstacle / obstructiona police barrier / barricade / roadblockto erect / set up a barrier / barricade / roadblocksth forms a barrier / a barricade / an obstacleto clear a barricade / an obstacle / an obstruction / a hurdleto hit a barrier / an obstacle / an obstruction / a hurdleto remove a barricade / a roadblock / an obstruction barrier [countable] an object like a fence across a path or entrance that stops people from getting past 屏障;障碍物The crowd had to stand behind barriers.人群只好站在障碍物后面。Show your ticket at the barrier.请在验票处出示票据。Crash barriers were erected along the roads to be used for the race.沿路建起了防撞护栏,以备赛车之用。 see also bar block verb 3 barricade ˌbærɪˈkeɪd [countable] a line of objects placed across a road, path, etc. to stop people from getting past, especially as part of a protest (尤指抗议时筑起的)路障,街垒The police stormed the barricades the demonstrators had put up.警方冲破了示威者筑起的街垒。The protesters formed a human barricade.抗议者筑成了一道人墙。 see also barricade block verb 3 obstacle ˈɒbstəkl; NAmE ˈɑːbstəkl [countable] an object that is in your way and makes it difficult for you to get past; a fence for a horse to jump over in showjumping 障碍物;(障碍赛马中的)障碍栅栏The area was full of streams and bogs and other natural obstacles.此地遍布溪流、泥沼和其他天然障碍。This huge open ditch forms the biggest obstacle on the course.这条巨大的明沟成为途中最大的障碍。 roadblock ˈrəʊdblɒk; NAmE ˈroʊdblɑːk [countable] a barrier put across a road by the police or army so that they can stop and search vehicles (警方或军方设立的)路障They were stopped at an army roadblock leaving the city.他们出城时在军方设的路障前被拦住了。 obstruction əbˈstrʌkʃn [countable] (written) something that blocks a road, an entrance, etc. 路障;障碍;障碍物The train driver receives a warning if there's an obstruction on the line ahead.如果前方铁轨上有障碍物,火车司机会接到警示。 see also obstruct block verb 3 hurdle [countable] each of a series of upright frames that a person or horse jumps over in a race (供人或马在赛跑中跨越的)栏架,跨栏She cleared the first hurdle (= jumped over it without hitting it) in the lead.她率先跨过第一个栏架。 see also hurdle jump 1

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