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BNC: 440 COCA: 577
adjective /ˈsɜː(r)t(ə)n/
  1. 1
    [never before noun] having no doubts that something is true 确定的;无疑的

    I'm not absolutely certain, but I think I'm right. 我没有完全的把握,但我认为我是对的。

    certain (that) :

    You can be pretty certain she's not going to like it. 她不会喜欢这个的,这点你可以相当肯定。

    certain who :

    We still can't be certain who is going to win. 我们还不能肯定谁会赢。

    certain of/about :

    I've never been more certain of anything in my entire life. 这是我一生中最有把握的事。

    You don't seem too certain about it. 你看来对此并没有多大把握。

    know/say for certain :

    I think I met her in 1985, but I can't say for certain. 我想我是在1985年见到她的,但不敢肯定。

     Synonyms and related words
    Certain about something: certain, sure, positive...
  2. 2
    definitely going to happen 肯定会发生的;必然的

    They face certain death if they are sent back to their home country. 如果被遣送回国,他们就必死无疑。

    Success is by no means certain. 并非一定能成功。

    be certain to do something :

    Interest rates seem certain to rise next month. 下个月利率似乎肯定会提高。

    it is certain (that) :

    It's not certain that this method would have worked. 并不能肯定这种方法是否起了作用。

    certain of :

    Mexico is now certain of a place in the finals. 墨西哥队现在肯定能进入决赛。

     Synonyms and related words
    Certain or likely to happen: certain, likely, probable...
    1. a.
      definitely true 肯定的;千真万确的

      One thing was certain: someone had been in his room. 有一点是肯定的:有人进过他的房间。

       Synonyms and related words
      True, definite and based on facts: true, certain, objective...
    2. b.
      definitely known 确知的
      it is certain who :

      It's not yet certain who the driver of the car was. 还不能确定谁是这辆车的司机。

       Synonyms and related words
      Known and not secret: known, overt, transparent...


determiner /ˈsɜː(r)t(ə)n/
  1. used for referring to someone or something without being specific about exactly what or who they are 某些;一些

    Certain basic rules must be obeyed. 一些基本规则必须遵守。

    There are certain things we need to discuss urgently. 有些事我们急需讨论。

     Synonyms and related words
    1. a.
      spoken used for referring to someone or something without saying their name, when you know that the person you are talking to knows who or what you are referring to (指听者知道说话者所指的)某个(人或物体)

      A certain person is going to be there, so you might not want to come. 某个人会到那儿,所以你也许不想来。

       Synonyms and related words


pronoun /ˈsɜː(r)t(ə)n/


BNC: 440 COCA: 577


VERBS | ADVERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES VERBSbe, feel, look, seem確定;覺得肯定;看起來必然;似乎無疑Digby looked certain to be the next president.迪格比看來肯定會成為下任總統。become, grow變得確定;漸漸變得肯定I grew more and more certain that she was lying to me.我越來越確信她在對我撒謊。make保證Make certain that you lock the door if you go out.如果你出門,一定要把門鎖好。ADVERBvery很確定absolutely, quite極其肯定;非常確定by no means完全不能確定It's by no means certain that she'll get the job.她完全沒有把握能得到這個工作。almost, virtually幾乎必然fairly, pretty, reasonably比較肯定PREPOSITIONabout, of確信⋯Are you quite certain about this?你對此有充分把握嗎?PHRASEScan't say for certain說不準I think she's a teacher, but I couldn't say for certain.我想她是位老師,但不能肯定。not know for certain不確切知道I don't know for certain how many people are coming.我不確定到底有多少人會來。
BNC: 440 COCA: 577
certain adj.
certain (certain to agree/win) particular (Certain people disagree.) sure (Are you certain?)


 See also the entry for conclusive 另见conclusive条certain ♦︎ bound ♦︎ sure ♦︎ definite ♦︎ destined ♦︎ guaranteed ♦︎ assuredThese words all describe sth that will definitely happen or is definitely true. 这些词均表示肯定的、确定的、一定会。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配certain / sure / assured of sthcertain / bound / sure / destined / guaranteed to do sthcertain / definite that...I couldn't say for certain / sure / definite.to seem certain / bound to... / sure / definite / destined / guaranteed / assuredto look certain / sure / definite / destined / guaranteed / assuredby no means certain / sure / definite / guaranteed / assuredfairly / quite / absolutely certain / sure / definite certain that you can rely on to happen or be true 确实,确定,肯定(会发生或属实)It's certain that they will agree.他们肯定会同意。She looks certain to win an Oscar.看来奥斯卡金像奖她拿定了。If you want to be certain of getting into the concert, buy your ticket now.要想有把握听到音乐会,现在就买票吧。The climbers face certain death if the rescue attempt is unsuccessful.如果救援行动不成功,登山队员必死无疑。OPP uncertain uncertain certainly


This will certainly make them think again.这一定会让他们重新考虑的。She was certainly attractive but you couldn't call her beautiful.她当然有吸引力,但说不上漂亮。
bound baʊnd [not before noun] certain to happen, or to do or be sth 一定会;肯定会There are bound to be changes when the new system is introduced.引进新系统后一定会发生变化。You've done so much work-you're bound to pass the exam.你下了这么大工夫,考试绝对没问题。It was bound to happen sooner or later (= we should have expected it).这事迟早要发生。Bound is only used in the phrase bound to do/be, etc. * bound只用于bound to do、bound to be等短语中。 sure certain to happen or be true; that can be trusted or relied on 一定(会发生);确切的;可靠的She's sure to be picked for the team.她一定会入选该队。There's only one sure way of knowing.获取知识的可靠方法只有一个。It's a sure sign of economic recovery.这是经济复苏的确切迹象。 (rather informal) He's a sure bet for the presidential nomination (= he is certain to get it).他是总统候选人提名的铁定人选。 definite (especially spoken) certain to happen; that is not going to change 肯定(会发生)的;确定的;不会改变的Is it definite that he's leaving?他肯定要离开吗?I've heard rumours, but nothing definite.我听到一些传言,但都不确定。Can you give me a definite answer by tomorrow?你最晚明天给我确切的答复行吗?Have they made you a definite offer of a job?他们确定给你一份工作了吗? definitely


I definitely remember sending the letter.我清楚地记得把信寄了。'Do you plan to have children?' 'Definitely not!'“你们打算要孩子吗?”“没这个打算!”The date of the move has not been definitely decided yet (= it may change).搬家日期还没确定。Please say definitely whether you will be coming or not.请明确告知您是否会来。
destined ˈdestɪnd (formal) having a future which has been decided or planned at an earlier time, especially by fate (尤指命中)注定的He was destined for a military career, like his father before him.他命中注定要步父亲的后尘,过戎马生涯。We seem destined never to meet.我们似乎命中注定无缘相见。 see also destiny luck guaranteed ˌgærənˈtiːd certain to have a particular result 肯定会;必定会If we try to keep it a secret, she's guaranteed to find out.如果我们试图保密,她一定会发现。That kind of behaviour is guaranteed to make him angry.那样的行为肯定会让他生气。 assured əˈʃʊəd, əˈʃɔːd; NAmE əˈʃʊrd (written) certain to happen; certain to get sth 必将发生的;确定的;肯定得到的Victory seemed assured.胜利在望。The French team are now assured of a place in the final.法国队现在一定能进入决赛了。

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