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noun /ˈtriːtmənt/
  1. 1
    [U] the process of providing medical care 治疗;医治
    treatment of :

    These drugs are for the treatment of tropical diseases. 这些药物是用来治疗热带疾病的。

    treatment for :

    They were taken to Cape Cod hospital for treatment for burns and smoke inhalation. 他们被送往科德角医院进行烧伤和烟尘吸入的治疗。

    receive/undergo treatment :

    She was undergoing treatment for breast cancer. 她在接受乳腺癌治疗。

    respond to treatment (=improve because of it) 经治疗(病情)好转 :

    The patient is responding well to treatment. 经治疗,病人的病情有很大好转。

     Synonyms and related words
    1. a.
      [C] a particular method or type of medical care 治疗方法;疗法
      treatment for :

      They have developed a revolutionary new treatment for heroin addiction. 他们研究出了治疗海洛因毒瘾的全新方法。

       Synonyms and related words
      Medical and health treatments: acupressure, acupuncture, aftercare...
  2. 2
    [U] the particular way in which you deal with someone 待遇;看待
    treatment of :

    the treatment of prisoners 囚犯的待遇

    preferential treatment (=better treatment than anyone else) 优惠待遇 :

    It was discovered that one group got preferential treatment. 人们发现有个小组得到了优惠待遇。

     Synonyms and related words
    Systems and methods for doing things: modality, method, system...
    1. a.
      the way in which a subject is dealt with, especially in art or literature (尤指艺术或文学中的)论述,描述
      treatment of :

      The book's treatment of village life is very realistic. 书中关于农村生活的描述是非常真实的。

       Synonyms and related words
      Relating to the work of an artist: aesthetic, cherub, commission...
  3. 3
    [C/U] a process in which a substance is put on something, for example in order to preserve or clean it (涂上某物进行的)处理
    treatment of :

    This is a new product for the treatment of industrial waste. 这是一种用来处理工业废弃物的新产品。

     Synonyms and related words


1way you treat sb/sth待人處事的方式ADJECTIVE | VERB + TREATMENT ADJECTIVEfavourable/favorable, preferential, special, VIP優待;優惠;特殊待遇;貴賓待遇She was given the VIP treatment after winning a gold medal.她贏得金牌後獲得貴賓禮遇。generous, lenient寬厚的/寬容的對待equal, fair平等的/公平的待遇good, humane良好的待遇;人道的對待sensitive, sympathetic體貼的/同情的對待discriminatory, poor, unequal, unfair, unjust歧視性待遇;怠慢;不平等待遇;不公平待遇brutal, cruel, degrading, harsh, inhuman, inhumane, rough殘忍的對待;侮辱性對待;嚴苛的對待;虐待;粗暴的對待He claims he suffered inhumane treatment at the hands of prison officers.他聲稱自己在獄警那兒受到了虐待。shabby不公正的對待You shouldn't put up with such shabby treatment.你不應該忍受如此不公正的對待。VERB + TREATMENTget, have, receive, suffer受到⋯對待;遭受⋯待遇deserve應受⋯待遇He had done nothing to deserve such cruel treatment.他並沒有做錯什麼,卻受到如此殘忍的對待。give sb, mete out (to sb) (especially BrE) 對待某人⋯;給予(某人)⋯待遇The treatment meted out to captured soldiers was harsh.被俘士兵所受的待遇十分惡劣。accept, put up with接受/忍受⋯待遇


2medical care醫療ADJECTIVE | ... OF TREATMENT | VERB + TREATMENT | TREATMENT + NOUN | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEemergency, immediate, prompt, urgent (especially BrE) 急診處理;緊急醫治;即刻治療first-line, primary一線/首選治療follow-up, further後續治療;進一步治療long-term長期治療effective, successful有效的/成功的治療conventional, orthodox, recommended, standard常規/正統/推薦/標準的治療experimental實驗性治療alternative, holistic, homeopathic非傳統治療;整體性療法;順勢療法hospital (especially BrE) 醫院治療inpatient, outpatient住院治療;門診治療free, NHS (in the UK) 免費治療;享受國民醫療保健服務的治療private (especially BrE) 私人治療specialist (BrE) 專家治療clinical, dental, medical, psychiatric, veterinary (especially BrE) 臨牀/牙科/藥物/精神病/獸醫的治療surgical外科治療non-surgical非外科治療acupuncture, antibiotic, drug, hormone, laser, radiation, shock (often figurative) 針刺/抗生素/藥物/激素/激光/輻射/休克療法addiction, cancer, fertility毒癮/癌症/不孕症治療alcohol or drug addiction treatment酒精或毒癮的治療dietary食療beauty, hair, spa美容;美髮;水療... OF TREATMENTcourse一個療程VERB + TREATMENTget, have, receive, undergo得到治療;接受治療She is still undergoing medical treatment.她仍在接受藥物治療。administer, give sb, provide (sb with)給予(某人)治療;(向某人)提供治療paramedics trained in administering emergency treatment受過急診處理培訓的急救醫士be effective in, be used in治療⋯有效;用於治療⋯a herbal drug that is used in the treatment of dizziness一種用於治療頭暈的草藥be approved for獲准用於治療drugs approved for AIDS treatment已獲批准的治療艾滋病的藥物need, require需要治療seek尋求治療When his depression worsened, he decided to seek treatment.他的抑鬱症有所惡化,他決定尋求治療。prescribe, recommend, suggest推薦療法refuse拒絕治療begin, enter (especially NAmE) 開始/進入治療complete完成治療discontinue停止治療benefit from, respond to得益於治療;對治療有反應He responded well to treatment and is now walking again.治療效果不錯,他現在又能走路了。TREATMENT + NOUNdecision, option治療決定/選擇centre/center, room治療中心;治療室method, procedure, process, technique治療方法/程序/過程/技術course, plan, programme/program, regime, regimen, schedule療程;治療計劃;治療方案provider, services提供治療者;醫療服務PREPOSITIONin treatment在治療中He's in treatment for cocaine addiction.他正在接受可卡因脫癮治療。treatment for就⋯接受治療She is receiving treatment for a heart condition.她正在接受心臟病治療。


3process for cleaning/protecting sth清潔或保護程序ADJECTIVE | TREATMENT + NOUN ADJECTIVEsewage, water污水處理;水處理TREATMENT + NOUNfacility, plant, works (BrE) 處理場所;處理廠


4discussion of a subject, work of art, etc.對論題、藝術品的討論ADJECTIVEexhaustive, systematic詳盡的/系統的論述lengthy冗長的論述cursory, superficial粗略的/膚淺的探討philosophical, theoretical富於哲理的/理論探討


treatment ♦︎ surgery ♦︎ medicine ♦︎ therapy ♦︎ operation ♦︎ healing ♦︎ medical care ♦︎ cure ♦︎ nursingThese are all words for the practice or study of making people well after illness or injury. 这些词均表示治疗、疗法、诊治。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配treatment / surgery / therapy / an operation for sthsurgery / an operation on sb / sth(an) emergency treatment / surgery / operation(a / an) alternative / orthodox / conventional treatment / medicine / therapyto have treatment / surgery / therapy / an operation / medical careto undergo treatment / surgery / therapy / an operationto receive treatment / surgery / therapy / medical careto need / require treatment / surgery / therapy / an operation / medical careto give sb treatment / therapy / medical careto carry out treatment / surgery / an operationto perform surgery / an operation treatment [uncountable, countable] something that is done to cure an illness or injury, or to make sb look or feel good 治疗;疗法;诊治;护理He is receiving treatment for shock.他因休克正在接受治疗。She is responding well to treatment.她经过治疗大有起色。Guests at the health spa receive a range of beauty and fitness treatments.客人在健康水疗馆可接受各种美容及保健护理。 surgery ˈsɜːdʒəri; NAmE ˈsɜːrdʒəri [uncountable] medical treatment of injuries or diseases that involves cutting open the body and often removing or replacing some parts; the branch of medicine connected with this treatment 外科手术;外科学The doctor had to perform emergency surgery to the patient's head.医生不得不对病人头部做紧急手术。She will require surgery on her left knee.她的左膝需要做手术。My brother went on to study surgery.我哥哥进而攻读外科学。Plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery is medical operations to repair injury to a person's skin, or to improve their appearance. * plastic surgery或cosmetic surgery指整形手术、整容手术。 medicine [uncountable] the study and treatment of diseases and injuries 医学She went on to practise medicine after completing her studies.完成学业后,她开始行医。Which branch of medicine are you going to train in?你要接受哪个医学分支的培训?He gave up general medicine to specialize in geriatric medicine.他放弃了普通内科,专攻老年医学。 see also medicine drug 2 therapy ˈθerəpi [uncountable, countable] the treatment of an illness or physical problem, especially using a particular method 治疗;(某种)疗法Most patients undergo some sort of drug therapy for leukaemia.多数白血病患者都会接受某种药物治疗。She has trained in alternative therapies (= therapies that do not use conventional drugs).她接受了替代疗法的培训。Therapy is often used in compounds, meaning a particular kind of therapy: physiotherapy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychotherapy. Therapy can also be another word for psychotherapy, which is the treatment of mental illness by discussing sb's problems, rather than by giving them drugs. * therapy常用于构成复合词,指某种疗法,如physiotherapy(物理治疗),chemotherapy(化疗),radiotherapy(放射疗法),occupational therapy(职业疗法),speech therapy(言语治疗),psychotherapy(心理治疗)。therapy还可表示psychotherapy之义,指不使用药物,而是通过讨论某人的问题来治疗心理疾病的疗法。 operation [countable] the process of cutting open a part of a person's body in order to remove or repair a damaged part 手术Will I need to have an operation?我需要动手术吗?an operation on her lung to remove a tumour切除她肺部肿瘤的手术He underwent a three-hour heart operation.他接受了三个小时的心脏手术。 operate


[intransitive] The doctors operated last night.医生们昨夜做手术了。We will have to operate on his eyes.我们得给他的眼睛动手术。
NOTE 辨析 Surgery or operation? Surgery is uncountable; operation is countable. * surgery是不可数名词,operation是可数名词The doctor recommended surgery.医生建议做手术。She's had three operations in the past two years.她在过去两年做过三次手术。
healing [uncountable] the process of becoming or making sb/sth healthy again, usually through natural methods (通常通过自然手段)康复,治疗Homeopathy aims to reinforce the body's natural healing powers.顺势疗法的目的是增强身体的自愈能力。Rest is an important part of the healing process.休息在康复过程中是很重要的。Faith healing is a method of treating a sick person through the power of belief and prayer. * faith healing指通过信念和祈祷治疗病人的信仰疗法。 see also heal cure ˈmedical care [uncountable] the practice of caring for sb when they are ill or injured 医疗护理Many people didn't receive proper medical care after the explosion.爆炸发生后,很多人没有得到适当的医疗护理。 cure [countable] the act of curing sb of an illness; the process of being cured 治疗;疗程Doctors cannot effect a cure if the illness has spread too far.假如疾病已严重扩散,医生也无法妙手回春。The cure took six weeks.此疗程花了六个星期。 see also cure cure verb , cure drug noun 2 nursing [uncountable] the job or skill of caring for people who are ill or injured 护理;看护He is planning to follow a career in nursing.他计划从事护理工作。 see also nurse doctor

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