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noun [C] /səˈluːʃ(ə)n/
Related words
  1. 1
    a way to solve a problem or to deal with a bad situation 解决方法
    solution to/for :

    UN leaders are working hard to find a peaceful solution to the conflict. 联合国领导人在努力寻找和平解决这场冲突的方法。

    come up with/devise a solution :

    The committee has failed to come up with any solutions for the crisis. 委员会没能找到解决危机的方法。

    offer/provide a solution (=be a possible solution) 提供解决方法 :

    Solar energy offers a low-cost solution to our fuel problems. 太阳能为我们的燃料问题提供了廉价的解决方法。

    be the solution :

    Putting children in prison is not the solution. 把孩子送进监狱并不是解决问题的方法。

     Synonyms and related words
    Ways of solving problems: solution, compromise, remedy...
  2. 2
    the answer to a question in a puzzle, crossword etc (谜、纵横字谜等的)答案,解答
     Synonyms and related words
    1. a.
      maths the answer to a problem in mathematics (数学题的)答案
       Synonyms and related words
  3. 3
    chemistry a liquid with another substance dissolved in it, so that it has become part of the liquid 溶液
     Synonyms and related words


1to a problem, difficult situation, etc.問題;困境ADJECTIVE | VERB + SOLUTION | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEcomplete, comprehensive全面的解決方案partial部份解決方案effective, good, ideal, neat, optimal, perfect, real有效的/不錯的/理想的/巧妙的/最佳的/完美的/真正的解決方法His plan does not offer a real solution to the problem.他的計劃並未提出一個真正解決問題的方法。acceptable可接受的解決方案satisfactory, workable令人滿意的/可行的解決方案correct, right正確的解決辦法easy, obvious, simple便捷的/顯而易見的/簡單的解決方法possible可能的解決方法alternative可替代的解決方法feasible, practical, realistic, viable切實可行的解決方案cost-effective划算的解決方法creative, imaginative, ingenious, innovative創造性的/有想像力的/巧妙的/創新的解決方法drastic, radical極端的解決方法immediate, instant, quick, speedy即刻/立即/馬上/迅速解決The UN representative stressed the urgency of a speedy solution.聯合國代表強調了儘快解決問題的緊迫性。final, lasting, long-term, permanent, ultimate最後的/持久的/長遠的/永久的/最終的解決方法interim, short-term, temporary暫時的/短期的/臨時的解決方法proposed擬議中的解決方案pragmatic務實的解決方法compromise, negotiated折衷的/協商後的解決方案diplomatic, peaceful, political外交/和平/政治解決方案military, security軍事/安全解決方案technical, technological, technology (especially NAmE) 技術解決辦法The industry needs to look for technological solutions to their problems.該行業需尋求技術手段解決他們的問題。software軟件解決方法VERB + SOLUTIONlook for, seek, work towards/toward尋找解決方法;設法得到解決achieve, agree, agree on, agree upon, arrive at, come up with, find, produce, reach, work out得出解決方案;達成解決方案;找到解決方法attempts to find a comprehensive political solution to the crisis為尋求政治手段全面消弭這次危機所作的努力develop詳細闡述解決方案propose, put forward, suggest提出解決方案;建議解決方案adopt採納解決方案offer, provide提出解決方法PREPOSITIONsolution for針對⋯的解決方案a quick solution for dealing with the paper shortage迅速解決紙張短缺的方法solution to為⋯的解決方法They were seeking an ultimate solution to the city's traffic problem.他們正在尋找一個解決這個城市交通問題的最終方案。PHRASESpart of the solution解決方案的一部份Either you're part of the solution or part of the problem.你如果解決不了問題,就是在製造問題。


2liquid in which a solid has been dissolved溶液ADJECTIVE | SOLUTION + VERB | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEconcentrated, strong濃縮溶液;高濃度溶液dilute, weak稀溶液;低濃度溶液saturated飽和溶液acid酸性溶液alkaline鹼性溶液aqueous水溶液saline, salt鹽溶液buffer緩衝溶液bicarbonate, sodium chloride, etc.碳酸氫鹽、氯化鈉等溶液SOLUTION + VERBcontain溶液含有⋯PREPOSITIONin solution溶液中carbon dioxide in solution溶液中的二氧化碳
solution noun
solution (a solution to a problem) mixture (a saline solution)


solution ♦︎ answer ♦︎ key ♦︎ resolution ♦︎ remedy ♦︎ way out ♦︎ fixThese are all words for a way of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation. 这些词均表示解决方法、处理手段、答案。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配the solution / answer / key / resolution / remedy / fix to sththe solution / answer / remedy / fix for sb / stha simple solution / answer / resolution / remedy / fixan easy solution / answer / remedy / way outa quick solution / answer / resolution / fixa satisfactory solution / answer / resolution / remedyto look for a solution / an answer / the key / a fixto seek a solution / an answer / a resolution / a remedy / a fixto find / provide a solution / an answer / the key / a resolution / a remedyto offer a solution / an answer / the key / a fixto arrive at a solution / an answer / a resolution solution [countable] a way of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation; the act of solving a problem; the correct reply to a puzzle 解决(方法);处理手段;答案;谜底Do you have a better solution?你有更好的解决办法吗?Will this lead to a peaceful solution of the conflict?这能使冲突和平解决吗?The solution to last week's quiz is on page 81.上周测验的答案在第81页。 answer [countable] something that you write or say in reply to a question in a test, exercise or competition; the correct reply to a question in a test, etc.; a way of solving a problem (试题、练习或竞赛的)答案;正确答案;(问题的)解决办法Write your answers on the sheet provided.把答案写在发给你的答题纸上。The sender of the first correct answer to be drawn will receive £100.第一个被抽中并答对的参加者将获得100英镑。Do you know the answer to question 12?你知道第12题的答案吗?The answers are at the back of the book.答案在书的最后几页。This could be the answer to all our problems.这可能就是我们全部问题的解决办法。The obvious answer would be to cancel the party.最适当的解决方法是取消这次聚会。 key [countable, usually singular] something that makes you able to understand, achieve or deal with sth 关键;要诀The key to success is preparation.成功的关键是有准备。The driver of the car probably holds the key to solving the crime.这个汽车司机很可能掌握侦破这一罪案的关键证据。 (especially NAmE) The key is, how long can the federal government control the inflation rate?关键在于联邦政府对通货膨胀率的控制能维持多久? resolution ˌrezəˈluːʃn [singular, uncountable] (rather formal) the act of solving or settling a problem or dispute (问题或纠纷的)解决,消除The government is pressing for an early resolution of the hostage crisis.政府正在不断敦促早日解决这起人质危机。Hopes for a peaceful resolution to the conflict were fading.和平解决这次冲突的希望逐渐变得渺茫。 see also resolve resolve remedy ˈremədi [countable] (rather formal) a way of dealing with or improving an unpleasant or difficult situation 处理方法;改进措施;补偿There is no simple remedy for unemployment.失业问题没有简单的解决办法。They advised him to exhaust all other remedies before applying to court.他们建议他不到万不得已时不要向法庭提出申请。 see also remedy correct verb ˌway ˈout [countable, usually singular] (rather informal) a way of dealing with a difficult or unpleasant situation, especially one which avoids dealing with the cause of the problem (困境的)出路(尤指借此避开处理问题的起因)A local agreement is the only way out of the current crisis.达成地方性协议是解决当前危机的唯一出路。She had taken the easy way out by returning the keys without a message.她采取了简单的办法:归还钥匙但不留言。 fix [countable] (informal) a way of dealing with a problem, especially an easy or temporary one (尤指简单或暂时的)解决方法There is no quick fix for the steel industry.钢铁工业的问题没有即时解决的办法。This is nothing other than a short-term political fix.这只不过是政治上的权宜之计。 see also fix correct verb

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