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IELTS BNC: 2763 COCA: 2713
noun [U] /ˈʃɒpɪŋ/
  1. 1
    the activity of going to a shop to buy things 购物

    I don't like shopping very much. 我不太喜欢购物。

    a shopping list 购物清单

    go shopping/do the shopping :

    I don't suppose you've had a chance to go shopping yet? 我想你还没机会去购物吧?

     Synonyms and related words
    1. a.
      [only before noun] involving shopping 购物的
      a shopping spree (=when you buy a lot of things from a lot of shops) 疯狂购物 :

      We went on a shopping spree and spent nearly £500. 我们疯狂采购了一番,花去将近 500 英镑。

       Synonyms and related words
    See also window-shopping
  2. 2
    British all of the things that you have bought in a shop, especially food and products for cleaning the house 一次购物买的所有东西(尤指食品及清洁用品)

    Can you help me bring the shopping in? 你可以帮我把我买的东西拿进去吗?

     Synonyms and related words
IELTS BNC: 2763 COCA: 2713


1activity of shopping購物ADJECTIVE | ... OF SHOPPING | VERB + SHOPPING | SHOPPING + NOUN | PHRASES ADJECTIVElate-night, morning, weekend深夜/早上/週末購物back-to-school, Christmas, holiday, last-minute, sales (BrE) 開學/聖誕/假期/最後時刻/促銷購物the back-to-school shopping season新學期購物旺季a bit of, a little買點兒東西I thought we'd do a little shopping before the show.我想我們得在開演前買些東西。family, food, grocery, supermarket, weekly (especially BrE) 家庭/食品/雜貨/超市/每週一次的購物I do the weekly shopping on a Saturday.我在週六去做每週一次的採購。car, clothes, dress, etc.汽車、服裝等採購catalogue, home, Internet, online郵購;在家購物;網上購物;在線購物the move to home shopping using your computer朝使用電腦居家購物邁進的一步duty-free, tax-free免稅購物comparison貨比三家This website is a valuable resource for comparison shopping.這個網站為貨比三家提供了寶貴數據。convenience, one-stop便利/一站式購物the consumers' demand for one-stop shopping (= buying all they need in one place) 顧客對一站式購物的需求quality (especially BrE) 高品質購物serious (humorous) 大採購Jenny went directly to town for some serious shopping.珍妮直接去市中心大肆採購一番。heavy, light (both especially BrE) 大量/少量購物compulsive強迫性購物to suffer from compulsive shopping disorder患有強迫購物症... OF SHOPPINGafternoon, day一下午的/一整天的購物VERB + SHOPPINGbe out, do, go, go out出去購物;買東西She's doing some last-minute Christmas shopping.她正利用聖誕節到來之前的最後一點兒時間採買一些過節用品。When shall I do the shopping? (BrE) 我什麼時候去購物?We do our shopping on Saturdays.我們每週六購物。I have to go shopping in town this afternoon.我今天下午得去市中心購物。come來購物take sb帶某人去購物Jade wants me to take her shopping for a new outfit.傑德要我帶她去買一套新衣服。SHOPPING + NOUNbag, basket, cart, trolley (BrE) 購物袋;購物籃;購物車list購物清單area, district購物區arcade, complex, development, mall, parade, park, plaza, precinct, street, strip (NAmE) 拱廊商場;大型購物中心;購物新區;購物街;購物廣場;步行商業區;商業街the town's main shopping street這個城鎮的主要商業街 (see also shopping centre) facilities, outlet (especially BrE) 購物設施;打折購物店channel, network (especially NAmE) 購物渠道/網絡a home shopping network家庭購物網site, website購物網站an Internet shopping site因特網購物網站service購物服務a personal shopping service代購服務space (especially BrE) 購物空間Developers plan to build 4 000 square feet of shopping space here.開發商計劃在這裏建造 4,000 平方英尺的購物空間。destination購物目的地New York, the ultimate shopping destination紐約,購物的天堂excursion, expedition, spree, trip購物之行;瘋狂購物She won £10 000 and immediately went on a shopping spree.她贏得了 1 萬英鎊獎金,立即去瘋狂採購了一番。day, hours, season購物日;購物時間;購物季Only 22 shopping days left until Christmas!聖誕節到來之前只剩下 22 個購物日了!outside normal shopping hours正常購物時間之外the Christmas shopping season聖誕購物季environment, experience購物環境/體驗We ensure that our customers have an exceptional shopping experience.我們保證顧客能獲得非凡的購物體驗。habits購物習慣detailed portraits of consumers' shopping habits消費者購物習慣的詳細描述voucher (BrE) 購物券PHRASESbe on sb's shopping list (often figurative) 在某人的採購清單上;在某人的任務清單上A new car is on my shopping list.我打算買輛新車。Improved electricity generation is one of the first things on the country's shopping list.改進發電能力是這個國家首要解決的問題之一。


2 (especially BrE) food, etc. bought in shops/stores在商店購買的東西 see also groceries ADJECTIVE | VERB + SHOPPING ADJECTIVEheavy購買的大量物品VERB + SHOPPINGbe laden with滿載所購之物carry拿着所購之物put away, unpack放好/取出所購之物They unpacked the shopping and put it away.他們取出買回的東西放好。
IELTS BNC: 2763 COCA: 2713

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