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BNC: 1647 COCA: 1545
verb [T] /ˈwelkəm/
present tense
present participlewelcoming
past tensewelcomed
past participlewelcomed
  1. 1
    to greet someone in a polite and friendly way when they have come to see you or to help you 欢迎;迎接

    Some hotels do not even welcome guests in their own language. 有些饭店甚至不用他们自己的语言迎接客人。

    warmly welcome (=with enthusiasm) 热烈欢迎 :

    Visitors will be warmly welcomed. 参观者将受到热烈欢迎。

     Synonyms and related words
  2. 2
    to say that you approve of something that has happened or that you are pleased about it 欢迎(指赞成某事或对某事感到满意)

    They welcomed the new proposals. 他们欢迎这项新提议。

    The move has been welcomed by environmentalists. 这一行动受到环境保护主义者的欢迎。

    The announcement will be widely welcomed (=welcomed by many people). 这一公告将受到广泛的欢迎。

    welcome something as something :

    The president welcomed the accord as a step towards political stability. 主席高兴地把达成一致看成是迈向政治稳定的一步。

     Synonyms and related words
    To express or give approval: approve, recommend, consent...
  3. 3
    to say that you are pleased to accept or consider something such as an opportunity or a question 乐于接受;乐于考虑;欢迎

    We welcome suggestions from our readers. 我们乐于接受读者的建议。

    The faculty welcomes prospective students wishing to visit departments. 该学院欢迎想参观各系、有意前来就读的学生。

     Synonyms and related words
    To say yes: accede, accept, assent...
  4. 4
    to celebrate an event 庆祝

    Fireworks welcomed the New Year in Moscow's Red Square. 人们在莫斯科红场燃放烟花庆祝新年。

     Synonyms and related words
    To celebrate: celebrate, celebration, parade...
adjective /ˈwelkəm/
  1. 1
    if you are welcome, or are a welcome visitor at a place, people are pleased that you are there 受欢迎的

    Your friends are always welcome here. 你的朋友们在这里总是受欢迎的。

    Pat was a very welcome guest. 帕特是个非常受欢迎的客人。

    make someone welcome :

    It's a beautiful place – you will be made very welcome. 这是个很美丽的地方,你会感到自己很受欢迎。

     Synonyms and related words
    Loved, liked or wanted very much: dear, desirable, precious...
    1. a.
      if something is welcome, people are happy about it because it is pleasant or because they need it 令人愉快的

      The early flowers are a welcome sight. 提前绽放的花使人赏心悦目。

      The sunny weather was a welcome bonus. 阳光灿烂的天气令人喜出望外。

      A cold drink would be very welcome. 喝一杯冷饮会使人觉得很舒服。

      welcome to :

      This year's bonus will be welcome to those on lower incomes. 今年的奖金将会受到那些低收入职员的欢迎。

       Synonyms and related words
      Loved, liked or wanted very much: dear, desirable, precious...
  2. 2
    if someone tells you that you are welcome to do something, they are saying that you may do it if you want to 可随意的;不受限制的

    Members of the public are welcome to attend the meeting. 公众可不受限制地出席这一会议。

    more than welcome (=very welcome) :

    You're more than welcome to stay overnight. 非常欢迎你留下来过夜。

     Synonyms and related words
    1. a.
      if someone tells you that you are welcome to something, they mean that you can have it or use it, usually because they do not want it or do not like it themselves 可随意拥有的,可随便使用的(通常指占有或使用别人不要或不喜欢的事物)

      Flying – you're welcome to it as far as I'm concerned (=I do not want to do it). 乘飞机,你尽管去吧,我可不去。

       Synonyms and related words
noun /ˈwelkəm/
  1. 1
    [C/U] an act of welcoming or greeting someone 欢迎;迎接

    They received a tumultuous welcome. 他们受到非常热烈的欢迎。

    The mayor said some words of welcome (=made a short speech to welcome people). 市长致欢迎辞。

    a warm welcome (=an especially friendly welcome) 热烈的欢迎 :

    He gave us a warm welcome and invited us to lunch. 他给予了我们热烈的欢迎,并邀请我们共进午餐。

    in welcome :

    He held his hand out in welcome. 他伸出手表示欢迎。

     Synonyms and related words
  2. 2
    [C] a reaction to a suggestion or decision (对建议或决定的)欢迎,反应

    The proposal received an enthusiastic welcome. 这项提议得到了热烈欢迎。

    Politicians gave a cautious welcome to the appointment (=were pleased by it but not completely satisfied). 政治家们谨慎地欢迎这一任命。

     Synonyms and related words
    Reactions and ways of responding: reaction, response, reply...
interjection /ˈwelkəm/
  1. used for welcoming someone to a place 欢迎(迎接某人到某地时的用语)

    Welcome to Edinburgh. 欢迎来到爱丁堡。

     Synonyms and related words
    1. a.
      used at the beginning of a radio or television programme 欢迎收看,欢迎收听(广播或电视节目的开头用语)

      Welcome to the show. 欢迎收看这个节目。

       Synonyms and related words
BNC: 1647 COCA: 1545


ADJECTIVE | VERB + WELCOME | WELCOME + VERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEbig, enthusiastic, friendly, hearty, great, rapturous, rousing, special, tumultuous, warm盛大的歡迎;熱情的接待;友好的歡迎;熱忱的歡迎;隆重的接待;熱烈的歡迎;特別的歡迎The audience gave the band a rousing welcome.觀眾熱烈歡迎樂隊。broad (especially BrE) 廣泛的歡迎The proposals have been given a broad welcome by green campaigners.提案受到綠色環保運動人士的廣泛歡迎。cautious, guarded, qualified (all especially BrE) 謹慎的歡迎;有保留的歡迎official正式的歡迎hero's英雄般的歡迎She got a hero's welcome on her return from the Olympics.她參加奧運會歸來受到英雄般的歡迎。VERB + WELCOMEget, receive受到歡迎extend, give sb表示歡迎;歡迎某人outstay, overstay作客時間過長而不再受歡迎Sensing that he had outstayed his welcome, he quickly left.他感覺到自己待得太久,已經惹人厭煩,於是就趕快離開了。WELCOME + VERBawait sb (BrE) 歡迎將降臨到某人身上A warm welcome awaits you at this family-run hotel.家庭旅館熱情歡迎您的到來。PREPOSITIONin welcome歡迎She held out her arms in welcome.她張開雙臂表示歡迎。welcome from來自⋯的歡迎The proposal received a warm welcome from the committee.這項提議得到了委員會的熱烈歡迎。welcome to給予⋯的歡迎A big welcome to our special guest, James Greenan.熱烈歡迎我們的特別嘉賓,詹姆斯・格里南先生。They received a friendly welcome to their new home.他們在新家裏受到了友好的歡迎。PHRASESwords of welcome歡迎的話Thank you for those words of welcome.謝謝您的歡迎辭。


1greet sb/be pleased sb has come迎接;歡迎ADVERB | VERB + WELCOME | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADVERBheartily, warmly衷心/熱烈歡迎If you visit our town you will be warmly welcomed.你到我們的小鎮會受到熱烈的歡迎。gladly (especially NAmE) 興高采烈地歡迎formally, officially正式歡迎;官方接待back歡迎歸來The whole family turned out to welcome him back.全家人都出來迎接他歸來。VERB + WELCOMEbe delighted to, be pleased to高興地歡迎;愉快地迎接prepare to, wait to準備迎接;等待着歡迎The school is preparing to welcome the new intake of students.學校正在準備迎接新生。PREPOSITIONinto歡迎加入⋯He welcomed us into the club.他歡迎我們加入俱樂部。to歡迎到⋯We are delighted to welcome you to our company.非常歡迎你到我們公司來。PHRASESlook forward to welcoming sb, welcome sb with open arms期待着迎接某人;熱烈歡迎某人They welcomed the new volunteers with open arms (= with enthusiasm).他們熱情地歡迎新的志願者。


2be pleased about sth and support it樂於接受ADVERB | PHRASES ADVERBenthusiastically, especially, greatly, particularly, really, warmly熱烈歡迎;特別樂於接受;非常歡迎;真心歡迎Many companies have warmly welcomed these changes in legislation.許多公司都非常願意接受對立法所作的這些修改。positively (especially BrE) 積極地歡迎We positively welcome applications from all sections of the community.我們誠摯歡迎來自社會各界的申請。broadly (especially BrE) 廣泛地歡迎cautiously慎重對待Economists cautiously welcomed the president's initiative.經濟學家對總統的倡議反應謹慎。initially一開始歡迎PHRASESbe generally welcomed, be universally welcomed, be widely welcomed (all especially BrE) 受到普遍的/一致的/廣泛的歡迎The proposals have been widely welcomed.那些建議受到普遍的歡迎。


VERBS | ADVERB | PREPOSITION VERBSbe, feel受歡迎;感到受歡迎make sb使某人受歡迎They made us very welcome in their home.我們在他們家很受歡迎。ADVERBvery很受歡迎The 1% rate cut is very welcome.費率下降 1 個百分點很受歡迎。especially, extremely, more than, most, particularly特別受歡迎;極其受歡迎;尤其受歡迎You would be a most welcome guest.您會是貴賓。perfectly, quite絕對/十分受歡迎You are perfectly welcome to stay here, if you don't mind the mess.肯定歡迎你待在這裏,只要你不介意有點兒亂。not entirely並非完全受歡迎He made it plain that Holman's interest in his business affairs was not entirely welcome.他明確表示並不怎麼歡迎霍爾曼探問他的公事。always隨時歡迎Visitors are always welcome.隨時歡迎來訪。PREPOSITIONto歡迎加入New members are welcome to the club.歡迎新成員加入俱樂部。
BNC: 1647 COCA: 1545
welcome noun
greeting (give sb a warm welcome) response (The proposals were given a cautious welcome.)
welcome verb
welcome (I'd welcome your suggestions.) greet (welcome sb home) let sb in (welcome the new volunteers)


welcome ♦︎ appreciateThese words both mean to be pleased to receive or accept sth. 这两个词均表示乐意接纳、欣然接受。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to welcome / appreciate sb's support / help / comments / view / suggestionto welcome / appreciate the chance / opportunityI'd welcome / appreciate... welcome [transitive] (not usually used in the progressive tenses 通常不用于进行时) to be pleased to receive or accept sth 乐意接纳;欣然接受I warmly welcome this decision.我热烈欢迎这一决定。In general, the changes they had made were to be welcomed.总的来说,他们做的这些改动都会被欣然接受。I'd welcome any suggestions.任何建议我都乐于接受。 see also welcome response noun appreciate əˈpriːʃieɪt [transitive] (not usually used in the progressive tenses 通常不用于进行时) to be grateful for sth that sb has done 感激;感谢Thanks for coming. I appreciate it.谢谢光临,不胜感激。Your support is greatly appreciated.十分感谢你的支持。I'd appreciate some help.我希望有人帮忙。I would appreciate it if you paid in cash.假如你支付现金,我将非常感谢。 see also appreciation thanks NOTE 辨析 Welcome or appreciate? Appreciate is often used to say thank you to sb who has done sth to help you. * appreciate常用于感谢他人给予的帮助Thank you for your help. I do appreciate it.谢谢你的帮助,我不胜感激。 Welcome is used to talk about being pleased that sth has happened. * welcome指对已发生的事表示欣然接受I welcome this decision.我欢迎这个决定。The Party welcomed the Bill.该党欣然接受这项法案。Both words are used with I'd... to ask for sth, but I'd welcome... is usually followed by your/any comments/enquiries/letters/views/suggestions and sounds gentle and polite. I'd appreciate... is a polite but direct request. 两个词都与I'd ...连用,用于提出要求,但是I'd welcome ...通常后接your/any comments/enquiries/letters/views/suggestions,以使语气缓和而礼貌。I'd appreciate ...用于礼貌但直接地提出要求I'd welcome any suggestions (= I'd be happy to hear your suggestions if you have any to make).任何建议我都乐于接受。I'd appreciate some help (= I need help and I think you should help me, please).我希望你能帮我。

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