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noun /ˌedjʊˈkeɪʃ(ə)n/
  1. 1
    [U] the activity of educating people in schools, colleges, and universities, and all the policies and arrangements concerning this 教育;教育体系

    Education is a major concern for voters. 教育是选民最关心的问题。

    the Minister of Education 教育部长

     Synonyms and related words
    General words for teaching: teaching, education, training...
    1. a.
      [U] the activity of teaching about a particular subject (某学科的)教育

      religious/science/sex education 宗教/科学/性教育

      education in :

      education in art and design 艺术与设计教育

       Synonyms and related words
      General words for teaching: teaching, education, training...
    2. b.
      [C] [usually singular] someone's experience of learning or being taught (个人的)教育,学业

      I came over to England to complete my education. 我来英国完成我的学业。

      the responsibility of parents in the education of their children 父母教育子女的义务

      have/get an education :

      He wants his children to have a good education. 他想让自己的孩子接受良好的教育。

      a university education :

      She was the first in her family to enjoy the privilege of a university education. 她在她家是第一个能够接受大学教育的人。

       Synonyms and related words
      Relating to learning and the process of learning: acquisition, advanced, assimilation...
    3. c.
      [only before noun] relating to education 教育的

      the Scottish Education Department 苏格兰教育部

      the government's education policies 政府的教育政策

       Synonyms and related words
      General words for teaching: teaching, education, training...
  2. 2
    [U] the process of providing people with information about an important issue (为公众提供重要知识的)教育

    public education about legal problems 有关法律问题的公众教育

    the development of a health education policy 健康教育政策的发展

     Synonyms and related words
    General words for teaching: teaching, education, training...


ADJECTIVE | VERB + EDUCATION | EDUCATION + NOUN | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEdecent, excellent, first-class, good, high-quality, quality, well-rounded良好的教育;出色的教育;優質教育;全面教育poor很少的教育compulsory義務教育formal正規教育Although he had had little formal education, he could read and write well.儘管他沒受過什麼正規教育,但他的讀寫能力還是很好。classical古典教育He received a classical education.他接受的是古典教育。liberal通識教育all-round, basic, general全面/基礎/通識教育He'd received an excellent general education in Poland.他在波蘭接受了一流的通識教育。comprehensive (especially BrE) , public-school (= provided by the government) (NAmE) , universal綜合/公立學校/全民教育the party's policy on comprehensive education該黨有關綜合教育的政策Nigeria committed itself to universal primary education.尼日利亞致力於實施全民初等教育。early-childhood, preschool幼兒/學前教育elementary, primary (especially BrE) 初等教育secondary (especially BrE) 中等教育adult, continuing, further, higher, tertiary成人教育;繼續教育;高等教育a college of further education繼續教育學院41% had some post-secondary education.41% 的人受過一些大專教育。college (especially NAmE) , high-school (in the US) , public-school (= private) (in the UK) , university學院/高中/私立學校/大學教育graduate, undergraduate (both especially NAmE) 研究生/大學本科教育remedial, special補習/特殊教育in-service, professional, vocational在職培訓;職業教育military, teacher軍事/師範教育maternal, parental母親所受的教育;父母所受的教育How well a child does at school is influenced by the level of parental education.父母所受的教育水平影響到孩子在學校裏的表現。distance, online (both especially NAmE) 遠程/網絡教育Technology allows distance education to occur at all levels.科技使人們可以獲得各種層次的遠程教育。AIDS, health艾滋病知識/健康教育sex, sexuality (NAmE) 性教育arts, music, science, etc.藝術、音樂、科學等教育religious, theological宗教/神學教育full-time, part-time全日制/非全日制教育public, state公共/國家教育private私立教育parents who choose private education for their children為孩子選擇私立教育的父母Catholic, Christian, etc.天主教、基督教等教育single-sex單性學校教育Researchers have found that single-sex education may benefit girls.研究人員發現在女校受教育可能有利於女孩成長。bilingual, multicultural雙語/多元文化教育VERB + EDUCATIONacquire, get, have, obtain, receive受教育He was at a disadvantage because of the poor education he had received.由於受教育程度低,他處於劣勢。pursue求學She brought up two children while pursuing a college education.她一邊養育兩個孩子一邊念大學。deliver, give sb, offer, provide (sb with)提供教育;讓某人受教育;(向某人)提供教育The school provides an excellent general education.這所學校提供一流通識教育。deny sb剝奪某人的受教育權利No one is denied an education because they are poor in this country.在這個國家,沒有人會因為貧窮而喪失受教育的機會。lack沒有受過教育Many people lack the education and training that is needed for these jobs.很多人缺少從事這些工作需要的教育和培訓。enter開始接受教育students entering higher education開始接受高等教育的學生continue, extend繼續接受教育She went to college to continue her education.她上大學繼續接受教育。leave停止接受教育young people who are just leaving full-time education剛剛結束全日制教育的年輕人complete, finish完成教育He went to America to complete his education.他去美國完成他的學業。improve, reform改善/改革教育The project seeks to improve education for students.這個項目致力於改善學生的教育。promote推動教育發展finance sb's, fund sb's資助某人受教育;為某人的教育提供資金They set up an account to fund their daughter's education.他們開設了一個賬戶為女兒提供教育基金。EDUCATION + NOUNauthority (in the UK) , committee, department, ministry
(in the UK) , sector, service, system教育當局;教育委員會;教育部;教育部門;教育工作;教育系統
funds provided by the local education authority由當地教育當局提供的資金We need to invest in the higher education sector.我們需要在高等教育領域投資。officer, official教育部官員minister, secretary (both in the UK) 教育部部長;教育大臣policy教育政策reform教育改革reformer教育改革者bill教育法案campaign, initiative, programme/program, project, scheme (BrE) 教育運動/倡議/方案/項目/計劃The department has launched a new health education campaign.該部門發起了一項新的健康教育運動。activities教育活動They want to broaden their research and education activities.他們想要拓展研究和教育活動。facilities, materials, resources教育設施/資料/資源budget, funding教育預算/經費spending教育支出class, course, session教育課;教育課程;教育會議adult education courses成人教育課程process教育進程Parents should begin the sex education process long before it begins in school.父母應該早在學校開始性教育之前就對子女開始進行這方面的教育。centre/center, college, establishment, institution, provider教育中心;教育學院;教育機構;教育提供者setting教育環境children in early education settings正在接受早教的兒童community, world教育社區;教育界a policy that has been adopted by the entire education community整個教育社區採用的一項政策expert, leader, specialist教育專家;教育主管requirement (NAmE) 教育需求There are additional education requirements for nurses on this course.這一課程對護士有進一步的教育要求。levels, standards教育水平/標準efforts to improve education standards為提高教育標準作出的努力loan (NAmE) (student loan in BrE) 教育貸款PREPOSITIONin education接受教育中students in full-time education接受全日制教育的學生through education通過教育We acquire much of our world knowledge through education.我們通過受教育獲得很多有關世界的知識。education about關於⋯的教育education about danger on the roads關於路上危險情況的教育


education ♦︎ training ♦︎ study ♦︎ teaching ♦︎ learning ♦︎ instruction ♦︎ tuition ♦︎ schooling ♦︎ mentoring ♦︎ coaching ♦︎ tutoringThese are all words for the process of learning or being taught. 这些词均表示教育、培训。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配education / training / teaching / instruction / tuition / schooling / coaching / tutoring in stheducation / training / study / teaching / tuition / coaching for stheducation / teaching / learning / instruction about sth(a) good education / training / teaching / instruction / schooling / mentoringformal education / training / study / teaching / learning / instruction / tuition / schooling / coaching(a) basic education / training / teaching / instruction / tuition / schooling / coachingcompulsory education / training / study / schoolingprivate education / teaching / study / tuition / schooling / coaching / tutoringpublic / state education / schoolingindividual / one-to-one education / training / teaching / learning / instruction / tuition / mentoring / coaching / tutoringcollege / university education / teaching / study / tuitionto have an education / training / instruction / tuition / schooling / coaching / tutoringto get / receive an education / training / instruction / tuition / coaching / tutoringto provide an education / training / instruction / tuition / schooling / mentoring / coaching / tutoringto give sb an education / training / instruction / tuition / coaching / tutoringto continue / complete / finish your education / training / studies / schooling education [uncountable, singular] the process of teaching and learning, especially in schools or colleges, in order to improve knowledge or develop skills; a particular type of teaching or training (尤指学校)教育;培养;训练He had little formal education (= education in school, college, etc.).他没怎么接受过正规教育。It is only through education that prejudice can be overcome.只有通过教育才能克服偏见。Will she go on to higher education (= university or college)?她接下来要上大学深造吗?Sex education in schools needs to be improved.学校的性教育需要加强。 (BrE) In those days it was very difficult for poorer people to get a university education.那时候穷人要上大学很难。 (NAmE) a college education大学教育 see also educate teach , educate train verb 1 , educator teacher training [uncountable] the process of learning the skills that you need to do a job 训练;培训Few candidates had any training in management.没有几个候选人接受过管理培训。No one is allowed to operate the machinery without proper training.未经过适当的培训,任何人都不能操作这组机械。Vocational training should not be seen as less important than an academic education.不应一味重视学术教育,而轻视职业培训。She's an accountant by training.她经培训成了一名会计师。 see also train train verb 1 , trainer coach noun study [uncountable] the activity of learning or gaining knowledge, either from books or by examining things (通过书本或考察的)学习Physiology is the study of how living things work.生理学是研究生物机能的学科。There's a quiet room set aside for private study.特地安排了一个安静的房间作书房。It's important to develop good study skills.培养良好的学习方法很重要。Students in the same field of study may have very different skill levels.在同一个领域从事研究的学生,其研究水平也许会大相径庭。 Studies [plural] (formal) are a particular person's learning activities, for example at a college or university. 复数形式的studies指某人的学习活动,如在大学的学习Many undertake further studies after passing their exams.很多人考试通过后继续他们的学业。 see also study learn verb teaching [uncountable] the work of a teacher 教学;授课;指导What made you go into teaching?是什么原因使你从事教学工作的?The system should reward good classroom teaching.这个体制应该对出色的课堂教学给予奖励。She retired at the end of a 40-year teaching career.她结束了40年的教学生涯,退休了。 see also teach teach , teacher teacher learning [uncountable] the process of learning sth 学习Effective teaching inevitably leads to effective learning.教学效果好,学习效果就会好。They run special classes for students with learning difficulties.他们为有学习障碍的学生开设特殊课程。You may get extra help if your child has a learning disability.如果你的孩子有学习障碍,你可以得到更多的帮助。They're new to the job and will be on a steep learning curve (= will have to learn a lot in a short time).他们刚入职,要在短时间内学习大量知识。 see also learn learn instruction [uncountable] (formal) the act of teaching sth to sb 教导;教授;传授She had no formal instruction in music.她从未接受过音乐方面的正规指导。Religious instruction is banned in all state schools in the country.该国禁止所有公立学校传授宗教教义。The medium of instruction in these classes is English.这些课程用英语讲授。 see also instruct train verb 1 , instructor coach noun tuition tjuˈɪʃn; NAmE tuˈɪʃn [uncountable] (rather formal) the act of teaching sth to sb, especially to one person or to people in small groups (尤指对个人或小组的)教学,讲授,指导The price includes two weeks' horse riding plus expert tuition.这一价格包括两周的骑马训练和专业指导。One-to-one tuition can be arranged in certain languages.可以安排以某些语言进行一对一讲授。 schooling [uncountable] (formal) the education you receive at school 学校教育He received very little formal schooling.他几乎没有接受过正规的学校教育。 mentoring ˈmentɔːrɪŋ [uncountable] individual help with learning a particular job, given by an experienced person to sb younger and less experienced (为年纪较小或经验不足者提供的)个别指导The company provides mentoring programmes as well as specialized training for its new employees.该公司向新员工提供专业培训和个别指导。 see also mentor adviser coaching [uncountable] (BrE) the process of giving a student extra teaching in a particular subject (某科目上的)辅导Extra coaching is available for students who might need a little more help.需要更多帮助的学生可以得到额外的辅导。In American English coaching is usually only used for talking about extra teaching in activities such as sports and acting. 在美式英语中,coaching通常仅指对体育竞技或表演等活动的额外指导。 see also coach coach noun , coach train verb 1 tutoring ˈtjuːtərɪŋ; NAmE ˈtuːtərɪŋ (especially NAmE) coaching (某科目上的)辅导Volunteer tutoring programs help children who are having trouble reading.志愿者辅导计划旨在帮助那些有阅读困难的孩子。 see also tutor teach verb , tutor teacher noun

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