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noun [C] /ˈʃedjuːl/
  1. 1
    a plan of activities or events and when they will happen 日程表;计划表;活动安排

    What's on your schedule today? 你今天有什么安排?

    a busy/full schedule :

    Our MP has a very busy schedule. 我们的议员活动安排得满满当当。

    a tight schedule (=many things to do in a short time) 紧凑的日程安排 :

    We're shooting the film on a very tight schedule. 我们在按照非常紧凑的进度表拍电影。

    ahead of/on/behind schedule (=before/at/after the time that was planned) 提前/准时/推迟 :

    a project completed ahead of schedule 提前完成的项目

     Synonyms and related words
    Preparations and plans: preparation, agreement, plan...
  2. From our crowdsourced Open Dictionary
    clear your schedule to cancel all the previously planned appointments in order to focus on something more important

    The president cleared his schedule to focus on the hostage crisis.

    Submitted by Boris Marchenko from Russian Federation on 06/05/2017
verb [T] /ˈʃedjuːl/
present tense
present participlescheduling
past tensescheduled
past participlescheduled
  1. to plan for something to happen at a particular time 把…安排在;排定

    Let's schedule another meeting in July. 让我们把另一次会议安排在7月吧。

    schedule something for something :

    They have scheduled the factory for completion in 2004. 他们计划该工厂于2004年竣工。

    be scheduled to do something :

    The exhibition is scheduled to run from January until March. 展览计划从1月开始至3月结束。

     Synonyms and related words


1plan of work to be done工作計劃ADJECTIVE | VERB + SCHEDULE | SCHEDULE + VERB | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEdaily, weekly, etc.每日、每週等日程安排current當前的日程安排normal, regular正常的/常規的工作計劃ambitious, busy, demanding, full, gruelling/grueling, heavy, hectic, punishing, rigorous, tight雄心勃勃的計劃表;繁忙的日程安排;繁重的日程安排;排得滿滿的時間表;累垮人的計劃表;折磨人的日程表;排得很緊的日程rigid, strict刻板的計劃表;嚴格的日程安排flexible彈性工作安排delivery, development, payment, production, training, work, etc.送貨計劃表、研發進度、付款計劃表、生產進度、培訓日程安排、工作進度等filming, recording, shooting拍攝計劃;錄音計劃VERB + SCHEDULEhave, maintain有計劃表;保持進度She has a very demanding schedule.她的日程安排得非常緊。arrange, design, draw up, establish, make, plan, prepare, work out安排進度;設計日程表;草擬計劃;制訂計劃表;計劃日程;準備進度表;制訂出日程安排adjust, alter, juggle, rearrange調整進度;修改日程;擠時間安排;重新安排check核對日程安排keep to, meet, stay on, stick to堅持日程安排;遵循計劃表We had to work a lot of overtime to meet the strict production schedule.為了完成嚴格的生產計劃,我們不得長時間加班加點。be ahead of, run ahead of比計劃提前interrupt, take time out of打亂計劃;從日程安排中擠出時間The president took time out of his busy schedule to visit our school.總統百忙之中抽出時間參觀了我們學校。fit sth into在日程中插入⋯I'm trying to fit everything into my busy schedule.我正試圖把所有的事情安插進緊張的日程。SCHEDULE + VERBhave a schedule to keep (NAmE) 遵循日程安排We have a tight schedule to keep.我們的日程排得很緊。PREPOSITIONaccording to schedule依照計劃表At this stage everything is going according to schedule.目前,一切都在按計劃進行。behind schedule落後於預定計劃We're starting to slip behind schedule.我們開始比計劃時間滯後了。in the schedule在計劃表中Allow time in the schedule for sickness.計劃表要考慮病假因素。off schedule (especially NAmE) 比計劃遲We're five days off schedule.我們比計劃晚了 5 天。on schedule按時間表;準時The project is right on schedule.項目剛好按計劃進行。


2 (NAmE) list showing times of events時間安排 see also timetable ADJECTIVE | VERB + SCHEDULE ADJECTIVEclass, course, exam, lecture, school課程表;課程安排;考試安排;講座安排;學校作息表bus, train公共汽車時間表;火車時刻表Connor checked the bus schedules for the day.康納查看了日間公共汽車時間表。flight航班時刻表disruptions to flight schedules caused by the strike罷工對航班時刻表的干擾racing比賽時間表VERB + SCHEDULEcheck, compare, look at, scan查閱/比較/查看/瀏覽時間表


3list of television programmes/programs電視節目ADJECTIVEtelevision, TV電視節目表programme, programming (especially NAmE) 節目表network網絡電視節目表daytime, evening, prime-time, weekday日間/夜間/黃金時段/週一至週五的節目表spring, summer, etc.春季、夏季等節目表Saturday, Sunday, etc.週六、週日等節目表


ADVERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADVERBcurrently當前安排initially, originally最初/原始計劃The meeting was originally scheduled for March 12.會議原定 3 月 12 日舉行。provisionally, tentatively臨時安排;暫定regularly定期安排PREPOSITIONfor安排⋯The movie is scheduled for release next month.該影片定於下月發行。PHRASESbe scheduled to begin, open, take place, etc.計劃開始、啟動、執行等The Grand Prix is scheduled to take place on July 4.國際汽車大獎賽定於 7 月 4 日舉行。be scheduled to appear, compete, speak, etc.計劃現身、參賽、發言等


schedule ♦︎ agenda ♦︎ timetable ♦︎ calendar ♦︎ programme ♦︎ diary ♦︎ itineraryThese are all words for a plan of particular activities or events that will be done or will happen in the future. 这些词均表示日程安排。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配the schedule / agenda / timetable / calendar / programme / diary / itinerary for tomorrow / next weekto be / put sth in the schedule / the timetable / the programme / your calendar / your diary / the itineraryto be / put sth on the schedule / agenda / timetable / programme / calendar / itinerarya busy / full / packed schedule / agenda / timetable / calendar / programme / diary / itinerarya detailed schedule / agenda / timetable / programme / itinerarya / an realistic / ambitious schedule / agenda / timetable / programmea hectic / demanding schedule / timetable / programmea daily / weekly schedule / timetable / programme / itineraryto look at the schedule / the agenda / the timetable / the calendar / the programme / your diaryto check / consult the schedule / the timetable / the calendar / your diaryto agree (on) / draw up a schedule / an agenda / a timetable / a programme / an itineraryto follow / change the schedule / agenda / timetable / programme / itineraryto keep / stick / adhere to the schedule / agenda / timetable / programme schedule ˈʃedjuːl; NAmE ˈskedʒuːl [countable, uncountable] a plan that lists all the work that you have to do and when you must do each thing; a list of the television and radio shows that are on a particular channel and the times that they start 工作计划;日程安排;(电视或广播的)节目表We're working to a tight schedule (= we have a lot of things to do in a short time).我们的工作安排得很紧。Filming began on schedule (= at the planned time).拍摄如期开始。The new bridge has been finished two years ahead of schedule.新桥提前两年落成。The tunnel project has already fallen behind schedule.隧道工程已经落后于预定计划。The show trebled ratings for the channel's afternoon schedule.这个节目使该频道午后节目的收视率增加了两倍。In American English, a schedule is also a list showing the times when buses or trains leave or arrive at a place or showing which classes a student is taking in school. 在美式英语中,schedule也表示公共汽车或火车的时刻表,或学生的课程表a bus / flight / train schedule公共汽车/航班/列车时刻表What's your schedule like next semester?你们下学期的课程安排如何?The British English word for this is timetable. 英式英语中表达此义用timetable。 agenda əˈdʒendə [countable] a list of items to be discussed at a meeting; the issues that sb/sth considers important (会议的)议程表,议事日程;重要事项The next item on the agenda is the publicity budget.议程表上的下一项是宣传预算。For the government, education is now at the top of the agenda (= most important).对政府来说,教育是当务之急。Newspapers have been accused of trying to set the agenda for the government (= decide what is important).人们指责报纸企图替政府决定政务的轻重缓急。Do not use agenda to mean diary or calendar. 不要用agenda来表示diary(记事簿)或calendar(日程表)Let me just check my agenda. timetable [countable] a plan of when you expect or hope particular events to happen 预定计划;时间安排I have a busy timetable this week (= I have planned to do many things).本周我的时间安排得很紧。The government has set out its timetable for the peace talks.政府已制订出和谈的时间表。In British English a timetable is also a list showing the times when buses or trains leave or arrive at a place or showing which classes a student is taking in school. 在英式英语中,timetable也表示公共汽车或火车的时刻表,或学生的课程表a bus / flight / train timetable公共汽车/航班/列车时刻表We have a new timetable each term.我们每学期都有新课程表。The American English word for this is schedule. 美式英语中表达此义用schedule。 NOTE 辨析 Schedule or timetable?Often you can use either word. 这两个词常可通用I have a busy schedule / timetable this week.本周我的时间安排得很紧。However, a schedule is usually a plan of what must happen and is often used about work. You can talk about work/production schedules and work can be on/ahead of/behind schedule. 但是,schedule通常指为必定发生之事所制订的计划,常为工作上的安排。可以说work/production schedule(工作/生产计划),可以用短语on/ahead of/behind schedule表示工作如期进行/提前完成/进度落后work/production timetables on/ahead of/behind timetable Timetable is often used about a plan of what you hope will happen if things go according to plan, but this may partly depend on things outside your control. * timetable常指为希望如期发生的事情所制订的安排,但这可能部分取决于非可控因素the government's timetable for the peace talks政府的和谈时间表the government's schedule for the peace talks calendar ˈkælɪndə(r) [countable] a page or series of pages showing the days, weeks and months of a particular year, especially one that you hang on a wall; an electronic record of the days, weeks and months of a particular year, where you can make a note of your appointments; a list of important events or dates of a particular type during the year 日历;年历;(电子)日程表,记事本;(一年中的)重大事件(或日期)一览表Did you get a calendar for 2008 / a 2008 calendar?你有2008年的日历吗?I think I'm free on that day-let me check my calendar.我想那天我应该有空,让我查一下记事本。This is one of the biggest weeks in the racing calendar.这是全年赛马日程表中最重要的几个星期之一。It is a major festival in the church's calendar.这是全年教会祭典活动中的重要节日。 programme (BrE) (NAmE program) [countable] an organized order of performances or events (演出或活动的)程序We have an exciting musical programme lined up for you.我们为您安排了一系列激动人心的音乐演出。 (spoken) What's the programme for (= what are we going to do) tomorrow?明天安排什么活动? diary ˈdaɪəri [countable] (BrE) a book with a space for each day of the year in which you can write down things you have to do in the future (工作日程)记事簿I'll just make a note of that date in my diary.我会把那个日期记在我的记事簿里。I'm afraid my diary is full (= I have no available time) for this week, but I could see you next Monday.恐怕我本周的日程已经排满了,但下周一我可与你见面。In American English use calendar or schedule; also use calendar in both American and British English for a diary in electronic form, for example on your computer. A diary is also a book for recording thoughts or events after they happen. 在美式英语中用calendar或schedule来表示“记事簿”;在美式和英式英语中也都用calendar来表示“电子记事本”,比如电脑上的记事本应用程式。diary也可指日记簿。 see also diary record noun itinerary aɪˈtɪnərəri; NAmE aɪˈtɪnəreri [countable] a plan of a journey, including the route and places that you will visit 行程;旅行日程He drew up a detailed itinerary.他拟订了一份详细的旅行日程。Visits to four different countries are included in your itinerary.你的行程包括到访四个国家。schedule


schedule ♦︎ set ♦︎ fix ♦︎ time ♦︎ line sb/sth up ♦︎ set sth up ♦︎ timetable ♦︎ bookThese words all mean to arrange a particular time for sth to happen or for sb to do sth. 这些词均表示安排日程、定时间。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to schedule / set / fix / time / line up / set up / timetable / book sth for sthto schedule / set / fix / time / line up / set up / timetable / book sb / sth to do sthto schedule / set / time sth to begin / start / take placeto schedule / set / fix / time / set up / timetable a meetingto schedule / fix / set up / book an appointmentto schedule / set up / timetable an eventto schedule / set / fix / book a time / date / dayto provisionally schedule / set / fix / book sth schedule ˈʃedjuːl; NAmE ˈskedʒuːl [transitive, usually passive] to arrange for sth to happen at a particular time 为⋯安排时间;预定The meeting is scheduled for Friday afternoon.会议安排在周五下午。Filming is scheduled to begin in May.拍摄定于5月开始。The movie is scheduled for release next month.该影片定于下月上映。I'll try to schedule you in (= arrange a time to see you) next week.我会设法安排下周与你见面。Especially in American English, to schedule is also to arrange the times when classes take place in school. 尤其在美式英语中,schedule也可指为学校课程安排时间No regular classes were scheduled on Wednesdays.星期三没有安排固定的课程。In British English the usual word for this is timetable. 英式英语中表达此义通常用timetable。 set (setting, set, set) [transitive] to arrange a time for sth to happen; to decide on a date or limit 安排(时间);确定,决定(日期或期限)The first students are set to arrive in September.第一批学生定于9月入学。Have they set a date for their wedding?他们确定婚期了吗?Set a time limit for your studying each night.定好你每晚学习的时限。 fix [transitive] to decide on a date or time for sth 决定,确定(日期或时间)Their departure was fixed for 14 August.他们定于8月14日起程。The dates have to be fixed well in advance.日期必须及早确定。 Fix can also mean to arrange to do sth, especially at a particular time; this meaning is more informal, used especially in spoken English. * fix也可表示安排做某事,尤指在特定的时间。此义项不太正式,尤用于口语中How are you fixed (= do you have any plans) for Thursday?星期四你有什么安排吗?I've fixed up for you to see the doctor tomorrow.我已安排好你明天去看医生。 time [transitive, often passive] to choose a particular time to do sth or for sth to happen 为⋯选定时间;为⋯安排时间She timed her arrival for shortly after 3.她定在3点刚过时到达。Publication of the book was timed to coincide with his 70th birthday celebrations.那本书特别安排在他70寿诞庆典时出版。The request was badly timed (= it was not a good time to make it).那个要求提出的时机不对。 ˌline sb/sth ˈup

phrasal verb

to arrange for sth to happen or be done in the future; to arrange for sb to be available to do sth 组织,安排(活动);邀集(人做某事)I already had a job lined up when I left college.我大学毕业时工作已经安排好了。I have a busy month lined up.我这个月有很多事要做。She had lined up some interesting guest speakers.她邀请到了一些有趣的嘉宾演讲者。
ˌset sth ˈup

phrasal verb

(setting, set, set)to make the necessary arrangements for sth to happen 安排;策划The meeting of foreign ministers had taken months to set up.外交部长会议的安排花了几个月时间。
timetable ˈtaɪmteɪbl [transitive, usually passive] (especially BrE) to arrange for sth to take place at a particular time or to be regularly repeated at the same time 为⋯安排时间There were several timetabled events in the evenings.晚上有几项事先安排好的活动。The lessons were timetabled on Wednesday from 10 to 12.这些课已排在周三10点到12点。In American English the usual word for this is schedule. 在美式英语中,表达此义通常用schedule。 book [transitive] to make a firm arrangement for a singer, etc. to perform on a particular date 和(歌手等)预约演出日期Have you booked the band for the party yet?你为这次聚会预约那支乐队了吗?He's booked to appear on 3 November at Central Hall.已约定他11月3日来中央大厅演出。 see also book order verb 2

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