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BNC: 640 COCA: 490
verb /draɪv/
present tense
present participledriving
past tensedrove
past participledriven
  1. 1
    [I/T] to control a vehicle so that it moves somewhere 驾驶;驾车

    Usually, my sister drives and I read the map. 在通常情况下,我姐姐开车,我看地图。

    You will drive carefully, won't you? 你开车要小心些,好吗?

    drive along/down/through etc :

    He drove along for several miles before he saw anyone. 他往前开了好几英里才看见人。

    drive something along/into etc :

    He drove his truck into a wall. 他开卡车撞到了墙上。

    1. a.
      [I/T] to know how to drive a vehicle 会开车;会驾驶

      Can't you drive? 你不会开车吗?

      I've been driving for 15 years and I've never had an accident. 我已经开了15年车了,从来没出过事故。

    2. b.
      [T] to take someone somewhere in a vehicle that you are driving 开车送…去

      Dad will drive us. 爸爸会开车送我们。

      drive someone to/from something :

      Lee drove me to the airport. 李开车送我到机场。

       Synonyms and related words
    3. c.
      [T] to drive a particular type of vehicle regularly 驾驶(某种车辆)

      She drives a bus for a living. 她靠开公交车谋生。

    4. d.
      [I] to get somewhere by driving a car 驾车去

      We usually drive to Italy, but this year we're flying. 我们通常驾车去意大利,但今年我们要乘飞机。

  2. 2
    [T] to force someone into a bad situation or state 迫使;逼迫
    drive someone to do something :

    Desperation finally drove her to ask for help. 她走投无路,最后只得请求援助。

    drive someone to something :

    People are being driven to violence by police action. 人们被警方的行动逼得采用暴力。

    drive someone out of business :

    Supermarkets are driving small shops out of business. 大型超市使许多小商店关门倒闭。

     Synonyms and related words
    1. a.
      [T] informal to annoy someone by doing something 使(烦恼、生气)
      drive someone crazy/mad/up the wall/round the bend :

      Will you stop that humming, you're driving me mad! 你别再哼曲子了好吗,你快把我吵疯了!

      drive someone to desperation/despair :

      Driven to desperation, he began to steal from his employer. 他被逼得走投无路,开始偷他雇主的东西。

      drive someone to drink (=make someone feel very upset or annoyed) 使某人心烦意乱 :

      It's enough to drive you to drink. 这就够让你心烦意乱的了。

       Synonyms and related words
      To make someone angry or annoyed: annoy, provoke, anger...
  3. 3
    [T] to force someone to leave a place, usually the place where they live 迫使(某人离开)
    drive someone from/out of/off/away from something :

    This malicious gossip has driven her out of the village. 这些恶意中伤的谣言迫使她离开了村子。

    drive someone from/out of something :

    Thousands of people have been driven from their homes by the fighting. 这场战斗迫使成千上万的人离开了家园。

    Swarms of mosquitoes drove us inside the house. 成群结队的蚊子迫使我们躲到屋子里。

     Synonyms and related words
  4. 4
    [T] [often passive] to provide the power that makes something move 驱动

    The pump is driven by an electric motor. 这个气泵是由电机驱动的。

     Synonyms and related words
  5. 5
    [T] to make someone work or try very hard 使…拼命工作;激励

    The coach really drives his team, but he gets good results. 教练员确实逼着他的球队拼命,但他取得了很好的成绩。

    drive yourself :

    We think you've been driving yourself too hard. 我们觉得你干得太拼命了。

     Synonyms and related words
    To make someone work hard: work, drive, push...
  6. 6
    [T] to make someone determined to do something 驱使

    We want to find out what drives a successful businesswoman like Sylvia. 我们想知道是什么成就了像西尔维娅这样成功的女商人。

    Douglas was driven by a need to learn the truth. 道格拉斯的动力来自对真理的渴求。

     Synonyms and related words
  7. 7
    [T] to push something using a lot of force, so that it enters or hits something else 敲;拧;击

    He drove the nail into the wall. 他把钉子敲进墙里。

     Synonyms and related words
  8. 8
    [I/T] to hit or kick a ball hard in a particular direction 猛击;猛踢;猛抽

    She drove the ball into the top corner of the goal. 她一记劲射,把球踢进球门的上角。

     Synonyms and related words
  9. 9
    [T] to make a group of animals move somewhere 驱赶(动物)
     Synonyms and related words
    Animal farming: brand, brand, cattle prod...
See also
noun /draɪv/
  1. 1
    [C] a journey in a car 驱车旅行;驾驶

    I set off on the 30-mile drive to the hospital. 我驱车30英里到达医院。

    The hotel is only 10 minutes' drive from the airport. 从这家旅馆到机场开车只要10分钟。

    go for a drive :

    We went for a drive in Jack's new car. 我们坐杰克的新车去兜风了。

     Synonyms and related words
    Journeys: awayday, circuit, commute...
  2. 2
    [C] British a wide path for a car that joins someone's house to a street (连接房子和街道的)私家车道

    There was a BMW in the drive. 车道上有辆宝马车。

     Synonyms and related words
  3. 3


    used in the names of streets 大道,路(用于街名)

    25 Oakwood Drive 奥克伍德大道25号

     Synonyms and related words
    Streets where people live: Ave, Avenue, backstreet...
  4. 4
    [C] computing the part of a computer that sends or receives information from a disk 驱动器
    disk/hard/CD-ROM drive :

    First insert the disk into your disk drive. 首先将磁盘插入磁盘驱动器。

  5. 5
    [C] a big effort to achieve something, especially by a company or government 大型活动;运动

    The company is launching a major recruitment drive. 公司将要举办一次大型招聘活动。

    drive for :

    the region's drive for independence 该地区争取独立的运动

    a drive to do something :

    The company has embarked on a drive to improve its image. 公司已开展活动改善自身形象。

     Synonyms and related words
  6. 6
    [C] a feeling that makes you act in a particular way 冲动;欲望

    instinctual desires and drives 本能的欲望和冲动

     Synonyms and related words
  7. 7
    [U] the energy and determination that makes you try hard to achieve something 干劲;积极性

    As a student she was full of drive and ambition. 她当学生的时候很有干劲,雄心勃勃。

     Synonyms and related words
    Determination and ambition: determination, ambition, will...
  8. 8
    [C] a hard hit or kick of a ball (对球的)猛击,猛踢
     Synonyms and related words
    Actions in playing games or sports: backhand, backhander, ball...
  9. 9
    [U] the power from an engine that turns the wheels of a vehicle 传动力;驱动力

    front-wheel drive 四轮/后轮/前轮驱动

     Synonyms and related words
    Engines and describing engines: drive, engine, flooded...
BNC: 640 COCA: 490


1trip by car駕車旅行ADJECTIVE | VERB + DRIVE | DRIVE + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVElong長途駕駛easy, short輕鬆駕駛;短途駕駛eight-hour, sixty-mile, etc. * 8 小時、60 英里等車程leisurely悠閒的駕車scenic驅車觀光It's one of the most scenic drives in Europe.這是歐洲景色最佳的駕車觀光路線之一。test試駕VERB + DRIVEgo for, take駕車兜風Let's go for a drive.我們開車去兜兜風吧。DRIVE + NOUNtime(尤指上下班高峰的)駕車時間The spots will run during drive time radio.這些節目將會在行車高峰時間廣播中播放。the afternoon / morning drive time晚高峰/早高峰開車時間a housing development within a 30-minute drive time from the airport距離機場 30 分鐘車程以內的一個住宅開發區PREPOSITIONwithin a drive在⋯車程範圍內All my family live within an hour's drive.我的家人所住的地方都在一小時車程範圍內。PHRASESa... drive away距離⋯車程The lakes are only a short drive away.那些湖距離這兒只有很短的車程。


2way a vehicle is moved車輛的驅動ADJECTIVEall-wheel, four-wheel, front-wheel, rear-wheel四輪驅動;前輪驅動;後輪驅動left-hand, right-hand左座駕駛;右座駕駛Left-hand drive cars make driving in Britain difficult.左座駕駛的車在英國開起來很困難。


3 (especially BrE) path/road outside a house房屋外面的道路 see also driveway ADJECTIVE | DRIVE + VERB | DRIVE + NOUN | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEwinding蜿蜒的道路gravel礫石道路tree-lined兩旁植有樹木的車道private私家車道front屋前的車道DRIVE + VERBlead to, lead up to駛向⋯的車道He pulled into a long drive leading up to a large villa.他將車開上了通往一幢大別墅的長車道。DRIVE + NOUNblock封鎖車道A number of police cars blocked the drive.一批警車封鎖了車道。PREPOSITIONdown the drive, in the drive, on the drive沿着車道向下;在車道上There was a car parked on the drive.車道上停着一輛車。up the drive沿着車道向上He walked up the front drive of the vicarage.他沿着教區牧師住宅前的車道向上走去。


4energy/determination精力;決心ADJECTIVE | VERB + DRIVE ADJECTIVEcompetitive競爭勁頭personal個人魄力narrative敍述吸引力You need to inject more narrative drive into the story.你要使故事的敍述更加引人入勝。VERB + DRIVEhave有幹勁lack缺乏勁頭He lacks the competitive drive needed to succeed.他缺乏成功所必須具備的競爭勁頭。


5desire/need慾望;需求ADJECTIVEbasic, innate, inner, instinctive, instinctual (especially NAmE) 基本需求;天生的慾望;內在需要;本能的慾望human人類的慾望creative創作慾望emotional, sex, sexual情感需求;性慾


6effort努力ADJECTIVE | VERB + DRIVE | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEbig大運動relentless不懈的鬥爭national, nationwide全國範圍的運動export, marketing, sales出口運動;促銷活動;推銷活動cost-cutting, efficiency (both especially BrE) 降低成本運動;提高效率運動membership, organizing, petition, recruitment, voter-registration (especially NAmE) 會員招募;發展組織;請願運動;徵召活動;選民登記運動fund, fund-raising, pledge (NAmE) 捐款/募捐/誓約活動blood, clothing, food (all NAmE) 獻血/衣物募捐/食品募捐活動We organized a food drive for the city's homeless shelters.我們為該市無家可歸者收容所組織了一場食品募捐活動。anti-corruption, anti-drug, etc.反腐敗、反毒品等運動VERB + DRIVElaunch, organize發動/組織運動We're going to launch a big recruitment drive in the spring.我們將在春季進行大規模招募。spearhead做⋯運動的先鋒The Popular Front spearheaded the drive for independence.人民陣線成為獨立運動的先鋒。PREPOSITIONdrive against反⋯的運動a drive against corruption反腐敗運動drive by由⋯發起的運動the recent recruitment drive by the police最近警方的招募活動drive for⋯運動the country's drive for modernization該國的現代化運動drive towards/toward為達至⋯的努力a drive towards / toward higher safety standards進一步提高安全水平的運動


7computing計算機技術ADJECTIVE | VERB + DRIVE | DRIVE + NOUN ADJECTIVECD-ROM, disk, DVD, flash, floppy, hard, optical, zip (especially NAmE) 只讀光盤/磁盤/數字影碟/閃盤/軟盤/硬盤/光盤/極碟驅動器external, removable外部/可移動驅動器built-in, internal內置/內部驅動器VERB + DRIVEformat, reformat格式化/重新格式化驅動器defrag (informal) , defragment整理驅動器碎片;磁盤碎片整理
install安裝驅動器install sth on, install sth onto將⋯安裝到驅動器上DRIVE + NOUNbay驅動器槽


8in sports體育ADJECTIVE | VERB + DRIVE ADJECTIVEpowerful, strong, thunderous (BrE) 強有力的一擊;猛的一擊angled, crisp (both BrE) 確定角度的一擊;利落的一擊scoring, touchdown (both NAmE) 得分的一擊;達陣得分的一擊line (in baseball棒球) 平直球He hit a line drive straight at me.他徑直朝我打出一個平直球。left-foot, right-foot (in football/soccer足球) 左腳猛踢;右腳猛踢Cole scored with a thunderous left-foot drive.科爾左腳大力射門得分。backhand, forehand (in tennis網球) 反手/正手大力擊球a forehand drive down the line成直線的正手大力擊球VERB + DRIVEhit擊球hook, slice (in golf高爾夫球) 左曲擊球;右曲擊球 topic at sports


ADVERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADVERBfast, quickly開快車You shouldn't drive so fast!你不應該開這麼快!She drove quickly back to the office.她迅速開車回到了辦公室。slowly開慢車carefully, safely小心開車;安全開車recklessly莽撞開車He was arrested for driving recklessly.他因莽撞開車被捕。around, away, back, off, on開車到處轉;開車走;開車回來;開車離去;駕車前行She got into the car and drove away.她鑽進車裏開車走了。home開車回家I'll drive you home.我開車送你回家。PREPOSITIONdown, from, to開車下⋯;從⋯開車;開車到⋯We drove from Quebec to Ottawa.我們從魁北克駕車到渥太華。PHRASESdrink and drive酒後駕車
BNC: 640 COCA: 490
drive verb
drive1 (drive a car) drive2 (drive yourself too hard) force (The urge to survive drove them on.) go2 (drive south) push1 (drive a peg into the ground) take2 (drive sb home) drive sb mad/crazy anger what sb is driving at mean2
drive noun
ambition (He'll do very well — he has tremendous drive.) campaign (an efficiency drive) flight (go for a drive)


drive a car 开车drive yourself too hard 把自己弄得太累drive ♦︎ fly ♦︎ steer ♦︎ manoeuvre ♦︎ handle ♦︎ pilot ♦︎ navigate ♦︎ sailThese words all mean to operate a vehicle such as a car, plane or boat. 这些词均表示驾驶交通工具。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to drive / fly / steer / manoeuvre / navigate / sail sth into / out of sthto drive / fly / steer / navigate / sail sth across / through sthto drive / steer / manoeuvre / handle / navigate a carto fly / steer / manoeuvre / handle / pilot / navigate a planeto steer / manoeuvre / handle / pilot / navigate / sail a boat / shipto learn to drive / fly / navigate / sailto drive / fly / steer / manoeuvre / pilot / navigate sth skilfullya driving / flying / sailing lesson / instructor / course / school drive (drove, driven) [intransitive, transitive] to control a vehicle with wheels such as a car or truck 驾驶;开车Can you drive?你会开车吗?Don't drive so fast!不要开这么快!He drives a taxi (= as his job).他是开出租车的。You need a special licence to drive a heavy goods vehicle.你需要有特别驾照才能开重型货车。 see also drive go verb 2 , drive flight noun fly (flies, flying, flew, flown) [intransitive, transitive] to control an aircraft in the air 驾驶飞机;操纵(飞行器)Where did you learn to fly?你在哪儿学的开飞机?She's trained to fly passenger planes, not military jets.她受过驾驶客机的训练,而不是战斗机。They deliberately flew the plane into enemy airspace.他们故意把飞机开进敌方领空。I've never flown one of these before.我以前没开过这种飞机。 see also fly go 2 steer [transitive, intransitive] to control the direction in which a boat, car or other vehicle moves 驾驶(船、汽车等);掌控方向盘The captain steered the boat into the narrow harbour.船长把船开进了狭窄的港口。Pilots need to learn to steer on the ground as well as in the air.飞行员要学会在地面上以及空中操纵飞机。 manoeuvre (BrE) (NAmE maneuver) məˈnuːvə(r) [transitive, intransitive] to move or turn a vehicle skilfully or carefully (熟练或谨慎地)移动,转弯She manoeuvred the car carefully into the garage.她小心翼翼把车开进了车库。There was very little room to manoeuvre.几乎没有什么活动空间。 handle [transitive] to control a vehicle 控制,操纵(车辆)I wasn't sure if I could handle such a powerful car.我没有把握驾驶功率这么大的汽车。A vehicle that handles well/badly is easy/difficult to drive or control. * handle well/badly表示车辆容易/难以驾驶或操纵 [intransitive] This type of car handles well in all weather conditions.这种汽车无论天气好坏开起来都很灵便。 pilot [transitive] to fly an aircraft or guide a boat 驾驶(飞行器);领航(船只)The plane was piloted by the instructor.那架飞机由教练员驾驶。The captain piloted the boat into a mooring.船长把船驶进了泊位。 navigate ˈnævɪgeɪt [intransitive, transitive] to find the position of a car, boat or plane that you are travelling in and the direction you need to go in, for example by using a map 导航;确定(汽车、船或飞机的)位置和方向I'll drive and you can navigate.我开车,你引路。Ships used to be navigated by the stars (= using the position of the stars to find out the position of the ship).过去船只都是根据星辰来确定航向。 sail [transitive, intransitive] to control a boat or ship with a sail 驾驶(帆船)She sails her own yacht.她驾驶自己的游艇。He managed to sail the boat between the rocks.他设法驾船在礁石间航行。I learned to sail as a child.我很小就学会了驾驶帆船。drive2


drive a car 开车drive yourself too hard 把自己弄得太累drive ♦︎ push ♦︎ overwork ♦︎ workThese words all mean to make sb/yourself work very hard. 这些词均表示迫使某人或自己拼命工作。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to drive / push / work sb hardto drive / push sb too far / to the limitto drive / work sb into the ground drive (drove, driven) [transitive] (sometimes disapproving) to make sb/yourself work very hard 迫使,驱使(拼命工作)You're driving yourself too hard.你把自己弄得太累了。In this meaning drive is usually used with a reflexive pronoun such as yourself, himself, herself, etc. * drive表达此义时通常与反身代词yourself、himself、herself等连用。 see also drive ambition noun push [transitive] (usually approving) to make sb/yourself work hard 鞭策,督促(努力工作)The music teacher really pushes her pupils.这个音乐老师对学生督促得很严。Lucy should push herself a little harder.露西应该鞭策自己多加把劲了。 overwork ˌəʊvəˈwɜːk; NAmE ˌoʊvərˈwɜːrk [intransitive, transitive] (disapproving) to make sb/yourself work too hard (使)过度劳累;过分努力You look tired. Have you been overworking?你看上去很疲倦,是不是近来劳累过度了?The staff are grossly overworked.员工人人累得疲惫不堪。 overwork


[uncountable] His illness was brought on by money worries and overwork.他的病起因于为钱发愁和劳累过度。
work [transitive] to make sb/yourself work, especially hard 使工作;(尤指)使卖力干活She works herself too hard.她工作太拼命了。He says they're working him hard.他说他们逼他拼命干活。In this meaning work is usually used with hard or too hard. * work表达此义时通常与hard或too hard连用。

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