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noun [C] /rɪˈkwest/
  1. 1
    an act of asking for something in a polite or formal way 要求;请求
    request for :

    Requests for visas will be dealt with immediately. 签证申请将立即予以办理。

    refuse/reject a request :

    Three banks have already refused his request for a loan. 已有3家银行拒绝了他的贷款请求。

    grant a request (=give someone what they ask for) 批准请求 :

    A formal request for a ballot has been granted. 已经批准了进行无记名投票的正式请求。

     Synonyms and related words
    Requests and demands: demand, request, appeal...
  2. 2
    a piece of music that you ask a musician or a DJ to play 点播的音乐

    He spent the entire evening at the piano playing requests. 他整晚上都呆在钢琴旁弹奏点播的乐曲。

     Synonyms and related words
    Pieces of music: adagio, air, allegro...
verb [T] /rɪˈkwest/
present tense
present participlerequesting
past tenserequested
past participlerequested
  1. 1
    to ask for something, or to ask someone to do something, in a polite or formal way 要求;请求

    The pilot requested permission to land. 飞行员请求着陆。

    request that :

    We specifically requested that you should be informed. 我们特别要求让人通知你。

    request someone to do something :

    We intend to request the police to press charges against him. 我们打算请求警方起诉他。

    Visitors are requested to register at the front desk. 旅客需要在前台登记。

     Synonyms and related words
  2. 2
    to ask a musician or DJ to play a piece of music 点播(乐曲)
     Synonyms and related words


ADJECTIVE | VERB + REQUEST | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEspecial特別要求legitimate, reasonable合法的/合理的要求unreasonable不合理的要求formal, official正式請求polite禮貌的要求direct直接的請求I could not deny a direct request like that.我無法拒絕那樣直接的請求。simple簡單的要求odd, strange, unusual古怪的/奇怪的/不尋常的要求initial, original最初的/原來的請求I made my initial request for material in February.我第一次索取材料是在二月份。final, last最後的請求Her last request before she died was that she be buried at sea.她死前提出的最後要求是海葬。numerous, repeated無數的/再三的請求urgent急切的請求explicit, particular, specific明確的/特定的/具體的要求email, written電子郵件/書面請求I got a couple of email requests for it.我收到了幾封對此提出請求的電子郵件。interview採訪請求He has refused all interview requests.他已經拒絕了所有的採訪請求。budget, funding (both especially NAmE) 預算要求;資金請求the State Department budget request國務院的預算要求extradition引渡要求an extradition request by the US美國提出的引渡要求VERB + REQUESTmake, put in, send, submit提出請求;發送請求;提交請求I've put in a request for a room with a view of the sea.我已提出要一個能觀海景的房間。get, have, receive接到要求;收到請求We have had repeated requests for a pedestrian crossing near the school.我們已經多次收到在學校附近建一條人行橫道的請求。consider, review考慮/再考慮請求The judge will now consider this request from the plaintiffs.現在法官將會考慮原告的這一請求。accept, agree to, grant接受/同意/答應請求accommodate, comply with, fulfil/fulfill, honour/honor, meet順應要求;滿足要求His request was always met with the same answer.他的請求總是得到同樣的回答。approve批准請求The Commission approved a request for $700 000 in tax refunds.委員會批准了一項 70 萬美元的退稅請求。answer, respond to答覆/回應請求deal with, handle處理請求ignore忽視請求decline, deny, refuse, reject, turn down婉拒請求;拒絕要求;回絕請求repeat再三請求PREPOSITIONat sb's request應某人的要求The book was withdrawn at the author's request.這本書應作者的要求已經下架了。The play was written by Agatha Christie at the request of Queen Mary.這個劇本是阿加莎・克里斯蒂應瑪麗王后的要求寫的。by request應要求The writer's name was withheld by request (= because the writer had asked for this to be done).作者的名字應其要求被隱匿。on request, upon request根據要求Additional copies will be made available on request.將有額外的副本備索。request for⋯的要求;⋯的請求The helpline was inundated with requests for information on the crash.打咨詢熱線詢問墜機情況的電話多得應接不暇。PHRASESavailable on request, available upon request備索A detailed list of our publications is available on request.有我們出版物的詳細目錄備索。by popular request (especially BrE) (usually by popular demand) 應大家的要求The movie is being shown again by popular request.應大家的要求,這部影片正在重映。a number of requests大量要求


ADVERB | PREPOSITION ADVERBexplicitly, specifically明確/具體要求formally, officially正式請求politely禮貌地要求simply只是要求She had left him a message, simply requesting that he call her back.她給他留了言,只請他回個電話。reasonably (law法律, especially BrE) 合理地要求Auditors will be required to provide any information reasonably requested by the bank.審計員必須提供銀行合理索要的任何信息。urgently急切地請求repeatedly再三請求PREPOSITIONfrom要求⋯提供We have requested some information from the company.我們已經要求公司提供一些信息。
request noun
request (make a request for aid) wish (grant sb's request)
request verb


request ♦︎ order ♦︎ application ♦︎ claim ♦︎ demand ♦︎ call ♦︎ petition ♦︎ plea ♦︎ appeal ♦︎ reservationThese are all words for the action of asking for sth formally and/or politely. 这些词均表示正式的要求、请求。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a request / an order / an application / a claim / a demand / a call / a petition / a plea / an appeal for sthon request / order / application / demanda request / demand that...repeated requests / demands / calls / pleas / appealsa formal request / application / claim / demand / petition / appeala personal request / application / plea / appealan urgent request / order / demand / plea / appeala / an successful / unsuccessful application / claim / demand / petition / appealto make a request / an application / a claim / a demand / a plea / an appeal / a reservationto put in a request / an order / an application / a claim / a demandto file / lodge an application / a claim / a petitionto withdraw a request / an application / a claim / a demand / a petitionto receive a request / an order / an application / a demand / a petition / a plea / an appealto meet a request / an order / a claim / a demandto grant a request / an application / a claim / a petitionto refuse / reject a request / an application / a claim / a demand / a petition request [countable] (rather formal) the action of asking for sth formally and politely (正式或礼貌的)要求,请求They made a request for further aid.他们请求进一步的援助。He was there at his manager's request (= because his manager had asked him to go).他按照经理要求到了那里。Catalogues are available on request.有目录备索。 see also request ask verb 2 , request wish noun order [countable] a request to make or supply goods; a request for food or drinks in a restaurant or bar; the food or drinks that you ask for 订货;订购;订单;(在餐厅或酒吧)点单;所点餐品I would like to place an order for ten copies of this book.这本书我想订购十册。The machine parts are still on order (= they have been ordered but have not yet been received).机器零件尚在订购之中。These items can be made to order (= produced especially for a particular customer).这几样东西可以订做。May I take your order?您现在点餐吗?a side order of fries (= that you eat with your main dish) 配菜炸薯条 see also order order verb 2 application [countable] a formal, often written, request for sth, such as a job, permission to do sth or a place at a college or university (关于求职、准允或上大学等的)正式申请,请求,申请书We put in our planning application about six weeks ago.我们约六周前已递交规划申请。We received over 100 applications for the job.我们收到100多份求职申请。Where can I get an application form (= a piece of paper on which to apply for sth)?我在哪儿可以拿到申请表? see also apply ask verb 2 claim [countable] a request for a sum of money that you believe you have a right to, especially from a company or the government (尤指向公司或政府的)索款,索赔You can make a claim on your insurance policy.你可按保险单索赔。Nurses have put in a three per cent pay claim.护士已提出加薪3%的要求。 see also claim ask verb 2 demand [countable] a very firm request for sth; sth that sb needs (坚决的)要求;所需之物Their demand for higher pay was ignored.他们加薪的要求未被理睬。Our firm is constantly striving to satisfy customers' demands (= to give them what they are asking for).我们公司一直在努力满足顾客的需求。 see also demand demand verb call [countable] (especially journalism 尤用于新闻) a demand or request for sb to do sth or go somewhere 要求,请求,呼吁(某人做某事或前往某处)There have been calls for the minister to resign.已出现要求那位部长辞职的呼声。This is the last call for passengers travelling on British Airways flight 199 to Rome.乘坐英国航空公司199次班机飞往罗马的乘客,这是最后一次通知登机。 see also call for sth ask verb 2 petition pəˈtɪʃn [countable] a written document signed by a large number of people that asks sb in a position of authority to do or change sth 请愿书Would you like to sign our petition against experiments on animals?您愿意在我们反对用动物做实验的请愿书上签名吗? see also petition ask verb 2 plea pliː [countable] (formal) an urgent emotional request 恳求;吁求She made an impassioned plea for help.她恳切地求助。 see also plead beg appeal [countable] (rather formal, especially written) an urgent and deeply felt request for money, help or information, especially one made by a charity or by the police (尤指慈善机构或警方的)呼吁,吁请,恳求They've just launched a TV appeal for donations to the charity.他们刚刚通过电视呼吁为该慈善机构捐款。The police made an appeal to the public to remain calm.警方吁请公众保持镇静。 see also appeal ask verb 2 reservation [countable] (rather formal) an arrangement for a seat on a plane or train, a room in a hotel, etc. to be kept for you (对机票、火车票、酒店房间等的)预订,预约I'll call the restaurant and make a reservation.我会打电话到餐厅订位。We have a reservation in the name of Grant.我们是以格兰特的名字预订的。 see also reserve order verb 2

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