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IELTS BNC: 765 COCA: 615
noun /ˈenə(r)dʒi/
  1. 1
    [U] a supply of physical power that you have for doing things that need physical effort 力气;劲;力量

    As children we seemed to have endless energy. 我们小的时候好像有用不完的劲。

    She didn't even have the energy to get out of bed. 她连起床的力气都没有。

     Synonyms and related words
    Physical strength: strength, force, energy...
    1. a.
      [C/U] enthusiasm and determination 活力;精力

      She could offer youthful energy and talent in abundance. 她可以奉献出大量的青春活力与才华。

      put/devote/throw your energy/energies into something :

      Christine threw her energies into her teaching. 克里斯廷把大量精力花在教学上。

       Synonyms and related words
      Determination and ambition: determination, ambition, will...
  2. 2
    [U] science a form of power such as electricity, heat, or light that is used for making things work 能量;能源

    Insulating your home is a good way to save energy. 做好家里的隔热是节省能源的一个好方法。

    Environmentally friendly energy sources include water and wind power. 对环境无污染的能源包括水能和风能。

     Synonyms and related words
    Fuel and using fuel: biofuel, biogas, biomass...
     Synonyms and related words
    1. a.
      science the power that is present in all physical things and that can be changed into something such as heat, movement, or light 能;能量
       Synonyms and related words
IELTS BNC: 765 COCA: 615


1ability to be active/work hard活力;精力ADJECTIVE | ... OF ENERGY | VERB + ENERGY | ENERGY + VERB | ENERGY + NOUN | PHRASES ADJECTIVEboundless, endless, inexhaustible, limitless, unflagging, unlimited無窮的精力;經久不衰的能量I admire her boundless energy.她那使不完的精力令我羨慕。pure, raw, sheer純正的/原始/純粹的能量excess, surplus多餘的/過剩的精力nervous, restless精神緊張/焦躁不安而產生的精力manic狂熱的活力youthful青春活力creative創造力There is a lack of creative energy in the industry.這個行業缺乏創造力。emotional, mental, physical, sexual情感活力;心理活力;體能;性能力pent-up被壓抑的能量negative, positive負能量;正能量... OF ENERGYamount, level精力的多少;精力的充沛程度You can judge how healthy you are by the amount of energy you have.可以通過精力的充沛程度來判斷健康狀況。great deal大量的精力Bringing up twins requires a great deal of energy.養育雙胞胎要花大量的精力。burst精力的一陣爆發With a sudden burst of energy, he ran to the top of the hill.他突然湧起一股勁,衝上山頂。VERB + ENERGYbe bursting with, be full of, have充滿活力;有活力The children are always full of energy.孩子們總是精力充沛。I don't seem to have any energy these days.這些日子我總覺得無精打采。exude, radiate散發/輻射能量feel感受到活力You could feel the energy coming back to you from the audience.你可以感受到活力從觀眾回到自己身上來。lack缺乏活力He never seems to lack energy.他看起來總是精力旺盛。put投入精力She put all her energy into her work.她把所有的精力都投入到工作中。I will put all my energies into improving the situation. (especially BrE) 我會拿出所有的精力來改善狀況。expend (formal) , spend, use花費精力
channel, concentrate, devote, direct, focus, turn傾注能量;集中能量;把精力投入到⋯;轉移精力Prisoners are encouraged to channel their energy into exercise.鼓勵囚犯把精力轉到鍛煉中去。add, bring, give增加能量;帶來活力;提供能量boost提升能量conserve, save保存精力;積蓄精力work off消耗精力The kids were running around, working off their surplus energy.孩子們到處亂跑,消耗着過剩的精力。waste浪費精力We don't want to waste our energy trying to persuade people who are just not interested.我們不想浪費精力去試圖說服根本毫無興趣的人。drain, sap消耗精力The hills sapped his energy and he got off his bike for frequent rests.騎車上山消耗體力,他不時下車休息一下。muster, muster up, summon, summon up提起勁頭;聚集力量;振作精神She eventually summoned up the energy to cook dinner.她終於打起精神去做飯了。invest付出精力We must invest our time and energy in the development of our craft.要提高我們的技藝,必須投入時間和精力。ENERGY + VERBflag精力消退It was late and my energy was beginning to flag.很晚了,我開始精力不濟。dissipate, drain away能量消散;精力耗盡ENERGY + NOUNlevel, reserves能量水平/儲備My energy levels are still low.我依然精力不足。bar, drink能量棒;能量飲料boost能量提升Sugar provides an energy boost.糖分能夠提高精力。PHRASESenergy and enthusiasm精力和熱情She always works with energy and enthusiasm.她工作起來一直充滿精力和熱情。an outlet for your energy精力釋放的途徑Football gives them an outlet for their energy.踢足球能讓他們釋放精力。time or energy時間或精力I don't have the time or energy to argue with you.我沒有時間,也沒有精力跟你爭吵。a waste of energy浪費精力It's a waste of energy cutting this grass-nobody's going to see it.割這些草純粹是浪費精力 - 根本沒有人會注意。


2source of power能源ADJECTIVE | ... OF ENERGY | VERB + ENERGY | ENERGY + NOUN | PHRASES ADJECTIVEalternative, clean, green, renewable可替代/清潔/綠色/可再生能源the change from fossil fuels to renewable energy由礦物燃料到可再生能源的轉變atomic, nuclear, solar, wave, wind原子能;核能;太陽能;波浪能;風能cheap廉價能源... OF ENERGYamount能量的多少The new power station produces vast amounts of energy.新電站發電量巨大。VERB + ENERGYgenerate, produce產生/生產能量harness利用能量attempts to harness solar energy嘗試利用太陽能release釋放能量provide, supply供應能量consume, use消耗能量;使用能量store貯存能量No battery could store enough energy to turn over a car's engine.任何電池都無法貯存足以啟動汽車引擎的能量。conserve, save節能waste浪費能量need, require需要能量ENERGY + NOUNproduction能量生產consumption, use能量消耗;能量使用demand, needs, requirements能源需求total energy requirements for the coming year來年的能源總需求supply能源供給The nuclear plant provides a fifth of the nation's energy supplies.這家核電站生產的能量佔全國能源供應總量的兩成。resources, sources能源reserves, stores能源貯備/貯存conservation能源保護savings節能equipment that offers long-term energy savings能持久節能的設備efficiency能效bill, costs, prices能源開支/成本/價格crisis, problem, shortage能源危機/問題/短缺The country could face an energy crisis if demand continues to rise.如果能源需求繼續增加,這個國家可能會面臨能源危機。company, industry, sector能源公司/工業/部門state control of the energy industries國家對能源工業的控制market能源市場The cost of solar power needs to fall before it makes an impact on the energy market.太陽能要降低成本才能對現有的能源市場有所影響。plan, policy, programme/program, project, strategy能源規劃/政策/計劃/項目/策略a government-sponsored renewable energy project政府資助的可再生能源項目management能源管理independence (especially NAmE) 能源獨立PHRASESa demand for energy能源需求The demand for energy is expected to increase dramatically.能源需求預計會急速增長。a form of energy能源形式a source of energy能源
IELTS BNC: 765 COCA: 615
energy noun
energy1 (nuclear/solar energy) energy2 (full of energy) effort (your creative energies)


nuclear/solar energy 核能;太阳能She's always full of energy. 她总是充满活力。energy ♦︎ powerThese are both words for the fuel, strength of the sun or wind, etc. that is used to drive machines, make electricity, provide heat, etc. 这两个词均表示能源。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配electrical / nuclear / atomic / solar / wind / tidal energy / powerto generate / produce / provide / supply / use / harness energy / poweran energy / a power supplya source of energy / power energy [uncountable] a source of power such as fuel, used for driving machines, providing heat, etc. 能源the change from fossil fuel to renewable energy从化石燃料到可再生能源的转变The nuclear plant provides a fifth of the nation's energy.核电厂为该国提供五分之一的能源。It is important to conserve energy.节能十分重要。Energy-saving features can reduce energy bills by 50%.这些节能特性能降低能耗支出50%。The country could face an energy crisis (= when fuel is not freely available) if demand continues to rise.如果需求持续上升,这个国家可能会面临能源危机。In physics energy is the ability of matter or radiation to work because of its mass, movement, electric charge, etc. 物理学中,energy指物质或辐射因其质量、运动或所带电荷而具有的做功的能力kinetic / potential energy动能;势能 power [uncountable] energy that can be collected and used to operate a machine, to make electricity, etc.; the public supply of electricity 能量;动力;电力供应Wind power was used to drive the machinery.用了风能来驱动机器。This wheel provides the power to the cutting machine.这个轮子为剪切机提供动力。To go higher the pilot increases the engine power.为了能飞得更高,飞行员加大了发动机的动力。They've switched off the power.他们关掉了电源。There seems to have been a power failure.好像停电了。NOTE 辨析 Energy or power? Energy is the source of power: the fuel, the light and heat from the sun or a nuclear reaction, the strength of the wind, water or waves. Power is energy that has been collected and used to produce electricity, operate machinery, etc. In practice you can often use either word. * energy指能源,诸如燃油、太阳或核变产生的光和热,以及风、水或潮汐的能量。power指蓄集起来用于发电、驱动机器等的能量。实际上,两个词常可通用electrical / nuclear / atomic / solar / wind / tidal energy / power电能;核能;原子能;太阳能;风能;潮汐能to generate / produce / provide / supply / use / harness energy / power发电;产生能量;提供能量;供电;使用能量;利用能量However, although you can say generate/produce energy, energy is often seen as sth that cannot be created (and in a scientific sense this is true): you can store, conserve or save energy, or you can waste it. Power is less frequently seen in this way: you generate/produce power and then use it to drive sth, but it is less usual to talk about storing or saving it. The energy supply is all the energy that has not yet been used up; the power supply is the continuous flow of power to where it is being used. 不过,尽管“发电”可以说成generate/produce energy,energy常被认为是不能人为制造产生的,而且从科学意义上讲确实如此。与energy搭配的动词有store、conserve、save和waste。power较少这样用,常与之搭配的动词有generate和produce。use power to drive sth指使用能量驱动某物。power通常不与表示贮存或节约意义的词连用。energy supply指至今还没有耗尽的所有能源,power supply指能量的持续供应The world's energy supply is heading for crisis.世界正濒临能源供给危机。The world's power supply is heading for crisis. interruptions in the power supply电力供应的中断interruptions in the energy supply energy2


nuclear/solar energy 核能;太阳能She's always full of energy. 她总是充满活力。energy ♦︎ life ♦︎ vigour ♦︎ vitality ♦︎ fire ♦︎ dynamism ♦︎ spark ♦︎ gusto ♦︎ zestThese are all words for the ability or quality of putting effort and enthusiasm into sth. 这些词均表示精力、活力、干劲。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to do sth with energy / vigour / vitality / dynamism / gusto / zestgreat energy / vigour / vitality / gusto / zesttremendous energy / vigour / vitality / dynamism / gustonew energy / life / vigour / vitality / zestsb's old energy / fire / sparkrenewed / youthful energy / vigour / vitality / zestto have energy / vigour / vitality / dynamism / spark / zestto lack energy / vigour / vitality / dynamism / sparkto lose energy / vigour / vitality / fire / spark / zestto add energy / life / zest (to sth)to be full of energy / life / vigour / vitality / fire / dynamism / zest energy [uncountable](in a person) the ability to put effort and enthusiasm into sth you do (人的)精力,活力,干劲I admire her boundless energy.我佩服她那无穷的干劲。It's a waste of time and energy.那是浪费时间和精力。Bringing up twins requires a great deal of energy.把双胞胎带大需要很多的精力。 see also strength force noun life [uncountable](in a person, place or situation) the quality of being active, lively and exciting (人、地方或场合的)活力,生命力,生气We need to inject some new life into this project.我们得给这个项目注入些新的活力。The city only comes to life at night.这个城市要到夜晚才充满生机。 see also lively lively vigour (BrE) (NAmE vigor) ˈvɪgə(r) [uncountable](in a person) energy, force and determination (人的)精力,力量,热情He worked with renewed vigour and enthusiasm.他将重燃起来的活力和热情投入到工作中。She attacked both political parties with equal vigour.她对两个政党攻击得同样激烈。 vitality vaɪˈtæləti [uncountable](in a person, place or work of art) energy and enthusiasm (人、地方或艺术品的)生命力,活力,热情She is bursting with vitality and new ideas.她朝气蓬勃,满脑子新点子。The music has a wonderful freshness and vitality.这首乐曲给人以绝妙的新鲜感和活力。The project will provide jobs and help to restore economic vitality to the region.这个计划将提供就业机会,促进该地区恢复经济活力。 fire [uncountable](in a person) very strong emotion, especially anger or enthusiasm that drives you to do sth (人的)激情,愤怒,热情The fire seemed to die in him when his wife died.妻子去世后,他的热情似乎熄灭了。Something of the old fire had returned to their rivalry.他们的竞争又重新激起了旧恨。 dynamism ˈdaɪnəmɪzəm [uncountable](in a person, project or idea) energy and enthusiasm to make new things happen or to make things succeed (人、项目或想法的)精力,活力,劲头The freshness and dynamism of her approach was welcomed by all her students.她的方法新颖活泼,受到学生的一致欢迎。The campaign lacked dynamism.这场运动缺乏活力。 spark [uncountable, singular](in a person) a special quality of energy, intelligence or enthusiasm that makes sb very imaginative or amusing (人的)生气,才华,热情As a writer he seemed to lack creative spark.作为作家,他似乎缺少创作激情。She had a certain spark-that something extra that made her a star.她有才华和热情,这些别人不具备的特质使她成了明星。 gusto ˈgʌstəʊ; NAmE ˈgʌstoʊ [uncountable](in a person) enthusiasm and energy in doing sth, especially sth you enjoy (人的)热情,兴致,精力They sang with gusto.他们兴致勃勃地唱歌。She attacked the huge slice of chocolate cake with great gusto.她兴奋难抑,迫不及待地扑向那一大块巧克力蛋糕大吃起来。 zest [uncountable, singular](in a person) enjoyment and enthusiasm (人的)热情,狂热Last month's victory has given him renewed zest for the game.上个月的那场胜利让他重燃起对这项运动的狂热。He had a great zest for life.他对生活有着极大的热情。

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