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noun [U] /ˈrʌbɪʃ/
  1. 1
    things that you throw away because they are no longer useful, such as old food, paper or plastic used for wrapping things, and empty containers 垃圾;废弃物

    The council is encouraging people to recycle their household rubbish. 委员会鼓励人们回收利用他们的家庭垃圾。

    The streets were littered with rubbish. 街道上到处丢弃着垃圾。

     Synonyms and related words
  2. 2
    things that someone says or writes that are not reasonable or sensible 废话;无意义的东西

    Most of the information in her article was utter rubbish. 她文章中大部分信息完全是废话。

    As usual, he was talking complete rubbish. 跟往常一样,他一直在讲废话。

     Synonyms and related words
    Nonsense: nonsense, drivel, rubbish...
  3. 3
    something that is useless, of no value, or of very low quality 废物;毫无价值的东西;质量很差的东西

    Critics have described the paintings as worthless rubbish. 批评家们把这些画说成是一文不值的垃圾。

    Cable TV, to quote Mr James, is just ‘200 channels of rubbish'. 有线电视,援引詹姆斯先生的话说,就是200个频道的垃圾。

     Synonyms and related words
     Synonyms and related words
    Something that is of very bad quality: rubbish, reject, trash...
verb [T] British /ˈrʌbɪʃ/
present tense
present participlerubbishing
past tenserubbished
past participlerubbished
  1. to criticize someone or something by saying that they are wrong, stupid, or useless 严厉批评;把…说得一无是处

    He rubbished suggestions that he is about to leave the club. 他严厉抨击了他即将离开俱乐部的暗示。

     Synonyms and related words
adjective British very informal /ˈrʌbɪʃ/
  1. useless 无用的;废的

    I'm rubbish at spelling. 我的拼写一塌糊涂。

    They're a rubbish band. 他们是支非常差劲的乐队。

     Synonyms and related words
    Not effective or useful and not working correctly: useless, ineffective, inefficient...


1 see also garbage , trash (especially BrE) waste material廢棄物ADJECTIVE | ... OF RUBBISH | VERB + RUBBISH | RUBBISH + VERB | RUBBISH + NOUN ADJECTIVEdomestic, household家庭垃圾garden花園垃圾... OF RUBBISHbag, pile一袋/一堆垃圾tons大量的垃圾VERB + RUBBISHput out把垃圾拿出去I forgot to put the rubbish out last night.昨晚我忘記把垃圾拿出去了。collect, remove, take away收垃圾;拿走垃圾The rubbish is collected on Tuesdays.每週二收垃圾。clear, clear out, dispose of, dump, throw, throw away, throw out清除垃圾;處理垃圾;倒垃圾;把垃圾扔掉He's clearing rubbish out of the attic.他正在清除閣樓上的垃圾。Someone had dumped their rubbish by the road.有人把垃圾倒在了馬路邊上。Throw the rubbish in the bin.把垃圾扔到垃圾箱裏。leave丟垃圾Don't leave your rubbish on the bus.別把垃圾丟在公共汽車上。strew, strew around (both usually passive通常均用被動式) 亂扔垃圾;把垃圾扔得到處都是There was rubbish strewn around everywhere.到處都是亂扔的垃圾。pick up撿垃圾RUBBISH + VERBdecay, rot垃圾腐爛RUBBISH + NOUNbag, bin, skip垃圾袋;垃圾箱;垃圾桶dump, heap, tip垃圾堆;垃圾場collection, disposal垃圾收集/處理chute垃圾滑道


2 see also garbage , trash (BrE) sth that you think is bad/silly/wrong劣質的東西;愚蠢的東西ADJECTIVE | VERB + RUBBISH | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEabsolute, complete, total, utter十分糟糕的東西;非常差勁的東西The film was absolute rubbish.這部電影完全是垃圾。worthless無價值的廢物Many critics see the paintings as worthless rubbish.許多批評家認為這些繪畫一文不值。old陳舊的廢物The antique shop was just full of old rubbish.這個古玩店裏全是些陳舊的廢物。VERB + RUBBISHtalk胡說八道Don't talk such rubbish!不要胡說八道!PREPOSITIONrubbish about有關⋯的廢話the usual rubbish about his undiscovered talents關於他未被發現的天賦的老一套廢話PHRASESa load of rubbish無稽之談What he said was just a load of old rubbish.他所說的不過是些老掉牙的無稽之談。what rubbish!胡說八道!
rubbish noun
rubbish (a rubbish film) nonsense (talk rubbish) waste (household rubbish)


rubbish ♦︎ (taboo) crap ♦︎ trash ♦︎ garbageThese are all words for sth that you think is of poor quality. 这些词均表示劣质的东西。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配absolute / complete / total rubbish / crap / trash / garbageto read / watch / listen to rubbish / trash / garbageto eat rubbish / crapa load of rubbish / crap / trash rubbish [uncountable] (BrE, informal, especially spoken, disapproving) something that sb has created such as a book, film or music, that you think is of poor quality; poor quality food 劣质的东西(如书、电影或音乐);劣质食品I was told their new album's complete rubbish.我听说他们的新专辑差劲透了。Why are you eating such rubbish?你为什么吃这些垃圾食品? Rubbish can also be used before a noun like an adjective, when it can also be used to describe sb who does sth badly, especially their job. * rubbish亦可像形容词一样用在名词前,也可以形容某人,表示其工作做得很差Do we have to listen to this rubbish music?我们一定要听这种垃圾音乐吗?We had some rubbish teachers at school.我们学校有一些很差劲的教师。 crap [uncountable] (taboo, slang, spoken, disapproving) rubbish 劣质的东西Crap should only be used in informal situations among people of the same age and status. If spoken to sb who is older or considers themselves more important than you, it could cause great offence. * crap仅限于在非正式场合与年龄、地位相仿的人交谈时使用。如果在与年长者或自认为地位更高的人说话时使用该词,可能会造成很大的冒犯We eat a lot of crap and then wonder why we put on weight.我们吃很多垃圾食品,然后奇怪自己为什么发胖。'What did you think of their performance this afternoon?' 'Crap.'“你认为今天下午他们表现如何?”“太差劲了。”Like rubbish, in British English crap can also be used before a noun like an adjective. 像rubbish一样,在英式英语中,crap亦可像形容词一样用在名词前If I get any more of this crap work from you, you're fired.要是你的活再干得这么烂,你就卷铺盖走人。You're a crap singer.你唱歌差劲透了。In American English the adjective is crappy. 在美式英语中,其形容词形式是crappy。 see also crap poor adj. 2 trash [uncountable] (informal, disapproving) an object, book, film or music, that you think is of poor quality 劣质品;拙劣的作品;糟粕You can buy lots of tacky trash in the souvenir shops, if that's what you want.你在纪念品商店能买到很多俗气的劣质玩意儿,如果你想买的就是这些东西的话。What's this trash you're watching?你看的这个乌七八糟的节目是什么?In British English trash can also be used before a noun like an adjective, but it only describes things, not people. 在英式英语中,trash亦可像形容词一样用在名词前,但只修饰事物,不修饰人They listen to pop music and watch trash TV all day.他们整天听流行音乐,看乌七八糟的电视节目。He's a trash teacher. garbage [uncountable] (NAmE, informal, disapproving) trash 劣质品;拙劣的作品;糟粕She just watches garbage on TV all day.她整天看电视里的垃圾节目。

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