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verb /ʃrɪŋk/
present tense
present participleshrinking
past tenseshrank or shrunk
past participleshrunk
  1. 1
    [I] to become smaller in size 收缩;缩小

    Do you think this dress will shrink if I handwash it? 你认为这衣服如果我用手洗会缩水吗?

    Many people shrink in old age. 很多人年老时个子会缩小。

     Synonyms and related words
    To become smaller: shrink, contract, compact...
    1. a.
      [T] to make something smaller in size 使缩小;使收缩

      The treatment will shrink the tumour. 这一疗法可以使肿瘤缩小。

       Synonyms and related words
      To make something smaller: reduce, thin, compact...
  2. 2
    [I] to become smaller in amount, value, or range (数量、价值、范围)减少,下降,缩小

    The company's profit margins shrank from 32.5 per cent to 17 per cent. 公司的利润率从32.5%下降至17%。

    shrink rapidly/dramatically/fast :

    Numbers of butterflies are shrinking rapidly as the environment changes. 随着环境的变化,蝴蝶的数量迅速减少。

     Synonyms and related words
    To become less in size, amount or value: crater, decrease, decline...
    1. a.
      [T] to make something smaller in amount, value, or range 使(数量、价值、范围)减少(或下降、缩小)

      The UN was urged to shrink its peacekeeping presence in Rwanda. 联合国被敦促减少在卢旺达的维和部队人数。

       Synonyms and related words
  3. 3
    [I] to move back or away from someone or something, especially because you are frightened or nervous (尤因害怕或紧张而)退缩,畏缩
    shrink away/back :

    He shrank away from her touch. 他往后一缩避开了她的触摸。

     Synonyms and related words
     Synonyms and related words

phrasal verbs

noun [C] informal /ʃrɪŋk/
  1. a psychiatrist. Some people think that this word does not show respect. 精神病医生,精神病学家(有些人认为该词含有不敬之意)
     Synonyms and related words
    General words for psychology and psychoanalysis: ambivert, analyse, analysis...


1become smaller變小ADVERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADVERBconsiderably, dramatically, significantly顯著/急劇/明顯變小a little, slightly, etc.有點兒/略有些收縮further進一步縮小fast, rapidly迅速/快速縮小We are competing in a market that is shrinking fast.我們在爭奪迅速萎縮的市場。gradually, slowly逐漸/慢慢收縮steadily穩步收縮PREPOSITIONby縮小了⋯Their profits shrank by 4% last year.去年他們的利潤降低了 4%。from, to從⋯縮小;縮小到⋯Their share of the market has shrunk from 14% to 5%.他們的市場份額從 14% 縮小到 5%。PHRASESshrink in size在規模上縮小Households have been shrinking in size but increasing in number.家庭規模縮小了,但家庭數量增加了。


2move away移開ADVERB | VERB + SHRINK | PREPOSITION ADVERBa little稍稍退縮He shrank a little at the sight of the blood.看到血他往後縮了一下。visibly明顯退縮instinctively本能地退縮away, back, down退開;往後退縮;退縮VERB + SHRINKtry to試圖退縮PREPOSITIONagainst退到背靠⋯處He shrank back against the wall.他向後退到了牆根。in因⋯退縮She shrank back in terror.她恐懼地往後退。into縮進⋯I shrank back into the shadows.我退回到了陰暗處。from躲開⋯She shrank from his touch.她躲開了他的觸摸。
shrink verb
shrink (a market/sweater shrinks) jump3 (shrink back in terror)


shrink ♦︎ narrow ♦︎ contract ♦︎ shortenThese words all mean to become smaller or to be narrower at one end. 这些词均表示缩小、变短。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to shrink / narrow / contract / shorten (sth) to a particular sizeto shrink / narrow / contract / shorten (sth) by a particular amounta market / the economy shrinks / contractsshrink / narrow / contract (sth) slightlyto shrink / narrow / shorten (sth) considerablyto narrow / contract sharply shrink (shrank, shrunk or shrunk, shrunk) [intransitive, transitive] to become or make sth smaller in size or amount 缩小;收缩;减少The tumour had shrunk to the size of a pea.那肿瘤已收缩到豌豆大小。The market for their products is shrinking.市场对他们产品的需求在减少。Households have been shrinking in size but increasing in number.家庭的规模在缩小,可家庭的数量在增加。In some ways, the Internet has shrunk the world.从某种意义上说,互联网把世界给缩小了。 Shrink is the word to use when clothes or fabrics become smaller when they are washed in water that is too hot. 指衣服或布料洗涤时缩水用shrinkMy sweater shrank in the wash.我的毛衣洗涤时缩水了。 OPP grow rise shrinkage ˈʃrɪŋkɪdʒ


[uncountable] the shrinkage of heavy industry重工业的萎缩She bought a slightly larger size to allow for shrinkage.她买了一件尺码稍大的,以防缩水。
narrow [intransitive, transitive] to become or make sth narrower 变窄;缩小;使变窄This is where the road narrows.这条路就是在这里变窄的。Her eyes narrowed (= almost closed) to slits.她的眼睛瞇成了两道缝。The gap between the two teams has narrowed to three points.两队之间的差距缩小到了三分。We need to narrow the health divide between rich and poor.我们需要缩小富人和穷人之间健康状况的差异。OPP widen , broaden expand 1 see also narrow narrow adj. contract kənˈtrækt [intransitive, transitive] (rather formal) to become or make sth smaller in size or amount 收缩;缩小;减少Glass contracts as it cools.玻璃遇冷会收缩。The electrical market is forecast to contract by 2% this year.预计今年的电器市场将萎缩2%。The heart muscles contract to expel the blood.心肌收缩以挤压出血液。'I will' and 'I shall' are usually contracted to 'I'll'(= made shorter).I will和I shall通常缩写为I'll。OPP expand expand 1 contraction


[uncountable] the expansion and contraction of the metal金属的膨胀与收缩The sudden contraction of the markets left them with a lot of unwanted stock.市场的骤然收缩使他们剩下许多存货卖不出去。
NOTE 辨析 Shrink or contract?Clothes and fabric shrink; other materials, such as glass and metal contract, especially as they become cooler. A market or the economy can shrink or contract, but contract is more formal. Muscles contract, and words can be contracted to their shorter forms. Most other things shrink. The opposite of shrink is grow; the opposite of contract is expand. 服装和布料缩水用shrink,其他材料(如玻璃和金属)因冷却而收缩用contract。主语是market或economy时用shrink或contract均可,但contract更正式些。肌肉收缩用contract,词语采用缩略式用be contracted to。大多数其他东西收缩用shrink。shrink的反义词是grow,contract的反义词是expand。
shorten [transitive, intransitive] to make sth shorter; to become shorter 缩短;变短Injury problems could shorten his career.伤病可能会缩短他的职业生涯。They performed a shortened version of the play in just 40 minutes.他们上演了该剧的缩略版本,仅40分钟。Katherine generally shortens her name to Kay.凯瑟琳通常把自己的名字简称为凯。In November the temperature drops and the days shorten.11月气温下降,白天变短。OPP lengthen expand 1 see also short short 1 3

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