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noun /ˈbenɪfɪt/
  1. 1
    [C/U] an advantage you get from a situation 益处;好处

    The new sports centre will bring lasting benefit to the community. 新的体育中心将使社区居民持久受益。

    benefit (of something) for someone/something :

    Consider the potential benefits of the deal for the company. 想一想这项交易会给公司带来的潜在好处。

    get/gain/receive a benefit :

    The costs involved would outweigh any benefits gained. 所需费用会超过所得到的利益。

    derive a benefit from something :

    Even Liza derived little benefit from the changes. 连莉萨也没有从变动中得到多少好处。

    reap a benefit :

    The town was still reaping the benefits years after the film's release. 电影发行好几年后这个小镇仍在受益。

    be of benefit to someone/something :

    Not all competition is of benefit to the consumer. 不是所有的竞争都对消费者有益。

    for someone's benefit :

    Molly explained what was happening for my benefit. 莫利向我解释了发生的一切。

    have the benefit of something :

    He has had the benefit of the best education money can buy. 他得益于钱所能买到的最好的教育。

     Synonyms and related words
    Advantages and benefits: advantage, benefit, good...
  2. 2
    [C/U] British money or other help that the government gives people who need financial help, for example because they do not have a job. The American word is welfare (政府提供的)救济金,抚恤金,补助金

    housing/sickness/disability benefit 住房/医疗/伤残补助

    claim (a) benefit :

    There has been an increase in the number of people claiming benefit. 越来越多的人要求领取救济金。

    get/receive (a) benefit :

    families receiving benefit 领取救济金的家庭

    on benefit :

    She's been on unemployment benefit for six years. 她已领取了6年的失业救济金。

     Synonyms and related words
  3. 3
    [C] [usually plural] extra money or other advantages that you get in addition to your salary from your employer as part of your job (雇主提供的)津贴,奖金,福利

    The benefits include medical insurance and a company car. 福利包括医疗保险和一辆公车。

     Synonyms and related words
    1. a.
      money or help that an insurance company gives to you 保险金;保险赔偿
       Synonyms and related words
  4. 4
    [C] an event organized in order to make money for a person or a charity (为个人或慈善机构筹款的)慈善活动

    a benefit concert/performance 慈善音乐会/表演

     Synonyms and related words
verb /ˈbenɪfɪt/
present tense
present participlebenefiting or benefitting
past tensebenefited or benefitted
past participlebenefited or benefitted
  1. [I] to get help or an advantage from something 受益;得到好处

    Thousands of households could benefit under the scheme. 成千上万的家庭可以受益于该计划。

    benefit from :

    Patients have benefited greatly from this treatment. 病人已从该治疗中大大受益。

    stand to benefit (=be likely to benefit) 可能受益 :

    Unemployed people stand to benefit most from these policies. 失业人员可能从这些政策中受益最多。

     Synonyms and related words
    1. a.
      [T] to help someone or give them an advantage 对(某人)有好处;有助于;有利于

      The system mainly benefited people in the south of the country. 这项制度主要使南方人受惠。

       Synonyms and related words
      To help someone: help, assist, support...


1advantage益處ADJECTIVE | VERB + BENEFIT | BENEFIT + VERB | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEconsiderable, enormous, great, huge, immense, major, real, significant, substantial, tremendous相當大的/巨大的/很大的/極大的/無限的/重大的/實際的/可觀的/大量的/極大的好處This could bring real benefits for teachers.這會為教師帶來真實惠。clear, obvious, tangible明顯的/顯著的/實實在在的好處positive正效益perceived可感知的益處Consumers choose organic meat for a number of reasons, including perceived health benefits.消費者選擇有機肉出於種種原因,包括認識到其有益健康。apparent, supposed表面上的/假定的好處proven已(被)證實的好處maximum最大的好處added, additional額外的好處The method has many additional benefits.這種方法有諸多額外的好處。mutual相互的好處The different environmental groups could work together to their mutual benefit.不同的環保組織可以攜手合作,互惠互利。direct, indirect直接的/間接的好處potential潛在的好處unexpected意外的好處long-term, short-term長期/短期利益lasting長久利益practical實惠public公共利益personal個人利益clinical, economic, educational, environmental, financial, material, nutritional, psychological, social, therapeutic臨牀效用;經濟效益;教育效益;環境效益;財務效益;物質利益;營養價值;對心理的益處;社會效益;治療效益fitness, health對身體的益處VERB + BENEFITenjoy, experience, have享有/體驗/得到益處The industry will be one of the first to enjoy the benefits of the recovery.該產業將是首先受益於這次復蘇的行業之一。children who have the benefit of a stable home background享有穩定家庭環境的孩子derive, gain, get, obtain, reap, receive得到好處;受惠The company derived substantial benefit from the deal.公司從這筆交易中得到了很大好處。I reaped the benefits of all my early training.所有的早期訓練都對我有所裨益。bring, confer, deliver, offer, produce, provide, yield帶來好處;產生好處The new factory will bring considerable benefits to the area.新工廠將為該地區帶來相當大的好處。This deal will offer major benefits to industrialists and investors.這筆交易將會讓實業家和投資者受益匪淺。maximize最大限度獲得益處If you want to maximize the benefits of blueberries, eat them raw.如果你想讓藍莓的好處得到最大的發揮就生吃。highlight突出好處extol, promote, tout (especially NAmE) 讚揚/宣揚/鼓吹好處a marketing campaign which promotes the cosmetic benefits of vitamin E宣傳維生素 E 的美容功效的促銷活動appreciate, recognize, see賞識/認識到/看到益處I can see the benefits that such games give children.我能看到這些遊戲對孩子們的好處。evaluate, weigh評價/權衡益處Weigh the benefits of hiring help before hiring new employees.在雇用新員工之前要權衡一下雇人幫忙的好處。extend擴大好處These benefits will now be extended to agency workers.這些好處現在將會惠及代理機構的員工。deny sb拒絕給某人好處He had been denied the benefits of a good education.他被剝奪了接受良好教育能帶來的好處。BENEFIT + VERBaccrue利益產生the benefits that accrue from a good education良好的教育帶來的好處arise from sth, result from sth利益產生於⋯A number of benefits arise from having a fitter body.擁有健康的體魄帶來許多好處。outweigh sth益處大於⋯The benefits easily outweigh the cost.益處遠遠超過代價。PREPOSITIONfor sb's benefit為某人的利益We shall do this for the benefit of the patients.為了病人的利益我們將這樣做。of benefit to對⋯有益This arrangement will be of great benefit to you both.這種安排對你們倆都會非常有益。to sb's benefit有益於某人It will be to everyone's benefit.這對大家都會有好處。with the benefit of, without the benefit of有⋯的助益;無⋯的助益They somehow manage to work without the benefit of modern technology.他們想方設法在沒有現代技術輔助的情況下工作。benefit for為⋯的利益the benefits for companies公司的利益benefit from⋯帶來的利益the benefits from tourism旅遊業帶來的收益benefit of⋯的好處the benefit of a steady income有穩定收入的好處benefit to對⋯的好處What are the benefits to investors?對投資者有什麼好處?


2financial advantages given by a company, the government, etc.經濟利益ADJECTIVE | VERB + BENEFIT | BENEFIT + NOUN ADJECTIVEfringe (= extra things that an employer gives as well as a salary) (薪金外的)附加福利The fringe benefits include free health insurance.附加福利包括免費健康保險。tax稅項利益employee, retiree (both NAmE) 員工津貼;退休人員補助domestic-partner (especially NAmE) 同居伴侶津貼VERB + BENEFITgive給予救濟金receive領取救濟金extend提供補助These benefits will now be extended to agency workers.這些補助現在將會惠及代理機構的員工。deny sb拒絕給予某人津貼Same-sex couples were denied the benefits given to married couples.不給同性別夫婦發放已婚夫婦享受的補助。BENEFIT + NOUNplan (especially NAmE) 福利計劃benefits package一攬子福利待遇


3 (BrE) money金錢ADJECTIVE | ... OF BENEFIT | VERB + BENEFIT | BENEFIT + VERB | BENEFIT + NOUN | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEwelfare福利金state國家救濟金insurance保險賠償金means-tested, universal根據經濟狀況審查而發放的津貼;普遍津貼One way to cut spending is to move from universal benefits to means-tested ones.削減開支的一種方法是將發放普遍津貼轉為根據經濟狀況審查發放津貼。cash現金津貼generous豐厚的津貼child, disability, health-care, housing, maternity, sickness, social-security子女補助;殘疾補助;衞生保健補助;住房津貼;生育津貼;疾病補助;社會保障金pension, retirement養老金;退休津貼jobless, unemployment失業救濟金... OF BENEFITamount, level補助金額;補助金水平VERB + BENEFITbe eligible for, be entitled to, qualify for符合領取津貼的規定;具備領取救濟金條件claim要求獲得補助金You may be able to claim housing benefit.你或許可以要求領取住房補助金。collect, draw, get, receive領取救濟金;獲取津貼He receives unemployment benefit.他領取失業救濟金。be dependent on依靠救濟金lose失去救濟金She is worried that if she takes on a job she will lose her benefits.她擔心如果工作的話,救濟金就沒了。cut, reduce, slash削減救濟金The government has cut unemployment benefit.政府削減了失業救濟金。increase增加補助金BENEFIT + VERBbe paid救濟金發放Benefit is paid monthly.補助金按月發放。BENEFIT + NOUNbenefits agency補助金發放機構office補助金辦公室payment補助金支付system補助金制度cut補助金削減PREPOSITIONon benefit領補助金He's on social security benefit.他領取社會保障金。


ADVERB | PREPOSITION ADVERBconsiderably, enormously, greatly, immensely, really, significantly, substantially, tremendously大有裨益;獲益巨大fully完全有好處clearly, obviously, undoubtedly顯然有好處The new law clearly benefits those earning the most money.新法律顯然使那些收入最高的人受益。ultimately最終惠及⋯equally平等地惠及⋯disproportionately不均衡地惠及⋯mainly, primarily主要惠及⋯personally個人受益directly, indirectly直接/間接有益We benefited directly from the reorganization.我們從重組中直接受益。economically, financially經濟上有益We both benefited financially from the arrangement.我們雙方都從這一安排獲得經濟上的好處。PREPOSITIONfrom得益於⋯
benefit noun
benefit1 (the benefit of a good education) benefit2 (pay and benefits)
benefit verb
benefit (benefit from doing sth) help2 (sth that will benefit everyone)


the benefit of a good education 良好教育的益处pay and benefits 工资和福利benefit ♦︎ advantage ♦︎ strength ♦︎ merit ♦︎ good ♦︎ virtue ♦︎ asset ♦︎ plus ♦︎ good pointThese are all words for a good or useful effect or quality that sth has. 这些词均表示长处、优势、成效。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配some / any / no benefit / advantage / virtue in stha benefit / an advantage / an asset for sb / sthto be to sb's benefit / advantageto do sth for sb's benefit / goodto be with / without the benefit / advantage of sthto be of great / major / real, etc. benefit / advantage / meritconsiderable / great / real benefits / advantages / strengths / merits / good / virtues / assetsmaximum / additional benefit / advantagerelative benefits / advantages / strengths / merits / virtuesto have the benefit / advantage / merit / virtueto see the benefit / advantage / merit / good / virtue benefit [uncountable, countable] a good or useful effect of sth 益处;成效She had the benefit of a good education.她得益于受过良好教育。The new regulations will be of benefit to everyone.新规章将使每个人都受益。For maximum benefit, take the tablets before meals.饭前服药效果最佳。It was good to see her finally reaping the benefits (= getting the results) of all her hard work.她辛勤劳动终有所成,令人欣慰。 see also beneficial valuable 2 advantage [countable, uncountable] a thing that helps you to be better or more successful than other people; a quality that sth has that makes it better or more useful than other things 有利条件;有利因素;优点Having a degree is a huge advantage when it comes to getting a job.找工作时,有个学位是一极大的优势。You will be at an advantage (= have an advantage) if you have thought about the interview questions in advance.如果你预先考虑过面试中提出的问题,就会处于优势。Is there any advantage in getting there early?早到那里是否有利?A small car has the added advantage of being cheaper to run.小型轿车还有一个优点是开起来更省钱。Each of these systems has its advantages and disadvantages.这些系统各有其优缺点。OPP disadvantage disadvantage strength [countable] a quality or ability that sb/sth has that gives them an advantage 优势;优点;长处The ability to keep calm is one of her many strengths.能够保持冷静是她的多项长处之一。Consider all the strengths and weaknesses of the argument.仔细考虑这个论点所有的有力之处与薄弱之处。OPP weakness weakness 1 2 merit ˈmerɪt [countable, usually plural] a good quality that sb/sth has 优点;长处We will consider each case on its (own) merits (= without considering any other issues, feelings, etc.).我们将根据每件事情本身的情况来考虑。They weighed up the relative merits of the four candidates.他们衡量了四名候选人各自的优点。 good [uncountable] something that helps or is useful to sb/sth 用处;好处;益处Cuts have been made for the good of the company.实行裁减是为了公司的利益。I'm telling you this for your own good.我把这事告诉你是为你好。What's the good of earning all that money if you've no time to enjoy it?要是没时间去享受,赚那么多钱有什么用?What good would it do to tell her about it after all this time?过了这么长时间才把这事告诉她有什么用? virtue ˈvɜːtʃuː; NAmE ˈvɜːrtʃuː[countable, uncountable] (rather formal) an attractive or useful quality that sth has 优点;长处;用处The plan has the virtue of simplicity.该计划的优点是简单。They could see no virtue in discussing it further.他们看不到再讨论下去有什么用处。NOTE 辨析 Benefit, advantage, merit or virtue?A benefit is sth that you get or that comes from sth that you do. An advantage, merit or virtue is sth that a person, thing, plan or action has as a quality, which may be of use or benefit to you or to sb else. An advantage makes the person, thing, etc. better than sb/sth else. With merit and virtue there is no explicit comparison, although you can talk about the relative advantages/merits/virtues of sb/sth. Merits is usually used in the plural to talk about all sb/sth's good qualities taken together. Virtue may be singular, plural or uncountable and can be used to talk about a particular quality that is good because it is attractive and/or useful. * benefit指你所得到的或收获的益处。advantage、merit和virtue指某个人或事物、某个计划或行为所具有的对你或他人有用或有益的特质。advantage指某个人或事物所具有的使其优于他者的特征。尽管可以说relative advantages/merits/virtues of sb/sth(某人/某事物相比较而言的优势/优点/长处),但merit和virtue不涉及明确的比较。merit通常用其复数形式merits,指某个人或事物从整体来看的全部优点。virtue可用作单数、复数或不可数名词,指某个讨人喜欢或有用的具体优点。 asset ˈæset [countable] a person or thing that is valuable or useful, especially because they help you to be successful 有价值的人(或事物);有用的人(或事物)She'll be a great asset to any company she works for.对她所效力的任何公司来说,她都会是非常宝贵的人才。I'm not sure if his forcefulness is an asset or a liability.我拿不准他的强势是长处还是短处。 OPP liability A liability is a person or thing that causes you a lot of problems. * liability指带来麻烦的人或事物Since his injury, Jones has become more of a liability than an asset to the team.琼斯受伤以来,与其说他是全队的骨干,倒不如说他已成为队里的累赘。 plus [countable] (rather informal) an advantage or benefit 优势;好处;长处Being able to speak French is a definite plus when you're travelling in North Africa.在北非旅行,会讲法语肯定是有利的。You should carefully consider the pluses and minuses (= good and bad points) of going to live in the country.你该仔细考虑去乡下居住的利弊。OPP minus good point [countable] a good or positive feature that sb/sth has 优点;长处One of the good points about the system is that it treats everyone equally.该体制的优点之一是一视同仁。His one good point is that he knows how to fix cars.他的一个长处是会修车。A good point is similar to an advantage, merit or virtue, but it is less an essential quality of sth, and more an additional feature. * good point与advantage、merit和virtue意义相近,但更多是指附加的好处,而非本质的属性。benefit2


the benefit of a good education 良好教育的益处pay and benefits 工资和福利benefit ♦︎ bonus ♦︎ perkThese are all words for extra things or money that you are given by your employer in addition to the money you regularly earn. 这些词均表示工资以外的奖金、补贴、福利待遇。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配annual / taxable benefits / bonusestax-free benefits / bonuses / perksto receive / enjoy benefits / a bonus / perks benefit [countable, usually plural] something that you are given by your employer in addition to the money that they pay you; money from an insurance company (雇主提供的)福利,奖金;(保险公司支付的)保险金Benefits include a company pension and free health insurance.福利包括公司养老金和免费医疗保险。We offer a generous benefits package (= several additional benefits).我们提供优厚的福利待遇。The insurance plan will provide substantial cash benefits to your family in case of your death.投保人一旦身故,该项保险将向其家属支付相当可观的保险金。 bonus ˈbəʊnəs; NAmE ˈboʊnəsmoney that you get from your employer in addition to the money that you regularly earn, especially for doing your job well; extra money that is paid on an insurance policy, in addition to the amount that is guaranteed (= promised) 奖金;分红;(保险公司分给投保人的)红利Everyone in the company gets a 10% Christmas bonus.公司里的每个人都会得到10%的圣诞节奖金。a productivity / performance bonus (= as a reward for producing a lot or getting good results) 生产/绩效奖金What is actually paid will depend on the bonus payments made at the end of the policy.实际上支付多少钱将取决于保单到期时分给投保人的红利。 perk [countable] (rather informal) something that you are given by your employer in addition to the money that they pay you 补贴;津贴;额外待遇Perks offered by the company include a car and subsidized accommodation.公司给予的额外待遇包括一辆汽车和住房补贴。 benefit


benefit ♦︎ gain ♦︎ profit ♦︎ cash inThese words all mean to obtain an advantage or benefit from sth. 这些词均表示获益。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to benefit / gain / profit from sththe company / industry / farmer benefits / gains / profits / cashes inthe customer / consumer / individual benefits / gainsto expect / hope to benefit / gain / profit / cash into stand to benefit / gain / profit benefit [intransitive] (rather formal) to get an advantage or benefit from sth (从⋯中)受益,获益Most crime victims benefit greatly by talking about their experiences.倾诉自己的经历对大多数犯罪受害人来说都大有好处。 gain [transitive, intransitive] to get an advantage or benefit from sth (从⋯中)受益,获益There is nothing to be gained from delaying the decision.推迟决定不会有任何好处。Who stands to gain from the deal?谁会从交易中获益呢?NOTE 辨析 Benefit or gain?In many cases you can use either word. 在许多情况下这两个词可以通用Who stands to benefit / gain from these changes?谁会从这些改变中获益呢?However, gain is used more often to talk about financial advantages, or having an advantage over other people; benefit is used more often to talk about sb being in a better position than before, for example because they are happier, healthier or better educated. Benefit is slightly more formal than gain and cannot be used with an object. 不过,gain较常指在金钱上获益,或者比他人有优势;benefit较常指某人由于比以前更快乐、更健康、受到更好的教育等而改善境况。benefit较gain稍正式,不能带宾语There is nothing to be benefited from delaying. profit [intransitive, transitive] (formal) to get an advantage from a situation, especially in business; (of a situation) to give sb an advantage (尤指在商业上)获益,得到好处;(情况)对⋯有利Farmers are profiting from the new legislation.新法规使农民受益。Many local people believe the development will profit them.当地的许多人认为,这项开发会对他们有利。Profit is more formal than benefit or gain and is mostly used to talk about financial gain. * profit较benefit和gain正式,大多指在金钱上获益。 see also profit make 3 ˌcash ˈin

phrasal verb

(rather informal, disapproving) to gain an advantage for yourself from a situation, especially in a way that other people think is wrong or immoral 从中牟利;捞到好处The film studio is being accused of cashing in on the singer's death.那家电影制片厂被指责利用这个歌手的死来赚钱。

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