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TOEFL BNC: 1669 COCA: 1421
noun /kəˈnekʃ(ə)n/
  1. 1
    [C] a relationship between things or events 联系;关系
    connection between :

    I fail to see a connection between the two cases. 我看不出这两起案件之间有什么联系。

    connection with/to :

    His question had no direct connection with our discussion. 他的问题和我们的讨论没有直接关系。

    make a connection (=realize that a relationship exists) 意识到有联系 :

    I knew they had the same surname but I didn't make the connection. 我知道他们同姓,但我没意识到他们之间有联系。

     Synonyms and related words
    Connected with or related to something: connected, related, corresponding...
    1. a.
      [often plural] a relationship between people or groups (人们、群体之间的)关系,联系

      China is trying to strengthen its trade connections. 中国正在努力加强其贸易关系。

      Prisoners are encouraged to maintain family connections. 鼓励囚犯与家人保持联系。

      connection with :

      She was alleged to have connections with the secret police. 她被指控与秘密警察有联系。

       Synonyms and related words
      Relationships and membership of social groups: relationship, connection, association...
  2. 2
    [C] a train, bus, or plane that allows you to continue a journey after you arrive by a different train, bus, or plane (火车、公交或飞机的)联运
    miss your connection :

    My train was late and I missed my connection. 我坐的火车误点,结果我错过了联运。

     Synonyms and related words
    1. a.
      [usually plural] a road or railway system that allows you to travel from one place to another 联运公路;联运铁路

      Birmingham has excellent road and rail connections. 伯明翰的公路和铁路联运都是一流的。

       Synonyms and related words
       Synonyms and related words
  3. 3
    [C] a means of communicating using a telephone or computer network 电话连接;计算机网络连接

    a phone connection via satellite from Dubai 从迪拜通过卫星实现的电话连接

    a slow connection speed 缓慢的连接速度

     Synonyms and related words
    General words relating to telecommunication: connect, connected, connection...
  4. 4
    [U] the process of joining two things 连接;接通

    The gas company said there will be a connection charge of £30. 煤气公司说要收30英镑的接通费。

    connection to :

    The building is ready for connection to the mains. 这座楼已经准备通气、通水、通电。

     Synonyms and related words
    The process of joining or fastening things: combination, integration, assembly...
    1. a.
      [C] a place where two things join 接口;连接部分

      The light keeps flickering – there must be a loose connection. 灯不停地闪,一定是接头松了。

       Synonyms and related words
      The place where parts join: joint, join, splice...
  5. 5


    [plural] people you know who are able to use their influence to help you 关系网

    He used his party connections to get a government job. 他利用他的党派关系网在政府部门谋得一份工作。

     Synonyms and related words
    Friends and acquaintances: friend, acquaintance, companion...
TOEFL BNC: 1669 COCA: 1421


1relationship between two things聯繫ADJECTIVE | VERB + CONNECTION | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEclear, close, direct, intimate, strong明顯的聯繫;密切的關係;直接的聯繫;親密的關係;牢固的關係There is a close connection between family background and academic achievement.家庭背景與學術成就之間有密切的關係。tenuous脆弱的關係obvious明顯的關係causal因果關係emotional, spiritual情感/精神聯繫a deep physical and spiritual connection with nature與大自然在物質和精神方面的緊密聯繫The way you establish a real emotional connection with someone is by sharing your inner worlds.分享內心世界是與他人建立真正情感聯繫的方式。deep深厚的感情His deepest connection is with his father, Frank Sr.與他感情最深厚的人是他的父親老弗蘭克。VERB + CONNECTIONhave有聯繫His death had no connection with drugs.他的死與毒品無關。discover, establish, find, form, make, see發現聯繫;建立聯繫;找到關聯;形成關聯;使產生關聯;看到聯繫Researchers have now established a connection between air pollution and asthma.研究人員現在已經確定了空氣污染與哮喘之間有聯繫。She did not make the connection between her diet and her poor health.她沒有把她的飲食同她身體狀況不佳聯繫起來。You can form strong connections when you work with people who share a mutual interest.與興趣愛好相同的人一起工作會建立牢固的關係。draw, trace描述/探查關係Kierkegaard draws a connection between anxiety and free will.克爾凱郭爾描述出焦慮和自由意志之間的聯繫。forge建立聯繫a government initiative to forge new connections with industry與產業建立新的聯繫的政府倡議feel感到聯繫We need to feel a connection to nature.我們需要感覺到與大自然的聯繫。explore探究關係This essay explores the connections between technology and nature.該論文探討技術與自然之間的關係。maintain保持聯繫He maintained his southern connection through summer visits with his relatives.他通過暑期拜訪親戚保持與南方的聯繫。strengthen加強聯繫This helps companies strengthen their connections to their customers.這有助於公司加強與客戶的聯繫。share共有關聯He and John seem to share a connection.他和約翰似乎有同一個關係戶。break, sever中斷聯繫;斷絕交往She wanted to sever all her connections with the company.她想斷絕和那家公司的所有聯繫。re-establish重新建立關係Anna helped Rachel re-establish her connection with her brother.安娜幫助蕾切爾和她弟弟重新取得了聯繫。deny否認有聯繫He denied any connection to the scam.他否認與該騙局有關。PREPOSITIONin connection with關於⋯I am writing in connection with your recent job application.我寫此信與你最近求職一事有關。connection among⋯之間的關係a set of connections among brain regions大腦各個區域間的一系列關聯They helped establish connections among labs from Honolulu to Paris.他們幫助建立了從火奴魯魯到巴黎的實驗室之間的聯繫。connection between⋯之間的關係the connection between crime and alcohol犯罪和酗酒之間的關係connection to, connection with與⋯的關係What is your connection with the school?你跟這所學校是什麼關係?PHRASESin that/this connection (= for reasons connected with sth recently mentioned) 在那方面;關於這一點


2electrical connection, etc.電路連接ADJECTIVE | VERB + CONNECTION | CONNECTION + NOUN | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEloose鬆掉的接頭electrical電路接頭phone, telephone電話接頭cellular, mobile移動通信連接always-on, broadband, cable, dial-up, DSL, ethernet, high-speed, Internet, wireless永遠在線/寬帶/電纜/撥號/數字用戶回路/以太網/高速/因特網/無線連接speedy, always-on Internet connections高速、永遠在線的因特網連接A fast cable connection is recommended.建議使用快速電纜連接。Each laptop has a wireless ethernet connection.每台筆記本電腦都有一個無線以太網接口。a high-speed network connection that makes accessing the Internet easy使訪問因特網輕鬆容易的高速網絡連接VERB + CONNECTIONbreak斷開連接If you break the connection, the light won't come on.如果切斷連接,燈就不亮了。CONNECTION + NOUNcharge, fee接入費PREPOSITIONconnection to與⋯的連接We're waiting for connection to the water mains.我們在等待與主水管的連接。


3bus/train/plane公交;火車;飛機ADJECTIVE | VERB + CONNECTION | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEgood便捷的聯運tight緊湊的聯運bus, rail, train公共汽車聯運;鐵路聯運VERB + CONNECTIONmake趕上聯運miss沒趕上聯運PREPOSITIONconnection between⋯之間的交通There are good connections between the resort and major cities.該度假勝地與主要城市之間交通便利。


4person you know熟人ADJECTIVE | VERB + CONNECTION | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEgood良好的關係aristocratic, business, family, personal, political, professional, social貴族/業務/家庭/私人/政治/職業/社會關係VERB + CONNECTIONhave有關係I have some good business connections in New York.我在紐約有一些可靠的生意關係。He has connections (= he knows people who would be able to help him).他有些關係會幫他。use利用關係She used her connections to get the job.她利用關係得到了這份工作。PREPOSITIONthrough connection通過關係He got his job through connections.他通過關係找到了工作。
TOEFL BNC: 1669 COCA: 1421
connection noun
connection (an electrical connection) family2 (She's British but has German connections.) relation (a connection between smoking and cancer)


connection ♦︎ junction ♦︎ seam ♦︎ joint ♦︎ join ♦︎ linkThese words all mean the point or line where two things are joined together. 这些词均表示连接点、接头、接合处。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a connection / junction / seam / joint / join between sth and stha loose connection / joint connection [countable] a point, especially in an electrical, telephone or computer system, where two parts connect 连接点;(尤指电力、电话或计算机系统的)接头A faulty connection caused the machine to stop.线路接错导致机器停止运转。Sorry, could you repeat that? This is a very bad connection.对不起,你能再说一遍吗?电话信号很不好。 connect


[transitive] First connect the printer to the computer.首先将打印机连接到电脑。We're waiting for the telephone to be connected.我们等着接通电话。 OPP disconnect turn sth off
junction ˈdʒʌŋkʃn [countable] a place where two or more cables, etc. meet or are joined (电缆等的)主接点,汇合处,接合点The telephone junction box was opened and the phone line was disconnected.电话分线盒给打开,电话线路切断了。The disease affects the junction between nerves and muscles.这种疾病会影响神经和肌肉的连接。 seam [countable] a line where two things are joined together, especially a line of sewing joining two pieces of fabric or leather (尤指缝合织物或皮革的)线缝,接缝Finish the edges before sewing the shoulder seam.把衣服肩部缝上去之前先把边缘部分处理好。 joint [countable] a place where two or more parts of an object are joined together, especially to form a corner (尤指构成拐角的)接头,接合处,接点The joint was sealed with waterproof tape.接合处用防水胶带密封了。 join [countable] a place where two things are fixed together 连接处;接合点The two pieces were stuck together so well that you could hardly see the join.这两块粘合得太好了,几乎看不出接缝。 see also join link verb 2 NOTE 辨析 Joint or join?A joint is part of the structure of sth; it is usually carefully made in a particular way and the two parts often meet at an angle to form a corner. A join is usually made from necessity, not design, for example because sth has broken, or in order to put two pieces of sth together to make a larger piece; the two parts often meet in a straight line. * joint是结构的一部分,通常是精心制作而成,两部分连接起来常形成拐角。join通常出于有必要而做,而非因为设计成这样,如因东西破裂了,或为了将某物的两块连成较大的一块,接合的两部分常连成直线。 link [countable] one of the rings of a chain (链状物的)环,节,圈The chain was too long so I removed a few of the links.链子太长,所以我取下了几个环。

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