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BNC: 1229 COCA: 1075
adjective /rɪtʃ/
  1. 1
    owning a lot of money, property, or valuable possessions 有钱的;富有的

    His invention has made him a rich man. 他的发明让他变得很富有。

    one of the world's richest countries 世界上最富裕的国家之一

    A lot of people thought they could get rich by investing in Internet companies. 许多人认为他们可以通过投资因特网公司富裕起来。

     Synonyms and related words
    1. a.

      the rich

      people who have a lot of money, property, or valuable possessions 富人

      a tax-cutting programme that will only benefit the rich 只会使富人受益的削减税收计划

      (the) rich and (the) poor :

      the increasing gap between the rich and the poor 不断拉大的贫富差距

      the rich and famous :

      a glamorous life in the company of the rich and famous 与富商和名人相伴的风光生活

  2. 2
    containing a large quantity of something 丰富的;富含…的

    rich iron deposits 丰富的铁矿

    rich in :

    an area rich in natural resources 自然资源丰富的地区

    a diet rich in protein 富含蛋白质的饮食

    a speech rich in irony 充满讥讽的演讲

     Synonyms and related words
    Full of people or things: full, crowded, packed...
  3. 3
    containing a lot of things such as butter, eggs, or cream that make your stomach feel full very quickly (食物)油腻的,重油的

    a rich chocolate dessert 油腻的巧克力甜点

    a rich fruit cake 油腻的水果蛋糕

     Synonyms and related words
  4. 4
    containing a lot of substances that are good for growing plants 肥沃的;富饶的

    rich agricultural land 肥沃的农田

     Synonyms and related words
    Soil fertility and fertilization: compost, compost, desertification...
  5. 5
    beautiful, expensive, and of very high quality 漂亮的;昂贵的;优质的

    rich silks and brocades 华丽的丝绸和锦缎

     Synonyms and related words
    General words for expensive: expensive, costly, exclusive...
     Synonyms and related words
    Being beautiful: beautiful, glorious, stunning...
  6. 6
    a rich colour, sound, or smell is strong in a pleasant way (色彩、气味)浓郁的;(声音)浑厚的

    a rich deep green 深绿

    a rich baritone voice 浑厚的男中音

    the rich odour of spiced meats 五香肉发出的浓郁香味

     Synonyms and related words
     Synonyms and related words
     Synonyms and related words
    Smelling pleasant: delicious, evocative, fragrant...
  7. 7
    interesting, with a lot of different qualities, experiences, or events 有趣的;丰富的

    a town with a rich cultural heritage 一座拥有丰富文化遗产的城镇

     Synonyms and related words
    Interesting: interesting, original, exciting...
  8. 8
    worth a lot of money, or bringing a lot of money 值钱的;(奖金)丰厚的

    the tournament with golf's richest first prize 拥有最高头等奖奖金的高尔夫球锦标赛

     Synonyms and related words
    Worth a lot of money: valuable, precious, priceless...
  9. 9
    used for describing the mixture of fuel and air in an engine when there is too much fuel (发动机中燃料与空气的混合物中)燃料成分过高的
     Synonyms and related words
    Engines and describing engines: drive, engine, flooded...
  10. 10
    [never before noun] used for saying that a criticism is unreasonable or illogical, usually because the person making it can be criticized for the same thing 那真叫荒唐(表示某人批评别人的事正是他们自己做的事)
    a bit rich :

    These comments are a bit rich coming from a woman with a wealthy husband and no money worries.

    that's rich :

    You're insulted! That's rich, after what you said to me! 你受到了侮辱!真是荒唐!也不想想你对我说了些什么!

     Synonyms and related words
BNC: 1229 COCA: 1075


1with a lot of money有錢VERBS | ADVERB VERBSbe, feel, look富有;覺得富有;看上去富有become, get, grow變得富有people who want to get rich quickly想迅速致富的人make sb使某人富起來This discovery never made her rich.這一發現並沒有讓她富起來。ADVERBextremely, fairly, very, etc.極其/相當/非常富有enormously, fabulously, filthy (informal) , immensely, incredibly, seriously, stinking (informal) 極其富有;腰纏萬貫;非常富有;富得流油
He's fabulously rich, one of the richest men in the world.他擁有巨額財富,是世界上最富有的人之一。She's filthy rich, you know.你知道,她可是腰纏萬貫。relatively比較富裕newly剛剛變富a newly rich businessman剛剛發了財的商人


2containing/providing sth富饒VERBS | ADVERB | PREPOSITION VERBSbe豐富ADVERBextremely, fairly, very, etc.極其/相當/非常豐富especially, exceptionally, extraordinarily, particularly, unusually特別豐富;異常充足;極其富饒the exceptionally rich fishing grounds of the North Pacific北太平洋地區異常豐饒的漁場fairly, quite, relatively相當豐富;相對豐富potentially可能豐富culturally文化上豐富a culturally rich nation文化底蘊深厚的民族PREPOSITIONin富含⋯Oranges are rich in vitamin C.橙子富含維生素 C。


3of food食品VERBS | ADVERB VERBSbe油膩ADVERBvery, wonderfully味道很濃;特別濃郁The wine gives the dish a wonderfully rich aroma.酒使這道菜的香味特別濃郁。
BNC: 1229 COCA: 1075
rich adj.
rich (rich people/countries) dark2 (a rich red colour) deep2 (a rich singing voice) productive (rich farming land)


rich ♦︎ wealthy ♦︎ prosperous ♦︎ affluent ♦︎ well off ♦︎ privileged ♦︎ comfortable ♦︎ loadedThese words all describe sb/sth that has a lot of money, property or valuable possessions. 这些词均表示富有的、富裕的。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a rich / a wealthy / a prosperous / an affluent / a well-off / a privileged familya rich / wealthy / prosperous / well-off man / womana rich / a wealthy / a prosperous / an affluent country / city / suburbvery rich / wealthy / prosperous / affluent / well off / comfortablequite / fairly / reasonably / relatively rich / wealthy / prosperous / affluent / well off / comfortablenewly rich / wealthy / prosperous / affluent rich (of a person) having a lot of money, property or valuable possessions; (of a country or city) producing a lot of wealth so that many of its people can live at a high standard (人)富有的,富裕的;(国家或城市)富庶的,富饶的She's one of the richest women in the world.她是世界上最富有的女人之一。 (slang) He's stinking / filthy (= extremely) rich.他富得流油。Rich countries can afford to spend more on the environment.富裕国家可以负担在环境方面的更大投入。OPP poor poor 1 see also riches money 3 the rich


[plural] It's a favourite resort for the rich and famous (= people who are rich and famous).这是富豪名流最喜欢的度假胜地。
wealthy rich 富有的;富裕的;富庶的;富饶的She comes from a very wealthy family.她家里很有钱。They live in a wealthy suburb of Chicago.他们住在芝加哥郊区的富人区。OPP poor , needy poor 1 see also wealth money 3 the wealthy


[plural] He promised tax cuts for the wealthy (= people who are wealthy).他答应对富人减税。
NOTE 辨析 Rich or wealthy?There is no real difference in meaning between these two words. Both are very frequent, but rich is more frequent and can be used in some fixed phrases where wealthy cannot. 这两个词在含义上没有实质差别,二者均常用,但rich更常用一些,且可用于一些不能用wealthy的固定短语He's stinking/filthy wealthy. It's a favourite resort for the wealthy and famous.
prosperous ˈprɒspərəs; NAmE ˈprɑːspərəs (rather formal) rich and successful 繁荣的;成功的;兴旺的These countries became prosperous through trade, not aid.这些国家是通过贸易而非援助繁荣起来的。The 1960s were prosperous years for the company.20世纪60年代是公司的兴旺时期。OPP impoverished poor 1 see also prosper do well , prosperity money 3 affluent ˈæfluənt (rather formal) rich and with a good standard of living 富裕的;生活水平高的The affluent Western countries are better equipped to face the problems of global warming.富裕的西方国家更有能力应对全球变暖问题。OPP poor , impoverished poor 1 see also affluence money 3 NOTE 辨析 Prosperous or affluent?Both prosperous and affluent are used to talk about people and places. Prosperous is used much more than affluent to talk about times and periods. Affluent is often used to contrast rich people or societies with poor ones, in a way that suggests that it is not always a good thing. Being prosperous is nearly always seen as a good thing. * prosperous和affluent均可修饰人和地方。修饰时期和阶段时,prosperous比affluent常用得多。affluent常用于将富人或富裕社会与穷人或贫穷社会相对比,意味着贫富对立未必是好事。prosperous几乎总被认为是好事It's good to see you looking so prosperous.看到你这么成功真好。It's good to see you looking so affluent. ˌwell ˈoff (often used in negative sentences 常用于否定句) rich 富裕的;富庶的His parents are not very well off.他的父母不是很富有。The less well-off families are finding it hard to survive on what they get.那些不那么富裕的家庭发现很难依靠所得生活。 OPP hard up poor 1 privileged ˈprɪvəlɪdʒd (sometimes disapproving) having special rights or advantages because you come from a rich family (因来自富裕家庭)有特权的,受特别优待的She comes from a privileged background.她出身特权阶层。 OPP deprived poor 1 privilege


[uncountable] (disapproving) As a member of the nobility, his life had been one of wealth and privilege.身为贵族,他一度过着有钱有势的生活。
comfortable having enough money to buy what you want without worrying about the cost 富裕的;宽裕的They're not millionaires, but they're certainly very comfortable.他们不是百万富翁,但肯定是非常宽裕。He makes a comfortable living.他过着舒适的生活。 comfortably


You should be able to live comfortably on your allowance.你的津贴应该够你丰衣足食的了。
loaded [not before noun] (informal) very rich 非常富有Let her pay-she's loaded.让她付钱吧-她钱多得很。

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