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IELTS BNC: 717 COCA: 921
noun /ˈsteɪtmənt/
  1. 1
    [C] a written or spoken announcement on an important subject that someone makes in public 声明
    make/issue a statement :

    He had been instructed not to make any statements to the press about the incident. 他接到指示说不要向媒体就该事件作任何声明。

    statement on :

    The minister was asked to make a statement on the progress of the talks. 部长被要求就会谈的进展发表声明。

    joint statement :

    A joint statement was issued by both parties in the merger. 合并双方发表了联合声明。

     Synonyms and related words
  2. 2
    [C] something that you say or write that states a fact or gives information in a formal way 说明;陈述

    Add a simple statement about the company's environmental policy. 就公司环保政策加一段简短陈述。

    statement of :

    A will is a statement of who gets what when you die. 遗嘱就是在你死后关于谁得到什么东西的陈述。

     Synonyms and related words
  3. 3
    [C] a formal written account of events that a person who has seen a crime or who has been accused of a crime gives to the police 证词
    make a statement :

    After several hours of questioning he agreed to make a statement. 经过几个小时的讯问,他同意提供证词。

     Synonyms and related words
    Arresting, interviewing and charging suspects: apprehend, apprehension, arrest...
  4. 4
    [C] an official document that lists the amounts of money that have been put in or taken out of a bank account (银行账户的)清单,结算单

    I receive a bank statement every month. 每个月我都会收到银行结算单。

     Synonyms and related words
  5. 5
    [U] formal the process of saying or explaining things in words 说明

    An opinion of that kind needs clear statement. 那样的观点需要明确的说明。

     Synonyms and related words
    The process of communication: communication, interaction, contact...
  6. 6
    [C] education an official report from a local authority about a child who has special needs relating to their development or behaviour
     Synonyms and related words
verb [T] education /ˈsteɪtmənt/
present tense
present participlestatementing
past tensestatemented
past participlestatemented
  1. to decide officially that a child has learning disabilities and that he or she should receive special educational help
     Synonyms and related words
adjective [always before noun] /ˈsteɪtmənt/
  1. used to indicate that something, especially something you wear, is very noticeable and attracts attention

    I am a massive fan of statement necklaces.

    statement earrings/jewellery

    Mustard coloured trousers are a fantastic statement piece.

    This meaning is based on one submitted to the Open Dictionary from United Kingdom on 18/04/2016
     Synonyms and related words
    Words used to describe attractive people or things: lovely, delightful, appealing...
IELTS BNC: 717 COCA: 921


1something that you say or write說法;聲明ADJECTIVE | VERB + STATEMENT | STATEMENT + VERB | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEbrief, short簡短的聲明Saunder's lawyer made a brief statement to the press outside the court.桑德的律師在法庭外向新聞界發表了簡短聲明。bald, blunt, flat直截了當的聲明;直言His bald statement that he'd resigned concealed his anxiety about the situation.他直截了當的辭職聲明隱藏了他對局勢的憂慮。comprehensive, definitive, detailed, full全面的/明確的/詳細的/詳盡的說明explicit確切的說明An explicit statement of objectives is vital before the project begins.項目開始之前,確切地說明目標至關重要。clear, simple清楚的/簡明的說明bold, firm, positive, strong大膽的/堅定的/肯定的/強有力的聲明explanatory解釋性說明false, inaccurate, misleading虛假的/不準確的/誤導性的聲明sweeping一概而論的說法She made one of her sweeping statements about foreigners.她又發表了一條有關外國人的片面言論。joint聯合聲明The two heads of state issued a joint statement.兩國元首發表了一份聯合聲明。formal, government, official, press, public正式/政府/官方/報界/公開聲明political政治聲明They decided to make a political statement by refusing to vote.他們決定把拒絕投票作為一種政治聲明。oral, signed, sworn, written口頭聲明;簽署的聲明;誓詞;書面聲明witness (especially BrE) 證人陳述He made a witness statement to the police.他向警方提供了證詞。policy政策聲明mission, vision宗旨/願景宣言The company needed a mission statement describing its core values.公司需要一個描述其核心價值觀的宗旨宣言。fashion (figurative) 時尚宣言He was making a fashion statement by wearing a pink suit.他穿了套粉色西裝,以此彰顯其時尚品位。VERB + STATEMENTissue, put out, release發表/公佈/發佈聲明give, make進行/作出說明He admitted giving a false statement to the police.他承認向警方作了虛假陳述。read宣讀聲明She read a statement to reporters yesterday.昨天她向記者宣讀了一份聲明。take錄口供The police will take a statement from each of you.警方將給你們每個人錄一份口供。retract, withdraw撤銷/收回聲明contradict與⋯說法抵觸deny否認說法STATEMENT + VERBcondemn聲明譴責a statement condemning the death penalty一份譴責死刑的聲明PREPOSITIONin a/the statement在聲明中In a statement released today, the Department of Health said...在今天發表的一份聲明中,衞生部說⋯statement about有關⋯的說明The clothes you wear are a statement about yourself.衣着是對自我的一種詮釋。statement on關於⋯的聲明a statement on human rights有關人權的聲明statement on behalf of代表⋯的聲明She put out a statement on behalf of the Government.她代表政府發表了一份聲明。statement to向⋯發佈的聲明a recent statement to the press向新聞界發表的最新聲明


2financial record財務記錄ADJECTIVE | VERB + STATEMENT ADJECTIVEbank, credit-card, tax (NAmE) 銀行結算單;信用卡結算單;稅單financial, income, trading (BrE) 財務/收入/交易報表VERB + STATEMENTprepare做報表publish公佈報表The issuing banks published financial statements.開證銀行公佈了財務報表。file提交報表He filed false statements with the SEC.他向證券交易委員會提交了虛假報表。
IELTS BNC: 717 COCA: 921
statement noun
statement (a government statement) report3 (a bank statement)


statement ♦︎ comment ♦︎ announcement ♦︎ remark ♦︎ declaration ♦︎ observationThese are all words for sth that you say or write, especially sth that gives information or an opinion. 这些词均表示声明、公告或评论。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a statement / a comment / an announcement / a remark / a declaration / an observation about stha statement / a comment / an observation on sthan announcement / a declaration of stha brief statement / comment / announcement / remark / observationa / an public / official statement / comment / announcement / declarationa formal statement / announcement / declarationa casual comment / remark / observationto make a statement / a comment / an announcement / a remark / a declaration / an observationto issue a statement / an announcement / a declaration statement [countable] something that you say or write that gives information or an opinion, often in a formal way (常指正式的)声明,说法,陈述,表态A government spokesperson made a brief statement to the press.一位政府发言人向新闻界发表了一份简短声明。She made one of her sweeping statements about young people.她又说了一些把年轻人一概而论的话。The police asked me to make a statement (= a written account of facts about a crime, used in court if legal action follows).警方要求我写一份供述。 see also state declare comment [countable, uncountable] something that you say or write that gives an opinion on sth or is a response to a question about a particular situation 议论;评论;解释She made helpful comments on my work.她对我的工作提了有益的意见。He handed me the document without comment.他未作任何解释就把文件交给了我。When asked about the rumours, the chairman replied, 'No comment.'当被问及那些谣言时,主席回答说:“无可奉告。” see also comment comment verb announcement [countable, uncountable] a spoken or written statement that informs people about sth; the act of publicly informing people about sth 公告;布告;通告;宣布;宣告Today's announcement of a peace agreement comes after weeks of discussion.经过几周的讨论,今天宣布了和平协议。I have a few announcements to make.我有几个公告要发布。The announcement of the verdict was accompanied by shouts and cheers.裁决是在一片喊叫和欢呼声中宣布的。 see also announce declare remark [countable] something that you say or write that gives an opinion or thought about sb/sth 谈论;言论;评述He made a number of rude remarks about the food.他说了几句无礼的话来评论那些食物。What exactly did you mean by that last remark?你最后那句话究竟是什么意思? see also remark comment verb declaration dekləˈreɪʃn [countable, uncountable] (rather formal) an official or formal statement, especially one that states an intention, belief or feeling, or that gives information (官方或正式的)宣言,宣告,声明,表白a declaration of love / support表白爱情;声明支持We were asked to sign a declaration to the effect that we were UK citizens.我们被要求签署一份声明,大意是说我们是英国公民。The summit has been postponed due to the declaration of war.宣战使首脑会议延期召开。The Declaration of Independence was signed on 4 July 1776 by representatives of the US states.《独立宣言》是由美国各州的代表于1776年7月4日签署的。 see also declare declare observation [countable] (rather formal) a comment, especially one based on sth you have seen, heard or read (尤指以所见、所闻或所读为根据的)评论He began by making a few general observations about the report.开头他先对这个报告作了几点概括性的评论。 see also observe comment verb NOTE 辨析 Comment, remark or observation?A comment can be official or private. A remark can be made in public or private but is always unofficial and the speaker may not have considered it carefully. An observation is unofficial but is usually more considered than a remark. * comment可指官方或个人的评论;remark可在公开或私人场合发表,但总是非官方的,而且说话人可能没有经过深思熟虑;observation是非官方的,但通常比remark更经过认真考虑。

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