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To refuse permission, or to not allow something
verb [T] /fə(r)ˈbɪd/
to state that something is not allowed, according to a rule, law, or custom 不准;禁止

new regulations forbidding the sale of landmines 禁止销售地雷的新规定

forbid someone to do something/from doing something :

Army policy forbids soldiers in uniform from talking to the news media. 军队的政策禁止现役士兵向新闻媒体发表讲话。

International law forbids outsiders to interfere in civil wars. 国际法禁止外来者干预内战。

 Synonyms and related words
to tell someone that they must not do something 禁止;阻止

You're not going out tonight – I absolutely forbid it. 你今天晚上不要出去,我绝对不允许。

forbid someone to do something/from doing something :

The situation is so dangerous that the relief agencies have forbidden their workers to go there. 形势非常危险,救援机构已禁止其工作人员前往该地。

Company directors were forbidden to comment on the crisis. 公司董事们被禁止就危机发表评论。

 Synonyms and related words
verb /dɪˈklaɪn/
[I/T] to say politely that you will not accept something or do something 谢绝;(礼貌地)拒绝
decline an offer/invitation :

We asked her to the reception, but she declined the invitation. 我们请她参加招待会,但她谢绝了邀请。

They offered to fly him to Brussels, but he declined. 他们主动提出用飞机送他去布鲁塞尔,但他谢绝了。

decline to do something :

The minister declined to comment on the rumours. 部长拒绝对那些传言发表评论。

 Synonyms and related words
To say no: decline, nix, pass up...
 Synonyms and related words
verb [T] /prəʊˈhɪbɪt/
to officially stop something from being done, especially by making it illegal (尤指以法令)禁止

Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the building. 大楼所有区域都禁止吸烟。

prohibited drugs/weapons 禁用药品/武器

The sale of alcohol to young people is prohibited by law. 法律明令禁止向年轻人售酒。

prohibit someone from doing something :

a rule prohibiting doctors from advertising their services 禁止医生为其医疗服务做广告的规定

 Synonyms and related words
verb [T] [often passive] /bæn/
to say officially that people must not do, sell, or use something (明令)禁止(做、卖或使用);取缔;查禁
ban something from something :

The book was banned from school libraries. 这本书被各学校图书馆所禁。

They signed agreements banning the use of chemical weapons. 他们签订了禁止使用化学武器的协议。

 Synonyms and related words
to say officially that someone is not allowed to do something (明令)禁止(某人做某事)

He was banned for three months for driving with no insurance. 他由于未采取安全措施驾车被禁止驾车3个月。

ban someone from (doing) something :

She was banned from competing for two years after failing a drugs test. 她药检没有通过,被禁赛两年。

 Synonyms and related words
verb [T] /bɑː(r)/
[often passive] to officially say that something must not happen, or that someone must not do something or go somewhere 禁止

The new rule bars the export of live animals. 新规定禁止出口活体动物。

bar someone from (doing) something :

It was an old-fashioned club from which women were barred. 这是一个禁止女性加入的老派俱乐部。

He has been barred from running for political office for five years. 他被禁止参加政府公职竞选5年。

 Synonyms and related words
clamp down
phrasal verb [I]
to make a determined attempt to stop people doing something bad or illegal 严加阻止;强行限制
clamp down on :

The government plans to clamp down on illegal militant groups. 政府拟采取措施强行压制非法的暴力团伙。

 Synonyms and related words
verb [T] /brʊk/

not brook something


brook no something

to definitely not allow or accept something 不容许某事;不容忍某事

He made it clear that he would brook no dissent. 他很清楚地表示他不容许有异议。

 Synonyms and related words
verb /rɪˈfjuːz/
[T] to not give someone what they ask for, or to not let someone do what they ask to do 拒绝给予;不允许

Some landowners refuse permission to use footpaths on their land. 一些土地所有者不允许别人穿过他们土地上的小路。

refuse someone something :

Judge Mackey refused the defendant the right to appeal. 法官麦基拒绝给予被告上诉的权利。

 Synonyms and related words
verb [T] /dɪˈnaɪ/
to not allow someone to have something 拒绝给予
deny something to someone :

Doctors were accused of denying treatment to older patients. 医生们被指控拒绝给老年病人提供治疗。

be denied something :

He had been denied the right to speak to his lawyer. 他已经无权和律师说话。

deny someone something :

There are parents who refuse to deny their children anything. 有些家长对自己的孩子百依百顺。

 Synonyms and related words
verb [T] /ˌdɪsəˈlaʊ/
to say officially that something cannot be accepted because it is illegal or not allowed by the rules 否决;驳回
 Synonyms and related words
verb [T] British /ˌnəʊ ˈplætfɔː(r)m/
to refuse to allow people or groups whose views are regarded as unacceptable to speak at a debate or meeting

In April 1974 the National Union of Students passed a motion no-platforming openly racist and fascist organizations.

no-platform somebody from something:

The meeting decided to no-platform me from a debate on whether or not prostitution is harmful to women.

This meaning is based on one submitted to the Open Dictionary from United Kingdom on 26/10/2015
 Synonyms and related words
More Synonyms
cut out
phrasal verb
[T] [cut someone out] to not allow someone to do something or get something 不许,阻止(某人做某事或得到某物)
cut someone out of something :

I don't want to cut the children out of our plans. 我不想把孩子们排除在我们的计划之外。

cut someone out of your will (=not leave them anything when you die) 剥夺某人的继承权 :

Frank's mother cut him out of her will. 弗兰克的母亲剥夺了他的继承权。

 Synonyms and related words
verb [T] [usually passive] /dɪˈbɑː(r)/
to refuse to allow someone to enter a place
 Synonyms and related words
verb [T] [often passive] /dɪsˈkwɒlɪfaɪ/
to not allow someone to take part in a competition, or to force them to leave it, usually because they have done something that is not allowed by the rules (通常因违反规则而)取消…的比赛资格
disqualify someone from something :

He was disqualified from the competition for cheating. 他因作弊被取消比赛资格。

 Synonyms and related words
have none of something
phrase informal
to not allow someone to do something or behave in a particular way 不允许做某事;不准做某事

He wanted to teach her how to manage her money, but she was having none of it. 他想教她如何理财,但她根本不接受。

Let's have none of your silly excuses. 别提你那些愚蠢的借口了。

 Synonyms and related words
strike off
phrasal verb
British used about someone such as a doctor or lawyer who is no longer allowed to work in their profession 把(医生、律师等)从(注册名单上)除名;取消…的执业资格
be struck off (a register/roll) :

The 47-year-old doctor now faces being struck off the Medical Register. 这位47岁的医生现在面临着被从医生注册名单中除名的处罚。

 Synonyms and related words
throw out
phrasal verb [T]
if someone in authority throws out a plan, proposal etc, they refuse to accept it 拒绝接受;否决

The judge threw out their claim. 法官驳回了他们的请求。

 Synonyms and related words
turn away
phrasal verb [T]
to refuse to let someone come into a place 不准…入内;把…拒之门外

Reporters who visited the team's training ground were turned away.

They're family – I could hardly turn them away!

 Synonyms and related words
verb [T] /ˈviːtəʊ/
to officially refuse to approve or allow something (正式)否决,禁止

The Environment Agency has the power to veto the plan. 环保局有权否决这项计划。

 Synonyms and related words
verb /wɪðˈdrɔː/
if you withdraw permission or an invitation or an offer, you say that it is no longer available 取消(许可、邀请或提议)

Her invitation to the press conference was later withdrawn. 她参加新闻发布会的邀请后来被取消了。

 Synonyms and related words

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