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TOEFL BNC: 2077 COCA: 2031
noun /teɪst/
  1. 1
    [C/U] the flavour that something creates in your mouth when you eat or drink it 味道;滋味

    I love the taste of chocolate. 我喜欢巧克力的味道。

    This peach has a sweeter taste than that one. 这个桃子比那个甜。

    Our cheeses are very different in texture and taste. 我们的奶酪的质地和味道与众不同。

    Add salt to taste (=until you like the taste). 随自己口味加盐。

     Synonyms and related words
    Taste, flavour and consistency: umami, taste, flavour...
    1. a.
      [singular] a small amount of food or drink that you eat or drink in order to see what flavour it has (用来品尝的)一点儿,少量,一口

      Have a taste of this wine. 尝尝这种酒吧。

      Would you like a taste? 你要不要尝尝?

       Synonyms and related words
    2. b.
      [U] your mouth's ability to notice the flavour of different foods and drinks 味觉

      The illness can produce a loss of smell and taste. 这种病会使人丧失嗅觉和味觉。

      sense of taste :

      She doesn't have a very strong sense of taste. 她的味觉不太灵敏。

       Synonyms and related words
      To taste or smell something: catch, olfactory, palate...
  2. 2
    [U] the ability to judge if something is good or bad in things like art, fashion, and social behaviour 鉴赏力;品位

    They all admired her taste. 他们全都钦佩她的鉴赏力。

    Money cannot make up for bad taste and bad manners. 金钱并不能弥补粗俗的品味和举止。

    in good/bad/poor taste :

    His joke about her divorce was in the worst possible taste. 他那个关于她离婚的笑话简直粗俗透顶。

     Synonyms and related words
    Intelligence, intuition and ability to understand: intelligence, intuition, intellect...
  3. 3
    [C/U] the types of thing that you like, for example in art, music, or clothes 喜好;爱好;口味

    Our tastes and interests are so different. 我们的爱好和兴趣太不一样了。

    The meals are designed to accommodate all tastes. 饭菜被设计成能迎合不同的口味。

    I don't have expensive tastes (=I don't like expensive things). 我不喜欢价格昂贵的东西。

    The films appeal to popular taste (=what most people like). 这些电影迎合了大众的口味。

    taste in :

    The girls share his taste in music. 那些女孩和他喜欢同样的音乐。

    have a taste for something :

    Even at a young age he had a taste for books. 他在很小的时候就喜欢上读书了。

    an acquired taste (=something that you must have many times before you start to like it) 逐渐养成的嗜好 :

    Strong black coffee is an acquired taste. 喝浓的清咖啡是逐渐养成的嗜好。

     Synonyms and related words
    Feelings of liking someone or something: liking, affection, taste...
  4. 4
    [singular] a short experience of something that you are not used to (短暂)感受,体验
    taste of :

    After 16 years in prison, it was their first taste of freedom. 这是他们在坐了16年牢后第一次尝到自由的滋味。

    Enjoy a taste of Italy with writer Valentina Harris. 和作家瓦伦蒂娜·哈里斯一起来感受意大利吧。

     Synonyms and related words
  5. 5
    [singular] mainly literary the feeling that is created by an experience (某段经历造成的)感觉,感受,滋味

    I still remember the taste of fear from skydiving. 我仍然记得跳伞时那种害怕的感觉。

    the sweet taste of revenge 复仇的快感

     Synonyms and related words
  6. From our crowdsourced Open Dictionary
    leave a sour taste (in somebody's mouth) used to say that somebody has an unpleasant memory of an experience

    He felt his son had been treated badly and it left a sour taste in his mouth.

    Submitted by Emran Khoshrouye Ghiasi from Iran, Islamic Republic of on 27/07/2018
verb /teɪst/
present tense
present participletasting
past tensetasted
past participletasted
  1. 1
    [linking verb] to have a particular flavour. Food can taste sweet like sugar, salty like salt, sour like a lemon, or bitter like strong black coffee 有…味道(甜味如糖,咸味如盐,酸味如柠檬,苦味如浓咖啡)
    taste good/bad/salty/sweet/delicious/awful etc :

    Although the meal was cold, it tasted delicious. 饭菜虽然冷了,但是味道很好。

    The fish tasted just as good as it looked. 这鱼看起来诱人,吃起来也很好。

    taste like :

    This lemonade tastes more like water. 这柠檬水味道更像白水。

    They taste a bit like chicken. 它们吃起来有点儿鸡肉的味道。

    taste of :

    These biscuits don't taste of ginger. 这些饼干没有生姜味。

     Synonyms and related words
    Linking verbs: appear, be, become...
  2. 2
    [T] to eat or drink something and to experience its flavour 吃;喝

    I've never tasted figs, but I've heard they're very nice. 我从没吃过无花果,但听说味道非常不错。

    The dinner was one of the best meals I have ever tasted. 那是我所吃过的最好的饭菜之一。

     Synonyms and related words
    General words meaning to eat: eat, swallow, have...
     Synonyms and related words
    General words meaning to drink: drink, swallow, have...
    1. a.
      to put a small amount of something in your mouth to see what type of flavour it has 品尝;尝

      Visitors will be able to taste different types of wines. 来宾们可以品尝各种不同的葡萄酒。

      I've tasted the milk and it's definitely off. 我尝过牛奶,它肯定变质了。

       Synonyms and related words
      To taste or smell something: catch, olfactory, palate...
  3. 3
    [T] to experience something for a short time (短暂地)体验,领略,经历
    taste success/failure/victory :

    It is 13 years since they last tasted victory. 他们已有13年没尝到胜利的滋味了。

     Synonyms and related words
    To experience something: experience, undergo, encounter...
  4. 4
    [T] mainly literary to realize what someone else is feeling or thinking 意识到;感觉到

    You could taste the fear in the room. 你可以感觉到屋子里的恐惧气氛。

     Synonyms and related words
    To understand something: understand, know, work out...


TOEFL BNC: 2077 COCA: 2031


1flavour/flavor味道ADJECTIVE | VERB + TASTE | TASTE + NOUN ADJECTIVEdelicious, fresh, nice, pleasant, refreshing美味;新鮮的味道;可口的味道;清爽的味道distinctive特色風味pungent, rich, strong刺激的/濃郁的/濃烈的味道bland, mild清淡的/淡淡的味道foul, nasty, unpleasant腐臭的/惡心的/難吃的味道bitter, creamy, metallic, salty, sharp, smooth, sour, spicy, sweet苦味;奶油味;金屬味;鹹味;刺激的味道;醇和的味道;酸味;香料味;甜味authentic正宗的味道You need to use fresh herbs to get the authentic Italian taste.你需要用新鮮的芳草料才能做出正宗的意大利風味來。VERB + TASTEhave有味道The soup had a very salty taste.湯的味道很鹹。leave留下味道The drink left a bitter taste in his mouth.飲料在他口中留下一絲苦味。The whole business left a bad taste in my mouth. (figurative) 整件事讓我苦不堪言。affect影響味道spoil破壞味道Don't have a cigarette now-you'll spoil the taste of your food!現在不要抽煙 - 你會吃不出飯菜的真正味道!enhance, improve提味enjoy, savour/savor享受/品嚐美味She was enjoying the taste of the champagne.她享受着香檳的美味。disguise, take away掩蓋/消除味道I had a strong coffee to take away the nasty taste of the food.我喝了一杯濃咖啡來消除食物惡心的味道。feel感覺到味道He could feel the taste of blood in his mouth.他能感覺到嘴裏的血腥味。TASTE + NOUNbuds味蕾


2a taste small amount少量ADJECTIVE | VERB + TASTE | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEbrief, little, small嚐一小口real真正的味道That job gave me my first real taste of teaching.那份工作讓我第一次嚐到了教書的真正滋味。first第一次品嚐VERB + TASTEget, have, taste (especially NAmE) 品嚐Have a taste of this cake.嚐一下這塊蛋糕吧。give sb, offer (sb), provide (sb with)給某人品嚐;供(某人)品嚐PREPOSITIONtaste of⋯的滋味This was her first taste of success.這是她第一次嚐到成功的滋味。PHRASESa taste of things to come領略未來將發生的事The new appraisal plan is only a taste of things to come.新的評估方案只是一個嘗試。


3liking愛好ADJECTIVE | VERB + TASTE | TASTE + VERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEcatholic, eclectic, varied廣泛的愛好simple簡單的愛好refined, sophisticated雅趣;高雅的情趣expensive, extravagant費錢的/奢靡的愛好eccentric, esoteric, strange古怪的愛好;深奧的興趣;不尋常的愛好acquired後天養成的興趣Modern art is an acquired taste.現代藝術是一種後天養成的喜好。changing不斷變化的興趣the changing tastes of consumers消費者不斷變化的口味natural天生的興趣local, national當地人的愛好;民族愛好modern現代口味individual, personal個人興趣aesthetic, artistic, cultural, literary, musical, reading, sexual審美興趣;藝術興趣;文化興趣;文學興趣;音樂興趣;閱讀興趣;性審美audience, consumer, contemporary, popular, public, Western觀眾的/消費者的/當代人的/大眾的/公眾的/西方的口味Her music appeals to popular taste.她的音樂符合大眾口味。VERB + TASTEhave有興趣They have a taste for adventure.他們喜歡冒險。like, share喜歡/共有興趣You obviously share her taste in reading.顯然你也和她一樣喜歡讀書。acquire, cultivate, develop, get培養興趣lose喪失興趣I've lost my taste for exotic trips.我已經對到異域旅行不感興趣了。indulge沉醉於興趣Now he is retired he has time to indulge his tastes for writing and politics.現在他退休了,有時間去滿足自己在寫作和政治方面的興趣了。demonstrate, display顯示興趣Her choice of outfit demonstrated her taste for the outrageous.她選那樣的套裝彰顯了她大膽獨特的個人趣味。appeal to, cater for, cater to, match, meet, satisfy, suit迎合興趣;符合興趣;滿足興趣a range of hotels to suit all tastes and budgets可滿足各種喜好和消費水平的多家旅館TASTE + VERBlie興趣在⋯方面It all depends on where your tastes lie.那得看你喜歡什麼了。run愛好是⋯His tastes run to the exotic.他喜歡異國情調。change, differ, vary興趣改變/不同/變化Lifestyles differ and tastes vary.生活方式不同,愛好也千差萬別。PREPOSITIONfor sb's taste就某人的興趣來說The music was too modern for my taste.這音樂對我這種品味的人來說太現代了。to taste (= according to how much of sth as you want) 按口味Add salt and pepper to taste.依個人口味加鹽和胡椒。to your taste合口味If fishing is not to your taste, there are many other leisure activities on offer.如果你對釣魚不感興趣,這裏還提供許多其他的休閒活動。taste for對⋯的興趣People with a taste for complex plots will enjoy this book.喜歡複雜情節的人會喜歡這本書。taste in在⋯方面的興趣young people's tastes in music年輕人在音樂方面的喜好PHRASESa man/woman of ... tastes有⋯興趣的男人/女人a man of advanced tastes情趣高雅的男士a matter of (personal) taste(個人)愛好的問題What type of bicycle you should buy is very much a matter of personal taste.要買什麼款式的自行車完全視乎個人愛好而定。a wide range/variety of tastes廣泛的口味;多種口味


4ability to make good choices判斷力ADJECTIVE | VERB + TASTE | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEexcellent, exquisite, fine, good, great, impeccable出色的/敏銳的/高超的/良好的/了不起的/無可挑剔的鑒賞力Her work is executed with impeccable taste.她的作品體現了無可挑剔的品味。appalling, bad, dubious, poor, questionable, terrible糟糕透頂的/低劣的/不可信的/拙劣的/成問題的/乏善可陳的鑒賞力VERB + TASTEreflect, show反映/顯示品味The house reflected his taste.房子反映出他的品味。exercise發揮鑒賞力The designer has exercised good taste in her choice of fabrics.設計師在面料選擇上表現出不俗的品味。PREPOSITIONin ... taste有⋯的品味That joke was in very poor taste.那個玩笑很低俗。with taste有品味The room had been decorated with great taste.房間裝飾得很有品味。taste in在⋯方面的品味She has terrible taste in clothing.她在着裝方面品味極差。PHRASESan arbiter of taste (especially BrE) 鑒賞家Contemporary arbiters of taste dismissed his paintings as rubbish.當代鑒賞家把他的畫斥為垃圾。in the best possible taste, in the worst possible taste以最佳/最差的品味The love scenes are all done in the best possible taste.愛情場景的設計品味極佳。His jokes were in the worst possible taste.他笑話的品味糟糕透頂。a lack of taste缺乏品味The remark showed a real lack of taste.此話顯得極沒有品味。a man/woman of taste有品味的男人/女人taste and decency (BrE) 高雅得體The play was judged to offend against standards of public taste and decency.這齣戲被認為不符合公眾的品味及雅俗標準。


ADVERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADVERBstrongly味道很濃The water tasted strongly of chemicals.水嚐起來有一股濃濃的化學品味道。faintly, slightly嚐起來略微有點兒⋯味道The fish tasted faintly of garlic.這魚帶點兒大蒜味兒。PREPOSITIONlike嚐起來像⋯The fruit tasted rather like mango.這種水果味道很像芒果。of帶⋯味道a cake which tasted of almonds扁桃仁味的蛋糕PHRASEStaste awful, taste bad, taste bitter, taste disgusting, taste foul, taste horrible, taste terrible, taste vile難吃極了;難吃;味道苦;難以下咽taste delicious, taste fine, taste good, taste great, taste sweet, taste wonderful可口;好吃;好吃極了;味道甜甜的;味道極佳taste funny味道怪怪的
TOEFL BNC: 2077 COCA: 2031
taste verb
eat (I've never tasted anything like it.) feel (taste freedom) try2 (Taste it and see if there is enough salt.)
taste noun
taste1 (a taste for foreign travel) taste2 (a sweet taste)


a taste for foreign travel 去国外旅行的兴趣a sweet taste 甜味good taste in musictaste ♦︎ preference ♦︎ love ♦︎ passion ♦︎ liking ♦︎ weaknessThese are all words for the feeling of liking or preferring particular things or activities. 这些词均表示对某些事物或活动的喜好或偏爱。SYNONYM SCALE 词义标尺 下图显示这些词所表达喜好的程度
PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a taste / preference / passion / liking / weakness for stha great love / passion / liking for / of sthto have a taste / preference / love / passion / liking / weakness for / of sthto develop a taste / preference / love / passion / liking / weakness for / of sthto share a taste / preference / love / passion / liking for / of sthto show a preference / liking for sthsth is to sb's taste / likingtoo big, small, sweet, crowded, etc. for sb's taste / liking taste [countable, uncountable] what a person likes or prefers 爱好;志趣That trip gave me a taste for foreign travel.那次旅游使我爱上了去国外旅行。She has a very expensive taste in clothes.她讲究穿昂贵的服装。Art is an acquired taste-no one is born knowing that Michelangelo is wonderful.艺术是一种习得的爱好-没有人生下来就知道米开朗琪罗了不起。The colour and style is a matter of personal taste.颜色和式样是个人爱好问题。If you have a taste for sth, you like or enjoy it. * have a taste for sth指喜欢或享受做某事She has a real taste for adventure / designer clothes.她特别喜欢探险/名牌服装。Your taste in clothes, music, books, etc. describes what type of clothes, music, etc. you prefer. * taste in clothes/music/books等表示对服装、音乐、书籍等的品味He has an unusual taste in music.他对音乐有独特的鉴赏力。 preference ˈprefrəns [uncountable, singular] a greater interest in or desire for sb/sth than sb/sth else 偏爱;爱好;喜爱It's a matter of personal preference.那是个人爱好问题。Many people expressed a strong preference for the original plan.许多人强烈表示喜欢原计划。I can't say that I have any particular preference.我说不出自己有什么特别偏好。Let's make a list of possible speakers, in order of preference.咱们按优先顺序列出一份可能请到的发言者名单吧。NOTE 辨析 Taste or preference?A preference is always a choice between two or more things, places, people, etc.; taste does not include this idea of choice. * preference总是在两个或更多东西、地方、人等里面做的选择,taste则不涉及选择问题a taste for French bread对法国面包的喜爱a preference for brown bread (= rather than white bread) 偏爱黑面包 see also preference choice 2 , prefer prefer , preferred favourite love [uncountable, singular] (approving) the strong feeling of enjoyment that a thing or activity gives you 喜好;喜爱I fell in love with the house.我喜欢上了这房子。They share a love of classical music.他们都喜爱古典音乐。 see also love like verb passion [countable] (approving) a very strong feeling of liking sth; a hobby, activity, etc. that you like very much 酷爱;热衷的事物The English have a passion for gardens.英国人酷爱花园。Music is a passion with him.他对音乐情有独钟。 see also passionate intense  See also the entry for interest noun 2 另见interest名词词条第2义NOTE 辨析 Love or passion? Passion is stronger than love, and suggests that your interests may affect the way you live your life or the career you choose. * passion比love更强烈,意味着该兴趣可能会影响生活方式或职业选择The royal family had a passion for art, it seems, for the palace was full of paintings and sculptures.王室家族似乎对艺术情有独钟,因为王宫里到处都是绘画和雕塑。He knew he was going to be a musician and eventually stopped attending high school. Music was the only thing he ever had a passion for.他知道自己将成为音乐家,因而最终没有读完高中。音乐是他唯一热衷的事。 liking [singular] the feeling that you like or enjoy sth 喜欢;喜好;嗜好;乐趣The town was too crowded for my liking (= I would prefer it less crowded).这座城市太拥挤了,我不喜欢。Is the coffee to your liking, sir?先生,这咖啡合您的口味吗? see also like like verb weakness [countable, usually singular] difficulty in resisting sb/sth that you like very much, especially sth that is bad for you in some way (对人或事物,尤其是有害事物的)迷恋,无法抗拒He worries a lot about his weight, but can't overcome his weakness for fatty foods.他很担心自己的体重,但又无法克制自己对高脂食物的迷恋。


a taste for foreign travel 去国外旅行的兴趣a sweet taste 甜味good taste in musictaste ♦︎ flavour ♦︎ tangThese are all words for the quality that sth has which allows you to recognize it when you put it in your mouth. 这些词均表示味道、滋味。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a delicious / rich / spicy / bitter / sour / sweet taste / flavoura sharp / salty / distinctive taste / flavour / tangto have / give sth / add taste / flavourto enhance / spoil the taste / flavour of sth taste [countable, uncountable] the particular quality that different foods and drinks have that allows you to recognize them when you put them in your mouth 味道;滋味The drink left a bitter taste in his mouth.那饮料在他口中留下一丝苦味。The soup doesn't have much taste.这汤没什么味道。Salt stimulates the taste buds on the tongue.盐会刺激舌上的味蕾。 flavour (BrE) (NAmE flavor) [uncountable, countable] how food or drink tastes; a particular type of taste (食物或饮料的)味道;某种味道It is stronger in flavour than other traditional Dutch cheeses.这比其他传统荷兰干酪的味道要浓。This yogurt comes in ten different flavours.这种酸奶有十种不同的口味。It is a wine with a delicate fruit flavour.这是一种有淡淡水果味的葡萄酒。NOTE 辨析 Taste or flavour?In many cases you can use either word, especially when talking about how a meal tastes. 在许多情况下这两个词可以通用,尤其是谈论饭菜的味道时The tomatoes give extra taste / flavour to the sauce.番茄使调味汁更有风味。When talking about foods you can find in nature, it is more usual to use taste. 谈论能在自然界找到的食物的味道时,更常用tasteI don't like the taste of olives.我不喜欢橄榄的味道。When talking about foods which have been designed by people to have a particular effect on the tongue, use flavour. 谈论经过加工制造而具有特殊口味的食物的味道用flavourWe have four different flavours of ice cream.我们有四种不同口味的冰淇淋。 tang [countable, usually singular] a strong sharp taste or smell 强烈味道;刺鼻气味The tea had a sharp, bitter tang.这茶味浓且苦。We could smell the salty tang of sea air from our bedroom window.我们透过卧室窗户就能闻到海边空气的咸味。

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