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TOEFL BNC: 1013 COCA: 1265
adjective /ˌɪndɪˈpendənt/
  1. 1
    ruled by its own government, rather than controlled by another country 独立的;自主的;自治的

    The republic was declared a fully independent state. 该共和国被宣布为一个完全独立的国家。

    independent from :

    The Republic of Brazil became independent from Portugal in 1822. 巴西共和国于1822年从葡萄牙独立出来。

     Synonyms and related words
    Words used to describe systems and types of government: absolute, absolutist, autonomous...
    1. a.
      not employed or controlled by a company 独立的;不受公司制约的;自立的

      Many TV companies commission all their programmes from independent producers. 许多电视公司都委托独立制片人制作他们所有的节目。

       Synonyms and related words
      Words used to describe workers: acting, auxiliary, auxiliary...
    2. b.
      not belonging to any political party 无党派的;独立的

      He stood as an independent candidate. 他是独立候选人。

       Synonyms and related words
      Relating to political parties and their supporters: apolitical, bipartisan, critic...
    3. c.
      an independent school is not paid for or controlled by the government (学校)私立的
       Synonyms and related words
  2. 2
    fair because of not being influenced by anyone else 客观公正的;不受他人左右的;独立的

    Seek independent legal advice before entering into an agreement. 达成协议前要寻求独立的法律建议。

    There have been calls for an independent inquiry into the train crash. 有人呼吁对火车撞车事故进行独立调查。

     Synonyms and related words
    Fair and reasonable: fair, reasonable, natural...
  3. 3
    not depending on other people for money 经济独立的
    independent of :

    His wages enabled him to become economically independent of his family. 他的薪水使他能在经济上不依靠家里。

     Synonyms and related words
    Free and independent: free, independent, self-sufficient...
    1. a.
      not depending on other people for help, or preferring to do things by yourself 自立的;自力更生的

      Even as a child he was fiercely (=very) independent. 甚至在孩提时代,他就相当独立。

       Synonyms and related words
      Free and independent: free, independent, self-sufficient...
  4. 4
    not connected with or joined to anything else 独立的;单独的;无关联的

    The equipment has its own independent power supply. 这台设备自带独立的电源。

    independent of :

    The incidents were completely independent of one another. 这些事件相互间毫无关联。

     Synonyms and related words
    Separate and not related: separate, unconnected, unrelated...
noun [C] /ˌɪndɪˈpendənt/
  1. a politician who does not belong to any political party 无党派政治家;无党派人士
     Synonyms and related words
    People who vote: voter, electorate, constituency...
     Synonyms and related words
    Politicians: backbencher, carpetbagger, congressman...
TOEFL BNC: 1013 COCA: 1265


1not needing other people不需要他人VERBS | ADVERB | PREPOSITION VERBSbe, feel, seem獨立自主;感覺獨立;似乎自立become變得獨立remain依然獨立make sb使某人自立Her travels in Asia have made her a lot more independent.亞洲之行使她自立了許多。ADVERBfiercely, very極為/非常自立Many disabled people are fiercely independent.很多殘疾人都極其自立。completely完全獨立fairly, pretty, quite相當/頗為/十分自立economically, financially經濟上/財政上獨立PREPOSITIONof不依賴⋯By the age of eighteen he was completely independent of his parents.到 18 歲時他已經完全獨立,不再依賴父母了。


2not influenced or controlled by anyone else不受他人影響或控制VERBS | ADVERB | PREPOSITION VERBSbe獨立自主become變得獨立remain, stay仍然/保持獨立His company is a target for takeovers, but plans to stay independent.他的公司是被收購的目標,不過打算仍然保持獨立。make sth使⋯自主declare sth宣佈⋯獨立In 1961 the country was declared independent.1961 年,該國宣佈獨立。ADVERBcompletely, entirely, fully, genuinely, quite, totally, truly, wholly完全獨立;真正獨立;十分自主almost, fairly, largely, relatively, virtually幾乎獨立自主;相當獨立;很大程度上獨立自主;相對獨立Many local clans remain relatively independent.許多當地部族仍然保持相對獨立。increasingly日益獨立自主essentially本質上獨立自主This figure is essentially independent of population size.這個數字基本上與人口規模無關。nominally, supposedly名義上自主;據說不受控制newly新近獨立newly independent countries新近獨立的國家politically政治上獨立logically, statistically邏輯上/從統計角度來說獨立His system rests upon two logically independent arguments.他的體系以兩個邏輯上相互獨立的論據為依據。mutually相互獨立They are two separate, mutually independent entities.他們是兩個互不相關、相互獨立的實體。PREPOSITIONfrom擺脫⋯而獨立The country became fully independent from France in 1960.這個國家於 1960 年擺脫法國的控制,取得完全的獨立。of不受⋯的影響an organization that is independent of the government獨立於政府的組織
TOEFL BNC: 1013 COCA: 1265
independent adj.
independent (an independent research body) confident (make sb more independent)


independent ♦︎ unrelated ♦︎ unconnected ♦︎ self-contained ♦︎ free-standing ♦︎ divorced from sthThese words all describe things which are not connected to each other, or to sth else. 这些词均表示互不相关的、无关联的。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配unrelated / unconnected to sthan independent / a self-contained / a free-standing unitindependent / unrelated dataunrelated / unconnected eventsreasons unrelated / unconnected to sthwholly unrelated / unconnected / self-contained / divorced independent (especially of groups and organizations) not connected with or influenced by sth; not connected with each other (尤指团体和组织)不相关的,不受影响的;无关联的The police force should be independent of direct government control.警察部队应该不受政府的直接控制。Two independent research bodies reached the same conclusions.两个独立研究机构得出了同样的结论。 unrelated (of facts, activities and events) not connected to sth; not connected with each other (事实、活动和事件)与⋯无联系的;互不相关的In my free time I like to do things that are unrelated to my work.业余时间我喜欢做跟工作无关的事。The two events were totally unrelated.这两件事毫不相干。OPP related related unconnected (of facts and events) not connected to sth; not connected to each other (事实和事件)与⋯无联系的;互不相关的The two crimes are apparently unconnected.这两起犯罪看起来没有关联。Her employers insisted she had been dismissed for reasons unconnected with her pregnancy.她的雇主坚持说解雇她另有原因,跟她怀孕毫不相干。OPP connected related NOTE 辨析 Unrelated or unconnected?In many cases you can use either word. However, when you are talking about people, unrelated means 'not in the same family'. 在许多情况下这两个词可以通用。不过,指人时unrelated意为“无亲属关系的”The judge was unrelated to the company representatives (= he was not their father, brother, cousin, etc.).法官跟公司的各位代表没有亲属关系。The judge was unconnected with the company representatives (= he did not have any link with them).法官跟公司的各位代表没有任何关联。 ˌself-conˈtained able to operate or exist without outside help or influence 自给的;独立的The village was an isolated and self-contained community.这村子是个与世隔绝、自给自足的社群。Each chapter is self-contained and can be studied in isolation.每一章均自成一篇,可单独学习。 ˌfree-ˈstanding [usually before noun] not supported by or attached to anything; not a part of anything else 无依附的;单独的;独立的We can supply both free-standing and wall-mounted gas boilers.独立式和壁挂式燃气炉我们均可提供。Modules may be offered as free-standing units or in integrated programmes of study.各课程单元可自成体系,亦可作为整体学习计划的组成部分。 divorced from sth


(formal) appearing not to be affected by sth; separate from sth 表现得不受某事影响的;脱离⋯的He seems completely divorced from reality.他似乎完全脱离了现实。Studying history at school was about learning facts completely divorced from their meaning.在学校学习历史就只是学习事实,而完全剥离了其意义。

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