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BNC: 1919 COCA: 2137
noun /ɪkˈspens/
  1. 1
    /ɪkˈspens/ [C] an amount of money that you spend in order to buy or do something 花费;费用

    Rent is our biggest expense. 房租是我们最大的开销。

    You can claim part of your telephone bill as a business expense. 你可以把部分电话费用算进业务支出。

    travelling/medical/legal expenses 旅费/医药费/法律费用

    a factory's operating expenses 工厂的运营支出

    incur an expense :

    The insurance will cover all expenses incurred during your time in hospital. 这项保险会替你支付住院期间的所有费用。

    cover/meet an expense :

    people struggling to meet their basic living expenses 连基本生活费用都难以支付的人

     Synonyms and related words
    Prices and costs: price, cost, charge...
  2. 2
    [U] the high cost of something 高额花费

    A powerful computer is worth the expense if you use it regularly. 如果经常使用的话,花大价钱买一台高性能计算机是值得的。

    expense of :

    the expense and inconvenience of recovering cargo from sunken ships 从沉船里捞出货物的高额费用与困难

    go to great/considerable etc expense (=spend a lot of money) 花费大量金钱 :

    His parents went to great trouble and expense to make sure the party was a success. 他的父母为了把聚会开得成功煞费苦心,花费了大量金钱。

    go to the expense of doing something (=spend money on doing something) 花钱做某事 :

    We didn't want to go to the expense of sending a courier. 我们不想花钱派人送信。

    put someone to the expense of doing something (=make someone spend money on doing something) 使某人花钱做某事 :

    That little mistake put us to the expense of reprinting the whole book. 那个小小的错误竞然使我们花钱重印了整本书。

     Synonyms and related words
    Prices and costs: price, cost, charge...
  3. 3


    [plural] money that you spend as part of your job that your employer later gives back to you (可报销的)工作花销

    The company pays all our expenses. 公司报销我们所有的费用。

    put something on expenses (=charge it to your employer) (让雇主)报销某事的费用 :

    Let me pay – I can put it on expenses. 让我来付,我可以报销的。

    plus expenses :

    Your salary will be £50,000 a year, plus expenses. 你的年薪是50,000英镑,还有业务费。

    reimburse expenses :

    All reasonable expenses will be reimbursed. 所有合理费用都将得到报销。

     Synonyms and related words
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verb [T] /ɪkˈspens/
present tense
present participleexpensing
past tenseexpensed
past participleexpensed
  1. to charge money you spend to an expense account

    He expensed over £700 on meals in the last three months.

BNC: 1919 COCA: 2137


1cost/money spent on sth花費ADJECTIVE | VERB + EXPENSE | EXPENSE + VERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEconsiderable, enormous, great, huge, significant, vast可觀的花費;巨額花費added, additional, extra額外花費annual, monthly年度開支;月開支Your monthly housing expense should not be greater than 28% of your income.每月的住房開銷不應該超過你收入的 28%。unexpected, unforeseen意外的/未預料到的花費unnecessary不必要的花費public公帑The bridge was built at public expense.這橋是政府出資修建的。personal個人花費VERB + EXPENSEgo to, incur花費They went to all the expense of redecorating the house and then they moved.他們花了那麼多錢重新裝修房子,可隨後就搬家了。involve, put sb to (especially BrE) 涉及到花錢;使某人花錢Their visit put us to a lot of expense.他們的來訪使我們花銷很大。bear, cover, meet負擔花費;支付開支She had to meet the expense herself.她得自己支付開銷。spare no不節省錢No expense was spared (= they spent as much money as was needed) to make the party a success.為了使聚會成功,該花的錢都花了。avoid, save避免花費Save the expense of calling out a plumber by learning some of the basics yourself.通過學會一些基本維修知識,省去請水管工的花費。cut, minimize, reduce削減/盡可能減少/降低花費You can reduce your expenses by selling your old car at a good price.你可以把舊車賣個好價錢來減少開支。be worth值得花費The results are well worth the expense.這些成果完全值得花這些錢。justify證明花費合理a claim large enough to justify the expense of insurance policy premiums索賠額高到足以證明保費的合理性EXPENSE + VERBrise花費上升My expenses are constantly rising and my income stays the same.我的花費不斷上升,可是收入卻和原來一樣。PREPOSITIONat sb's/sth's expense由⋯付費;在損失⋯的情況下They had to repair the damage at their own expense.他們得自己花錢修理受破損之處。He built up the business at the expense of his health.他以自己的健康為代價逐步建立了這個企業。at... expense以⋯花費The house was transformed at great expense.花了很大一筆錢翻修房子。The package includes admission to the park at no extra expense.套票中包括公園的門票,無需額外付費。PHRASESat taxpayer expense, at taxpayers' expense, at the taxpayer's expense納稅人支付It emerged that they had received free first-class travel at the taxpayer's expense.結果是,他們接受了免費乘坐頭等艙的旅行,花的卻是納稅人的錢。


2sth that makes you spend money開支項目ADJECTIVEbig, considerable, major, significant大筆的/相當大的/主要的/可觀的花費incidental雜費Relocated employees received grants towards / toward incidental expenses like buying carpets.工作地點變動的雇員獲得購買地毯等費用的雜項補助。ongoing經常性開支Insurance is an ongoing expense.保險是一項經常性開支。business, management營業費;管理費Meetings, and the time for them, are a considerable management expense.會議及所費時間是一筆頗大的管理花費。capital資本支出The process turned out to be a significant capital expense.結果,這個過程花去了一筆可觀的資本。depreciation, interest (both especially NAmE) 折舊費用;利息支出Net interest expense increased to $5.9 million from $4.1 million.淨利息支出從 410 萬增加到了 590 萬美元。


3expenses money spent for a particular purpose用於某目的的花費ADJECTIVE | VERB + EXPENSES | EXPENSES + VERB | EXPENSE + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEhigh, low高額/低額費用Medical expenses can be quite high if you are not insured.如果你沒有買保險,醫療費會很高昂。Look for a fund with low expenses.尋找低成本的資金。allowable, eligible, legitimate, reasonable允許的費用;合法的費用;合理的費用You can claim back the tax on legitimate business expenses.你可以索回對合法營業支出所課的稅。deductible, tax-deductible可抵扣的/可扣稅的費用Start keeping track of deductible expenses such as charitable contributions.開始逐筆記錄諸如慈善捐款等可抵稅的支出。basic基本費用The guides are unpaid except for basic expenses.除了基本費用以外,導遊並沒有其他收入。miscellaneous雜費ongoing經常性費用your ongoing expenses such as your employees' salaries雇員工資等經常性費用out-of-pocket (= paid for by an employee, to be claimed back later from the employer) 可報銷的開支Any out-of-pocket expenses incurred on the firm's business will be reimbursed.由公司業務產生的開銷都可以報銷。total總開支Total employee expenses were up about 6%.雇員的總開銷大約增加了 6%。personal個人開支living生活開銷household家庭開支administrative, maintenance, operating, operational, overhead (all especially NAmE) 管理開銷;維護花費;運營費用;間接費用business, work-related因公支出;與工作相關的費用marketing (especially NAmE) 營銷費用travel, travelling/traveling (especially BrE) 差旅費moving, relocation, removal (BrE) 搬遷費用childcare, college, educational, health-care, legal, medical孩子照管費用;大學花費;教育費;保健費用;律師費;醫療費funeral喪葬費VERB + EXPENSESincur產生費用cover, defray, meet, offset, pay, reimburse支付花銷;退還費用;償還花費He was given a sum of money to cover his travel expenses.他得到一筆錢以支付差旅費。claim, claim back, claim for索要費用;索還費用They are claiming expenses for travel and meals.他們要求報銷旅費及餐費。recoup收回費用We will recoup our expenses within 24 months.我們將在 24 個月內收回開支。deduct扣除費用You will have to pay income tax on the rent you receive, although you can deduct expenses such as insurance.你可以扣除保險費等的開支,但租金收入要納稅。cut, lower, minimize, reduce削減/降低/最大限度減少/縮減開支in an effort to reduce expenses and boost profits努力減少開支提高利潤EXPENSES + VERBarise from sth, arise out of sth (both especially BrE) 費用出現You can expect to receive compensation for all expenses arising out of the accident.由這次事故引起的所有費用你都有望獲得賠償。increase, rise費用增加/提高Operating expenses rose by more than 23% last year.去年運營費用增加了 23% 以上。EXPENSE + NOUNexpense account報銷賬目Put the cost of the meal on your expense account.把這頓飯的花費記在你的報銷賬目上。expenses claim, expense report (NAmE) 費用申請/報告expense reimbursement (NAmE) 費用補償You will receive expense reimbursement for up to $5 000 for legal representation.作為法律代表,你將會獲得最高 5,000 美元的費用補償。PREPOSITIONon expenses (BrE) 公費開支I think we deserve a night out on expenses.我覺得我們該花公費出去玩一個晚上。PHRASESall expenses paid所有費用已付a two-day, all-expenses-paid trip to New York City費用全包的紐約兩日遊spare no expense不惜花費When it came to the wedding, no expense was spared (= a lot of money was spent).辦婚禮可是花了一大筆錢。
BNC: 1919 COCA: 2137
expense noun
costs (travel expenses) price (do sth at great expense)

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