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noun [U] /ˈweðə(r)/
  1. the conditions that exist in the atmosphere relating to temperature, precipitation (=rain, snow, hail), and other features 天气;气象

    Unsettled weather will continue through the weekend. 本周末的天气将继续变化无常。

    We couldn't paint the outside because of the weather. 因为天气的原因我们不能油漆外侧。

    good/bad/hot/cold/wet/dry etc weather :

    He walked for five miles in bad weather. 他在恶劣的天气里走了5英里。

     Synonyms and related words
    General words for climate and the weather: weather, climate, spell...
    1. a.

      the weather

      a report on the weather in a newspaper or on television (报纸或电视上的)天气预报

      The weather follows the news. 天气预报在新闻之后播出。

       Synonyms and related words
       Synonyms and related words
    2. b.
      [only before noun] giving information about the weather 天气的;气象的

      a weather map/report 气象图/预告

       Synonyms and related words
      General words for climate and the weather: weather, climate, spell...
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verb /ˈweðə(r)/
present tense
present participleweathering
past tenseweathered
past participleweathered
  1. 1
    [I/T] if something weathers or is weathered, its appearance changes because of the effects of wind, rain etc (受风吹雨打而)(使)褪色,(使)风化

    The stone weathers to a beautiful pale gold. 这石头受风吹雨打变成了美丽的浅金色。

    Wind and sun had weathered his face. 他的脸饱经风吹日晒。

     Synonyms and related words
    To damage or spoil something: damage, spoil, mark...
  2. 2
    [T] to manage a difficult experience without being seriously harmed 平安度过(困境)

    He has weathered two corruption scandals already. 他已经安然度过了两次腐败丑闻。

    weather the storm (=come through a time of great difficulty) 经受危难;安然渡过难关 :

    An improvement in the economy is helping us weather the storm. 经济好转有助于我们渡过难关。

     Synonyms and related words


ADJECTIVE | ... OF WEATHER | VERB + WEATHER | WEATHER + VERB | WEATHER + NOUN | PHRASES ADJECTIVEbeautiful, excellent, fair, fine, glorious, good, great, ideal, lovely, nice, perfect, superb (especially BrE) 美好的天氣;晴朗的天氣;好天氣;宜人的天氣;理想的天氣;令人愉快的天氣;特別好的天氣adverse, appalling, atrocious, awful, bad, dismal, dreadful, foul, gloomy, grim, horrible, inclement, lousy, miserable, nasty, poor, rotten, rough, terrible惡劣的天氣;險惡的天氣;陰沉的天氣;可怕的天氣;壞天氣;陰冷的天氣;糟糕的天氣hot, humid, muggy, sultry, warm炎熱的天氣;潮濕的天氣;悶熱的天氣;暖和的天氣mild溫和的天氣bright, clear, sunny晴朗的天氣;陽光和煦的天氣calm無風的天氣dry乾燥的天氣reliable, settled (BrE) 穩定的天氣changeable, fickle, uncertain, unpredictable, unsettled多變的天氣;變幻莫測的天氣;不可預測的天氣extreme, fierce, harsh, severe, violent, wild極端天氣;惡劣的天氣;狂暴的天氣bitter, chilly, cold, freezing, frosty, icy, wintry嚴寒的天氣;寒冷的天氣;霜凍天氣;寒冬天氣cool涼爽天氣cloudy, grey/gray陰雲密佈的/陰沉的天氣damp, rainy, wet潮濕的天氣;陰雨天foggy有霧的天氣blustery, stormy, windy狂風大作的/狂風暴雨的/刮風的天氣autumn, fall, spring, summer, winter秋天的/春天的/夏天的/冬天的天氣unseasonable, unseasonably..., unseasonal (especially BrE) 不合時令的⋯天氣a spell of unseasonably warm weather.一段不合時令的溫暖天氣local當地的天氣... OF WEATHERspell一段時間的天氣VERB + WEATHERenjoy享受⋯天氣I've been enjoying this beautiful weather.我一直在享受這種好天氣。have有⋯天氣We've had great weather all week.我們過去整整一週都是好天氣。brave勇敢面對惡劣的天氣Deciding to brave the weather, he grabbed his umbrella and went out.他決定冒雨前去,抓起傘就出門了。forecast, predict預報/預測天氣check看天氣I checked the weather this morning.今天早晨我查看了一下天氣情況。WEATHER + VERBclear, clear up, improve, warm up天氣轉晴;天氣好轉;天氣變暖We'll go just as soon as this weather lets up.天氣一好轉,我們就出發。hold, hold out, hold up, keep up天氣持續If the weather holds out we could go swimming later.如果天氣一直這樣,我們可以以後再去游泳。threaten天氣很可能轉壞Bad weather threatened.惡劣天氣即將來臨。break, deteriorate, worsen天氣突變;天氣惡化It was sunny until the weekend, but then the weather broke.週末之前天氣還是陽光明媚的,可是接着就變天了。become sth, get sth, turn sth天氣變得⋯;天氣轉為⋯Next day the weather turned cold.第二天天氣就變冷了。look sth天氣看起來⋯The weather looks beautiful today.今天天氣看起來很好。remain sth, stay sth天氣持續⋯/保持⋯continue天氣保持不變close in, set in天氣變壞;惡劣天氣到來The weather closed in and the climbers had to take shelter.天氣變壞,登山者不得不找地方避一避。I wanted to mend the roof before the cold weather set in.我想在冷天到來之前修補一下房頂。come天氣到來According to the forecast, there is a lot more wet weather to come.天氣預報說還會有更多的陰雨天。allow, permit (You cannot say 'weather allowing'.不能用 weather allowing) 天氣狀況允許I sat outside as often as the weather allowed.只要天氣允許,我都會到室外去坐一坐。We're having a barbecue next Saturday, weather permitting.如果天氣適宜,我們下星期六就去燒烤野餐。 (You cannot say 'weather allowing'.不能用 weather allowing) prevent sth天氣妨礙⋯Stormy weather prevented any play in today's tennis.暴風雨使今天的所有網球比賽都無法進行。let sb down (BrE) 天氣讓某人失望change天氣變化bring sth out天氣使⋯出來The fine weather brings out butterflies.天氣好的時候,蝴蝶就會出來活動。WEATHER + NOUNconditions天氣狀況The plane crashed into the sea in adverse weather conditions.由於天氣惡劣,飛機墜入了大海。patterns, system天氣模式/系統the effects of global warming on the world's weather patterns全球變暖對全球天氣模式的影響Atlantic weather systems大西洋氣候系統forecast, report天氣預報;氣象報告data, information, records天氣資料;氣象信息;天氣記錄event天氣事件an increase in extreme weather events極端天氣事件的增多satellite, station氣象衞星;天氣站centre/center氣象中心chart, map天氣圖PHRASESa change in the weather天氣的變化We hadn't bargained for such a dramatic change in the weather.我們並沒有預料到天氣會出現如此大的變化。in all weather, in all weather conditions, in all weathers, whatever the weather在任何天氣情況下;不管天氣如何The lifeboat crews go out in all weather(s).救生船人員在任何天氣情況下都出動救援。He swims in the sea every day, whatever the weather.不管天氣怎樣,他每天都到海裏游泳。the vagaries of the weather, the vagaries of weather (NAmE) 天氣的變幻無常She packed to cope with the vagaries of New York's weather.她收拾好東西以便應付紐約變幻無常的天氣。


1pass safely through sth安全度過ADVERB | VERB + WEATHER ADVERBsuccessfully, well成功度過;順利熬過Their company had weathered the recession well.他們的公司順利地熬過了衰退期。VERB + WEATHERmanage to (figurative) 設法度過The company has managed to weather the storm.公司設法度過了這場風暴。


2change in appearance because of the sun/air/wind受侵蝕ADVERBbadly遭受嚴重侵蝕Some of the stone has weathered badly.這塊石頭的某些部份已經嚴重風化了。naturally自然地風化
weather verb


weather ♦︎ climate ♦︎ the elementsThese are all words for the conditions of the atmosphere. 这些词均表示天气、气象。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配in (a) good, mild, etc. weather / climate(a) hot / cold / warm / good / mild / harsh / severe weather / climateto have (a) good, mild, etc. weather / climateto brave the weather / elementsopen to / protected from / sheltered from the weather / elements weather [uncountable] the condition of the atmosphere at a particular place and time, such as the temperature, and if there is wind, rain, sun, etc. 天气;气象wet / fine / summer / windy weather下雨/晴朗/夏天/刮风的天气The weather was awful.天气糟透了。I'm not going out in this weather!这种天气我是不会出门的!We'll have lunch outside, weather permitting (= if it doesn't rain).天气允许的话,我们就在室外吃午餐。a weather map / chart / report气象图;气象报告 climate [countable, uncountable] the regular pattern of weather conditions during the year in a particular region 气候a temperate / tropical climate温和的气候;热带气候the harsh climate of the Arctic regions北极地区的恶劣气候the threat of global climate change全球性气候变化的威胁 see also climate area 1 the elements [plural] the weather, especially bad weather with strong wind and rain that can cause damage (尤指强风、暴雨等恶劣的)天气The house was on the cliff, exposed to the elements.这座房子建在峭壁上,易受恶劣天气的影响。The ship had to battle against the elements.这艘船不得不跟风雨搏斗。

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