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BNC: 1184 COCA: 937
noun /peɪn/
  1. 1
    [C/U] a feeling that you have in a part of your body when you are hurt or ill 痛;疼痛

    chest/stomach pains 胸口疼/胃痛

    Harry has been enduring considerable back pain for a number of years. 哈里多年来一直忍受着剧烈的背痛。

    pain in :

    I'm having terrible pains in my chest. 我胸口疼得很厉害。

    ease/relieve pain :

    The fresh air had done nothing to ease the pain Kelly felt in her head. 新鲜空气根本不能使凯利的头痛得到缓解。

    cause (someone) pain :

    An old injury was causing him intense pain. 旧伤使他感到剧烈的疼痛。

    in pain :

    He heard Leo scream in pain. 他听到利奥在痛苦地尖叫。

    be in pain :

    I don't think she's in any pain. 我觉得她一点都不痛苦。

    a sharp pain (=a sudden strong pain) 剧烈的疼痛 :

    It was a sharp pain, on his left side, below his ribs. 那是一阵剧烈的疼痛,在他身体的左侧肋骨下面。

     Synonyms and related words
    Pain and pains: ache, agony, anguish...
  2. 2
    [U] a feeling of being very upset or unhappy 痛苦;悲痛

    Dealing with the subject sensitively can help prevent a lot of pain. 谨慎对待这个话题有助于防止许多痛苦。

    cause (someone) pain :

    The incident must have caused my parents great pain. 这个事件一定已经给我的父母带来了巨大的痛苦。

    inflict pain on someone :

    He had no idea of the pain he had inflicted on her. 他对自己给她造成的痛苦浑然不觉。

    the pain of something :

    He found it hard to cope with the pain of being separated from his children. 他发现很难忍受与孩子们分离的痛苦。

     Synonyms and related words
    Sadness and unhappiness: sadness, depression, grief...
verb [T] /peɪn/
present tense
present participlepaining
past tensepained
past participlepained
  1. 1
    to make someone feel very upset or unhappy 使痛苦;使苦恼

    It was clear the subject pained him. 显然这个问题使他感到很苦恼。

    it pains someone to do something :

    It pained her to think that they would never talk to each other again. 一想到他们将再也不能交谈,她感到十分痛苦。

    it pains someone that :

    It pains me that we're such hypocrites about it. 我们在这件事上如此虚伪,我感到很痛苦。

     Synonyms and related words
    To make someone feel sad or upset: upset, wound, disturb...
  2. 2
    formal to make someone feel physical pain 使疼痛

    His head still pains him from time to time where he got that knock. 他头部被击中的地方还时不时会疼。

     Synonyms and related words
BNC: 1184 COCA: 937


1physical pain身體疼痛ADJECTIVE | ... OF PAIN | VERB + PAIN | PAIN + VERB | PAIN + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEacute, agonizing, awful, blinding, excruciating, extreme, great, immense, intense, severe, terrible, unbearable, unimaginable劇痛;折磨人的痛;鑽心的痛;無法忍受的痛aching, burning, cramping, numbing, piercing, searing, sharp, shooting, stabbing, stinging, throbbing痠痛;灼痛;絞痛;痛得發麻;刺痛;劇痛;抽痛She had a burning pain in one eye.她的一隻眼睛有灼痛感。dull, little, mild, slight隱隱的疼痛;輕微的疼痛debilitating讓人虛弱的疼痛chronic, constant, nagging, persistent長期的/持續的/難以消除的/持久的疼痛sudden突然發作的疼痛intermittent間歇的疼痛recurrent反複發作的疼痛bodily, physical肉體上的痛苦abdominal, back, chest, joint, leg, muscle, pelvic, shoulder, stomach腹痛;背疼;胸痛;關節疼;腿疼;肌肉痛;盆腔痛;肩膀痛;胃痛She's been in bed with back pain.她因後背痛而一直卧牀。He went to the doctor with chest pains.他胸部疼痛,去看醫生了。menstrual, period (especially BrE) 痛經arthritis關節炎疼痛labor pain, labour/labor pains (BrE, NAmE) 分娩時的陣痛growing pains發育期痛phantom幻覺痛the phantom pain of a lost limb失去的肢體的幻覺疼痛... OF PAINspasm, stab一陣抽痛;一陣突然的劇痛VERB + PAINbe in, be racked with, experience, feel, get, go through, have, suffer, suffer from疼痛;受疼痛折磨;感到疼痛;經受疼痛He was obviously in a great deal of pain.他顯然疼得很厲害。Can you feel any pain?你能感覺到痛嗎?Marathon runners are used to going through pain.馬拉松選手已習慣了疼痛。He was taken to the hospital suffering from severe abdominal pain.他因腹部劇痛被送到醫院。cause, give sb, inflict引起/令某人/使遭受疼痛His back gives him a lot of pain.他的背痛得厲害。It's wrong to inflict pain on any animal.傷害任何動物都是不道德的。aggravate, exacerbate, increase, make worse使疼痛加劇alleviate, block out, deaden, dull, ease, help, kill, lessen, numb, reduce, relieve, soothe, stop減輕疼痛;抑制疼痛;鎮痛;止痛These pills should ease the pain.這些藥丸應該會緩解疼痛。control, manage抑制疼痛The treatments helped manage his pain.這些治療有助於幫他止痛。minimize盡可能減少疼痛treat治療疼痛Doctors used to treat back pain with rest.醫生們過去讓病人靜養來治療背痛。bear, endure, put up with, stand, take, withstand忍受疼痛ignore忽視疼痛cry out in, cry with, groan with, scream with痛得喊出來;痛得呻吟;疼得尖叫be contorted with, contort in因疼痛而扭曲His face was contorted with pain as he crossed the finish line.衝過終點線時,他疼得臉都變了形。PAIN + VERBbegin, come, occur, start疼痛開始發作The pains began shortly after she started work as a gardener.她當上園丁不久,疼痛就開始了。erupt, flare, flare up疼痛發作hit sb/sth, strike sb/sth疼痛襲擊⋯A sharp pain hit the middle of my chest and I collapsed.我的胸部正中一陣劇痛,然後我便暈倒了。course through sb/sth, flash through sth, flood sth, lance through sb/sth (literary, especially NAmE) , radiate from sth to sth, rip through sb/sth, rush through sb/sth, rush up sb/sth, sear through sb/sth, shoot through sth, shoot up sth, stab sb/sth, surge through sb/sth, sweep over sb/sth, sweep through sb/sth, tear through sb/sth, throb, wash over sb疼痛經過⋯;疼痛掠過⋯;疼痛傳到⋯;疼痛從⋯傳到⋯;疼痛湧到⋯;抽痛;疼痛遍及⋯A sharp pain shot up his leg.他的腿上一陣劇痛。overwhelm sb, wrack sb/sth疼痛壓倒⋯/使⋯垮掉Pain wracked her frail body once more.疼痛再次擊垮了她虛弱的身體。grow stronger, increase, intensify, worsen疼痛變得強烈;疼痛加劇disappear, ease, fade, go, recede, stop, subside疼痛消失;疼痛停止;疼痛慢慢消退Has the pain gone yet?疼痛已經消失了嗎?persist疼痛不止If the pain persists, see your doctor.如果還是疼的話,就去看醫生。come back, return疼痛重新開始PAIN + NOUNcontrol, management, relief止痛;疼痛治療killer (usually painkiller) , medication, medicine, pill, reliever止痛藥sufferer疼痛患者symptoms疼痛症狀specialist疼痛治療專家clinic疼痛門診threshold, tolerance痛閾;疼痛耐受力level疼痛程度intensity, severity疼痛強度sensation痛覺PREPOSITIONpain in⋯處的痛a pain in her side她身體一側的疼痛PHRASESaches and pains疼痛Eucalyptus oil is good for easing muscular aches and pains.桉樹油可以很好地緩解肌肉的疼痛。a cry of pain疼痛的大叫a threshold for pain, a threshold of pain痛覺閾;痛點I have a very low threshold for pain.我這人痛點很低。


2unhappiness不愉快ADJECTIVE | VERB + PAIN | PHRASES ADJECTIVEgreat, immense, intense, terrible非常痛苦numbing使人麻木的疼痛indescribable, unspeakable難言之痛emotional感情上的苦痛VERB + PAINcause (sb), give sb, inflict引起(某人)/令某人/使遭受痛苦Through her drug addiction she had inflicted a lot of pain on the family.因吸毒上癮,她給家庭帶來了巨大的痛苦。feel, go through感到/遭受痛苦know知道痛苦She knew the pain of separation.她知道分離的痛苦。get over從痛苦中恢復過來It took him several years to get over the pain of losing his job.他花了好幾年時間才擺脫失去工作的苦痛。dull, ease, lessen, numb減輕悲痛heal治瘉痛苦Nothing could heal the pain of her son's death.沒有什麼能治好兒子去世帶給她的痛苦。spare sb使某人免遭痛苦We hoped to spare her the pain of having to meet her attacker.為了不讓她感到痛苦,我們希望能夠避免讓她見到攻擊她的人。express表達痛苦share分擔痛苦It was lovely to have someone there to share both the pain and the joy.有人分享歡樂、分擔痛苦,真好。conceal, hide, mask掩飾痛苦He tried to conceal his pain from her.他盡力不讓她知道自己的痛苦。forget忘記痛苦For a few moments she forgot the pain he had caused her.有那麼一會兒她忘了他給她造成的痛苦。bear, endure, withstand承受痛苦relive再遭痛苦I don't want to relive the pain of losing her.我不想再次遭受失去她的痛苦。sense感覺到疼痛I could sense her pain and put my arm around her.我能感覺到她的痛苦,於是伸出一隻胳膊摟着她。prolong延長痛苦PHRASESthe pain etched on sb's face刻在某人臉上的痛苦Ellen saw the pain etched on his face when he mentioned his ex-wife's name.埃倫提到他前妻的名字時,能看見刻在他臉上的痛苦。
BNC: 1184 COCA: 937
pain noun
pain (chest pains) distress (the pain of separation) nuisance (That man's a pain.)
pain verb


pain ♦︎ ache ♦︎ suffering ♦︎ discomfort ♦︎ agonyThese are all words for the feelings that you have in your body when you have been hurt or when you are ill. 这些词均表示疼痛。SYNONYM SCALE 词义标尺 下图显示这些词所表达疼痛的程度
PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配in pain / discomfort / agony(a) back / stomach pain / acheto cause pain / suffering / discomfortto inflict pain / sufferingto suffer pain / discomfort / agonyto relieve / ease the pain / suffering / discomfort / agony pain [uncountable, countable] the feelings that you have in your body when you have been hurt or when you are ill (身体上的)疼痛She was clearly in a lot of pain.她显然疼痛万分。He felt a sharp pain in his knee.他感到膝盖一阵剧痛。He went to the doctor with chest pains.他胸口痛,去看了医生。The booklet contains information on pain relief during labour.这本小册子介绍了减轻分娩疼痛的知识。Pain can also be a mental feeling. * pain也可以指精神上的痛苦。 see also pain distress noun , pain hurt verb 1 ache eɪk [countable] a continuous feeling of pain in a part of the body (身体部位持续的)疼痛You get more aches and pains as you get older.人老了就常常会这儿疼那儿疼的。 Ache is often used in compounds. * ache常用于构成复合词Mummy, I've got a tummy ache.妈妈,我肚子疼。to have a stomach ache / headache / backache / toothache胃痛;头疼;背疼;牙疼In British English, some of these compounds can be uncountable. 在英式英语中,这些复合词中有些可以作不可数名词 [uncountable] (BrE) to have backache / toothache背疼;牙疼 see also ache hurt verb 2 suffering [uncountable, plural] physical pain, especially when it affects the whole body and continues for a long time (尤指全身的、持续时间长的)疼痛,痛苦Death finally brought an end to her suffering.死亡终于结束了她的痛苦。The hospice aims to ease the sufferings of the dying.临终关怀医院旨在减轻临终者的痛苦。Suffering can also be emotional pain. * suffering也可以指情感上的痛苦。 see also suffering distress suffer


[intransitive] I hate to see animals suffering.我不忍心看动物受苦。
discomfort dɪsˈkʌmfət; NAmE dɪsˈkʌmfərt [uncountable] (rather formal) a feeling of slight pain or of being physically uncomfortable 轻微的病痛;不适You will experience some minor discomfort during the treatment.治疗中你会稍感不适。 agony ˈægəni [uncountable, countable] extreme physical pain (身体的)极度痛苦Jack collapsed in agony on the floor.杰克十分痛苦地瘫倒在地板上。The animal writhed in its death agonies.那动物快死了,痛苦地扭动着。Agony can also be emotional pain. * agony也可以指情感上的痛苦。 see also agony distress

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