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verb [I/T] /ˈprɒmɪs/
present tense
present participlepromising
past tensepromised
past participlepromised
  1. 1
    to tell someone that you will definitely do something 承诺;允诺;答应;保证

    The police chief promised tougher action against young criminals. 警长保证要对少年犯采取更强硬的措施。

    promise to do something :

    Peter wished he'd never promised to help them. 彼得希望自己不曾答应过帮他们。

    promise someone (that) :

    Promise me you'll be home before dark. 答应我,在天黑前回家。

    We always promised ourselves that we'd visit Hawaii one day. 我们总是向自己允诺某天要去夏威夷旅游。

    promise something to someone/promise someone something :

    Relief organizations are promising aid to the country. 救济团体承诺向该国提供援助。

    as promised (=in the way that had been promised) 按照答应过的 :

    She phoned at 9 am, as promised. 正如答应过的,她在早晨 9 点时打来电话。

    promise faithfully (=very strongly) 信誓旦旦地允诺 :

    Ellen promised faithfully not to open her present until her birthday. 埃伦信誓旦旦地允诺不到生日那一天绝不打开她的礼物。

     Synonyms and related words
    To make a promise: promise, commit, swear...
  2. 2
    formal to make it seem likely that something will happen 有望;使…可能

    This evening promises to be a lot of fun. 这个晚会可能非常有趣。

     Synonyms and related words
    Predicting and prediction: predict, prediction, forecast...
noun /ˈprɒmɪs/
  1. 1
    [C] a statement in which you say that something will definitely happen, or you will definitely do something 承诺;允诺;保证;诺言

    the party's election promises 该党的竞选承诺

    promise to :

    Audrey remembered her promise to her father that she would work harder. 奥德丽记起她向父亲所作的要更努力的保证。

    make/give a promise :

    I'll try, but I'm not making any promises! 我会尽力而为,但我不作任何承诺。

    a promise to do something :

    You made a promise to deal with it immediately. 你答应过要马上处理的。

    keep a promise :

    He swore he would return one day, and he kept his promise. 他发誓说他总有一天会回来,他信守了自己的诺言。

    break a promise :

    The army broke its promise to return the country to civilian rule. 军队违背了它要把国家交给民众统治的承诺。

     Synonyms and related words
    Promises: promise, commitment, guarantee...
    1. a.
      formal a strong suggestion that something will happen or be given 极大的可能性
      promise of :

      The promise of permanent employment is almost non-existent today. 终身聘任的可能性在今天几乎是不存在的。

      Settlers supported the king in return for the promise of land. 移民们因有望得到土地而支持国王。

       Synonyms and related words
      The possibility that something will happen: possibility, chance, probability...
  2. 2
    [U] signs that someone or something is likely to be successful in the future 好的征兆;前途;潜质

    Life was hopeful and full of promise. 生活是充满希望、富有前途的。

    Her invention failed to fulfil its initial promise. 她的发明没有达到最初的期望。

    show promise :

    He shows great promise as an interpreter. 他是个很有前途的口译人员。

    hold promise :

    This technology holds considerable promise for improving inner city living conditions. 这种技术很有望改善市中心贫民区的生活条件。

     Synonyms and related words
    Relating to the future: future, potential, prospect...
    1. a.
      literary a sign that something is likely to happen 预兆;征兆;气息
      promise of :

      the promise of an early spring 早春的气息

       Synonyms and related words


1statement that you will do sth諾言ADJECTIVE | VERB + PROMISE | PROMISE + NOUN | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEbig虛空的承諾He makes all kinds of big promises he has little intention of keeping.他作出了各種慷慨的承諾,卻沒有打算信守。rash輕率的承諾broken, unfulfilled未遵守的承諾empty, false, hollow虛假的承諾;空口承諾vague含糊其詞的承諾binding, firm有約束力的/堅定的承諾solemn莊嚴的承諾pinky (= made by linking your little finger with another person's) (NAmE, informal) 拉鈎承諾campaign, election, pre-election (especially BrE) 競選運動中作的/競選時的/選舉前的承諾brand (= printed on a product) (especially NAmE) 品牌承諾VERB + PROMISEgive sb, make (sb)(向某人)許諾You gave me your promise I could use the car tonight.你答應過我今晚可以用車。I'll consider it, but I make no promises.我會考慮的,但是我不敢保證。hold out恪守諾言Organic food seems to hold out the promise of healthy living.看來有機食品有望實現健康生活的承諾。fulfil/fulfill, honour/honor, keep信守承諾;兌現承諾break, go back on食言extract套取承諾We extracted a promise from them that they would repay the money by May.我們設法讓他們作出承諾,在 5 月之前把錢還清。hold sb to要求某人遵守諾言Politicians should be held to their promises.應該要求政治家們信守自己的諾言。The electorate is determined to hold the government to its election promises.選民決心督促政府恪守選舉時作出的承諾。PROMISE + NOUNring (= showing sb's promise to be faithful) 承諾戒指PREPOSITIONpromise about關於⋯的諾言They've made all sorts of promises about reforming the health system.他們作出了改革衞生體制的種種承諾。promise of⋯的諾言promises of support支持的諾言


2signs that sb/sth will be successful成功的跡象ADJECTIVE | VERB + PROMISE | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEconsiderable, enormous, great, real, tremendous大有前途;很有希望This new venture holds great promise for the future.這家新企業將大有前途。little希望不大youthful (especially BrE) 年輕時表現出的成功跡象early, initial小時候/開始時表現出的成功跡象future對未來的承諾VERB + PROMISEhold, show有出息;有前途fulfil/fulfill, live up to實現希望;達到預期的成功His career failed to live up to its early promise.他的事業沒有像早期表現的那樣成功。PREPOSITIONof promise有發展前途的a pianist of promise有發展前途的鋼琴手promise as作為⋯的前途She showed great promise as a runner.她作為賽跑運動員很有前途。PHRASESfull of promise充滿希望The year began so full of promise, and ended in disappointment.這一年開始時充滿了希望,卻以失望而告終。


ADVERB | VERB + PROMISE | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADVERBfaithfully信誓旦旦地許諾She promised faithfully that she would come.她信誓旦旦地答應會來。solemnly莊嚴地許諾initially, originally最初/原本承諾repeatedly一再承諾He repeatedly promised to cut taxes in his campaign.競選中他一再承諾要減稅。VERB + PROMISEcan能保證I can definitely promise you that I'll do all I can to help.我可以明確地向你保證,我將盡我所能提供幫助。cannot不能保證I can't promise I'll be there.我不能保證我會去那裏。seem to似乎預示The plan seemed to promise a new beginning.這個計劃似乎預示着新的開端。PREPOSITIONto向⋯許諾I've promised my old computer to Jane.我已答應把舊電腦給簡了。PHRASESas promised正如所許諾的那樣I am sending you information on hotels, as promised.正如我許諾的,現給你寄去酒店的相關資料。I can't promise anything我不能給任何許諾I can't promise anything, but I hope to have it finished next week.我不能保證什麼,但是我希望下週會做完。
promise noun
promise (keep/break a promise) potential (show great promise)
promise verb
promise (Promise not to tell!) threaten3 (It promises to be an exciting few days.)


promise ♦︎ commitment ♦︎ word ♦︎ pledge ♦︎ guarantee ♦︎ oath ♦︎ assurance ♦︎ vowThese are all words for a statement that you will definitely do or not do sth or that you are sure that sth will happen. 这些词均表示诺言、保证。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a promise / a commitment / your word / a pledge / a guarantee / an oath / a vow to do stha promise / your word / a pledge / a guarantee / an oath / an assurance / a vow that...a / your solemn promise / word / oath / assurance / vowa firm promise / commitment / pledge / guarantee / assurancea formal commitment / guarantee / oath / assurancea written promise / commitment / guarantee / assuranceto give a promise / a commitment / your word / a pledge / a guarantee / an assuranceto make a promise / commitment / pledge / guarantee / vowto take a pledge / an oath / a vowto have sb's promise / commitment / word / assuranceto honour your promise / commitment / word / pledge / assuranceto keep your promise / commitment / word / vowto break a promise / a commitment / your word / a pledge / a vow promise [countable] a statement that tells sb that you will definitely do or not do sth 诺言;许诺;承诺I try not to make promises that I can't keep.我尽量不承诺无法兑现的事。He simply broke every single promise he ever made me.他给我的承诺没有一个兑现。She had obviously forgotten her promise to call me.她显然把答应给我打电话的事忘得一干二净了。You haven't gone back on your promise to me, have you?你答应我的该不会反悔了吧?I won't be late. That's a promise!我不会迟到的。说话算数! commitment [countable, uncountable] (rather formal) a promise or determination to do sth or to behave in a particular way; a promise to support sb/sth; the fact of making a commitment 承诺;许诺承担;保证She doesn't want to make a big emotional commitment to Steve at the moment.她不想在此刻对史蒂夫作出感情上的重大承诺。The company's commitment to providing quality at a reasonable price has been vital to its success.这家公司保证物美价廉的承诺是它取得成功的决定性因素。He questioned the government's commitment to public services.他对政府在公共服务上作出的承诺提出质疑。 see also committed reliable 1 word [singular] a promise that you will do sth or that sth will happen or is true 诺言;许诺;保证I give you my word that it won't happen again.我向你保证这种事不会再发生了。I never doubted her word.我从不怀疑她的许诺。They claimed that the minister had gone back on her word (= broken her promise).他们称部长没有兑现她的许诺。We only have his word for it that he wasn't there that night.他只是向我们保证他那天晚上没在那里。She won't go to the police. You can take my word for it (= believe me).她不会报警的,相信我说的话吧。 pledge [countable] (especially journalism 尤用于新闻) a serious promise 保证;诺言;誓约The new leader demanded a pledge of loyalty from each of his allies.新的领导人要求每一位盟友发誓对他忠诚。Will the government honour its election pledge not to raise taxes?政府会信守他们的竞选诺言不提高税收吗? guarantee ˌgærənˈtiː [countable] a firm promise that you will do sth or that sth will happen 保证;担保The union wants cast-iron guarantees that there will be no job losses.工会想得到确实可靠的不裁员保证。NOTE 辨析 Promise, pledge or guarantee? Promise is the most frequent and most general of these words, and the only one of these three to use in the context of personal relationships. * promise在三个词中最常见、含义最宽泛,是唯一能在个人关系语境中使用的词She had obviously forgotten her pledge/guarantee to call me. Pledge is used especially in the context of politics and the things that politicians promise in order to get elected. * pledge尤用于政治语境,可指从政者为求当选而作的承诺election / campaign / manifesto pledges竞选承诺spending pledges given by the government政府就支出所作的保证 Guarantee is used especially in matters of business involving companies or organizations. * guarantee尤指公司或机构所作的业务担保。 oath əʊθ; NAmE oʊθ [countable] (rather formal) a formal promise to do sth; a formal statement that sth is true 宣誓;誓言All the barons were called on to swear an oath of allegiance to the king.所有的男爵都被召来宣誓效忠国王。Before giving evidence, witnesses in court have to take the oath (= promise to tell the truth).作证之前,证人必须当庭宣誓据实作证。If you are or do sth on/under oath, you have made a formal promise to tell the truth in court. * on/under oath表示已经当庭宣誓据实作证The judge reminded the witness that he was still under oath.法官提醒证人他已当庭宣过誓。 assurance əˈʃʊərəns, əˈʃɔːrəns; NAmE əˈʃʊrəns [countable] (rather formal) a statement that sth will certainly be true or will certainly happen, particularly when there has been doubt about it (尤指有质疑时的)保证,担保They asked for assurances on the safety of the system.他们要求保证系统安全。Despite assurances to the contrary the birds are still being sold as pets.尽管曾担保不会这样,但是这些鸟还是被当作宠物卖掉。 vow vaʊ [countable] a formal and serious promise, especially a religious one, to do sth (尤指宗教的)誓,誓言,誓约The monks take a vow of silence.修士要守默誓。She would not be unfaithful to her marriage vows.她不会不忠于自己的结婚誓言。 promise


promise ♦︎ guarantee ♦︎ swear ♦︎ pledge ♦︎ commit ♦︎ assure ♦︎ vow ♦︎ undertakeThese words all mean to tell sb that you will definitely do sth or that sth will happen. 这些词均表示许诺、保证、发誓。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to swear / vow to sb (that...)to promise / guarantee / swear / pledge / vow / undertake to do sthto promise / guarantee / swear / pledge / vow that...to promise / guarantee / pledge your supportto swear / pledge allegiance / loyaltyto swear / vow revenge / eternal friendship / undying loveto solemnly promise / swear / vow / undertake sth promise [transitive, intransitive] to tell sb that you will definitely do or not do sth, or that sth will definitely happen 许诺;答应;保证'Promise not to tell anyone!' 'I promise.'“你要保证不告诉任何人!”“我保证。”I'll see what I can do but I can't promise anything.我会看看我能做什么,但不能作什么承诺。You promised me (that) you'd be home early tonight.你答应过我今晚会早回家的。'I'll be back soon,' she promised.“我马上回来。”她答应说。He promised the money to his grandchildren.他答应把这笔钱留给孙辈。 guarantee ˌgærənˈtiː [transitive] to tell sb that sth definitely will or will not happen, or that you defintely will or will not do sth 保证;担保;保障Basic human rights, including freedom of speech, are now guaranteed.包括言论自由在内的基本人权如今都有了保障。The ticket will guarantee you free entry.这张票将保证你免费入场。We guarantee to deliver your goods within a week.我们保证一周内交货。NOTE 辨析 Promise or guarantee?When you promise sth, you make a personal commitment to the person you are talking to, usually to do sth. Guarantee is less personal: when you guarantee sth, you mean that you will make sure that it happens. You have a moral duty to do what you have promised, but no one can legally force you to do it. You may have a legal duty to do what you have guaranteed, but people often use the word guarantee without actually accepting a legal duty: they mean it as a stronger form of promise. * promise指作出个人之间的承诺,通常指承诺做某事。guarantee不那么个人化,表示保证某事会发生。promise指作出道德上有义务兑现的承诺,但该承诺不具有法律约束力。guarantee可以指作出法律上有履约义务的保证,但使用这个词时常常并不真的表示具有法律效力,只是一种比promise语义更强的保证。 swear (swore, sworn) [transitive, intransitive, no passive] to make a serious or official promise to do sth or to tell the truth, for example in court 郑重承诺,发誓(如在法庭上)She made him swear not to tell anyone.她让他发誓不告诉任何人。He swore revenge on the man who had killed his father.他发誓要报杀父之仇。I swear to God I had nothing to do with it.我对天发誓,我跟这事一点关系都没有。Witnesses were required to swear on the Bible.证人须手按《圣经》宣誓。 (spoken) I think I put the keys back in the drawer, but I couldn't swear to it (= I'm not completely sure).我想我把钥匙放回抽屉里了,不过我不敢肯定。 pledge [transitive] to formally promise to give or do sth 正式承诺;保证给予(或做)Japan pledged $100 million in humanitarian aid.日本承诺提供1亿元的人道主义援助。Politicians of all parties pledged their support for the idea.各党派的政客都保证支持这个主张。The government has pledged that it will not raise taxes.政府保证不增加税收。 commit (-tt-) [transitive] to promise sincerely that you will definitely do sth or keep to an agreement or arrangement, knowing that failure to do so may make things difficult for you; to give an opinion or make a decision openly so that it is then difficult to change it 承诺,保证(做某事、遵守协议或遵从安排);(公开)表明意见,作出决定(使得日后难以更改)Several countries were reluctant to commit themselves to the treaty.有几个国家不愿签署这项条约。The party was committed to reforming the electoral system.该党承诺要改革选举体制。You don't have to commit yourself now, just think about it.你不必现在表态,只需考虑一下这事。 see also committed reliable 1 assure əˈʃʊə(r), əˈʃɔː(r); NAmE əˈʃʊr [transitive] to tell sb that sth is definitely true or is definitely going to happen, especially when they have doubts about it (尤指有质疑时)使确信,向⋯保证We were assured that everything possible was being done.我们得到保证:正在尽一切努力。She's perfectly safe, I can assure you.她绝对安全,我可以向你保证。We assured him of our loyal support.我们向他保证会忠诚地支持他。 vow vaʊ [transitive] (rather formal, especially written) to make a formal and serious promise to do sth 起誓;立誓;发誓She vowed never to speak to him again.她发誓再也不和他说话。They vowed eternal friendship.他们立誓要友谊长存。NOTE 辨析 Swear or vow?People can swear that things are, have been or will be true, but vow is more often used to talk about things you are determined to do in the future. * swear可以指发誓事情在过去、现在或将来会如此,但vow较常指发誓将来一定做某事。 undertake ˌʌndəˈteɪk; NAmE ˌʌndərˈteɪk(undertook, undertaken) [transitive] (formal or business 商业) to agree or promise that you will do sth 承诺;许诺;答应They undertook to finish the job by Friday.他们答应周五之前完成这一工作。

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